[PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ October is the Coldest Month : by Christoffer Carlsson æ

  • Title: October is the Coldest Month
  • Author: Christoffer Carlsson
  • ISBN: 9781911344179
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback

  • Vega Gillberg is 16 years old when the police come knocking on the door looking for her older brother, Jakob.Vega hasn t heard from him in days, but she has to find him before the police do Jakob was involved in a terrible crime What no one knows is that Vega was there, too.In the rural Swedish community where the Gillbergs live, life is tough, the people are even tougheVega Gillberg is 16 years old when the police come knocking on the door looking for her older brother, Jakob.Vega hasn t heard from him in days, but she has to find him before the police do Jakob was involved in a terrible crime What no one knows is that Vega was there, too.In the rural Swedish community where the Gillbergs live, life is tough, the people are even tougher, and old feuds never die As Vega sets out to find her brother, she must survive a series of threatening encounters in a deadly landscape As if that wasn t enough, she s dealing with the longing she feels for a boy that she has sworn to forget, and the mixed up feelings she has for her brother s best friend.During a damp, raw week in October, the door to the adult world swings open, and Vega realises that once she has crossed the threshold there is no turning back.
    Christoffer Carlsson
    I was born, I started writing stories, I haven t died yet

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    Kari Rhiannon (Moon Magister Reviews)
    4 stars I don't read a lot of thrillers. That's not to say I don't like the feeling that you get from reading thrillers, there's something about that dry-throat, adrenaline-surge as everything begins to tumble apart. Generally, I tend to get my fill of that feeling from horror books, but there was something about the blurb of this particular YA psychological thriller that drew me right in. From the start there's a very sinister feel to the story, all dark forests, drowning bogs and remote traile [...]

    This book was excellent; it propelled me through the story within just a few hours. It is utterly addictive, fast-paced and I was desperate to follow Vega as she tries to protect her brother and herself, in an effort to figure out why someone in her neighbourhood was killed. A murder Vega already knows too much about.Vega is a fantastic main character, she is a particularly curious and observant narrator which means we don't miss a thing as the reader - equally, her mind works so quickly that yo [...]

    Paula Heeger
    Oktober Is De Koudste Maand leek een veelbelovende YA-thriller. Toch viel dit boek me erg tegen, o.a. vanwege de oppervlakkige personages.Recensie: mustmag/recensie-oktober-is

    Dieses Buch hat auf ungewöhnlichem Weg zu mir gefunden und ich war erst etwas skeptisch: mit ca. 200 Seiten, großer Schrift und kurzen Kapiteln gehört es jetzt nicht zu den Büchern, von denen ich viel erwarte, doch ich wurde überrascht!Diese Geschichte fällt komplett aus dem Rahmen was ich sonst so kenne, es ist ein Ausschnitt, eine Art Momentaufnahme aus dem Leben von Vega, die es wahrlich nicht leicht hat im Leben - aber sich durchzukämpfen weiß."Packend, rau, emotional" steht in der V [...]

    This story fitted the dark, Scandinavian mystery genre; rural Sweden seems a depressing place to live, the characters were not living happy lives. I didn't love it probably because it wasn't uplifting.

    I've got a feeling this book could be one of the sleeper hits of the year, particularly for those readers who enjoy dark rural settings and tainted yet endearing characters. October is the Coldest Month has a rural noir feel akin to Daniel Woodrell; it's not quite Winter's Bone or Tomato Red in terms of plotting but it is deep in character and atmosphere.The focus is on 16 year old Vega, a school kid street smart in a country way who unwillingly becomes an accessory to murder. When the police co [...]

    Bruce Gargoyle
    I received a copy of this title from the Scribe for review.Ten Second Synopsis:Vega's older brother is missing and when the police come knocking, Vega knows why. Struggling to find answers in an adult world, Vega strolls into the underworld of her remote town.If you like your YA peppy, romantic and with a good dose of teen angst, you are going to be sorely disappointed (and possibly traumatised) by October is the Coldest Month. Certainly one of the grittiest novels categorised as YA that I've ev [...]

    Karen Barber
    A curious read, perhaps due to it being in translation, but the story gripped me throughout.Vega is 16 and we open the book with the police looking for her older brother. She guesses it's connected to the night they were together at a neighbour's house, just before he disappeared.Vega knows more about these events than she lets on, but as she questions those around her and hunts for answers she uncovers a far darker reality than she was expecting.The events did not quite go as expected, but Vega [...]

    This was supposed to be a thriller? A murder mystery? Instead I got gray hopelessness of a small town. And even then this book only touched the surfaces of problems there. This book lacked everything.

    Melinda Szymanik
    This is terrific writing. Spare, Hemingway-esque prose that really delivers in this YA Scandinavian Noir. Atmospheric, with plenty of tension, a strong voice and a rich sense of location. I wanted a few more ends tied up at the end but a great read none the less.

    Solomon S.
    I literally have no idea what the actual heck I just read Also, definitely NOT a YA book. NOPE. This should be marketed as NA or Adult because this was just something else.

    It's possible I didn't give this book enough of a chance but I just really didn't get into it, nothing special really in my opinion

    Oktober är den kallaste månaden är en bok med en miljö och stämning som kryper under skinnet. Christoffer Carlsson visar återigen hur skicklig han är att förmedla en väldigt speciell stämning och visa en mörk sida av den svenska landsbygden. Jag slås igen av det vackra språket, där han med små medel spelar på stora känslor. Det slår an något speciellt hos mig. Svärtan i skildringen av relationer och miljön berör starkt, det lilla samhällets baksidor är central i berättel [...]

    Britt-Marie Kullin
    Betyg: 4,5 av 5. Det här är Christoffer Carlssons sjätte roman. Jag har läst alla hans fem tidigare böcker, och tyckt mycket om dom alla. Här är en länk till min recension av den senaste boken, Mästare, väktare, lögnare, vän, och i det inlägget finns länkar till dom fyra tidigare böckerna. Boken Oktober är den kallaste månaden är Christoffer Carlsson första bok för unga vuxna, och helt fristående från hans tidigare böcker. Och jag måste ju säga att jag tyckte inte det va [...]

    Carolina Edvinsson
    My review in swedish ---> Romeoandjuliet

    Pan Tau Books - Ein Buchblog
    Ich liebe es, Bücher von Debütautoren zu lesen und mich von den Geschichten unvoreingenommen überraschen zu lassen. Das ist ein Grund, warum ich mir bei solchen Büchern ungerne vorab Rezensionen oder Meinungen durchlese, um mir noch voll und ganz mein eigenes Bild machen zu können. Bei Weißzeit von Christoffer Carlsson habe ich es ebenso gehandhabt, und ich bin froh darum, denn mache negativen Bewertungen des Buches, die ich nun gelesen habe, hätten mich eventuell davon abgehalten, es zu [...]

    Das Kälte ausstrahlende Cover und der dazu passende Titel haben mich in der frostigen Jahreszeit, in welcher wir uns derzeit befinden, dazu verleitet, das Jugendbuchdebüt „Winterzeit“ des schwedischen Autoren Christoffer Carlsson zu lesen. Der Klappentext des Buches versprach ein kurzweiliges, aber fesselndes Lesevergnügen. Mit diesen Ansprüchen bin ich an vorliegendes Werk herangegangen und in der folgenden Rezension könnt ihr erfahren, wie es mir gefallen hat.Gleich zu Beginn positiv [...]

    Barbaras Paradies
    Der Klappentext und das Cover haben mich sofort angesprochen. Das Cover passt sehr gut zur Geschichte. Leider konnte mich die Umsetzung nicht überzeugen.Vega lebt mit ihrer Mutter in einem kleinen Dorf in Schweden. Ihr Bruder Jakob ist bereits ausgezogen. Ihr Vater ist bereits gestorben. Vega ist in ärmlichen Verhältnissen aufgewachsen, kennt ihr Leben aber nicht anders, weswegen sie es nie so empfunden hat. Die 16-jährige ist eigenständig und ist auch größtenteils auf sich alleine gestel [...]

    Die 16-jährige Vega lebt mit ihrem 19-jährigen Bruder Jakob und der Mutter in einem kleinen Dorf in Schweden. Eines Tages steht die Polizei vor ihrer Tür. Jakob wird dringend gesucht; man bringt ihn in Verbindung mit dem Verschwinden eines Dorfbewohners. Doch Jakob ist untergetaucht. Vega ist überzeugt von seiner Unschuld und macht sich auf die Suche nach ihm. Mein Leseeindruck:Das Buch hat nur knappe 200 Seiten und ist daher schnell gelesen, zumal es auch sehr kurze und lesefreundliche Kapi [...]

    Femke van der Klooster
    Dit boek heeft gedaan wat ik wilde dat het zou doen, het las makkelijk om tussen door te lezen. Omdat ik moeite heb met De Nieuweling van Taran Matharu te lezen had ik echt even iets anders nodig. Dit boek heb ik laatst gewonnen en heeft me zeker geholpen om weer te lezen, maar meer heeft het ook niet gedaan. Jammer genoeg. Het verhaal is het gewoon niet helemaal wat ik ervan verwacht, mede dankzij wat er op de cover staat “Winnaar van de Zweedse prijs voor beste young adult-thriller van het j [...]

    Alix Long
    I loved this book! I have never read a Swedish crime novel before, yet this book totally worked for me and I was completely sucked in. The characters were so gritty, edgy and believable, and the writing echoed this. It was cold and dark, yet at the same time lyrically beautiful. Carlsson writes in such an evocative way, and I was entranced.The idea of the small, close knit community was something so well explored in this book, and so interesting to read about. All the characters had such interes [...]

    Thank you to net galley for providing me with a e-copy in exchange of a honest review.This book follows a 16 year old girl who finds out her brother is involved in a murder. Okay this started at bit slow but it quickly picked up the pace. I was expecting a thriller it didn't quite meet my expectations I wanted it to be a bit more darker and colder I guess it was a little young for me. It was absorbing and full of suspense though. I did like the main character she was pretty strong unlike most yo [...]

    Several incidents in this novel ensure that the innocence of Vega's childhood has gone forever. She has had a tough childhood anyway but the going from now one threatens to be even tougher. She lives with her mother who works in a bar at night, her uncle Dan sells moonshine, assisted by her brother Jakob who has left home.Her brother becomes an accessory to a crime that puts the police on his trail, and Vega needs to know what actually happened and why.I found this a complex and rather bleak nov [...]

    I received this book free from "Good Reads".This is a book for young adults, but can eaily be read by adults of all ages.I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in an area such as the one that Vega & her brother live in. It is extremely well described & am certain I would not like to live in such an environment.I also found it unbelievable that such a young woman wandered alone in such a place.There are twists & turns from beginning to end & you never know what is going to [...]

    The story is short but it was able to send me the message that it wants to convey. I was cringing the whole time! It was a mixture of crime, sex, and everything in between. I love how simply it was written without omitting the meaning of the book. The setting it an old suburb where it is possible that murdered people can be shoved and forgotten in an instant. The character is young but not innocent! I feel sad for Vega because at a very young age she felt and experienced all those terrible thing [...]

    Lula Belle
    'October is the Coldest Month' reminded me of Daniel Woodrell's 'Winter's Bone', which I adored. It has a similarly grim, rural, struggling setting and a great sense of atmosphere where something sinister lurks behind every shadow. Carlsson's writing is taut with occasional lyrical passages, which are more memorable because he doesn't overdo them.This is a fast read with tight pacing and I'm amazed at how much Carlson packed into 181 pages. Vega is a fascinating protagonist: brave, loving, reckl [...]

    Kadri Siller
    Depressiivses Rootsi väikelinnas käib olelusvõitlus, kus ei ole keelatud ka julmad võtted. Alkohol ja seks on tegurid, mis inimeste elu mõjutavad. Kuriteo kaasosaliseks võib saada endalegi ootamatult ning lähedaste kaitsmiseks tuleb pidada suu. Raamatu peategelane, 16-aastane neiu, ei saa leppida teadmatusega, sest ta peab teadma, mis tegelikult juhtus ning kes on mõrvar. Julm tõde on parem kui mitteteadmine ning see aitab reaalsusega leppida.

    I didn't totally love this. The writing felt a bit stilted at times (maybe from being translated) and there were some odd, insignificant details that didn't seem either useful or relevant. I thought Vega didn't quite ring true as a 16 year old girl, her 'voice' didn't seem quite right to me somehow. But having said all that, the story was fast paced and there was a very strong sense of place. A decent enough thriller, but better for senior teens due to sex scenes.

    Keri (BooksWithKeri)
    Received as an ARC by publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.A snapshot of a moment after a murder and the teenage girl that gets washed up in it. A really quick read. Attempts to deal with serious issues such as sexual assault and trauma, and has varying degrees of success. Sexualisation of the main character - a young teenage girl - is frequent and uncomfortable in places. Overall, an interesting book that was quick to read and had a decent murder mystery within.

    Kay Smillie
    Enjoyed this tale of a rural community in Sweden seen from the perspective of a sixteen year old female. She is trying to find out the ins and outs of a terrible crime where her brother appears to be the chief suspect. Granted it is aimed at young adults but it could have been fleshed out in my opinion.Ray Smillie

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ October is the Coldest Month : by Christoffer Carlsson æ
      284 Christoffer Carlsson
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