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  • Title: Non-Heir
  • Author: Rachel E. Carter
  • ISBN: 9781946155122
  • Page: 441
  • Format: ebook

  • Prince Prodigy Mage Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, and Tamora Pierce.This prequel novella is set before the events of First Year The Black Mage Book 1 , following Prince Darren as a child through adolescence and his first run in with Ryiah at the Academy of Magic Readers discover the dark backstory between the two princes and their father, as wPrince Prodigy Mage Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, and Tamora Pierce.This prequel novella is set before the events of First Year The Black Mage Book 1 , following Prince Darren as a child through adolescence and his first run in with Ryiah at the Academy of Magic Readers discover the dark backstory between the two princes and their father, as well as the ensuing events that shaped Darren into the Academy s most illustrious mage.
    Rachel E. Carter
    Rachel E Carter is the USA Today bestselling author of The Black Mage, a YA fantasy series about magic, love, and war with future projects to come She hoards coffee and has a weakness for villains and Mr Darcy love interests Never want to miss a release or giveaway Sign up for Rachel s newsletter HERE You ll also get a free novella prequel to The Black Mage series for signing up If you are a blogger reviewer and would like to be considered for ARCs, sign up HERE.Rachel s Favorite Books List HERE This list is up to date meaning she continuously updates as she finds new favorite reads.Official Site rachelecarterFacebook facebook rachelecarteTwitter twitter recarterauthorInstagram instagram rachelcarterauthorPinterest pinterest recarterauthorTumblr rachelcarterauthor.tumblrSnapchat RECarterAuthorWattpad wattpad user rachelca author rachelecEmail rachelcarterauthor gmail

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    Rachel E. Carter
    SERIES TEASER TRAILER: youtu/AJcWes2y__sPINTEREST BOARD: pinterest/recarterautLINKS TO BUY BOOK:: amzn/2r5JgL7B&N: barnesandnoble/w/non-hIBOOKS: itunesle/us/book/non-GOOGLE PLAY: kobo/us/en/ebook/non-SMASHWORDS: smashwords/books/view AUDIBLE: audible/pd/Teens/Non- *** PLEASE NOTE: The ebook editions of this series are only available through , however you can still purchase the paperback/hardcover/audiobook versions at all retailers. If you would like to continu [...]

    Aj the Ravenous Reader
    “He was no longer the shadow in the corner. He was now the sun lighting up the room.”Wow, just wow! I don’t usually give such remarks on a novella or a prequel. In fact, I rarely even bother with novellas, but the Non-Heir managed to amaze me as much as the main books did. If the four books in the series made me a fan of Ms. Rachel Carter, this prequel made me want to take her home to write beautiful, fantasy stories with princes like Darren exclusively for me. I don’t think her husband [...]

    Dannii Elle
    This is the prequel novella to the Black Mage series. I think I underestimated how good this was going to be. I never seem to expect much from additional stories and novellas, that pad out a series, and this one proved me seriously wrong!This explains the backstory to one of the central characters to the main series. Prince Darren will never be king. His elder brother, Prince Blayne, has claimed that birthright. All Darren knows is how to be second best. That is, until he decides he doesn't have [...]

    Muse-ic ♬
    Before I begin, I just want to point out really quick that I'd recommend reading this in the order of release. Read it after Candidate. At least that's my recommendation. I feel like if you tried reading it before then, you'd have a different opinion of Darren due to the events of Apprentice and First Year and therefore a bias when reading this.4.5This novella was so fantastical!!It was thoroughly well-written and I flew through it in a day!How did the little brother end up being the young man w [...]

    Melissa (Ever So Mela)
    Panic hit the boy’s chest like a kick to the ribs, but there was something much worse than fear, and that was cowardice.I'm thinking this series will never cease to amaze me ^_^Darren was no longer the shadow in the corner. He was now the sun lighting up the room.An amazing backstory on our favorite non-heir opening our eyes to his past and the thoughts behind his reasoning and actions. I'm truly impressed because it's been way too often that authors decide to give us a male point of view that [...]

    Montzalee Wittmann
    Non-Heir (The Black Mage 0.5) by Rachel E. Carter is a prequel that had me glued to the story and wanting me to read more of this exciting series. Great plot, characters, and lots of emotions. Magic, action, and my emotions were up and down in just the prequel. I can imagine what it will be like in a full novel! Great writing! Wonderful world buildingexciting start to this series.

    Anna (Enchanted by YA)
    It felt like a long time since I found myself in the world of The Black Mage, yet I jumped back in just as excited as if I'd recently left. Immediately I was engrossed in the words and nothing could have made me put down my kindle (just ask my brothers who wanted to watch TV hours ago). No-one could have forced me away from Darren. What can I say? I'm in love.In this novella we see the events that shaped both Darren and Blayne, from early childhood to meeting a certain redhead Their relationship [...]

    Ioana Pîrcălabu
    Finally some answers! Is it wrong to say that I like this prequel more than the "First Year"? From the first pages it made me feel! I finally understood Darren and other characters too. He and his brother were forced to grow up too early and having an abusing parent has it's consequences. I saw how the author managed to speak her mind about problems of the real world, like animal cruelty, self harm, lgbt relationships or differences between classes and I truly appreciate her for that! She made E [...]

    Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*
    I downloaded this because it was free, even though I wasn't impressed with First Year. I wanted to see how the author would characterize Darren, since he wasn't at all likeable in First Year, even for an asshole love interest.Well, I thought Carter did a good job of giving a back story to why Darren was the way he was. I still wasn't a fan of the style, though I thought it came across better here than in First Year. As a bonus, I'm really glad Carter gave some depth to Priscilla, so she wasn't j [...]

    Wow, that was brutal.I'm not a big fan of novellas and short stories, but I really liked Non-Heir. The story is told from Darren's point of view and starts from a very young age, when the heir and non-heir are just little boys. We finally get to see what events shaped Darren and Blayne, the monsters in their past, and for me that really solidified their dynamics. I also loved seeing more of Eve, as she's one of my favourite characters. ♥Really strong writing, badass heroes and heroines, set in [...]

    Go binge read this series now!

    I'm not usually a big fan of novella, but Non-Heir really surprised me. It's a great insight into the inner-workings of one of my favourite characters' and how his childhood reflected later in life. Blayne and Darren had a truly brutal childhood, so much so that I have to sympathise even with Blayne and contemplate how differently everything would have turned out if King Lucius was a better father. Since I'm reading this after finishing the rest of the series, I loved seeing Darren's relationshi [...]

    Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)
    Thanks to Rachel E Carter for giving me this book to review.Non-Heir is the prequel novella to The Black Mage series, in which we discover how Darren and Blayne became the people they are in the series. It is really well written and has a dark tone.We get to understand Darren’s motives and why he acts so cold and competitive, also why he is so protective of Blayne. Darren is complex and, despite everything that has happened to him, he still has goodness in him and he is really lonely. I was no [...]

    L.R.W. Lee
    4.5 StarsThis was a very dark tale of Darren's childhood. To a point I wish I hadn't read it for it leaves a lot of questions unanswered rr: his father. How could a human being be so cruel to any child let alone his own. If this is his story about how to toughen up his sons to inherit the weight of a monarchy, he is one sick dude. I can't imagine any parent doing what is portrayed. It's just sick. So I'd love to understand what this father is thinking. He lost his wife, yes. But this is unforgiv [...]

    For anyone who has read the Black Mage series so far, I definitely recommend this novella. It gives us insight into Blayne and Darren's gruesome and sad life growing up as princes of Jerar. Blayne, heir to the throne and Darren, non-heir, how their lives were not as simple as one would expect of royal bloods. Personally, I do believe that assholes and psychopaths are not born but are made (with few exceptions). Well, the life these two led, the monster they faced behind doorsde them into who the [...]

    This prequel shows perfectly how Darren became the person he is in the Black Mage series, and I really liked this. Darren has stolen my heart anyway. I read it in two day's time and it was still too short for me (books like this are really addictive, maybe I should stop reading them 'cause I'm even more excited to the next book afterwards). The only thing I can remark are perhaps descriptions. More descriptions, of places, characters I know it's a prequel but that was something what catched my e [...]

    Review to come-------My dreams will, hopefully, arrive. Praiseeeeeee

    One Hour!!! An amazing read lasting only one hour. the only problem I had with the book is its volume or in better work the lack of volume.Just took me an hour to finish this book and the irony is its all about Darren. Its pure cruelty , you cant tease us with few pages of Darren. I Want , Hope , Prey and Beg to Rachel for more.The book is so amazing and love reading about Darren and the small events that build up the character trait of him and Love Wolf as well, he is going to be another of my [...]

    I got this story early in return for helping proof-read it before publishing. (On that note, *already* so much better than the earlier published books.)I've read prequel novellas that are, especially when told from another character's point of view, lacking. Stories I just have no intention of re-reading if I re-read the rest of the series. This one, thankfully, avoids that trend. The story is captivating and gives a lot of perspective on Darren's childhood/background. I think it will be a great [...]

    Emmeline (The Book Herald)
    I received this book by following Rachel Carter's author Newsletters and as one of her book reviewers! Everyday passed for the next two years, the little boy's hatred spilled over like a festering sore. It was poison that ate away at him from the inside.This book broke me in a million pieces!There are just moments when you open up a book and it carries you away. This was one of them!This series is one of my special ones. One that makes me smile when i see the cover for it or when i read quotes f [...]

    Felicia [Felicia's Ink(t)]
    I received this book through from Rachel E. Carter. I got it in exchange for an honest review. I’m thanking Rachel E. Carter for providing me with the copy of this book.“The girl wouldn’t last the year. Girls like her were soft and easy to break. Lowborns always wanted glory until they realized the hard work it entailed. Darren had worked hard for everything, and a girl who tried to take that away? Well, she wasn’t worth very much.”I love this back story of how Darren became Darren. It [...]

    Prince. Prodigy. Mage. For a free novella Non-Heir sure had a lot packed into it. And I mean that in a good way! This is a prequel to The Black Mage series and it focuses on Darren. We see what it was like to grow up as the second son of the king, or the non-heir. We also see how the rift between Darren and his brother begins, and also how they become emotionally dependent on each other. The story starts out when Darren is 6 years old and ends not long after he has met Ryiah at the academy. It w [...]

    What an absolute surprise!This short novella has left me thirsting for the first book, 'First Year'!This prequel lets us get to know the 2 princes, their personalities and why they are both the way they are Most of the time I like Darren (the non heir) but he still has an arrogance around him and at first I really liked Blayne not so much now that he is older The king. wellThe princes have finally come to the age where one is taking on 'king duties' and the other is off to become a mage but thin [...]

    Hayley Shaver
    This book is a short prequel one only gets to read if one signs up for the newsletter Carter puts out. It's well worth it to sign up. I really liked this prequel, and if I get the chance, will read First Year also. This book is about an abused prince named Darren that decides to do something heroic and in doing so finds a path for him to become a combat mage and escape much of the abuse. if you like fantasy and the Heralds of Valdemar tales by Lackey, you'll love this prequel.

    Totally biased 5 star review~~ Because I love Darren and this series and my only regret is that this novella was so short (still longer than most novellas) and didn't cover the entire first book from his POV that would be amazing!Non-Heir was just the missing piece we needed from the Black Mage series. It details Darren's childhood, his relationship with both his father and his brother, and the many other small things that made him who he is today--aloof, sometimes cold, but deep inside with a g [...]

    Jaime (Two Chicks on Books)
    An interesting start to what I hope is a great series! I'm happy I read the prequel novella first.

    “Non-Heir” is a close encounter with the events that moulded the royals of Jerar, Darren and Blayne; one cold, aloof but with a conscience, the other an overconfident sadistic bully like his father. In a novella that highlights their pain and fear from the “monster” that was their psychotic father to Darren’s over-protectiveness of his brother and their intense competitiveness as teens Rachel Carter skilfully weaves a story of an intense and complicated relationship that inspired one t [...]

    Yasss, it was interesting, I'm glad we got a chance to sneak into Darren's childhood life which was not so proudly nice for him. Darren's life was really hard before he attending the Academy. In this prequel, we meet again with some of The Black Mage character's whom I love and hate. (view spoiler)[I know he had been trained with Eve before but I didn't know Eve was his only friend he had. Oh gosh, poor Darren. Pricilla, she's still annoying, but I admit it's not that bad seeing Pricilla from Da [...]

    I read Non-Heir before reading Apprentice.I hadn't wanted to stop my momentum. After Ryiah got her apprenticeship in First Year, I knew things would get even more exciting. But Darren was just so mysterious, and after their first kiss in the hallway I just have to know what he was thinking.Unfortunately for me, Non-Heir ended with Ryiah and Darren's first encounter at the library.Still, it was great to know about Darren's life at the palace. And especially Eve, because if possible, I found Eve e [...]

    Where do I even begin? Oh I know! First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to Rachel for writing this book. I love it!!!! Not only because more Darren = more happiness, though that is a major plus point. Haha. Anyway, I love how the events that lead up to First Year are detailed. It's a look into what makes Darren Darren, and how much he has been shaped by his environment yet somehow still maintaining that inner goodness. Ok. Ramblings over. Bottom line YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!(I'm terrible at writing review [...]

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