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  • Title: The Irish Milliner
  • Author: Cynthia G. Neale
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  • It is New York City and the Civil War is brewing Norah McCabe, an Irish immigrant who escaped the Famine as a child, is now a young widow with a daughter A milliner, struggling to survive in tumultuous times, Norah meets Abraham Lincoln, befriends the extraordinary African American woman Elizabeth Jennings, and assists the Underground Railroad creating hats for runaway sIt is New York City and the Civil War is brewing Norah McCabe, an Irish immigrant who escaped the Famine as a child, is now a young widow with a daughter A milliner, struggling to survive in tumultuous times, Norah meets Abraham Lincoln, befriends the extraordinary African American woman Elizabeth Jennings, and assists the Underground Railroad creating hats for runaway slaves She falls headlong in love with Edward M Knox, son of the famous hat maker Charles Knox, but he is lace curtain Irish and she is shanty Irish Edward joins the 69th regiment and leaves for battle Can their love endure through class differences and war And then Norah is thrust into the chaos of the Draft Riots Norah s childhood sweetheart, Sean O Connolly, leaves New York to avoid conscription and Norah misses both men She eventually travels to Gettysburg as a journalist for the Irish American newspaper And it is on the ghostly, but reverent, fields of Gettysburg Norah McCabe remembers the Famine fields of Ireland and is transformed But now where will Norah find her home This is a story of survival, intrigue, romance, as well as exploring the conflict of Irish immigrants thrust into a war that threatened to destroy a nation Mostly, it is about an Irish American woman who could be any immigrant today, any woman today, seeking to create beauty and make sense of her life.
    Cynthia G. Neale
    Cynthia Neale is an American with Irish ancestry and an Irish set dancer who loves to travel to Ireland and experience its beauty and haunting mystery She has long possessed a deep interest in the tragedies and triumphs of the Irish during the Famine She grew up in Watkins Glen, New York and now lives in New Hampshire with her husband and daughter The Irish Dresser is her first novel, and the sequel, Hope in New York City, has been available since early 2008 NORAH, The Making of An Irish American Woman in 19th Century New York is being released by Lucky Press LLC on March 1, 2011 It is an adult novel that continues the story of Norah McCabe in New York City Scant historical attention has narrowly defined the Irish immigrant woman And yet the rate of economic and social progress of Irish women far exceeded other immigrant women ethnicities Norah McCabe heartbreakingly and quixotically stumbles and falls into her real self in this coming of age, adventurous, romantic, historical novel When she strives to strip herself of her impoverished past through such manifold schemes as buying her own used clothing store, A Bee in Your Bonnet and promenading in Paris finery, she experiences corruption, exploitation, and enchantment in a city that is forever mythic and magical Norah McCabe joins a rebel Irish organization to free Ireland from British rule, writes for an Irish newspaper, undergoes love s transformation, and suffers a ship wreck She seeks to understand the feminist movement, but ultimately is unable to cross the chasm between herself as an Irish immigrant woman and Protestant feminist ideology The terrors and questions of life strike her down with mental incapacity and loss Her solitary freedom is the colorful warp and weft in the fabric of who she has become an Irish American woman.


    The Irish Milliner has a different writing style than I am used to. It was hard to get into at first but I started enjoying it about third of the way through. I like to see how pre-Civil War Irish immigrants lived during that time. Then the Civil War begins and widowed Nora had to struggle to find a place for herself. I found it fun to see how she interacted with Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth Jennings, which begins her courage to help with the Underground Railroad. She, also, finds herself in a [...]

    Norah McCabe is an Irish-American immigrant living in the Five-Points area of New York City right before the Civil War. Norah was widowed on the crossing and now does everything she can in order to support her daughter, Katie. Norah has taken to making hats for the women of Five Points, however she would love to expand her business into a department store. For extra money Norah also writes articles for an Irish Newspaper. As Lincoln takes office, political tensions arise and turmoil bubbles over [...]

    Charlotte Dickens
    I read with interest the newest book, THE IRISH MILLINER, in Cynthia G. Neale’s series about Norah McCabe, an Irish-American immigrant who fled Ireland with her family during the Great Famine while she hid in an Irish dresser aboard the ship. This is the fourth novel in a series of four that follows her life story. On first meeting she was a young teen and in this final book she is a young widow with a daughter she is raising alone. A difficult task for any era but was especially so just befo [...]

    I don't recall reading a book about an Irish immigrant living in New York City during the Civil War era, which I think is one of the reason this book appealed to me and I jumped at the opportunity to be part of this blog tour. Norah is a young Irish American mother, widowed and residing in the Five-Points area of New York City. While it took me a little bit to get immersed in the story I found the view of New York City before the Civil War interesting and a true picture of what life was like bac [...]

    Why, oh why must I come late to a series with such a strong character as Norah McCabe?!? It's impossible to say "Ah, I knew her when," when you don't know her history. Of course, there is a certain charm to knowing the 'present' and then digging into the past. The Irish Milliner works very well as a standalone, but if I come across an interesting story, I often wonder anyway about 'what happened before and/or after, or what's the whole story?'Stories (fiction or not) that involve the differences [...]

    Kathleen Kelly
    The Irish Milliner is a historical story about a young widow, before and during the Civil War ,who makes hats. She starts out making hats of various designs to see to make a little bit of cash so she can support her daughter and hopes to get her hats into the department stores in New York. The Irish Milliner is a vivid depiction of the war, slavery, the Underground Railroad. Norah is also a reporter, which is rare for a woman in this era. Norah escaped the famine in Ireland and is determined to [...]

    Carole Auger-Richard
    In Cynthia Neale’s most recent novel, The Irish Milline, savvy and resourceful Norah McCabe faces a host of new, emotionally trying challenges as a widow and mother of a young child, and as a struggling milliner just getting by in the Five Point ghetto of New York City. After enduring decades of suffering as an Irish immigrant, a new love relationship, her unrelenting self-determination and thirst for truths and fairness launch her into the abyss of Civil War. With her beautiful, evocative nar [...]

    The Irish Milliner is a book about the fascinating, historical, romantic journey of Norah McCabe, a 19th Century Irish American woman living and working in NYC during the American Civil War. This is the final book in a series of four books documenting Norah's life beginning in Ireland during the Irish Famine and her family's emigration to the US and the struggles of an immigrant family finding their place in a new country. The third book, Norah and this latest and last,The Irish Milliner, deal w [...]

    Norah, the main character, is as lively, spirited and mercurial as must be the author. Very interesting to get a view at such a personal level of the effect of the Civil War on many lives that are portrayed in this book. Neale really brings to life an these characters and the changing times and she doesn't stop adding the twists in the relationships right to the last. Quite a well-written, lively and exciting read - and so much still relevant for women and racism today.

    Lucinda Marcoux
    Cynthia Neale’s passion for a bygone era races across the pages of The Irish Milliner with literary grace, poignancy and perfection—she captivates the reader! We are instantly engaged with Norah McCabe, a more than three-dimensional character with surprising grit and the ability to survive, and ultimately thrive in the face of ever-present turmoil and the uncertainties of 19th century New York.

    Nicole Laverdure
    *Reviewed for Books & BenchesSet in New York city in the 1860's, and at the beginning of the Civil War, THE IRISH MILLINER, written by Cynthia G. Neale, follows Norah McCabe as she struggles to survive as a milliner. She is an Irish immigrant who escaped the Famine and who is now a young widow with a daughter.Her destiny sends Edward M. Knox her way, the son of the famous hat-maker, Charles Knox. She befriends an African-American woman named Elizabeth Jennings, who battles for the same cause [...]

    Cynthia Neale

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