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  • Title: Lucky
  • Author: Henry Chang
  • ISBN: 9781616957841
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Chinatown gang leader Lucky Louie was shot outside of a Chinatown off track betting establishment on the thirteenth of January, and lay in a coma for 88 days, waking on Easter Sunday The number 88 is a double helix double lucky Chinese number religion and superstition all lean Lucky s way.But Detective Jack Yu, Lucky s boyhood blood brother, fears his friend s luck isChinatown gang leader Lucky Louie was shot outside of a Chinatown off track betting establishment on the thirteenth of January, and lay in a coma for 88 days, waking on Easter Sunday The number 88 is a double helix double lucky Chinese number religion and superstition all lean Lucky s way.But Detective Jack Yu, Lucky s boyhood blood brother, fears his friend s luck is about to run out When Lucky embarks on a complex and daring series of crimes against the Chinatown criminal underground, Jack races to stop him before his enemies do so permanently.
    Henry Chang
    Henry Chang is a New Yorker, a native son of Chinatown and the Lower East Side His poems have appeared in the seminal Yellow Pearl, anthology, and in Gangs In New York s Chinatown He has written for Bridge Magazine, and his fiction has appeared in On A Bed Of Rice and in the NuyorAsian Anthology His debut novel Chinatown Beat garnered high praise from the New York Times Book Review, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, among others.Henry Chang is a graduate of CCNY City College of New York He has been a lighting consultant, and a Security Director for major hotels, commercial properties, and retail businesses in Manhattan.He resides in the Chinatown area and has finished the fifth book of his Chinatown Trilogy, Lucky, which will be available Spring 2017 His fourth book, Death Money was published April 2014.


    Detective Jack Yu is back on the job, though still conflicted over issues in his life. His romance with Alexandra Lee-Chow is on hold due to her contentious divorce. The NYPD is concerned about his mental health and has set him up with a shrink who is delving into the shootings he's been involved in and the serious injuries he's suffered in the line of duty.And now his boyhood friend Tat "Lucky" Louie, a Ghost Legion dailo, has risen from the dead.Tat has awakened from an 88-day coma and asked f [...]

    John McKenna
    LuckyMysterious Book Report No. 298by John Dwaine McKennaNew York City’s Chinatown is the home turf of NYPD Detective Jack Yu, the beleaguered serial character created by author Henry Chang, and a personal favorite of the MBR, because the pragmatic and altruistic Chinese-American crime fighter operates in one of the most violent, superstitious, drug and gang-infested, as well as racially-prejudiced environments on planet earth without losing his personal moral compass . . . or his humanity. Ja [...]

    It is not a typical work of crime fiction. There are crimes in plenty, and a detective, but no detection. There is very little suspense, as we know at every step who done it, though not how soon it will all catch up with them. What is special about this book is the incredibly vivid portrait of Chinatown as a physical place and as a cultural milieu with all its racial and social complications, and the doomed relationship between Detective Jack Yu and his boyhood blood brother Lucky. The two were [...]

    Gloria Feit
    The protagonist in this series, Jack Yu, is a Chinese detective. The action centers in New York’s Chinatown. The novels offer a brutal look into the poverty and violence, the gangsters and crime of the society. The “Lucky” of the title is Jack’s boyhood friend, a Chinatown gang leader name Louie who was shot in a Chinatown OTB establishment and lay in a coma for 88 days, finally awakening on Easter Sunday.Jack believes his blood brother friend has run out of luck, and tries to get him to [...]

    I have no idea how this ended up in my queue, but this was so off the mark for me that I felt like I was missing something. A noir novel without any of the fun parts of noir, a mystery with no mystery at the center, a thriller where all the action is described as factually as possible. The Chinese-American cop at the center of the book has to deal with a lot of racism on the force, although I couldn't figure out what the author was getting at when all the bad characters referred to people as "C [...]

    Kathleen Gray
    If you haven't read the Jack Yu books before, this is a great place to start and you'll be fine with it as a standalone. Chang does a fantastic job of bringing NYC's Chinatown to life. The dichotomy of two childhood friends- cop and gangster- is a constant theme but here one has the advantage of learning a bit about Chinese expat culture. There's no extra language here and no extraneous plot devices. Read this one for a good procedural well told. Once you've done that, look for more from Chang. [...]

    Ken Kelly
    Overall I thought it was an entertaining book. It was a quick read and kept me engaged. I do wish it explained a little better some of the slang used and the Chinese food. I felt that some of the character and scene development went over my head because of the slang usage. I would recommend the book to those interested in noir-ish type books and quick reads.

    Elizabeth Jones
    In this noirish mystery, Jack Yu struggles with divided loyalties when his childhood friend, recently out of a coma, goes on a crime spree. This well written thriller was a great read: my only quibble is that I wished the many Chinese dishes described were in English.

    Patricia Eichenlaub
    A bit tedious.

    Reviewed for Library Journal. Full review found in March 1st, 2017 issue.“Yu struggles between his loyalties formed growing up in New York’s Chinatown and his role as a police officer in the very same neighborhood… The sparse writing infused with Chinatown culture will appeal to those who are drawn to noir mysteries with a rich cultural component.”

    NYC Detective Jack Yu is back, confronting love and loyalty in Chinatown as a childhood pal, now on the wrong side of the law, seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. This is a story perfectly pitched, delivered in a gritty, urban staccato style, populated with characters who provide a glimpse into the real life and richness of Chinatown. A solid mystery with a fascinating protagonist.

    This book reads like a dime novel/pulp fiction but set in modern day NYC, and it works. It's a short and fast reading book of 216 pages. It has all the characteristics of an old western paperback: good guys, bad guys, a defined plot, hero figure, flawed figure, lots of action, some introspection, quick ending.I finished it in less than 1 day. It was easy to read, no slow parts and the writing basically carried me along from start to finish. The twist is that instead of the Wild West, we have New [...]

    #5 of the Detective Jack Yu series set in NYC's Chinatown. Just published two weeks ago, and the 'last' in this series. The Mystery Book Group read the first in the series, Chinatown Beat, in May 2008. I'll be sorry to see the last of this series! What's next from Henry Chang?

    • ☆ Lucky || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Henry Chang
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