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  • Title: Wolves and Roses
  • Author: Christina Bauer
  • ISBN: 9781945723070
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback

  • Seventeen year old Bryar Rose has a problem She s descended from one of the three magical races shifters, fairies, or witches That makes her one of the Magicorum, and Magicorum always follow a fairy tale life template In Bryar s case, that template should be Sleeping Beauty Should being the key word Trouble is, Bryar is nowhere near the Sleeping Beauty life templateSeventeen year old Bryar Rose has a problem She s descended from one of the three magical races shifters, fairies, or witches That makes her one of the Magicorum, and Magicorum always follow a fairy tale life template In Bryar s case, that template should be Sleeping Beauty Should being the key word Trouble is, Bryar is nowhere near the Sleeping Beauty life template Not even close She doesn t like birds or woodland creatures She can t sing And she certainly can t stand Prince Philpot, the so called His Highness of Hedge Funds that her aunties want her to marry Even worse, Bryar finds herself attracted to a hottie werewolf named Knox and is under attack by evil mummy zombies If Bryar can t figure out who or what she really is, it might cost both her and Knox their lives as well as jeopardize the very nature of magic itself.
    Christina Bauer
    Christina Bauer knows how to tell stories about kick ass women In her best selling Angelbound series, the heroine is a part demon girl who loves to fight in Purgatory s Arena and falls in love with a part angel prince Across the lifetime of her series, Christina has driven than 500,000 ebook orders and 9,000 reviews on and retailers Bauer has also told the story of the Women s March on Washington by leading PR efforts for the Massachusetts Chapter Her pre event press release the only one sent out on a major wire service resulted in than 19,000 global impressions and redistribution by over 350 different media entities including the Associated Press Christina graduated from Syracuse University s Newhouse School with BA s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi insane golden retriever, Ruby monsterhousebooks


    [Shai] The Bibliophage
    Wolves and Roses, the first book in the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, is a fantasy and young adult fiction written by Christina Bauer. The storyline is based from the fictional characters such as werewolves, fairies, witches and other fairy tale characters.I stopped reading this novel around pages 90-95 because I felt that the story is going nowhere. The pacing of the story is quite slow and what irked me is how horny the character of Knox is; I was annoyed of the repetitive, "Mate! Mate!" whene [...]

    ARC from Netgalley for a fair reviewDNF @16% I started this rule to not waste time on books anymore. So far, I am hating this book. Maybe it gets better as it reads on, but the writing just isn't for me. So this book is set in an alternate modern day that somehow has known magical people in it (werewolves, fairies, & witches). Our main character happens to be a human, but has magical ties because she was adopted by fairies. Her life is also scheduled to follow that of Sleeping Beauty, except [...]

    Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥
    ***4.5/5 Stars***Wolves and Roses captivated my attention with unique ideas, characters that I quickly loved and a story-line that was tons of fun!I was hoping to pick up a book that was entertaining and enjoyable, and by that first page I knew I had found the exact book I was looking for. So if you adore paranormal romance that has a strong and snarky heroine, a fabulous best friend, a swoon worthy guy and a mystery that pulls you in, then definitely check out this book.Now is not the time to w [...]

    Seems like Bryar Rose should have been living a fairy tale life, but the “template” for her life was nothing like what she wants for herself. Face it, Bryar Rose was NOT princess material, she has no interest in the “prince” her three aunts had chosen for her to marry. What she wants is to live like the normal humans, go to a normal high school and leave all this magical stuff behind. Her true passion lay in studying the mysteries of certain ancient papyrus papers, and it was taking that [...]

    Amy Leigh
    This book is so amazing! I finished it in one day because I couldn't put it down! Now I am really excited for the next book in this series. Christina Bauer skillfully wrote this young adult fantasy with well rounded characters and settings adding intrigue and mystery. The premise for this book is fantastic and with the way it ends there is so much she can do with this story. Magic is leaving the world. Humans live side by side with Magicoriums (shifters, witches, and fae). Magical or non magical [...]

    Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book.So it happened, my first Netgalley book that I didn't actually like -wince- it was bound to happen eventually, but it was a shame it was this one. It sounds like something I would like, but I just didn't click with this book, and from the very beginning. I'll try and sort out the mess that is my feelings about this book. Basically we get a complicated magic world where faeries, werewolves and wizards coexist with humans th [...]

    Lillian ᴥ Cloud 9 Books
    ***** 4 Stars *****Wolves and Roses is a great beginning to a wonderful series! I had so much fun. Prepare for werewolves, fairies, and wizards. Bryar Rose is a special girl. Her life follows a sleeping beauty template. To stay awake, she has to use a special inhaler provided by her fairy godmothers. She is also betrothed to marry an arrogant man on her 18th birthday. Of course she wants to break her sleepy curse, but she doesn't want to marry Prince Philpot. As her birthday approaches, strange [...]

    Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    In Wolves and Roses, I found the idea of the characters being descended from either a shifter, a fairy, or a witch, and having to follow a fairy tale life template to be quite entertaining. Bryar Rose had been slated for a Sleeping Beauty template but since she had yet to fall into those expectations she had to attend a Magicorum Teen Therapy Group until she reached the age of eighteen. If she reached eighteen and had not fulfilled her “destiny” then she would be classified as non-magical an [...]

    3.5-4 Good story but so many questions unresolved

    Cheryl Whitty
    Reviewed on Behalf of Book Addict live,This is Book one in a wonderful new series by Christina Bauer, and as usual she has drawn me into another series that has kept me hooked.This is set in a world where magic appears to dying, in this first trip into the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum.Our kick ass heroine Bryer Rose who is living the Sleeping Beauty Template. Her best friend is Elle a failing Cinderella template. They both attend Magicorum teen Therapy Group for failing to live up to their tem [...]

    It’s always a risk when reading a book that made you curious even without taking in consideration those enough times when you didn’t enjoy an author highly praised by many others. The mix of shifters, fairies, witches (plus others) and the main character who wants to be just human… is all there is need it to walk the thin line that separates the good from the bad stories. But let’s be fair, “follow a fairy tale life template” (not a retelling, mind you) and one with a deadline! is a [...]

    books are love
    Overall I really enjoyed this fun imaginative off the wall book.Bryar for me took a bit to warm up to. Loved her sarcastic side. And her trying to go against the grain especially when it came to Philpot was great. Her aunties were very overprotective but also freaky and not what I expected. Their duplicitousness was not nice. Not nice at all. Her and Knox were wowHe really was what Bryar needed.Elle was awesome. She was like a Robin hood of woman. She was sarcastic, loyal, funny and just all aro [...]

    Alex Can Read
    I received an eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This review first appeared on my blog at alexcanread.wordpress/201 I love fairy tales. I love fresh, fun retellings of fairy tales – especially when they’re all mashed together. Wolves and Roses is just that kind of story.Bryar Rose is a Sleeping Beauty life template, her bestie Elle is a Cinderella life template, and wizards, witches, fairies, and shapeshifters are just part of her world.Bryar wants nothing more than to tur [...]

    I had high hopes for WOLVES AND ROSES, but it didn't live up to my expectations. I actually really enjoyed the concept of WOLVES AND ROSES. For most of the book, things were great. The writing was smooth and the characters developed nicely. Unfortunately at some point things got a little ridiculous.One of my biggest issues started when characters started going off on tirades or started going out of their way to make a snarky comment that really didn't fit the moment. During situations of conflic [...]

    And the blurb says "If Janet Evanovich teamed with a young adult, fairy-tale author like Marissa Meyer (the Lunar Chronicles) or Alex Flinn (Beastly), the result might be something like Christina Bauer’s Wolves and Roses" --Blue Ink Review SOLD!!

    Angela (Pooled Ink Reviews)
    pooled ink Reviews:This was definitely a different take on fairy tales than anything else I’ve ever read. The story takes classic well-known fairy tales and combines them with our modern world to create an interesting paranormal fusion.I feel that there are aspects that could be improved and polished, but I do think that the author is onto a really cool idea and obviously it had me captivated enough to read the whole book. I think it was mostly something in the writing style that kept me at ba [...]

    To see more reviews, considering taking a peek at my first in series YA book blog hereWolves and Roses is the telling of a sleeping beauty who in, in fact, no sleep beauty. If you're looking for a twist on fairy tales with some dashing dudes and a romance-driven book yet has all the ferocity girl power has to offer, look no farther.In the world of Magicorum, special individuals follow a fairytale template. For Briar Rose, she is a Sleeping Beauty Template. This means her life is settled. There s [...]

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.Wolves and Roses is something else. The moment I found out that this book involves paranormal creatures living in a fairytale template I know that I'm definitely in. The whole concept was very intriguing, although I did have a little bit of hard time understanding the time when the story was set and how it fits with our real time (as in whether it's set in the past, present, future or entirely different universe). But all that initia [...]

    I received this free eARC novel from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Bryar Rose is supposed to live the life of Sleeping Beauty - you know? Cursed to sleep until Prince Charming shows up and saves the day? Instead, Bry is a failed fairy tale. She takes medicine to fight off the sleep curse that she has, and her three godmothers already have her prince lined up: Philpot. Except Bryar doesn't want to be Sleeping Beauty. She definitely does not want to be with Philpot either. What Bryar [...]

    ~I received an e-ARC from the author and willingly reviewed it~Bryar Rose is one of the Magicorum, a shifter, fairy or witch who is supposed to follow the template of a fairy tale. In her case, that's Sleeping Beauty, however she doesn't sing or like birds. Wolves and Roses is the story of a failed fairy tale which teaches you that your life doesn't have to go how it's 'supposed' to go, and that you can set your own path. Follow Bryar as she goes on a magical journey, discovering thing about her [...]

    Cassie C
    Review to come!Update 10/12/17:See more reviews on my blog Novels and NecklacesActual rating: 3.5 starsI was excited to begin reading this story from Christina Bauer after reading the synopsis. I'm a big fan of paranormal romance, plus this seemed like it offered a unique twist on fairytales. While I did like it for the most part, there were a couple things that fell a little flat for me, which meant I couldn't give the book a higher rating. Regardless of these problems, I still greatly enjoyed [...]

    *Source* Edelweiss*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4*Thoughts*Christina Bauer's Wolves and Roses is the first installment in the Fairy Tales of Malecorum series. Protagonist Bryar Rose wants to attend a regular high school with normal humans. But, she's anything but normal. Her world is filled with three main magical races; shifters, fairies, witches/warlocks. Raised by three fairy aunts, placed under a curse by Colonel Mallory the Magnificent, all she has to do is keep her head down unt [...]

    This was an enjoyable read. It had interesting characters, especially Bryar Rose and her best friend. The plot was always surprising. But it didn't captivate me. I never felt like I had to finish it and now having done so, I don't feel like I NEED to read the sequel. It was entertainment on a surface level, which is totally okay if you're looking for that, but I was missing depth, character intrigue, character turmoil, something to elevate this from entertainment to compelling. And it just never [...]

    Shera (Book Whispers)
    *_* It sounds wonderful.

    Fey (feysbookishworld)
    DNF 20% in and I couldn't carry on.Overall? This book sucks.The opening was really weird, I did not enjoy the forced jokes, and the characters suck. so, overall this is a 1-star book.

    Hypable Books
    Read our full review on Hypable!Right from the get-go the synopsis of Wolves and Roses had me hooked on finding out where this story was going to go. I will say that it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, I thought it would very much be about fairy tales. In reality, the book is so much more than that.The book was packed with lots of action, adventure, and more romance than I was expecting from a YA novel. It actually reminds me of paranormal romance, which I love. There’s also plenty of em [...]

    Lissa Hawley
    Very clever. Can't wait to read more.

    Although I had hoped Wolves and Roses would be a fun YA fantasy, the book didn't actually deliver. Simplistic romance with fairies, werewolves, and witches--supposedly following fairy tale templates.I always enjoy YA books by Sarah J. Maas, Megan Whalen Turner, Maggie Stiefvater, and Kelly Armstrong, but all of the preceding have great character development, excellent writing, and exciting plots. Wolves and Roses failed on all three. Others liked it much better than I did.NetGalley/Monster House [...]

    Gabby (What's Beyond Forks?)
    Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?This was a hard book to put down. Something was always happening. Bryar Rose is supposed to be living a life parallel to Sleeping Beauty, but she's not, nor does she want to. She's a misfit in her world, but she also doesn't fit in with normal humans. Knox is a werewolf. He does a great job of luring the interest of the reader in too complete with some belly flips. The guy is pretty droolworthy. Fictionally speaking. There is a lot going on, but I didn't feel [...]

    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.I really don't know what to think of this book. Wolves & Roses has lots of potential. Bryar Rose, our main character, is supposed to live her life by a Fairy Tale Templet. To be specific, she's supposed to live her life like Sleeping Beauty. The book is obviously called Wolves & Roses, so it's pretty obvious there's going to be wolves [...]

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