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  • Title: Sugar Season
  • Author: Spencer Spears
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  • Page: 297
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  • They say it s better to have loved and lost They have no idea what they re talking about Police officer Graham Andersen already had his happy ending A whirlwind romance, a young marriage, happiness than he knew what to do with And then it was over, almost as soon as it began.After his husband Joey died, Graham knew he d never find that kind of love again But whatThey say it s better to have loved and lost They have no idea what they re talking about Police officer Graham Andersen already had his happy ending A whirlwind romance, a young marriage, happiness than he knew what to do with And then it was over, almost as soon as it began.After his husband Joey died, Graham knew he d never find that kind of love again But what he d had with Joey was than some people ever get in life He d had his chance at happiness He couldn t ask for Another night, another lifetime, and I would have said yes But not tonight Not any When chef Ryan Gallagher is swindled out of his savings right before he can open his restaurant, it almost seems right One failure for his long list, one way he ll never measure up to his older brother Joey might be gone, but he still finds a way to overshadow Ryan.With no money and no prospects, Ryan has no choice but to move home to the family that rejected him and his sexuality But when he goes out to the local bar one winter night, he never dreams the hot guy he s hitting on used to be his brother s husband Please, can we just pretend this never happened I had no idea who you were when I met you Both men insist that they re not interested And yet neither can resist the desire they feel But relationships require love, love requires risk, and both Graham and Ryan know this life offers no guarantees After a long winter in both their hearts, are they finally ready for spring Sugar Season is a 70,000 word steamy, contemporary, forbidden love m m romance No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.
    Spencer Spears
    Spencer Spears wants to make you cry and then make you smile so hard at an ending so happy you forget why you ve got tears rolling down your cheeks Spencer writes LGBTQ stories that are snarky, sweet, and break your heart in all the best ways, and believes that everyone deserves to have their love story told.When not at the computer, Spencer can be found running, hugging a tree, or curled up with a good book and probably a cocktail or two For free books and updates, sign up for Spencer s newsletter at spencerspears.


    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    Graham lost his husband, Joey, in Afghanistan five years ago, but he still wears his wedding ring. He has a strict no dating, no looking, no fantasizing about anyone who isn't Joey policy. Every year he visits Joey's parents on Joey's birthday. This is an awkward visit, considering Joey's mother thinks homosexuality is a sin and never approved of Joey's relationship with Graham. But Graham feels like he owes it to Joey somehow. The one time Graham breaks and allows a hot guy to give him a hand j [...]

    This was a pleasant surprise! It's a new to me author, but I really enjoyed the story. Far better than a lot of the KU offerings I've found, especially in M/M. Sometimes, middle of the night browsing pays off!One thing that did kind of bug me, was that I found no mention anywhere of this being a part of a series, but once I started seeing all the couples in the story, I did some digging, and found that this was, in fact, at least a third in a series about men in a small town. All connected throu [...]

    Denise H.
    *** Another wonderful Spencer Spears M/M romance, that I loved ! Graham, 6'2", 30, is a cop; steady, and dedicated. After five years he still grieves for his dead husband, Joey. Small, slim, tattooed, pierced Ryan, 25, is Joey's younger brother. He's still floundering in life because the money he's saved to begin his own restaurant was swindled from him. On the anniversary of Joey's birthday, the family gathers, and Graham is invited. Joey and Ryan's family are homophobic, and struggle greatly t [...]

    2,5 stars.I loved the premise of the story. And I really liked the beginning of the book, Graham and Ryan's first meeting and how terribly embarrassed they both were after that. It was a situation with so much potential. Throughout the whole story well, there were some scenes that really touched me. And I was interested in what was going on, and emotionally involved. It was a book I never thought to DNF. At the same time - I don't know, something about the writing felt off for me. I can't say ex [...]

    120 page KU with decent reviews and a fascinating blurb. I plan to guinea pig after I'm done with the Chris Owen BDSM. *rubs hands together*

    Una sorpresa agradable del KU. Me ha gustado como narra el autor pero Graham me ha fastidiado la novela, tiene dos tortas.

    4 stars – Sugar Season is my first exposure to Spencer Spears, and considering I picked the book up as a release-week cheapie a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Granted, the set-up for the story made most of the internal conflicts the characters had quite a bit predictable, but the trope was handled in a way that kept it from being cheesy, so it was well worth the read.Five years prior to the start of the story, Graham Andersen’s husband, Joey, was killed while serving in the [...]

    2.5 rounded up. This one didn't work that well for me. I did not dislike it, but there just wasn't a lot to keep my attention. I don't usually have a problem suspending disbelief, especially if the chemistry or plot make up for it. It was hard for me to believe that Graham and Ryan did not recognize each other. (view spoiler)[ Ryan says he had a crush at 18 on Graham, his brother's husband. Yet seven years later they run into each other and Ryan doesn't recognize Graham at all? There is no major [...]

    Deanna Against Censorship
    3 1/2 stars. Graham never intends to move on after the death of his military husband. Before his last deployment, Joey (his husband) made Graham promise to move on with his life if anything ever happened to Joey. Graham remembered that promise but still 6 years later, could not move on. It was just that, slowly, I'd found ways to handle the hurt. To live with it. To grow around it, until it was like this nest that I was cradling in my branches, this pristine reminder of what I'd lost long after [...]

    3.5 HeartsFirst I want to say huge KUDOS to the author of this story. I had no idea…not one that this was a part 3 in a series. It read like a true standalone and while it did weave other characters in and out of the main characters lives I never felt like I was missing something. Needless to say I was surprised when I looked on and saw this was a book 3, I only ever went to prior to reading the story. So, readers keep in mind this is a standalone but part of a series.With that said, this wa [...]

    Annelise Lestrange
    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Let's go :DThe StoryGraham lost his husband Joey five years ago and never quite recovered from the experience. He knew he should be grateful for having at least a handful of years next to the man of his life, but the memories had been too much for Graham. How was he supposed to move on when he didn’t have the courage to take his ring off? When he had to [...]

    This was surprisingly not bad. I've never read this author before and I have not read the 1st two books in this series. You don't need to to read them to read this one. Graham lost his husband 5 years ago but still wears his wedding ring and does not date or hook up. He's devoted to his memory. Every year on Joey's birthday (his dead hisband) Graham drives to Joey's parents house, has dinner with them, and visits Joey's grave. Joey's mother is not accepting of homosexuality and never approved of [...]

    Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    I was in the mood for a little brain bleach. A nice little book that I could read that wasn't too heavy, one I could just let myself float away on. Sugar Season was filling that need until about 63% in and then it kinda got on the silly train. I like both main characters and I thought the mystery was a cute little thing but it was just a little bit too cute and predictable. Graham and Ryan were just so hot and cold with each other it became annoying. I would I would have preferred to get a littl [...]

    2.5 Stars This is the third book from this author that I've read and I've liked each one a little better than the last. Sugar Season is the sweet, simple story of Graham and Ryan. Graham is a police officer who lost his soldier husband, Joey, over 5 years ago. Ryan is Joey's younger brother. I liked the characters and honestly this should have been a very emotional story line. Somehow it just never fully touched my emotions. I'm truly at a loss how to explain my apathy. I want to say something w [...]

    K Cherry
    Just okay. I really liked Ryan. He was just so sweet and funny.d I also thought the bar scene and first meet at Ryan's parents' house was hilarious. Unfortunately, for me that's where the humor ended. I cannot imagine the grief that comes with losing a spouse, but making that the sole, never ending issue until the last chapter was too much for me. Also, Graham's feelings about what the rest of his life were supposed to be like really had no basis except in his head. It was so frustrating that I [...]

    “This is the last time you’ll taste him, I told myself. The last time you’ll feel him run his fingers along your neck. The last time you’ll hear him call out your name. The last time he’ll think of you when he comes. Make it count.”After the first few chapters I was sure I would never finish this story! But I'm glad I did, because it was such a sweet one.

    The mystery: Who was behind the break-ins? Well that was obvious after 10% reading. Not much of a mystery. The whole "I didn't know you were my brother's husband and vice versa was totally unbelievable to me. The sex was good though.

    I almost didn't read this book because I saw a few negative reviews. However, I liked the synopsis so I wanted to read it and I'm glad I did. I will agree the person behind the break-ins and vandalism was obvious but that didn't bother me. If I wanted to read a mystery novel, I would have read a mystery novel. This was a romance story. Although I was on the fence about Graham being attracted to his dead husband's brother, it was still a good story filled with romance and hot sex scenes. It would [...]

    Caroline Brand
    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE3.5 StarsSpencer Spears is a new author to me and one I will definitely return to.Sugar Season is a bittersweet romance that follows an awkward quick hook up and drops two men into the middle of something that neither know how to navigate. Ryan is a very easy character to like and I found myself rooting for him from the start – there was always just that glimpse of vulnerability that made you want to stand in his corner. Graham was a more difficult character to [...]

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.Sugar Season by Spencer Spears is the first book I've read by this author and I loved it! Loved it! So what's it about? Graham Andersen is a police officer and has been a devoted widower for the past 5 years. By devoted I mean he has no desire to move on to another relationship believing Joey, his late husband, was the love of his life. No need to look any further. In fact he still wears his wedding ring. After 5 years!! Every year on th [...]

    Imagine receiving the notification that your husband was killed while serving his country. You have to somehow put the pieces back together and go on living. The grief isn't as fresh, your smiles aren't as bright and grief and pain linger in your eyes. For Graham, this nightmare is all too real.Almost six years into his grief, Graham is shocked when his body starts awakening. He feels attraction to a man for the first time since Joey died. What really shocks Graham is this isn't just any man but [...]

    Well, this was a nice surprise :) sweet, steamy, angsty (although a rather gentle angst) tale about a guy falling in love with his dead husbands brother. Although the book was fairly predictable, it moved at a good pace and kept me reading until the end with enough of a side-story to keep it interesting.

    This is the first time I have read a book by this author and I was pleasantly surprised at how well this book was written, so in all honesty I can say I really enjoyed reading this heartwarming book. What you will find in this book is: a male chef who loses his money in a money scam (Ryan), a grief stricken male police officer (Graham), a homophobic mother, drama, intrigue, twists & turns, mystery, violence, loneliness, sadness, temptation, attraction, passion, heartbreak, guilt, romance, em [...]

    Dmitri Parker
    This was actually pretty good. Just a bit angsty, the MCs occasionally acting up and being annoying, but otherwise a good read. The whole detective side-story I could have done without. I'm not a fan of authors mixing MM with other genres, but it's been kept to a minimum so I could go with it. I liked the slow build, the inescapable fall and the supporting characters. The way this novel fits into a series is really confusing when you look into it a bit, but you get the hang of it while reading - [...]

    3.5This has been sitting on my shelf for months now and its good thing i gave it a shot. It's surprisingly a decent (and hot) read . The author presented a very awkward situation for the characters. I love Ryan but Graham not so much because he can't seem to grow a spine and i wanted to bash him in the head a few times. I also like Ryan's friend, Adam. Hope he get his own story. This is the 3rd book in the series but it can be read as stand alone. Characters from the previous books (which i have [...]

    Graham lost his husband almost six years ago and hasn't dated since. Ryan is down on his luck and back home. Graham and Ryan have a sexy moment only to find out that Ryan is Graham's dead husbands brother. Graham drove me crazy with his running hot and cold toward Ryan. It took almost losing Ryan of course before Graham came to realize that he could love again.I look forward to the next in this series

    Sonja Helies
    Oh wowWhat a wonderful heartwarming twisted love story. The surviving spouse and the brother-in-law. It doesn’t get any better than this. Though there were times when I just wanted to knock in Grahams head

    David Durkit
    IntriguingThe premise of this story is intriguing. It is well written and tightly scripted. The only hitch is that it's a bit hard to believe that the two protagonists didn't recognize each other when they got together. A good series.

    Marguerite Long
    This would be a good 3.5 but I got mad at the MC behavior and the fact that he really didn't redeem himself.

    3.5 stars

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