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  • Title: Amazing You: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts
  • Author: Gail Saltz Lynne Avril Cravath
  • ISBN: 9780525473893
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Mom, where do babies come from Many parents live in fear of the day their child asks that question which inevitably happens, often as early as the preschool years Here is a picture book designed especially for young children who are becoming sexually aware but aren t ready to learn about sexual intercourse Written with warmth and honesty, Amazing You presents clear an Mom, where do babies come from Many parents live in fear of the day their child asks that question which inevitably happens, often as early as the preschool years Here is a picture book designed especially for young children who are becoming sexually aware but aren t ready to learn about sexual intercourse Written with warmth and honesty, Amazing You presents clear and age appropriate information about reproduction, birth, and the difference between girls and boys bodies Lynne Cravath s whimsical illustrations enliven the text, making this a book that parents will gladly share with their young ones.
    Gail Saltz Lynne Avril Cravath
    Gail Saltz Lynne Avril Cravath Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Amazing You: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts book, this is one of the most wanted Gail Saltz Lynne Avril Cravath author readers around the world.


    Overall, I really liked this book. It did a good job of presenting the body and the first understandings of reproduction. My only disappoitment was in the wording of conception - I find all books I have read emphasize, or word things such, that the sperm is active and the egg is passive (an unfortunate perpetuation, and mirror, of stereotypical male and female realtionships, understandings, and social dynamics). This book was written better than most, but it still describes the process as "the m [...]

    Says it's for preschoolers, but this book was a good starting point for the "birds and the bees " talk with my 8 and 6 year old. With a new baby sister due very soon, they've suddenly come up with lots of questions and the time was right to delve into the details a little more than we have in the past. Other books I've checked out that claim to be written for my kids' age groups give too much at once (in my opinion), but Amazing You gives just the right amount of information, with room for paren [...]

    I purchased this book for my four year old and it is exactly what I was looking for. It is a great introduction to private parts, encourages children to be interested in them and learn about them, and also provides a basic explanation about how babies are made. The book provides an appropriate level of detail for a preschooler. My daughter has been very interested in this book and "reads" it to her one year old sister since she has basically memorized it after me only reading it to her a few tim [...]

    Tanya W
    So funny how my little boys were so fascinated learning about their bodies and they asked me to read this a few times. And now my littlest tells me often when I change his diaper, "I have a private part," or he tells me a little bit more about it.

    Jennifer Stevens
    A great book that raises some good questions, and information for your children regarding their body parts. It gives an honest description of what our, "private" parts are, the differences between a boy and a girl, the anatomical name for our different private parts. It also explains conception in an approachable and appropriate way for the age. It leaves a good opening to start a discussion on body safety, etc. that I find essential as my six year grows and becomes more independent. While, we h [...]

    A solid introduction to reproductive organs. While it does stick to male vs. female without addressing the gender spectrum, it does leave the door open for those conversations (unlike another book I previewed that said all girls are born with this and all boys are born with that which made me uncomfortable.) My 5yo asked to read this over and over and it help her father and I gain comfort in talking with her in technical terms. Also, the cover is white-washed but there is more diversity on the i [...]

    Nicola Mansfield
    Review originally written in 2009: This picture book as the title states is about the body's "private parts". The book is intended for children who are starting to ask questions about their own or the opposite sex's parts and what they are for. The book is written in simple language using correct medical terminology and the illustrations are simple, friendly and alternately show Caucasian and African American people.What to expect: detailed discussion of male and female genitalia and reproductiv [...]

    Thank goodness for this book! Kiddo was asking lots of questions about body parts and, luckily, this answered enough questions (for now) to satisfy her! Correct body part names are used. The illustrations are accurate but kid-friendly and not too graphic. Exactly what I was hoping for when I checked it out at the library!On a personal note, Kiddo wants us to read this as a bedtime story (she loves this book!) and it is the oddest thing in the world to read a bedtime story with the words "vagina" [...]

    This is an excellent book about private parts! I would highly recommend this title to parents who want a resource to help them explain private parts to their children. The book talks about privates gently and unabashedly. The penis and vagina are depicted through cartoonish illustrations that are bold and clear, and I find that this style helps both parent and child feel comfortable talking about private parts together. The book also features Caucasian and African American children which is a ni [...]

    This book is a fantastic resource/assistant for starting conversions with your children (about any number of things pertaining to their bodies) early on. It's very straight forward and on "their level", and appropriate for both girls and boys. Honestly, I just keep it accessible to them, and because of that we have read it a few times. It's so important to be comfortable with (and open to) these discussions with your kids, whether you're talking about anatomy or sex, and this is a great starting [...]

    This book ended up being a good springboard for conversation with my seven year old rather than my three year old, although the text is written with the three year old in mind.The older daughter and I read the book out loud to the younger daughter who wandered off in the middle of our recitation. Once we completed our read-aloud, we talked about growing up, what happens to our bodies, what it's like to grow a baby and giving birth. I'm pleased with the conversation and know that the three year o [...]

    Jasmine Olivia
    Too graphic for my 6 year old. My children are sheltered so they aren't asking questions in THIS MUCH detail yet. I have a three year old that is VERY CURIOUS and FASCINATED by her private parts but I don't want them to see little "pee pees," just yetybe when they are 10! lol I'm not ready for all thisI skipped some of the pages because I didn't want my daughter to SEE IT. She has never seen one, and I don't want her to see onet even when she's 50! ;)

    I would recommend reading the book and Author's Note first and then reading it to your child. I just finished the book with my six year old boy (almost 7) and it inspired a lively and interesting discussion. The book struck all the right notes of opening a dialogue but not overwhelming him with too much. Definitely recommend!

    Such a great book. Multicultural, direct, informative, fun, and body positive. My daughter asks for "the skin book" again and again. Teaches biological names and nurtures body autonomy.My only complaint is that with the amazing diversity of the people in this book, all penises are circumcised. Seems like kind of a major oversight.

    This is a nice introduction to private body parts for preschoolers. Shows what a boy has and what a girl has. Also neat are pages which show cartoons of naked baby, naked boy, and naked man (as well as naked girl baby, naked girl, naked woman).Teaches about sperm meeting the egg to make a baby.

    ran across this one while babysitting. Kids gave it to me to read as bedtime story and many giggles with great laughing followed. I was initially 'shocked' because I was caught off guard, but its a great book and a way to introduce your kids to their and your private parts!

    I like this book's straightforward, factual introduction to anatomy and sexuality, Parts of it (such as the sperm/egg bit) are probably a little beyond my two-year-old son's comprehension, and the illustrations show circumcised penises and hospital births, but overall I am pleased with the book.

    I got this book to discuss reproduction with my 5 1/2 year old. It is written for younger children and discusses different body parts and reproduction without getting into the specific mechanics of sex.

    A good introductory book about the "birds and the bees" for young children. Some of the proper names might be hard for children to understand, but it still is a nice place to start talking about sexuality with children.

    I don't think this is the best book out there for teaching preschool aged children about their bodies, but it was okay

    got this for my 3 year old daughter. Some of it is a little to old for her but some of it is just right.

    nice simple straight forward presentation

    My kids loved this book! Especially my 5 yr old. It did bring up some questions from my 9 yr old though, so be prepared!

    Hend Adel
    A great one to start talking about "what is sex? and why our private parts are calle private?" Wish that one day we will have books like that in arabic

    Lumi / Otso
    nice overview of bodies. i was pleased that there are lots of skin colors and hair types represented.

    Robin Rousu
    One of the best books on this topic for preschoolers. Highly recommended.

    Great book for little ones with questions that you're not sure how to answer.

    Just what I was looking for when 2 year old Harry asked me to show him what I did have (since not a penis).

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