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  • Title: A Trial in Venice
  • Author: Roberta Rich
  • ISBN: 9780385676694
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback

  • The thrilling conclusion to the 1 national bestselling historical trilogy by Roberta Rich.In The Midwife of Venice, set in 1575, Hannah Levi was forced to flee Venice with the baby of a Venetian aristocratic family whom she rescued Roberta Rich followed that action packed adventure with The Harem Midwife, which exiled Hannah and her beloved husband Isaac to ConstantinoplThe thrilling conclusion to the 1 national bestselling historical trilogy by Roberta Rich.In The Midwife of Venice, set in 1575, Hannah Levi was forced to flee Venice with the baby of a Venetian aristocratic family whom she rescued Roberta Rich followed that action packed adventure with The Harem Midwife, which exiled Hannah and her beloved husband Isaac to Constantinople only for Hannah to become enmeshed in the shady politics of a sultan s harem And now, with A Trial in Venice, set five years later, Hannah is forced back to Venice both to opulent yet crumbling villas and the Jewish ghetto known as Veneto Her beloved adopted son Matteo has been kidnapped and is in danger once And this time, so is Hannah A rollicking and evocative read, peopled with beguiling, unforgettable characters including the epic return of the troublesome and winsome Foscari and Cesca , this novel is a breathtaking follow up to The Midwife of Venice and The Harem Midwife, certain to shock and delight fans of the series and solidify Rich s reputation as one of Canada s most loved historical fiction authors.
    Roberta Rich
    I was born on January 9th Not the best time to be born if your birthplace happens to be the buckle on the snow belt, Buffalo, New York Buffalo remained my home until I struck out on my own and managed to get 73 miles down the New York State Freeway to Rochester My life took a turn for the better better climate, better opportunities.Writers of a certain vintage always seem to boast of the variety of interesting jobs they held before settling down to write Jobs like fire breather on the Reforma in Mexico City, or turkey plucker I have not done anything so exotic Moving from present to past, I have been a divorce lawyer, student, waitress, nurses aide, hospital admitting clerk, factory assembly line worker and child.I live in Vancouver, B.C and in Colima, Mexico I have one husband, one daughter, three step children, a German Shepherd, tropical fish and many over sexed parakeets When in Mexico, I nurture my husband, and my vanilla vines When in Vancouver I try to keep dry.


    Keep Calm Novel On
    A copy of the epub was provided in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.The conclusion of Roberta Rich’s historical trilogy once again takes the reader back to Venice. The book starts seamlessly where the second book left off. The 1580s are a challenging time for all and Hannah must endure many obstacles. A Trial in Venice is fast-paced and a true page-turner. Rich’s words transport the reader to Venice and Hannah’s world comes alive as the descriptions are magnificent. Hannah and [...]

    I won a copy of this book through a giveaway. Though I haven't read the two previous books of the series, the author recalls what happened in those through the book, so I knew approximately what had happened. Honestly, I discovered an author that I will follow. I loved how Roberta Rich set the characters, their surroundings, the events I devoured the book.

    Jean St.Amand
    I read the first two books last year and enjoyed them but this onet so much. It took me a VERY long time to get into it; probably half way through the book before I started to somewhat like it. It just seemed kind of silly. I wouldn't bother wasting time reading this book, if I were you.

    If I could give this book zero stars, I would.

    Деница Райкова
    Роберта Рич - "Акушерката от Венеция - Процесът"Отдавна не се беше случвало да пиша за някоя книга едва няколко дни след дочитането й. С тази обаче се случва. И причината не е единствено в това, че включвам компютъра за пръв път от три дни. Просто тази книга ме обърка. По няколк [...]

    Luanne Ollivier
    The Midwife of Venice was Roberta Rich's debut novel. This international bestseller was followed by a second novel - The Harem Midwife. And at last the third novel - A Trial in Venice - is here!This isn't a time period I usually read, but I was fascinated and immediately drawn in by Rich's characters, plotting and settings in the first book. And I've eagerly awaited each new book.Rich has filled her books full of fascinating historical detail - the social mores, customs and laws of the time, rel [...]

    “A Trial in Venice” which I won through Giveaways begins five years after Hannah Levi has left Venice, prospering in Constantinople with her husband Isaac and two orphaned children. Although pregnant, on receiving an intimidating letter after her five- year- old adopted son Matteo, the heir to the di Padovani fortune is kidnapped, Hannah goes against her husband’s wishes and sets sail for Venice knowing she could be arrested and imprisoned. In the intriguing conclusion to an exciting tril [...]

    Katarzyna Crawford
    I have not read the former books of the trilogy, yet I find that Roberta Rich smoothly introduced the world and characters' history of A Trial in Venice, and I quickly fell in love with the book which by the way, is a very addictive read! I like historical dramas and really enjoy reading about the complex relationships between the characters of A Trial in Venice! I definitely would like to get my hands on a copy of the first book of the trilogy and experience the whole story, from the beginning! [...]

    I received this book from netgalley, thank you very much Netgalley and the publisher Penguin Random House Canada.I have not read the previous two books of this trilogy, so was a bit apprehensive to start with the last book. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover I was never confused or lost, it can easily be enjoyed as a stand alone.I was hooked right from the beginning. The characters are well developed, and the author did an excellent job of bringing 1579-1580 to life.A real page turner.

    Mary Johnson
    **I received this book through a Giveaway**I'd read the first book in Roberta Rich's trilogy a few years back, and I hadn't so much as seen the second one, so I was initially a bit worried that skipping ahead to the third would be confusing. But for anyone who is wondering, this title stands alone well by itself. The descriptions in this book are incredibly vivid. The smells and sounds and sights of 16th-century Venice are easy to imagine, from the ghetto to the villas; it really is like being [...]

    I received this book as a giveaway. It took me an extra-long time to get through this book and I did not enjoy it very much.Even though the book is the third part in a trilogy, the author includes details that help the reader fill in what was missed in the first two books. I found the writing laborious and the details lacking at times, though overly abundant in others. It was very difficult to connect with the characters and to wrap my head around the timeline which jumps from somewhere towards [...]

    Desislava Filipova
    Трилогията на Роберта Рич за Акушерката от Венеция е доста далеч от исторически роман, но Италия ми е слабост и понякога чета подобни книги основно заради атмосферата. Историята е изцяло измислена, а реалните факти и личности са много малко. Най-големият недостатък на жанр [...]

    G. Ludlow
    A Trial in Venice is a very satisfying conclusion to Roberta Rich’s Midwife Trilogy. The villains inveigle Hannah away from her comfortable life in Constantinople and she is once again thrust into the streets of Venice. Only a shaky disguise seems to protect her from the dangers of imprisonment and execution. Rich’s descriptive passages make the feel of the streets, the smells, the feelings, waft off the page at every turn. I felt for Hannah; her dilemmas, her dangers. The resolution is ri [...]

    Suzanne Montigny
    A very enthusiastic thumbs up. I found out about this novel from watching an interview on Global TV in Vancouver. I bought the first two of the series, and loved them, but I didn't get around to this one until two days ago when I came down with the flu. Well, what better way to be sick than bide your time away with a book as excellent as this one. This writing is extraordinary and so is the storytelling. I didn't have a single moment of boredom. This was an amazing story and I'm so sad to have f [...]

    De makkelijke schrijfstijl maakt dit deel in de serie heerlijk toegankelijk. In een paar uur vloog ik door de pagina`s en het verhaal speelde zich af voor mijn ogen. Prachtig, Venetië, uit het verleden uiteraard, geheel aansluitend bij het eerste deel dat zich in dezelfde stad afspeelde. Een fijne historische roman dus.

    A great conclusion to the trilogy. The first book was my favourite but it's always nice when a series wraps up completely - and this series did. The first 1/2 of the book was slightly slow and not super engaging, but the last half, especially the trial, was quick and interesting. If you read the other books, you will enjoy this conclusion.

    Shannon White
    Another interesting instalment in the Midwife of Venice series. Although this book lacks literary depth, it certainly provides an entertaining light historical fiction read. It keeps you interested and readers are sure to whip right through it. Perfect for summertime.

    I enjoyed this book and was happy to finish the end of the trilogy. 3.5 stars. Of course the first book was the best and by the end of this one I found myself in disbelief of a few of the storylines, but highly entertaining and the history of this time period in Venice is fascinating. Well done!

    Dit is het laatste deel van de trilogie, maar mist absoluut de spanningsboog om het boek boeiend het maken. De schrijfster had niet moeten beginnen met een scene van Hannah in de gevangenis, daardoor wordt veel van het verhaal voorspelbaar.

    Kathy Baker
    Meh. The only reason I read this book was because I had read the other two books in the trilogy. It took me 3 weeks to read which for me is a long time because it just didn't hold my interest for long. I don't think I would read anymore books from the author.

    Judi Andrews
    Conclusion to trilogy. Heard this author in Oakville. Hard to read of the treatment to Jews in Venice.

    Lori Emilson
    A somewhat disappointing conclusion to this trilogy. I enjoyed the first two books much more.

    Unfortunately, a very weak and boring final book to this trilogy.

    Kathleen Freeman
    I really enjoy the way the author describes people, places, smells etc to her writing, I really makes you feel like you are there. The book was a quick engaging read that I enjoyed.

    I loved this book as much as I loved her first 2 books. The Midwife of Venice and The Harem Midwife.

    The first two books better.

    Ken Brown
    This is the third in her series. I like historical fiction and Roberta has done excellent research into 14th century Venice and the way of life at that time.

    Well-written but the plot was a little thin.

    Beverley Boyd
    This book is the conclusion of a trilogy. It eloquently ties up the storyline and leaves the reader with a satisfying ending.

    This is the third book in a trilogy. It is definitely best to read the 3 books in order: 1) The Midwife of Venice, 2) The Harem Midwife and 3) A Trial in Venice. Each of the three can be read alone, but the experience will be much richer to read all 3 together. They were good books, all of them.

    • [PDF] Download Ð A Trial in Venice | by ✓ Roberta Rich
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