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  • Title: Madness
  • Author: Zac Brewer Heather Brewer
  • ISBN: 9780062457851
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Brooke Danvers is pretending to be fine She s gotten so good at pretending that they re letting her leave inpatient therapy Now she just has to fake it long enough for her parents and teachers to let their guard down This time, when she s ready to end her life, there won t be anyone around to stop her.Then Brooke meets Derek Derek is the only person who really gets whaBrooke Danvers is pretending to be fine She s gotten so good at pretending that they re letting her leave inpatient therapy Now she just has to fake it long enough for her parents and teachers to let their guard down This time, when she s ready to end her life, there won t be anyone around to stop her.Then Brooke meets Derek Derek is the only person who really gets what Brooke is going through, because he s going through it too As they start spending time together, Brooke suddenly finds herself having something to look forward to every day and maybe even happiness.But when Derek s feelings for her intensify, Brooke is forced to accept that the same relationship that is bringing out the best in her might be bringing out the worst in Derek and that Derek at his worst could be capable of real darkness.
    Zac Brewer Heather Brewer
    AKA Heather Brewer Zac is transgender and no longer using the name Heather zacbrewer faq Zac Brewer grew up on a diet of Twilight Zone and books by Stephen King He chased them down with every drop of horror he could find in books, movie theaters, on television The most delicious parts of his banquet, however, he found lurking in the shadowed corners of his dark imagination When he s not writing books, he s skittering down your wall and lurking underneath your bed Zac doesn t believe in happy endings unless they involve blood He lives in Missouri with his husband and two children.


    I've had this book for months and would constantly pick it up to pet the cover, but would always set it back down. I wasn't ever in the right mood for it. And man, I can't believe I waited so long. I loved Brooke. She's so much stronger than her depression and it was captivating to see how things changed for her. Duckie is hands down one of the best BFFs I've read and I loved the banter and routines that he had with Brooke. I loved it even more when Tucker comes around. Derek is interestingI won [...]

    "Depression's a bitch, isn't it?""Almost as much as life."I have mixed feelings about this book. For once I love the message it sends. It’s a story about finding a way back into a life that one wanted to get rid of entirely. Of finding hope, love, health. On the other hand it was not as exceptional as I wanted it to be. I didn’t get attached to any characters, I foresaw many things, mostly because the author used too many outdated clichés. Even though it is such an emotional and dark topic [...]

    Amy's Book Reviews
    GRADE: B-3.5 STARSFollowing a suicide attempt and six weeks in a psych hospital, Brooke fakes her way home by pretending she no longer wants to die. Then she meets Derek, who understands her darkness and gets her in ways not even her best friend Duckie does. As Brooke decides maybe she wants to live, the lines between love and obsession become blurred.In many ways, Brooke is a typical YA trope, post suicidal angry teen who pushes everyone away. Later, she realizes her therapist isn’t clueless [...]

    Lisa Mandina
    What can I say except for that once again, Brewer has blown me away. This was a book that I could barely put down. I picked it up, and blew straight through it. Well, except for last Friday. I was having my own down day, just all kinds of things going wrong in my world, I'd ran out of my own medicine for my depression, and so I had to put the book down and take a break. That's not to say that it is a depressing book, it's just that the feelings of the main character, Brooke, and her thoughts, ju [...]

    Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    I rate this book between 4-4.5 stars.This was a hard book for me to read because of how dark it starts, but it's very realistic. Brooke has severe depression with suicidal thoughts, and she really really wants to die. To the point where she requires inpatient treatment and says the right things to get out so she can just try again. The rest of the book is Brooke's journey. She meets a hot guy, Derek, who has similar suicidal tendencies and she falls in love for the first time, and has other new [...]

    Kelly Gunderman
    Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here's to Happy Endings!***Actual Rating: 3.5/5 Stars*** Trigger Warning! Before I start off on my review of this book, I want to point out that it deals with things such as depression, cutting/self-harm, and suicide attempts. If that's something that may be a trigger for you, please read with these things in mind. In the very beginning of this book, the author writes a note that mentions that there are trigger worthy things in this b [...]

    Ciaran Mealer
    "Welcome to the afterlife, Brooke Danvers." So begins the most passionate, intense, and dangerous relationship 17 year old Brooke has ever known. Derek is the new guy at school, a total babe, and a complete bad boy. But when his carefully crafted facade begins to crack the darkness starts showing through. Can Brooke save Derek from himself, even as she fights her own set of demons?This book is beautifully crafted, achingly nostalgic, and bittersweet to the very end. It is a love letter to those [...]

    Lisa Mcbroom
    Brooke suffers from depression. After being released from a facility , she fakes it even with her best friend Duckie aka Ronald. A new student Derek comes to school and she feels she has a confidante with Derek since he suffered from mental illness. However, a friendship turns into obsession for Derek and Brooke. This was an okay book. Some of it was cliched which was why it got a Meh from me.

    Hilary Evans
    I gave it four stars, instead of five, because she decided to save that jerk. Seriously, he tries to kill her, and she keeps him from dying. I'm very empathetic with people suffering from mental illness, and I've had severe depression most my life. However, if a stalker decides to drown us both in a river, I would just let him drown.

    2nd book by this author. I enjoyed it but it was interesting to see that there were trigger warnings. this book was about suicide and the after affects from it. I enjoyed the therapy sessions mostly. But I felt like I was in the pretty in pink movie because one of the characters was named duckie. There was mention of breakfast club and the cure. I agree that pretty in pink was a good movie, but the name distracted me from the story. this book was good til the halfway mark, and then it went in an [...]

    Read InAGarden
    At the beginning of the novel Brooke has just left an inpatient facility after treatment for a suicide attempt. Her parents and her best friend, Duckie, are worried about her and her lack of a zest for life. As time progresses Brooke gradually begins to see hope in her life. And things get even brighter when she meets Derek, a fellow suicide survivor. But the more s Brooke falls for Derek the more she realizes that Derek may not be in the same mental space she is.

    Khadija Sesay
    I could go on and on about my grievances with this book, but they could all fall under one phrase."It raised my hopes and crushed them flat."Not a quote by anyone, it was just how I felt. This book had so much potential and so much promise that it failed to deliver. I was so ready to just dump this book and quit it. But I stayed. I had to see it through. The writing, although very stripped down, offered something for me. And toward the middle, I felt something for the book. Hope. Maybe the book [...]

    Does Uncle Z ever fail? I say no, and this latest, perhaps his darkest novel to date, is no exception. Take all the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book seriously, and if you have issues with depression and/or suicidal ideation, take all the caution if you decide to go forth and read this book. Me, I do have such issues, though perhaps more mildly than most (and my depression is only self-diagnosed, but there's really no diagnosis to make suicidal ideation sound more "official"), which [...]

    Trigger Warning: Suicide + DepressionWow, that was a hard-hitting book!I literally didn't know anything about this book before I read the first page and within the first 5 pages or so I'd read, I was like WOAH, okay - this is getting deep. It was so uncomfortable too, which I guess was the point but it was so realistic that I was literally squirming whilst I was reading. Suicide is such a hard thing to read about, to talk about and even think about, and with the numbers rising all over the world [...]

    First of all, if you struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts I would be very cautious with reading this book. Now into my actual thoughts of the book, it was very heavy. I read the sleeve of the book and that’s what caught my interest. The ending of it was much heavier than I imposed. At first when the romance between Brooke and Derek began it was almost a reminder of past relationships and that puppy love, full of love stage of a relationship. Due to my past relationships and age (not t [...]

    I was reluctant to read this book and I'm not sure why. Once I actually gave it time, I did enjoy it. I definitely don't think this book is suitable for YA. Maybe certain mature young people, but I think it could be really triggering and confusing to some teens dealing with emotional issues and unsure of how to deal with difficult feelings. This book was also a bit unrealistic. Mid book, Brooke is suddenly not depressed anymore and wants to live. Because of her relationship with Derek? Maybe. Bu [...]

    This book gets maybe 2.75 stars. I liked it, it was ok but it did hit close to home for me for some certain situations and I related to the characters. The last 10 chapters is what made the book a bit uncomfortable and irritating. I love Zac Brewer and his books and even though I didn't love this book as much as I was expecting to, I didn't hate it either because it connected with me. It reminded me of my struggles and seeing that was really touching. It hurt a bit but was still touching. Really [...]

    Brooke has just tried to commit suicide and she wants to try again. She gets out of the mental ward with the intention of ending her life but decides to try to give it another go. Her best friend Duckie is worried about her, as are her overprotective parents. But then she meets Derek,a boy with a dark past and violent tendencies. Can Derek be the glue that will hold her together? Or will Brooke be the cause of his unraveling? This was a well written but that seemed to be a bit average for me. Th [...]

    Brianna Abney
    I went into this book with low expectations honestly, I had never read any of his other books and wasn’t sure it was going to be a book i would even finish.When I read the warning in the beginning about the themes in this book and ways to seek help, I thought to myself that I had read plenty of books covering similar topics before and been fine. I had gotten through Willow and 13 Reasons Why after allI wasn’t expecting such a dark, honest display of mental illness in this book, but it was in [...]

    I wanted to like Madness but I have some concerns with it. If you are writing a story about someone who is depressed and suicidal make sure you do your research. I felt some points of the book were just tied up too neatly. The one thing that turned this to a 2 star book to me was (view spoiler)[why on earth would the parents let their daughter go visit the guy who tried to kill her? I'm sorry but in no way was this believable. (hide spoiler)]

    Overall I liked it. Some characters were better than others but the cast was pretty solid. It's weird how Brooke was able to get past the scene with her dad and nothing got fully talked about, or not that I noticed, you would think that would be a cause for more tension or drama then what actually happened. I honestly didn't see what happened with Derek coming, I figured that something was coming but not the scenario that played out.

    Renee Smith
    I won this book from a good reads give away.I loooove this book, I suffer from mental illness too and I am trying to understand the thoughts and feelings that go through all that to get to the point feel like you want to end it but having that other person who is going through this with you and you feel better and yet they don't. That is tough. It was such a good book. I loved it.

    DNF-ed at about 60%It was okay enough. A bit slow paced. However, I'm really not a big fan of romanticising depression, or the whole "love will save you". And the whole instalove realisation as they're about to have sex? Ehhhh pass.

    A bit cliche and over-dramatic at times, but generally engaging; does a decent job of depicting the inner monologue of an individual who is depressed while leaving space for growth and modeling how to notice signs of change within oneself.

    This book was a roller coaster of emotions

    if you have trouble with depression and are suicidal. do not read this book until you are confident and secure withourself. very lovley ending. got real

    Stephanie Blake
    I was enchanted from the beginning all the way to the end! It reached a personal level in more ways then one! Absolutely amazing piece!

    Stacey Marshall Luecke
    I have some mixed thoughts on this one. Very compelling story and well written but not sure about the depiction of depression and suicidal thoughts.

    @dnf 70%I loved all I read until the plot began to change (can´t say because of spoilers). Great book, just not for me.

    Rina m.
    The cover: cool. concept: cool.but it was a bit awkwardly written, and it was very tell, not show.example: it says she's depressed a bunch, but you don't actually get that impression.

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