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  • Title: The Children of the New Forest
  • Author: Frederick Marryat
  • ISBN: 9781853261107
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback

  • In The Children of the New Forest, Marryat describes the trials and triumphs of the four Beverley children, orphaned during the English Civil War and forced to take refuge with a poor woodsman in the New Forest This is the first annotated edition of a great children s classic, which has retained its popularity since 1847.
    Frederick Marryat
    Captain Frederick Marryat was a British Royal Navy officer and novelist, an early pioneer of the sea story.For information, please see enpedia wiki Frederic


    When I first read this, I adored this and thought it was pretty much perfection. I read it over and over again, until the covers fell off my copy. I had that reaction to a lot of children's books, and I can't quite find the enchantment again in this one, which makes me sad. I decided to reread it after I came across a reference to it in one of the books I read for Introduction to Children's Literature.It isn't really a very easily accessible text in some respects: rather biased, sometimes dry, r [...]

    To call this a children's book is somewhat misleading. Yes, it is about 4 children, but it is written in a style more suited to adult readers. It's still a good book. I would describe it more as a young adult, historical fiction novel. It's a bit of a history lesson about England in the mid 17th century during the English Civil War. King Charles I has been dethroned, eventually to be executed, and Oliver Cromwell has assumed leadership. The heir, Charles II has escaped to exile and will eventual [...]

    Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    During the English Civil War, the four Beverley children are orphaned when their wealthy father is killed fighting for the restoration of King Charles. Their grand home is burnt down and they are supposed dead, so they find shelter with a kindly old forester. They each learn to hunt, harvest, and care for their little cottage, living in seclusion deep in the forest. But the oldest boy, Edward, is restless and he dreams of going to war as his father did. The siblings encounter many dangers and pe [...]

    The title "Children" of the New Forest is a little misleading. I had only skipped the blurb before reading so I thought this book would be about four little kids playing in the New Forest. Well, it wasn't.I really liked the novel anyway. It has a bit of everything in it: farming, adventure stories and a love story. I enjoyed reading it a lot, although I found the end a little hurried: Almost ten years are told in one chapter. It seemed like the author wanted to put the story the an end as soon a [...]

    Elizabeth Moffat
    This book tells the story of four children - Edward, Humphrey, Alice and Edith, whose distinguished father Colonel Beverley is killed during the English Civil War while fighting the cause of King Charles and as a result, they become orphaned. An old forester, Jacob Armitage, whilst walking in the woods one days hears a group of men fighting against the king aka Roundheads forging a plan to set fire to Colonel Beverley's mansion, burning everything within, meaning that the children are in mortal [...]

    I started reading this book a year ago, but gave it up, it's a book you have to be in a certain mood to read well for me anyway but if you do find yourself putting it back on the bookshelf, remember to get it down one day when you're in need of something wholesome, historical but also exciting to read. Because this book is one of those rare things; it gets better with age. Sort of like wine, or so the saying goes. But anyway what I'm trying to say is that it's a heavy read (it was published in 1 [...]

    Christian West
    Gosh this book dragged. 4 children watch their house burn down in a revolution in the UK in the mid 1600s. They then go live in a forest. The daughters tend the house (aka are not related to the plot and thus get no writing dedicated to them) whilst the oldest son sets out to help his king and country. This goes on for 239 pages and covers about a year. Then in the last 9 pages there's a war, a loss, a win, another war, some marriages, and everything is wrapped up.There seems to be a lot of posi [...]

    I wish I had read this as a child. It would have added greatly to the fort-making, food-finding, and hiding from the grown-ups fun. As an adult I found it a quick and fun read. It's really more of a "how to survive in the woods/making your own farm if you start with a cottage, hunting dog and pony but not much else" with a bit of danger and excitement thrown in for good measure. Also "how to escape from the battle of Worcester once all is lost" and "how to hide your Royalist sympathies and frien [...]

    Read here Opening:BY CAPT. MARRYAT, R.N. 1864APTER I.The circumstances which I am about to relate to my juvenile readers took place in the year 1647. By referring to the history of England, of that date, they will find that King Charles the First, against whom the Commons of England had rebelled, after a civil war of nearly five years, had been defeated, and was confined as a prisoner at Hampton Court. The Cavaliers, or the party who fought for King Charles, had all been dispersed and the Parlia [...]

    A wonderful read. It relates beautifully how the children coped with living on their own in the forest, adapting to farming and hunting as they did in those days. It gives you a great desire to do the same.However, some parts which I thought quite important were too quickly narrated, as with the ending which goes from an exchanging dialogue on one page to the following year and happy ever after on the next. Otherwise, a lovely insight to life in the day, from a child's view point.

    Zarish Fatima
    I loved this book. It begins with simple tragedy. Four kids end up living on family estate in a forestd they are taught to live a life at its fullest and to make most of the worst circumstances by a simple countryman. It is a beautiful book which revolves from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

    This was better than I expected although I found the last quarter of the book less interesting. I fell asleep numerous times throughout the reading so I may have missed some bits. The Librivox narrator was excellent. Many thanks to him.

    Mohamed Shady
    زمان أبويا كان بيدخل علينا معاه شنط فيها كتب للأطفال فلاش وسماش ورجل المستحيل وحاجات تانية منوعة كان منها الرواية دى قريتها كتيـر أوى لدرجة إنى شبه حفظتها الرواية بتمثل تيمة ( عقاب الأولاد بذنب الأب ) مشكلتى الوحيدة مع الرواية هى اسلوبها الكلاسيكى اللى كان ممل شوية بالنسب [...]

    Daniel Garrison
    I knew this book would be quite different than most Marryat books which typically center around naval battles, sword fights, and adventure, which is why I've put off reading it for so long. Also, it's classified as a children's book, which didn't immediately draw me to it. But, man oh man, did I enjoy this book! It was excellent. Although the main characters are children, it didn't really strike me as a children's book. It had some of the same elements of Marryat books I've read in the past - ad [...]

    Carol Arnold
    I loved this book. It was very entertaining and educational. I learned more about Oliver Cromwell, King Charles and the English Civil War than I ever did in history class. It is a book that transcends generations in that it could be equally be enjoyed by children or adults.

    Paula Vince
    I chose this title to fit into the category called a re-read of your favourite classic, for the 2018 Back to the Classics Challenge. I adored this book when I was in Year 9 at High School. I read it through several times, daydreamed about it, recommended it to others, and even tried to draw pictures of the main characters. But I never read it to my own kids since they strongly objected to the title and cover design. (More about their assumptions here. Throughout this review, I'll share several a [...]

    Readers always say they love fiction for escape, but I just don't often feel the same way. This is a rare exception where I actually felt transported to another time and place -- the New Forest of the 1600s during the English civil war. At that time the Roundheads, parliamentarian followers of Oliver Crowmell, were intent on destroying the ruling monarchy. The Cavaliers were loyal supporters of the crown.The four children of Captain Beverley -- Edward, Humphrey, Edith, and Alice -- are taken int [...]

    I listened to the audiobook of this when I was young, and I remembered absolutely loving it and then not being able to find a hard copy anywhere. So when I finally got my hands on a Kindle, it was one of the first things I looked for.As with all things you enjoyed when you were young, with the exception of Winnie the Pooh, it turned out to be not quite how I remembered it. I found it a lot more straightforward, with a lot less nuance than I would expect of novels - even children's novels - that [...]

    This book was recommended to me, and I'm happy that it was recommended to me. This book really didn't seem like a children's book, even though it was about four children, whose home was burned down, and they had to learn to work hard to survive, with the help of the man, who warned them of the plan to burn down their home. These children had been getting into mischief, before they were left homeless. They learned to love living in the country, and working hard to support themselves, and others. [...]

    This one seems to be in the same line of young adult fiction as Ballantyne or Stevenson (not that the writing is of Stevenson quality, just the same genre) - Stories For Boys, you know, kids out on their own, with no adult supervision, having to make their way in the world and participating on historical events in the meantime - in this case, the trouble between the Cavaliers and the Roundheads. Not a bad story, but I should have read it back when I was a teen myself. It would have hit the spot. [...]

    My favorite quote:"Perhaps so, Humphrey," replied Edward; "and yet, do you know that, although I so ardently wished to mix with the world, and to follow the wars, I am anything but satisfied with what I have seen of it; and so far from feeling any inclination to return to it, I rather feel more inclined to remain here, and remain in quiet and in peace. I have been disappointed, that is the truth. There is a great difference between the world such as we fancy it when we are pining for it, and the [...]

    Octavia Cade
    Really quite readable for such an old book, although it truthfully should be called "The Boys of the New Forest" as Marryat has less than no interest in the two sisters of the title children, preferring to follow the exploits of their brothers. It's certainly a product of its time, from a political and social perspective, and the bias of the author shines plainly through - I side-eyed the text quite a few times. Still, despite this and the absolutely romanticised version of peasant life that the [...]

    The setting is during the English Civil War when times were dangerous for those loyal to the King. The mansion at the estate of Arnwood was burned down by Cromwell's troops and it was thought that the children of Colonel Beverley perished in the flames. Fortunately they were rescued by a forester and lived in the New Forest for many years. The book describes in details of their adventures although it is mostly Edward and Humphrey's stories. Their sisters, Alice and Edith, are treated more as sec [...]

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    Wendy Lavery
    I read and loved this book as a child, was drawn in by the story and atmosphere. Years later I started reading it to my children, who were of an age to enjoy it. We all hated it and when I persisted in order to 'give it a chance', I had a rebellion on my hands. I obviously read it first at exactly the right age and could never recapture the spell. Where I had seen excitement as a child, there was only dry pedantic writing and unexciting characters. Oh well, sometimes you just can't go back.

    Todd Kman
    Nicely written. A good story for young readers.I really enjoyed the first 3/4 when the author was telling the story in quite a detailed manner covering a short period of time.The drawback was the way the last part of the book was written. He skips over large amounts of time and only gives the barest of information about this period. It seemed as if the author was tired of writing and wanted to wrap up the story quickly.

    Lise Petrauskas
    3.5 stars. I probably would have loved this book as a child but it's a little too obvious from beginning to end how it's all going to play outA: Horrors! This audiobook version was abridged. No wonder I thought it was just so-so. I hate reading abridged books.

    Erin Cox
    I'm going to honest--I think I mostly like this book because of the premise: Four kids lose their parents and have to take care of themselves in an old house in the forest. And as my sibling will tell you, this was always my favorite playtime premise.

    Zarish Fatima
    this book was journey of 4 children orphaned and to live with a caretaker away from civilization. They learned respect and their space in the world in the most inspiring manner living in a forest hey learned to live life

    I have read The Children of the New Forest a couple of times now & enjoyed it both times. The characters seem so real you feel they pain, sorrow & joy. Will go back for sure & read it again soon.

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