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  • Title: A Moment of Truth
  • Author: Q.T. Ruby
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  • She s out of her rut, out of her sweatpants, and out on the town.Claire Parelli has been liberated Back to living it up in the Big Apple with her best friends, Claire embarks upon her dream career during the day, and steams up her nights with Daniel Chase, a.k.a Mr Beautiful, Hollywood s hottest leading man Life is simply perfect.But for how long Claire knows all too wShe s out of her rut, out of her sweatpants, and out on the town.Claire Parelli has been liberated Back to living it up in the Big Apple with her best friends, Claire embarks upon her dream career during the day, and steams up her nights with Daniel Chase, a.k.a Mr Beautiful, Hollywood s hottest leading man Life is simply perfect.But for how long Claire knows all too well that fairy tales just don t exist, even if she does have Fairy Slutmothers on her side Real life comes with real problems that don t simply vanish with a quick flick of the wand So this time around, Claire discovers that it isn t just a matter of trust it ll be a moment of truth.
    Q.T. Ruby
    Q.T Ruby s thoughts are here, there, and everywhere In an effort to crack down on the madness, she reined in the ideas, shaped characters, and gave them a loving home a home she loves to visit Now, Q.T Ruby is ready for visitors Come on in


    4.5*I abosolutely loved getting more of Claire and Daniel's story! I adored Daniel in A Matter of Trust and this book just cemented it for me!A Moment of Truth finds Daniel and Claire learning to deal with their long distance relationship, as Claire's new career blossoms and Daniel's career really starts to take off. They face many obstacles in their path to happinesswith Claire still so full of insecurities when it comes to Daniel loving her, her mother still causing her headaches and adding to [...]

    Susan (susayq ~)
    3.5 starsThis picks up right where the first one left off. Once again, Dan is swoon worthy. I'd love to have him as my man. He knows exactly what to say and do. Claire got on my nerves a bit. She had a tendency to run when things got hard in the first book and kept that up here. Then, when Dan told her to wait a few weeks, she went into panic mode because she FINALLY realized what was important. I STILL didn't like her mom and the excuse she gave for the way she treated her was unacceptable in m [...]

    I’m a total loss at where to start this review because I loved this book so damn much. I want to scream BUY THIS BOOK ITS AMAZING !!!!! and leave it there, but I know I have to say more than that. So let me try.I absolutely loved the first book A Matter of Trust. I fell head over heels for Dan and Claire along with the Fairy SlutMothers and Colin. So I knew going in that this would be no different. What I didn’t expect and I really should have, was for this book to be even better than the fi [...]

    Praise to the 15 Minute King This is a continuation of the previous book. I haven't read the first book and although I missed out on knowing how Claire and Dan get together this story does share some of that although not in detail. Moment of truth starts with Claire and Dan in their new relationship and goes from there and really it felt more like a standalone. Claire and Dan are obviously back together after a break up. Dan is an actor, a very hot actor I may add otherwise known as Mr Beautiful [...]

    Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’
    ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewThis book starts off exactly where the previous one ended.Claire and Dan are getting comfortable with their relationship. Learning how to cope with their daily lives, press and Claire's career taking off.But things aren't as easy as they same. Between the mother from hell, an insane jealous fellow actor, Claire's insecurities and being apart, things are not going so well.But I have to say even though Dan was the younger one for me he was more mature t [...]

    Absolutely loved it. Just the perfect ending for these two. I didn't want it to end!

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    April Symes
    What a fantastic follow up to Clare and Dan's story from A Matter of Trust. This is book 2 and we get the continuation of their relationship in book 2. We see Claire’s career taking off as a musician and Dan’s career continuing to skyrocket. These two are trying to navigate their way thru a long distance relationship and all seem to be going well but each time Dan has to go away and on location while Claire stays back waiting for him ( there is a reason why and the book addresses this) , thi [...]

    A Moment of Truth picks up the story of Claire and Dan exactly where A Matter of Trust Ends. While Ms. Ruby gives her readers a little background, Moment of Truth is best read after consuming Matter of Trust.I really enjoyed Matter of Trust, and Moment of Truth does not disappoint. Claire still questions and berates herself too much at the start of the book. However, by the end she comes into her own. She works on her relationship with her overbearing mother, and she gains a little confidence an [...]

    I did it again. I should have just left this story at the end of the first book, but I just had to read the conclusion of their story. The writing in this makes the MCs sound juvenile. Seriously, the inner monologue diarrhea that the h has makes her sound like an insecure teenager, and the dialogue between the characters isn't much better. Some of the banter is a little witty, but most of it is crass and dumb. There's too much sex in this book. It became very repetitive and I started skipping th [...]

    Maggie Schuler
    Claire and Dan are back, and starting the next chapter in their budding relationship. Claire is still over the moon with her new career, and moving back with in with Camille and Bridget settles her back into the routine she craves. However, life is organic and constantly changing, which only exaggerates her fears, as she and Dan navigate through the waters of career opportunities, family relationships, and opening the doors the not only trust but truth.Q.T. Ruby's follow up novel to A Matter of [...]

    Sequels to books are sometimes hard to write and I pretty much knew or hoped I'd get a continuation of A Matter of Trust, I just wasn't sure who we would be getting more of. I was so excited to read that we pick up right where A Matter of Trust ended with Dan and Claire. We are lead through the struggles of long distances relationships with these two. We are treated to more of the fairy slutmothers and their "rescues" of Claire. We see the insecurities Claire faces in dating a hot, successful ac [...]

    Janice Somers
    4.5 **stars**This is the continuation of Clare and Dan's story.I loved everything about this story. Clare and Dan continue on working on their long distance relationship. The ups and downs of east coast/west coast, jobs obligations, family and fighting to keep the love they have, is not easy. Especially, when Dan has to pose as a single man, during promotion of his new movie. Clare watches the media, showing Dan with his costars and questions their relationship, but not her love for Dan.Dan meet [...]

    Part 2 of 2 with an HEA and an epilogue.I had some issues with this one, mainly having to do with her mother and brothers.At the end of book 1, after Claire's fired she breaks up with Dan, only to reunite after she's hired to provide music for a movie. At the beginning of book 2, we find that Claire's been staying with Dan until he has to go to Mexico to shoot another film. She's finally been able to earn enough money from the music to move out of her home again and the girls help her. Then the [...]

    I have to rate this book twice. First the majority of the story until about 90% would receive 4 stars. Very low angst, this book starts right where the first left off and continues on through the struggles of Dan and Claire's long distance relationship. Both having demanding jobs, Dans job winding up being ridiculously demanding. But they make it through. They make it through cruddy parents(Claire's mom, again) and people trying to come between and hurt them. Claire does end up fixing her relati [...]

    Amber Ford
    I'd absolutely loved A Matter of Trust when I'd first read it. And I was terribly excited when I'd heard there was to be a sequel.I was not disappointed with A Matter of Truth either. I loved how the story just picked up right where A Matter of Trust left off and continued on with its fast paced storyline.Loved getting reacquainted with the Fairy Slutmothers. I absolutely love that Dan Chase is a nice guy; a nice guy in Hollywood. I always get the feeling from entertainment media that a "nice an [...]

    Danielle from Short and Sassy
    3 starsA Moment of Truth is book 2 in the A Mater of Trust series. It was quick and a fun read, Dan and Claire are still going strong. Book 2 seemed like part 2. In could have been in the same book, it picked up where the last one left off.Dan's crazy actor life is somewhat of a problem for the couple. He is is away for filming and has a crazy director who wants him to be single. This causes a rift in the couple, they can't be seen together or even talk on the phone. They have come up with the i [...]

    What can I say, I absolutely loved this story. Q.T. Ruby is now one of my must read authors. Daniel and Claire’s story starts right where the first book ends. Dan and Claire continue their journey of love and learning how to cope with their new challenges thrown at them. This comprises of long distances, a jealous actor, Claire’s insecurities, well, I will say a very interesting mother (well she does mean well) and most importantly belief/trust. We also get to hear more from the two fabulous [...]

    This picks up right where the first book left off. Claire and Dan are a great couple. This follows you through the ups and downs of their relationship. Claire still has a hard time believing that Hot shot actor Dan wants her. It doesn't help that her mom is a total *itch and the tabloids. The couple had to do the long distance relationship and that just puts a hitch in things but I think they come out well. The banter between the two is just as good as in the first book. Fifteen minute man, I ju [...]

    LLEPBook Blog
    A Moment of Truth is the second book of the A Matter of Trust Series by Q.T Ruby. It starts off where book one ended, but it can be read as a standalone and you won't be completely lost. Daniel and Clare are fighting for their love for each other. They each have very busy separate lives that keep them apart more than together, but anytime they can see each other, they do. While fighting withe the long distance, Clare is still second doubting Daniel's love for her and her mother is still causing [...]

    Nikki Anderson
    So I finished the first book and went straight into this one. Loved how it started just where it left off. I liked the development of their relationship in this book. Love how Claire figures herself out in this one and how you get to watch her grow and stand up for what she believes. The improvement in her relationship with her mom makes me like her a lot more. But the end of this story is what blows me away. I absolutely loved the ending and the epilogue. It was so super sweet and beautiful. Al [...]

    I LOVED this book! After book 1, I NEEDED more! So much so that instead of cleaning my apartment, I was reading. So now it's almost midnight on Sunday/Monday and I have a filthy living room that needs vacuuming. And I don't regret it for a second! I love Dan and Claire and their romance. And Claire's crazy friends and Dan's friends. They're all just such a fun group! I wish there was more because I love these characters but everyone's story is wrapped up so you don't have unanswered questions.

    I absolutely loved the continuation and conclusion of Dan and Claire's story, it was absolutely perfect! Even though they are back together, their relationship still isn't perfect. They have distance, jobs and other people that get in their way and make it difficult at times, but their love for one another always shines through.The end was just perfect and so beautiful! Overall, I would highly recommend this book!

    I love romance stories with humor! Claire and Dan have a lot of obstacles to overcome in their relationship from dealing with his fame, her rising career and having to have a long distant relationship. Claire is also given the opportunity to work on her relationship with her overbearing mother. I love Dan and Claire, they are great together. I loved to see what happens to her Fairy Slutmothers in the future.

    4 Stars.This is the second book in the series and it picks up almost where the first one endedIt had a good storyline with a few twists along the way.I liked the chemistry between Dan and Claire. I especially loved the development in Claire. It was funny, sweet and a great follow up to 'A Matter of Trust'

    Awesome follow-up to the first book! This one picks up right where the first picked up. It was a great ride! Loved Dan even more than before, loved Claire's growth as her confidence grew. I felt for both of them as they navigated their way through a long distance romance. I flew through this book and enjoyed every word!

    4.5 Stars! I was very frustrated with Claire and Daniel many times in this book, and disappointed in others. I love them together so much! I love that they were able to overcome so many different struggles.

    Tenisha Brown
    a lot of skimming for me 3.5 just for Dan

    Freaking amazing! 5 BIG BIG stars! This is the conclusion to an amazing story. I love how everything wraps up so nicely in the Epilogue!

    Roanne Germaine
    I just had a back to back readathon of A Matter of Trust and A Moment of Truth. My review for this book is found on the boxed complete set. I loved this!

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