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  • Title: Demagoguery and Democracy
  • Author: Patricia Roberts-Miller
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  • Demagoguery and Democracy is a brief, incisive guide to what demagogues those who turn complicated political situations into polarized identity politics say and do to gain and hold power, and what citizens can do to restore democracy As author and longtime rhetoric professor Patricia Roberts Miller shows, demagogues might seem volatile and spontaneous, but from the timeDemagoguery and Democracy is a brief, incisive guide to what demagogues those who turn complicated political situations into polarized identity politics say and do to gain and hold power, and what citizens can do to restore democracy As author and longtime rhetoric professor Patricia Roberts Miller shows, demagogues might seem volatile and spontaneous, but from the time of ancient Greece to the age of our demagogue in chief, Donald Trump they actually follow a rather recognizable pattern of irrationality They appeal to fear but claim courage They pay lip service to authenticity but embrace obfuscation They resist concrete policy debate because they prefer to divide and polarize until policy discussion is nothing than identity politics The list goes on The key to resisting demagogues is to know their playbook to recognize demagoguery when you see it, and to know what it leads to and to learn the ways an engaged citizenry can hasten a demagogue s fall.
    Patricia Roberts-Miller
    Patricia Roberts-Miller Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Demagoguery and Democracy book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia Roberts-Miller author readers around the world.


    John Plowright
    The Trump presidency would seem to be the ideal time for pondering demagoguery and Patricia Roberts-Miller, as Professor at the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas, appears particularly well placed to shed light on that phenomenon.Her ‘Demagoguery and Democracy’ is a relatively short book (of just over 130 pages with a fairly large typeface) and the central text would be shorter still if its definitions of various forms of fallacious argument had been relegated to a [...]

    I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the most important book I've read this year. Perhaps you can think of someone who needs it.The fact is we all need it. Roberts-Miller argues that when we think of demagoguery, we usually think of demagogues-- silver tongued seducers who memorize their audience into doing stupid things they would normally never do. These lying liars know what they’re saying is false, but they know it will manipulate the sheeple follow them. But that’s not the direction [...]

    A short little book that contains a lot of important material. While at times a bit on the scholarly side, the author has written this in language that a non-academic who has never taken a rhetoric class or been on a debate team can follow. The author defines the academic terms she uses so when they come up again, a reader (like me on occasion!) can look back and refresh their recollection of a term's meaning, as being used by the author.We are constantly exposed to rhetoric in politics these da [...]

    An interesting little book on understanding what exactly demogoguery is and what to do about it. Very timely at the moment.I won a copy of this book from the publisher as part of the First Reads program.

    Quick, fun, bipartisan read that does a great job of explaining the scholarly discussion of demagoguery in a way that us average people can grasp it. It's enlightening and perfectly timed!

    We are in the demogogic doldrums. It's increasingly difficult to distinguish "alternative facts" from unadulterated facts. Media literacy is crucial and Roberts-Miller suggests how to spot the demogogues spouting disinformation.

    Tierney Hamilton
    Great book! The premises are well-explained without being oversimplified, the arguments are compelling and well-founded. Most importantly, the historical examples ring true today. I found them a relief to read, actually, because it helps to remember that this isn't the first time we've been here and we've survived before.I took issue with a claim Dr. Roberts-Miller made on p. 116. She claimed that her dogs are the most adorable, which is objectively untrue. My dogs are the most adorable.

    I appreciated the honesty with which it was written - particularly the strategies for addressing demagogues (who are also your peers, neighbours, family and friends)."Our differences make our decisions stronger. Democracy presumes that we can behave as one community, caring together for our common life, and disagreeing productively and honestly with one another. Demagoguery rejects that pragmatic acceptance and even valuing of disagreement in favor of a world of certainty, purity, and silencing [...]

    4.5 stars. Roberts-Miller’s book is a timely examination of how democracies are fundamentally at odds with demagoguery, but how, at times, they become fertile grounds for demagogic rhetoric, and how we might refocus arguments to reject demagoguery. She doesn’t detail any one person or movement in current American politics, but instead tries to show how demagoguery operates on in-group/out-group dynamics and the ways in which “good” and “bad” become false dichotomies that often lead u [...]

    Dave Wilson
    I picked up this book after hearing the author speak at the Texas Book Festival. It provided a fascinating insight into dysfunction in democracy and offered suggestions in identifying and countering demagogic argument. The book was published in June 2017 so, given the timing of the publishing industry, I have to assume that the manuscript was complete well before the 2016 presidential election results were known. This is not, therefore, a work dedicated to discussion of the current US administra [...]

    "The best way to open the Faraday cage of demagoguery isn't by aspiring to some emotion-free hyper-rationalism; it's by practicing compassion for those whom demagoguery says we should treat as Other. It's by imagining things from their perspective.""In Phaedrus, Socrates says that writing is like throwing a seed over a wall.""Demagoguery about them is undone by empathy. Just bear witness to the glory of diversity and pluralism.""One of the paradoxes about demagoguery is that it is simultaneously [...]

    This little handbook of "demagoguery" sort of reminds me and brings me nostalgia to the late and great Christopher Hitchens handbook, "Letters to a Young Contrarian". In fact, I must go back and read that Hitch gem. This is a good book summarizing demagoguery in its different manifestations; and the enlightened reader of history knows that we are facing an unprecedented time in the history of our nation with a demagogue as a so-called President. I also highly recommend "The Dangerous Case of Don [...]

    Thanks to and Thomas Allen and Son for a free copy of this book.Demagoguery and Democracy is written in an easy to read and understandable manner. Patricia Roberts-Miller explains what Demagoguery is and how it works with many clear and relevant examples to further enhance the reader's understanding. She also includes a section on what we can do to change the demagogic culture. A bibliography of Works Cited and Recommended is included at the end for more in depth study of the material presented [...]

    I probably need to read this twice because this is a book to be studied; not read. It is one of those books that I will carry with me when I leave Earth, with a handful of other misanthropists, to start a new human civilizations on one of the moons of Saturne as long as humans are social mammals (with a primal reptilian brain) demagoguery will forever dog us. True democracy rides with reason, and reason among humans creates an evolutionary unstable state**Read "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawki [...]

    Demagoguery and Democracy is part brief overview of what demagoguery is and part advice for how to resist a culture of demagoguery. I found it to be admirably nonpartisan; the emphasis of the book was always clearly on recognizing demagoguery (even and especially where it may be hard to spot), as well as how and why it demagoguery as a dominant mode of speech os dangerous to deliberative, democratic discourse on a whole. It was an excellent and balanced book, especially for how short it was.

    Ed Orozco
    Eloquently approaches the difference between both concepts in a clear and entertaining way. It call your attention on characteristics of demagoguery that usually slip under our radars such as it’s adversity towards deliberation and the over simplification of politics. Short and concise. I’m very glad I bought the a print copy as I feel I’ll revisit it many times.

    Ceejay Love
    If you want to learn a little about yourself and about the world we live in, read this book.



    An intriguing look at demagoguery written in an engaging style; I wanted it to be longer and would read more on this subject by the author.

    This book is critically important for where we are right now. It's short and direct--Dr. Roberts-Miller doesn't waste any words in getting the point across vividly. Read it. Read it now.

    Clear, concise, and extremely helpful for understanding the current state of politics. Also helpful is a 'What to do' section for how to engage with demagoguery.

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