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  • Title: Backfield Boys
  • Author: John Feinstein
  • ISBN: 9780374305925
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Sportswriting powerhouse John Feinstein s young adult novel Backfield Boys follows best friends and football stars Jason Roddin and Tom Jefferson, a perfect, though unconventional, pair Jason, the Jewish kid, is lightning fast and a natural wide receiver, while African American Tom has an amazing arm and a quarterback s feel for the game After summer football camp at anSportswriting powerhouse John Feinstein s young adult novel Backfield Boys follows best friends and football stars Jason Roddin and Tom Jefferson, a perfect, though unconventional, pair Jason, the Jewish kid, is lightning fast and a natural wide receiver, while African American Tom has an amazing arm and a quarterback s feel for the game After summer football camp at an elite sports focused boarding school, the boys are thrilled to enroll on scholarship for their freshman year despite their mothers fears of injury and especially CTE.On day one, they re stunned when the coaches make Tom a receiver and Jason a quarterback, a complete contradiction to their skill sets and training They soon suspect this is a racial issue The boys speak out, risking both their scholarships and their chance to play But when Jason gets a concussion in the first game of the season, he and Tom must decide how much they re willing to lose in their quest to expose the ugly remnants of a racist past that still linger in contemporary jock culture.In Backfield Boys, The best writer of sports books in America today The Boston Globe tells a thrilling story of friendship, football, and a fight for justice.
    John Feinstein
    John Feinstein is one of the nation s most successful and prolific sports authors who has written 24 books to date His most recent work Are You Kidding Me , written with Rocco Mediate, was released on May 18, 2009, and is presently on the shelf at bookstores everywhere In addition, he is an award winning columnist and regular contributor in both radio and television John Feinstein is a 1977 graduate of Duke University and spent 11 years as a sports and political reporter with The Washington Post He has also contributed to Sports Illustrated, The National Sports Daily, ESPN, CBS Sports and Golf Digest Presently he appears regularly on air at The Golf Channel and National Public radio and writes for The Washington Post, Golf Digest and The Sporting News He resides in Potomac, MD, and Shelter Island, NY.


    Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineTom and Jason are fairly happy in their public school in New York City, but they are both phenomenal football players and spend a summer at a football camp. Afterwards, they are offered positions at the prestigious sports prep academy in Virginia. Even though their mothers are less than thrilled about them playing football at all, they are offered scholarships that make the very expensive school seem worth the risk. Right away, things get uncomfortable. The [...]

    Hooray for a good football book that features nice play-by-play action, has something of a compelling plot, and will be a palatable recommendation for sporty students who have to check out something for a class assignment. Now that said, it's not so incredible that YAs who just love reading will sprain anything getting to a library or bookstore for their own copies. It's a book that seems written for the independent reading project. The suspense in the plot involves whether two high school fresh [...]

    Carol Baldwin
    True confession. I am not a football fan. I don't know one play from another and when dragged to a high school game by my husband, will patiently wait until half-time and then beg to leave. (Let's hear it for the marching band!)But after listening to BACKFIELD BOYS (August, 2017 Farrar, Straus, and Giroux) by sports journalist John Feinstein, next time I watch a game I'll pay a little more attention to what is actually happening on the field. Yep. This young adult book for boys (although female [...]

    I received an ARC of "Backfield Boys" from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I wasn't impressed with this story. I felt there were far too manny tropes trotted out and too much emphasis on the political climate. While it's important to bring relevant issues--particularly in the world of sports--to the minds of today's youth, much of this felt like a lazy rehash. While I could easily figure out where this was going, I didn't feel like the book challenged the reader enough. There were fa [...]

    This book was absolutely amazing, and I am very inclined to read other books by this author.

    Feinstein's book, The Backfield Boys, mirrors the current racial distress in the U.S. Set at a private prep school in the South known for excellence in sports, the book tells the story of four football players and their struggle to experience fair play on and off the field. Also a story of friendship, the boys have to make difficult choices that will have wide ranging impact on their lives and the lives of many others.

    Backfield Boys Review by: Peter WojdakBackfield Boys by John Feinstein features a dynamic football duo. Jason and Tom are the best wide receiver to quarterback pairing in their local area, consisting of a private and public school, in New York City. The unstereotypical pairing has earned themselves the nicknames white lightning and bullseye because of their extreme skill. The pairing is unstereotypical because stereotypes say that normally a black player is faster and will play wide receiver, wh [...]

    L. Layale
    This review was for a freely given ARC review via netgalley. This was an interesting story. It follows Tom, an African American boy and his best friend Jason who is white as they get an up-close and personal look at racism in the 21st century. To sum up their meeting and dynamic, they met when they were in elementary school both having a live of sports, but both excelling at football. Jason was a good receiver, and Tom a good quarterback. The interesting bit of their dynamic is that the author s [...]

    Kyle Lattery
    Back street Boys by John Feinstein is a fast paced sports book, where a freshman Jason is “The Quarterback.” A high role where everything is rolling for him; his grades are high, he’s getting the girls,he is living the all around highschool life. Freshman football players Jason Roddin and Tom Jefferson are known around the school as “The Duo” Jason is known everywhere for his extremely fast speed, while his best friend Tom has the potential that any starting quarterback needs to have i [...]

    This author really knows how to tell a compelling sports story. While this one has lots of issues to discuss and contains some great descriptive passages of action on the gridiron, he has overreached in tackling issues of racism at an exclusive sports boarding camp. The story centers around best friends, Jason Roddin and Tom Jefferson, New Yorkers who receive scholarships to the high school after their performance at a summer camp. The boys' mothers are anxious about the possibility of head inju [...]

    This story is about two best friends that play football and they go away together to a prep school where they can better their skills at the positions they play in football and hopefully get noticed by a big collage where they can get a full scholorship for playing football.when practice starts things take on a drastic change that Tom and Jason never thought they would have to deal with. Tom was forced to practice as a wide receiver when he always played quarter back and Jason is forced to play [...]

    Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Feinstein, John Backfield Boys, 353 pages. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2017. $18. Language: PG (13 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG (football violence, some yelling)Jason and Tom, best friends from New York City, have been offered scholarships as freshmen to a very expensive elite-athlete boarding school in Virginia. Tom is an outstanding quarterback and Jason has the makings of a top line wide-receiver. When they get to school, however, Jason is assigned to be a backup quarterbac [...]

    I received this as an ARC at BEA.Jason is a stellar wide receiver, who is also white and Jewish. His best friend, Tom, is a stellar quarterback, who is also black. The only thing that really mattered between these two was how well they played football together. They have dreams of playing professionally together. To work toward this dream, the two attend a prestigious athletic school, TGP. Once at the school, the two quickly notice something rotten. The coaches have switched the positions Jason [...]

    Backfield Boys by John Feinstein is a great realistic fiction novel for all ages. In the book two kids go to a football boarding school in the south. In the boarding school they are some of the best players there but do not seem to get enough playing time. That is when they learn just how racially influenced the decisions made at TGP are. Throughout the book the two boys struggle to find answers. I really liked the book because it did not only talk about football but a pressing problem in our co [...]

    Lisa Brennan
    Fueled by on-the-field action, Backfield Boys delivers a fast-paced story that triangulates sports, mystery and racial injustice in a perfect voice for Middle School readers. Tom and Jason, best friends, have grown up in NYC as an unstoppable duo of Quarterback and Wide-Receiver. Both receive scholarships to play at a prestigious boarding school in Virginia. Upon arrival, neither is assigned to the position for which he was recruited, and both boys are "stonewalled" when they raise questions. Si [...]

    When Jason and Tom were accepted to a prestigious athletic program together, they were excited that they could play football on the same team, just like they had done the whole time they were growing up. However, when they get to the school, they know something is off immediately, because they were assigned different positions than they had ever played. They soon realize that the problem is even bigger than reassignment; there is a deep seeded tradition of segregation at their new school, and th [...]

    Backfield Boys follows two student athletes that go to a special high school geared towards sports excellence in Virginia. The boys Jason and Tom, one white and one black are from New York City and are thrilled at the chance to excel their football dreams. The boys arrive at TGP, but several things seem amiss. Eventually they realize there is an undercurrent of racism on the campus from the school's founder to the head football coach. What follows is a journey of tenacity and standing up for wha [...]

    Mr. Feinstein has created an instant classic. Four boys, who are the main characters, set their racist coaches and owner of the college up for a much deserved fall. The boys struggles on and off the ball field strain their friendship almost to the breaking point, but they survive and walk away better men. I highly recommend this book.Charles R. Harrison

    Andersen Pickard
    Backfield Boys is a great sports realistic fiction book for anybody who likes sports! It talks about racism, discussing everything from President Trump to the Ku Klux Klan, as Tom and Jason's coaches turn Jason, a blazing-fast, white wide receiver into a fourth-string quarterback and Jason, an outstanding, black quarterback into a low-tier wide receiver.

    Bickering Book Reviews
    For a more in-depth review watch: youtube/watch?v=n3BUKA very relevant book that will appeal to sports fans. Feinstein is a master of sports books for younger teens and this book is definitely proof of that. We received an eARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    Jenny Olechowski
    I'm not really sure how to justify my end thoughts,but the sport aspect of the book seemed to distract from the real story. Perhaps I focused more on what I'm currently studying as an educator than the story itself.

    A sports book that tackles racism. It is a fast paced story but also predictable. Some times the references to today's events and real people is some times distracting to the story. A good youth novel

    Feinstein continues to write books that are interesting and compelling to young readers. It is so refreshing to find quality writing dealing with current topics which does not rely on inappropriate language or sexual content. Excellent book or middle or high school students.


    Miranda Burnett
    Slow story. Seemed like a lot of sports name dropping. Has the typical authoritarian school officials vs. students trope. Very current, though, on issues.

    Review to appear.

    Tam Green
    My entire family enjoyed itWe had the audio book and listened in the car. Since all my Children are into sports, this was a page turner in the car and at home,

    This book talks about modern day racism. It has taught me a lot. I read it all in one day because I couldn't put it down.

    *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*I was kind of nervous about this one. I thought it could go either way quite easily with its description. I even kind of rolled my eyes after reading the prologue. But man was I pleasantly surprised by this book.As a quick aside, it doesn’t come up very much here but I am a huge football (particularly college) fan. When I hit August, I start hankering for football really badly. I read pr [...]

    For a more in-depth review watch: youtube/watch?v=n3BUKI received an eARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Jason and Tom are best friends and teammates and together they get recruited to n elite private school to play football. But when they arrive at school Jason, a wide receiver, and Tom, a quarterback, find their positions changed and themselves separated. As the two begin to settle into their new roles they uncover a culture of racism.This was the perfect book [...]

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