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  • Title: The Coven
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9781784976354
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover

  • London, 1758 Beatrice Scarlet has returned to London and found work at St Mary Magdalene s Refuse for fallen women Beatrice enjoys the work and her apothecary skills are much needed The home cooperates with a network of wealthy factory owners across London, finding their charges steady work and hopes of rehabilitation But when 12 girls sent to a factory in ClerkenwellLondon, 1758 Beatrice Scarlet has returned to London and found work at St Mary Magdalene s Refuse for fallen women Beatrice enjoys the work and her apothecary skills are much needed The home cooperates with a network of wealthy factory owners across London, finding their charges steady work and hopes of rehabilitation But when 12 girls sent to a factory in Clerkenwell disappear, Beatrice is uneasy Their would be benefactor claims they were witches, sacrificed by Satan for his demonic misdeeds But Beatrice is sure something much darker than witchcraft is at play.
    Graham Masterton
    Graham Masterton was born in Edinburgh in 1946 His grandfather was Thomas Thorne Baker, the eminent scientist who invented DayGlo and was the first man to transmit news photographs by wireless After training as a newspaper reporter, Graham went on to edit the new British men s magazine Mayfair, where he encouraged William Burroughs to develop a series of scientific and philosophical articles which eventually became Burroughsi novel The Wild Boys At the age of 24, Graham was appointed executive editor of both Penthouse and Penthouse Forum magazines At this time he started to write a bestselling series of sex how to books including How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide His latest, Wild Sex For New Lovers is published by Penguin Putnam in January, 2001 He is a regular contributor to Cosmopolitan, Men s Health, Woman, Woman s Own and other mass market self improvement magazines.Graham Masterton s debut as a horror author began with The Manitou in 1976, a chilling tale of a Native American medicine man reborn in the present day to exact his revenge on the white man It became an instant bestseller and was filmed with Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg, Burgess Meredith, Michael Ansara, Stella Stevens and Ann Sothern.Altogether Graham has written than a hundred novels ranging from thrillers The Sweetman Curve, Ikon to disaster novels Plague, Famine to historical sagas Rich and Maiden Voyage both appeared in the New York Times bestseller list He has published four collections of short stories, Fortnight of Fear, Flights of Fear, Faces of Fear and Feelings of Fear.He has also written horror novels for children House of Bones, Hair Raiser and has just finished the fifth volume in a very popular series for young adults, Rook, based on the adventures of an idiosyncratic remedial English teacher in a Los Angeles community college who has the facility to see ghosts.Since then Graham has published than 35 horror novels, including Charnel House, which was awarded a Special Edgar by Mystery Writers of America Mirror, which was awarded a Silver Medal by West Coast Review of Books and Family Portrait, an update of Oscar Wilde s tale, The Picture of Dorian Gray, which was the only non French winner of the prestigious Prix Julia Verlanger in France.He and his wife Wiescka live in a Gothic Victorian mansion high above the River Lee in Cork, Ireland.


    Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    EXCERPT: 'Some of these girls are veritable savages when we first take them in. They are used to drinking gin and smoking and their everyday language would make Satan shrivel. They have been used by men ever since they can remember, sometimes by their own fathers and brothers, so they think nothing of virtue or virginity. In some cases, their own mothers have sold their maidenheads to the highest bidder to make ends meetA fair number learn to be thankful, I'll grant you. But some regard us as pi [...]

    Claire Wilson
    The Coven by Graham Masterton is the second in the Beatrice Scarlett series. I enjoyed reading this novel and would have scored it higher had it not had so many rape scenes. However, as with the first, the book contains great characters, description and use of words. When Widow Scarlet is offered a new start in London following the death of her husband 2 years earlier, she jumps at the chance, although reluctant due to her son recently going missing. Captivating, but less rape next time please. [...]

    Apothecary Beatrice Scarlet moves to London with her young daughter Florence after her son Noah is stolen by Native Americans. She begins work in a refuge for fallen women whose main benefactor takes on the girls in his factory. Supposedly. The more Beatrice learns, the more she worries something bad is happening to the girls. This got pretty horrific in parts, especially some of the descriptions. I like Beatrice though and I liked how Masterton ended this story setting our heroine up for her ne [...]

    Annette Gisby
    I have read quite a few Graham Masterton books in my time, mostly the horror titles and a few of his detective series set in Ireland. This was the first time I have read any historicals by this author and I was glad I took a chance on it.This is the second Beatrice Scarlet book, but even if you haven't read the first one, this one is easy to follow and things that happened in the past were referenced in the back story so you don't get too lost.Beatrice has to return to London after the death of [...]

    Fabienne Gilbert
    First of all I just want to say a massive thank you to NetGallery, Graham Masterton and Head of Zeus for gifting me with a copy of this book for a honest review. For me this book was misleading, when I read the title and the blurb it gives the impression that the story will have something to do with witchcraft but sadly that is not the case. I think that this book is good for those who like stories which are set in the past while also adhere to past mannerisms of speech. For me this is not a sel [...]

    Joe Geesin
    I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book follows on from the first one nicely, and is well written. Some of the scenes are quite graphic and work well in the context of the book. The pace is good, although a little slow / detailed at a couple of points. I think reading the first book first is very beneficial as it does help set the scene, the period language, pace.The church vs science angle is a debate that rages to this day.I would defini [...]

    The ending didn’t live up to the rest of the book in my opinion. Noah is conveniently found and brought home just as Beatrice has solved the mystery of the girls disappearances. I was entertained by the story, but definitely not a favorite book of mine.

    Shirley Revill
    I listened to the audiobook version of this book and I was very impressed. The narration was absolutely superb and the storyline had me listening to the end.This is the first time I have listened to anything by this author and it will not be the last.Recommended.

    Dannielle Potts
    Graham Masterton Has Done It Again! I Loved The First Instalment In The Beatrice Scarlet Saga & “The Coven” Didn’t Disappoint Either. Beatrice Is A Fantastic Character, With So Many Dimensions That I Just Love Finding Out Where Her Life Will Take Her. This Book Was Just As Dark As The First, If Not Darker & Definitely Wouldn’t Appeal To Everyone. There Were Times I Wanted To Put This Book Down At The Dark Points But There Was An Urge To Find Out How The Situations Would Be Handle [...]

    Lynsey Spedding
    This book wasn't what I was expecting. From the title, cover and synopsis I was expecting witches and witchcraft however this just didn't happen and I found it rather misleading. It was a good story, quite graphic at times and I'm sure people will like it however I just didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for my advance copy in return for an honest review.

    K.S. Marsden
    Widow Scarlet has lost her husband, and her son, and now she must uproot from the New World and return to London. She finds a new purpose with a charity that supports fallen women, but soon there are rumours of witchcraft and devil worship amongst the girls.I received a free copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.I nearly DNFed this. The first 70 pages were really hard to get through, for me.You have a widow, who has been living with her children, and no outside help since her hus [...]

    I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.Not the first Graham Masterton book I've read, I was a big fan of his horror when I was younger. This one wasn't a disappointment either for all it's a completely different genre. Will definitely look out for more of the same.I liked the main character, Beatrice, for the most part. Although why you'd sit and have a cup of tea when you feel you're in terrible danger I don't know. I know we Brits supposedly think a cup of tea will fix everything bu [...]

    Michelle Ryles
    I had read the first Beatrice Scarlet book, Scarlet Widow, and rather enjoyed it so I didn't hesitate to accept a copy of the sequel, The Coven. It sounded dark and scary but it turned out to be dark in a way I didn't expect and didn't enjoy, so I found myself getting more and more disappointed as I read on. I almost didn't finish it, but for the fact that I wanted to find out what had happened to one of the characters.After her son, Noah, is abducted by Indians, Beatrice leaves America and retu [...]

    Thank you net galley and Head of Zeus for allowing me to read this book early as I am a huge Graham Masterton fan, although I'm not sure about the widow scarlet series, the story is set in 1758 two years after the first book (which would be helpful to read but not totally necessary), and it follows on from her leaving America and returning to London to work in a home for ex prostitutes where she is expected to teach the girls how to turn their backs on their previous life, but then seven girls g [...]

    *2.5 stars review also --> enchantedbybookssite.wordpresThank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.When I first saw this cover I was sold, it has that mysterious creepy vibe, and it seemed like something I’d enjoy, then I read the synopsis and said “sign me in”. I don’t know where it fell down hill for me.I was hoping for some witchcraft that did not happen, for the blurb or even the name, because when I first heard “The Coven” I immediately thought of witches, s [...]

    It was hard to decide whether to give this book three or four stars. On the one hand the writing is really good and I really wanted to know how the story would hand, on the other hand I could knew all the plot twists before they happened and the protagonist acted somewhat odd at times. (view spoiler)[ For example, she almost gets murdered but instead of going to the police she decides to have a cup of tea first because her daughter is crying. That just seems weird and contrived for the sake of t [...]

    Brilliant follow up to the Scarlet Widow Beatrice Scarlet. Beatrice (the daughter of an apothecary) moved to the colonies (America), 3 years after her husband died and her son goes missing she is asked to leave and taking her daughter they go back to London to work in a refuge for fallen women. She gets caught up in a mystery of 7 missing girls who had been picked to work in a tobacco factory belonging the the benefactor of the refuge She was told that the women they were witches and the devil h [...]

    The Coven by Graham Masterton is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early October.The widow Beatrice Scarlet goes through the loss of her son, Noah, in the U.S. colonies, yet, after a search party is sent after him, her and her young daughter head to England. They both are introduced around and come upon a group of prostitutes who are reformed to work at a tobacco factory. While Scooby Doo'ing the area and investigating the disappearance of some of the factory's employees, Beatrice happens up [...]

    1785,London.Beatrice Scarlet,a widow,works in a refuge for"fallen"women. But then some of these young girls(who, after a rehabilitation period,are sent out to factories) disappear. Although the title implies witches and witchcraft(so does the cover by the way),this is more of a mystery story with some dark/ horror undercurrents. But after a rather slow start it is definitely a thrilling read and mostly well written.This also happens to be the second book in this new series. Only comment,perhaps [...]

    Cathy Beyers
    Be warned: this is not for the faint hearted! I liked the first book and was pleased to receive an advance copy of the next installment. It didn't disappoint. The plot sucks you in from the very beginning, though it is not what you may think it's about. The "coven" from the title is nothing but a ploy to distract Beatrice's attention away from what is really going on. The book is rich in authentic period detail and gives the reader a taste of what the life of poor Londoners would have been like [...]

    Eileen Hall
    I have been a great fan of Graham Masterton for a long time.His novels are dark and they really draw you in to the last page.The character of Beatrice Scarlet is strong and determined.Plus it is set in the dark times of the persecution and execution of women who were no more than amateur herbalists most of the time.A great beginning to a fascinating series and I hope to read more.Very highly recommended.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Head of Zeus via Netgalley in return [...]

    Mark Smith-briggs
    I usually like Masterton's books but this one just didn't work for me. The period setting and the language felt quite forced and wooden, making it a tough one to connect with. Fans of the Beatrice Scarlet series may find something more here but if you're looking to see what Masterton is capable of try one of his other novels instead.

    This book was just as wonderful as the first book in this spectacular series. I hope that Graham Masterton continues writing more books in the amazing series. It is one of the best books that I have read for 2017. I was mesmerized by the story line and the character.A Brilliant series and a very talented writer!

    4.5 Stars


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