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  • Title: The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 4: Rising Action
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matt Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781632159137
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback

  • Every ninety years, twelve gods are reincarnated as young people They are loved They are hated And sometimes just sometimes they fall into open Superstar wars The fourth volume of the award winning, best selling series from acclaimed creators KIERON GILLEN, JAMIE McKELVIE and MATT WILSON is the most explosive yet.Collects THE WICKED THE DIVINE 18 22
    Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matt Wilson
    Kieron Gillen is a comic book writer and former media journalist.


    This was my favourite volume so far. For once I actually understood everything that was happening and the artwork was back to its usual standard! There were also a few crazy revelations that made things interesting! I finally feel like this comic is really going places and I'm excited to see where it goes. I would recommend this series.

    Maria (Big City Bookworm)
    Actual rating: 3.5 Stars The Wicked + The Divine contains such a unique storyline that it’s impossible to ignore. The individual issue covers are stunning in themselves, but the story within is just as fantastic. However…even with the alluring title “Rising Action”, this volume wasn’t the best for me. It was slightly hard to follow at time and when I finally got into it…it kind of just ended.--What I LikedThe rising action. They weren’t kidding with this title. This fourth volume o [...]

    Yesss! Back on track and back to the amazing artwork.

    Selene Matheson
    Glad we have the original artists back.

    WrensReads Review:There comes a time in every reader's life where you just don't care anymore. The art is pretty, the story line has such potential.but you are just so confused most of the time and lost in what happened when in the plot, that you just have to set the book down, take a look at your life, and realize you can be reading anything else that doesn't go over your head. I'm probably just stupid, and the story might be so great that I just can't comprehend, but I'm moving on.WrensReads | [...]

    Ashley Brooks
    Very happy to be back to the regular artist and storyline. Even if this story was garbage (which it isn't) it's worth it for the art porn. Easily my favorite art in comics right now.

    Wow, this is back in form. As bad as the last one was, this one is that good. They story is working again, the art is excellent and the story went somewhere. Laura is back. I am excited for the next issue. I think I am also ready for this series to be wrapped up and brought to an end and it has been a great series. Persephone is pretty kick-ass.If you gave up after vol. 3 because it was terrible, give this a chance and pick up vol. 4. They made up for the previous issue.

    Neil (or bleed)
    The main plot is still vague but at least the "Rising Action" is not a lie.And no experiment in drawings anymore.

    Jeannette Nikolova
    Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.Yes! Thank the Pantheon, the art disaster that was the last volume has been put to an end. I couldn't be happier to have the beautiful art back. Having read as many comic books as I have so far, I think that Jamie McKelvie's art is up there at the top for me.In every single frame the art is so astoundingly beautiful that I am even willing to forgive some of the flaws in the plot.This volume convinced me that The Wicked + The Divine is following a simple [...]

    Individual issue reviews: #18 | #19 | #20 | #21 | #22Total review score: 2.4I don't know, guys. I don't know what happened here. I felt my interest die along with the characters.

    Rory Wilding
    Following the guest artist-infestation and lack of plot from Volume 3, The Wicked + The Divine presents its most explosive volume with what’s left of the twelve gods at odds with each other. As the subtitle “Rising Action” suggests, this is the most action-heavy Wicked has been so far, with super-powered action sequences, reminiscent of what Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie did during their Young Avengers run. As this volume sort of jumps right into the action, some of the character drama [...]

    Chihoe Ho
    The gods are at war, and thank Ananke they are! Volume 4 and it's rising action had me at the edge of my seat. WicDiv has matured as a high-concept series, and I feel like it's now paying off in spectacular fashion. I am following the mystery and the mythology which makes me feel so contentedly smart, and I know there is still so much more to be uncovered. With the way this volume's ending just hangs there waiting to be unraveled, it's no fun having caught up with the series in the trade volume [...]

    Macarena Yannelli
    Hasta ahora el mejor volumen de todos los 4 volúmenes de esta serie de novelas gráficas. No puedo dejar de recomendarla, aunque el tercer volumen fue una piedra en el camino, esta serie no deja de mejorar y mejorar.Reseña completa próximamente

    Ashley Owens
    Man. The first 2 of these were so freaking good what is happening? At least the original artist is back. Much better lines and styles for sure. Less comic-y and more artistic.Overall, I am still intrigued by where this super original story is going to go!

    I will be talking some spoilers for the whole series as well as for this volume, although I won't try to give away anything too important. Still, beware.I am a fan of WicDiv since issue #2, and have been following the series month-to-month ever since. I even really liked the third volume, the one with guest artists, which many people hated. But I have to say, this fourth volume, 'Rising Action', is probably the weakest in the series so far, and the first one I could say I didn't like.So, two maj [...]

    Loved this one! Bummed I have to wait until the summer to find out what is going to happen next.

    Very good! I'm happy to say this volume gets things moving again and isn't a filler volume like 3 was; and Jamie McKelvie is back as the artist!!!! So aside from everything good about this series coming back, this was a pretty fast paced volume; no lurking in the shadows plotting against one another, its just gods beating the shit out of other gods! So the story for this one sees an old fan favourite character return and leads a revolution against Ananke's reign, and a civil war amongst the gods [...]

    It was better than volume three, but this is really a 2.5 star book. I want to give it 3 stars, I really do, but I can't. It's sad, the series started out so strong. But this volume was still confusing (as was volume 3, though this wasn't as extreme) and there were large sections that were just wasted space. I couldn't understand what was going on during fight scenes or during scenes. There were other sections where I'm sure they thought it was dramatic but where nothing happened or moved the st [...]


    Just a quick warning to say that this review contains spoilers for The Wicked + The Divine: Commercial Suicide!Having recently reread The Wicked + The Divine series so far, I was eager to move onto the fourth volume, Rising Action, the title in itself promising a great story.The divisions within the Pantheon have been building since the very first issue and they finally culminate in this spectacular fourth volume. Quite a lot happens in this and I do not feel as though I can say too much about i [...]

    Wow oh wowIt definitely was nice to be back in this world, but even nicer to be back to the original artwork. I was so disappointed in the last volume because we kept changing artists from each issue and the artwork is what captivated me originally. In my opinion the story is finally starting to make sense. In the earlier issues we were stuck with this whole concept that gods were reincarnated every 90 years into regular human beings and then lived for two years before dying again. It was an int [...]

    Alex Sarll
    I’m in a minority in not considering WicDiv amongst Gillen & McKelvie’s best work, and maybe less of a minority in not considering the epic superhero smackdowns which dominate this volume to be amongst WicDiv’s biggest strengths. But even given all that, this was a lot of fun. Working with celebrities* I dislike for many of the character templates of their all-too-mortal divinities, they’ve nonetheless turned them into much more interesting gods than they ever were humans – and rea [...]

    Melissa Chung
    This is the fourth volume of The Wicked + The Divine series. It's on going, so, less is more in the review of this volume. What can I say it was okay. I hate Annake she is pretty screwed up. I also despise Woden because he is only looking after himself. There is a divide between the gods. Those that believe Annake is telling the truth and those that think she is lying. The art work is what I'm always excited to see when reading this graphic novel series. Such gorgeous illustrations. I also liked [...]

    After the utter disaster that was volume three (which I'm still pretending doesn't exist), I was extremely nervous with this new instalment. But holy fucking shit, this volume absolutely DELIVERED; hands down, the best volume of the series so far. Not only did the story move in a terrific direction and the relationships between the characters become more gripping, it was the artwork that was unquestionably the best aspect of this volume. It was explosive, precise and unbelievably dazzling. And n [...]

    4,5 ratingHaving just finished vol 7 of Saga (which was fucking amazing goreaditrightnow!) it's sort of unfair to read/review another comic right after. I think this is a really strong return for our gods and godesses - a volume filled with action and exciting plot-development. Finally we get to find out what happened to Laura a.k.a Persephone.I can't really say much else without spoiling it.

    Marie the Librarian

    With the help of a who's who and brief catch up at the beginning, this volume made a little more sense and was easier to follow than volume three, but I'm honestly not sure that I really care very much anymore.The cast of characters is so big that's it's impossible to figure who everyone is, let alone care for them, in such a short amount of time. It's 100% the gorgeous art and the hope that it'll live up to the premise and Volume One that keeps me coming back.

    Deni Ciubotaru
    Alright alright so this wasn't so bad but the ending was weakI meanere must be something more. I don't know what the author expects from the reader after the ending but it doesn't really make me curious about what's nextif there will be something more to the series because if there's not, shitI don't recommend it.

    This creative team plots like a fractal. There is SO MUCH GOING ON and it is all clear in retrospect-- or is it -- but right now I feel like my brain is trying to crawl out my eyes.WHAT. IS. HAPPENING???

    Belinda (TheBookBuddies)
    Holy fuuckkkkkk. Shit got soooo real in this volume. The art is back to being stunning, and just in time to make murder beautiful. Gods, murder, mystery, this has it all. Truly, this series has developed so well since it's first volume. Very glad I decided to pick this up again.

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