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  • Title: Eden: It's an Endless World, Volume 1
  • Author: Hiroki Endo
  • ISBN: 9781593074067
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback

  • Eden Volume One is both a brilliant love song to the post apocalyptic survival genre and the beginning of a deep exploration on man s role in the natural order In the near future, a large portion of humanity is wiped out by a brutal, new virus that hardens the skin while dissolving internal organs Those who aren t immune are either severely crippled or allowed to live wiEden Volume One is both a brilliant love song to the post apocalyptic survival genre and the beginning of a deep exploration on man s role in the natural order In the near future, a large portion of humanity is wiped out by a brutal, new virus that hardens the skin while dissolving internal organs Those who aren t immune are either severely crippled or allowed to live with cybernetically enhanced bodies Taking advantage of a world in chaos, a paramilitary force known as the Propater topples the United Nations and seeks world domination Elia, a young survivor searching for his mother, travels towards the Andes Mountains with an artificially intelligent combat robot When he encounters a group of anti Propater freedom fighters, a maelstrom of unique characters unfolds Graphic, cyberpunk, and philosophical, Eden is a place where endearing heroes face a constant struggle for survival and violent surprises wait around every corner
    Hiroki Endo
    Hiroki Endo is a Japanese mangaka born on 1970 in Akita Prefecture He graduated from Musashino Art University He is best known for his science fiction series Eden It s an Endless World, which has been translated into English by Dark Horse.


    Based on the glowing reviews, I feel like I missed something here. Solid but not stunning art, and a fairly standard post-apocalyptic setting in which most of humanity has been wiped out by a disease that seems to be a slightly grosser version of Glass Feet. It was a bit on the slow side (especially the flashbacks and superficial discussions of whether God was punishing people) and most of the plot and world-building elements were familiar.

    I’ve had my share of sci-fi across all mediums and very few came close to the thematic detail of Eden. First and foremost, it doesn’t treat its characters only as mouthpieces but bothers to develop them into interesting and memorable personalities. It’s not just philosophical mambo-jumbo either, as it also has action and some comedy which surprisingly do not make it dumber.A bit ambiguous is the amount of gore and tragedy it is implementing as part of its thematic exploration. The worst po [...]

    Kyle Muntz
    The only way I can think of to describe this series is like Song of Ice and Fire (George RR Martin), but set about 100 years in a vaguely foreseeable future with a quicker pace, plus long digressions on theoretical physics; references to Noam Chomsky; fucked up bio-weapons; a strong treatment of ethnic conflict, homosexuality, and various political issues; a few moments of Evangelion-like strangeness; lots of characters (with impressively realistic characterization); meditations on gnostic philo [...]

    The first volume was a bit confusing, especially on character introductions. After the prolong where we were introduced to certain interesting characters, the story shifted and traveled to 20 years later with brand new ones. The world-building was nice but overused a bit, however I hope for new things to come in further volumes. The artwork is quite good and understandable. Overall, I am pleased with the first volume and will read the next ones.

    Hamed Manoochehri
    "منگا" به کتاب های مصور ژاپنی گفته می شه ولی این به معنی نیست که این کتاب ها رو بشه با کامیک های امریکا مقایسه کرد. تنها شباهت منگا با کامیک بوک، در اینه که این کتاب ها بجای اینکه نیاز به " خونده شدن" داشته باشن، نیاز به "تماشا شدن" دارن. . که این ممکنه روح تعالی جوی (!) ما متفکران ایرا [...]

    Heaven Yassine
    Une merveille du genre manga post-apocalyptique !!!

    Awkward. I probably won't bother to continue reading this series.

    Sir Nicho
    I have a lot of the same issues as other reviewers with this manga so I won't beat a dead horse. One thing that was not mentioned that irritated me though was the out of nowhere character/time shift a little over halfway through the book. Really? You spent half the book getting us emotionally invested in these characters and then hit us with "20 years later" and then switch perspectives to a character you haven't introduced yet? To say I was annoyed would be an understatement. The art work is go [...]

    Multidimensional. That word is what coming to mind first after reading almost ten books in that series. There is no just a story of some boy/girl who done this and that.Sometimes it's simple and cruel, sometimes twisted and confusing. There is some strange forms of love, there is not really explainable hatred, and of course there is many things that strike reader right in the eye seemingly without skipping a beat in the rhythm of storytelling. There is world that I can't really call crazy and in [...]

    Okay, I LOVED this. It totally drew me in. Gorgeous art, plot twists, terrifying world, instantly likeable characters, drama, intrigue, existential questions, religious subtext that actually works and isn't just there to pointlessly add to the aesthetic and make the story seem deeper than it is (I'm pointing fingers at Evangelion here; apparently the author was influenced by Eva while writing this, but this is totally original and anything he DOES take from Eva works so much better here but I'm [...]

    MiM Metwally
    ***This is a review of the whole series***It should've been only 1 star but I gave it 2 for the artwork which was very good. However the story (at least for me) was either complex beyond my understanding or an utter failure, what does the plot have to do with a virus, drug trade and wars, siblings fighting their way to be reunited and to top it all religious and ethnic conflicts? I think too much was being crammed together in story ruining it at the end, like being in an open buffet and you make [...]

    Stuff I Read – Eden Vol 1This series is more completely called Eden: It’s an Endless World, but that seemed rather long to put in the title so I just shortened it up. It is the last (hypothetically) new manga that I will be picking up for a while. New manga series, that is. This makes five or six series that I am currently following, so I think now that I have a wide base I’ll pay more attention to actually trying to finish some things up. But books are super cheap on borders so really it [...]

    Final judgment has been passed and man struggles to survive in a world exiting the technological age, and entering one where nature is reclaiming everything. Among the survivors are cyborgs, a few adults of the past, and the kids who have immunity to the virus that brought about this destruction. The subject of Eden is a huge focus, starting with the concept of the bibles Eden, and moving on to the different Edens each character remembers. It quickly becomes clear that Paradise is always somethi [...]

    The description on the back says that Eden: It's an Endless World is "both a brilliant love song to the post-apocalyptic survival genre and an exploration on humanity's role in the natural order." Depicted as an ode to a very cruel, cyberpunk future, Eden paints a picture of a future where a brutal virus was purposely created and let out among the general populace as a way to "hit the reset button" and presumably start the world over anew. At the forefront of this is a boy named Enoah and a girl [...]

    Eden is a Japanese manga (is that redundant? not sure) about a pandemic that wipes out most of the world by turning skin to stone. Naturally it's the US government's fault. And there's a shady secret organization that might be trying to save the world or might just be trying to capitalize on the misery. A kid and a combat robot travel the ruins learning to hunt and having conversations about what it means to be human.I feel like there's probably a great story here, but the whole experience was j [...]

    I believe it was LibraryThing that suggested this manga series to me. Since there were one or two libraries in the state that claimed to have the first two volumes, I thought I'd check it out. It's okay. It's interesting. It's a little too philosophical for my tastes. Why is manga sometimes so philosophical? Is it especially true of science fiction manga?There was a man-made plague that turned people into stone. The story starts with two teens living in Eden with a gay man who's kept himself ali [...]

    A large part of human life is wiped out by a virus that sort of make human flesh into stone. A few survivors try to make an existence in Eden but are forced to leave it after being attacked by a military force.The back story is told in a few flashbacks and they explain why the two youngsters, Ennoia and Hannah, are forced to leave Eden. The story then maes a jump and we instead meet up with Ennoia's son, Elijah, who's living alone with only an intelligent robot as a companion.The book had some i [...]

    Erik Erickson
    More post-apocalytpic manga. This one starts slow and dry but works to set the tone and foundation for becomes more engaging as it moves along. I bristled at some of the philosophical dialog from the characters, especially Layne's. For all his complaints about ignorant people with big stereotypes, he ends up doing the same for all Christians and for most Americans. But these beliefs end up varying more across characters as the story progresses and the later questions that are raised are much mor [...]

    Eden fait partie de ces œuvres qui ne laissent pas le lecteur indifférent. Projetés dans un futur post-apo où un virus a décimé l'humanité, où la nature reprend ses droits sur la civilisation et la survie passe par la loi du plus fort, nous suivons les destins implacables de protagonistes que tout oppose, et que tout lie au final. Des destins cruels, mais où l'envie d'une vie meilleure les pousse à avancer et à affronter leurs problèmes.Hiroki Endo nous livre ici une œuvre forte, o [...]

    باید بگم که «هیروکی اندو» یک شاهکار رو نوشته و طراحی کردهالآن که تمام ۱۸ جلدش رو خواندم اگر به من بگن بین «مایا-کولوید» و «لثیا-زمین» کدوم رو انتخاب می‌کنی میگم کولوید. جهانی که خداش تا پیش از خلقت یه زن بی‌قیدوبند بوده به نظرم خیلی منصفانه‌تر و عادلانه‌تر از جهانی خواهد بود [...]

    Mikael Kuoppala
    Hiroki Endo presents us with a future Earth where a plague has wiped out a large part of humanity. Civilization is faltering and a chaotic political flux has taken over our race as cultural and power vacuums are being filled.This first volume of the series carries two levels: one explains the background of the story, detailing the onset of the plague in flashback sequences, another establishes a main character, Elijah, a teen aged boy immune to the plague. Elijah is caught up in a survival strug [...]

    This is one of those graphical stories that I wish I had seen in a different language, since while the pictures are interesting to follow, the dialog is just terrible.Plot: The world is devastated by a virus that hardens the skin until you cannot move, and the story follows the world of the survivors.The author slams political and religious rhetoric down your throat, which makes the conversations between the characters unrealistic and uninteresting. You know the gay character is gay because ever [...]

    Thaddeus Thumbly
    The artwork is fantastic, but the writing is what really makes Eden stand out. It's set in a dystopian, futuristic world, after a virus has wiped out a large portion of the world's population. There's a conservative, pessimist tone to the novel when it deals with humanity and governments, I'll leave it at that The characters and plot have depth and the author explores a wide variety of philosophical and sci-fi themes there's love, coming-of-age, god and punishment, erocentrism (kindness to those [...]

    So much of humanity has died of the new virus, it's easy to believe that Hannah and Ennoia are the only survivors. They've seen too many of their loved ones die, the last of them Ennoia's late father's best friend: they've seen his skin harden and his organs dissolve, a terrible death with the immune system going haywire. 20 years later, their son Elijah is on his own, save for the Cherubim robot that occasionally goes berserk and kills people.I'm going to read more of this series. It has a "Mat [...]

    I've already read the first volume of this saga many times. I like its unique athmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world. And it's just a start to one my favourite manga series ever. Hiroki Endo created a world of its own. A world of fierce fighting, beautiful women and the most detailed art you can imagine. But what I like the most is really the athmosphere and unpredactibility of the story. And that's what makes this manga special. Not to mention the always perfect treatment of Dark Horse. This [...]

    Tvaleros (SpadesHighReads)
    Story sets on a post-apocalyptic survival genre. Where a boy starts his beginnings in a deep exploration on his role in the new world. I can't really say much about this book because honestly the (above) description says it all. I really enjoyed the book, and it was a real eye opener. I'm not really into cyberpunk but the story is very engaging and keeps you wanting to read more. It does have explicit content 18+ (Adult language + Graphic Content). Great art work, much reverence to the story, an [...]

    (This entry stands for the whole series.) There is a lot to like here for fans of cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk. The thread of the narrative moves fluidly between war story, crime drama, and even police procedural. I found the war story sections the most compelling. At points, there's an unevenness in tone that I found distracting. That's probably because the art is so consistently good that the usual cues for comedic breaks found in manga -- emotional exaggeration and character stylization -- ar [...]

    Kasey Jane
    The fall of mankind is the easy part. The difficulty is what comes after.I really like the art in this one. It is the highly detailed, almost cartoony style that was very popular in early manga. The story is good: dark and complex without melodrama. Homosexuality and atheism are discussed in the sort of matter-of-fact way that you'd expect from people facing the bigger problem of human extinction. --"The world didn't end after all. But the world that I felt good living in sure did. In a heartbea [...]

    This is probably a good start to a post-apocalyptic series, but I didn't really enjoy it. This book started with a pre-story that set up a little bit of information about the world, and I liked that story. When the focus moved from that story to new characters in a different location it was a little distracting.A very dark storyobviously.

    Joseph Young
    Seemed to be in an interesting set-up to a dystopian world. It did seem quite sad. Posed an interesting philosophical question about the existence of man and dealing with tragedy. Some touches of sexuality seemed odd, but not over gratuitous. One character's focus on his homosexuality also seemed stilted and out of place, but perhaps that's the translation. Will try to find the next volume.

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