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  • You, who have dug deep and sifted hard for a story to read, have unearthed an ancient treasure a mystery from the dusty ages, when a boy could be a hero and fight for the good of all .ZET TRIES TO TRACK DOWN A MISSING SCROLL IN HIS FIRST EXCITING ADVENTURE 12 year old Zet and his sister Kat are in charge of the family pottery stall now that their father is off fightYou, who have dug deep and sifted hard for a story to read, have unearthed an ancient treasure a mystery from the dusty ages, when a boy could be a hero and fight for the good of all .ZET TRIES TO TRACK DOWN A MISSING SCROLL IN HIS FIRST EXCITING ADVENTURE 12 year old Zet and his sister Kat are in charge of the family pottery stall now that their father is off fighting the Hyksos Who knew putting food on the table could be so hard When he hears a thief has stolen an important scroll and that there s a reward for the thief s capture he s determined to win it The chase leads him into forbidden temples whispering with the voices of ancient gods, into a web that threatens to crush his family forever.
    Scott Peters writes action filled adventure stories set in ancient Egypt In addition to writing, the author has created over 300 museum, science center and theme park installations for such places as the Smithsonian, the Washington Children s Museum, Walt Disney World and Paramount Pictures Peters also helped design an interactive TV show for the Nickelodeon Channel Be sure and visit Scott s blog at egyptabout


    Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll is by Scott Peters. It is the first book in a new series of Zet’s mystery cases. Zet and Kat spend their days in the market in their booth. They try to sell clay pots. Business has fallen off since Father had been arrested and the children had taken over the booth. Mother is recuperating from childbirth. It is all up to Zet and Kat. They get involved in a case where someone has something someone else wants and it could mean problems for the Pharaoh. The two child [...]

    Diane Porter
    Homeschoolers, add this gem to your stack of Ancient Civ historical fiction. The characters are endearing and the plot keeps the reader engaged. Provides opportunity to discuss responsibility to both family and country while learning about the Egyptian city of Thebes.Be aware that the story involves prayer to and the worship of Egyptian gods, including idols and temples. Another opportunity for discussion as long as the parent is prepared for it.I was a bit put off by the title of the series, bu [...]

    Scott Spotson
    The setting and the characters are fun, and the two children are virtuous and endearing; their hearts in the right place. The author, as he has pointed out, has taken time to ensure the historical accuracy of the story. It's a short story, and written at a grade level that kids can understand. By focusing on the intrigue and the mystery, plus some action, the story is accessible to kids, rather than engulf young readers with minutiae of history and culture. My slight hesitancy comes from the imp [...]

    In “The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll,” Scott Peters has provided the reader with a fast, paced mystery set in the times of ancient Thebes in Egypt. The book is probably written for the middle school to early high school reading levels. As a former teacher, I am always interested in books that may get children reading, and this is one!Serving in the Pharaoh’s army, father has gone to war to fight the Hyksos, and times are hard for the family left behind. Eleven-year-old Zet and his younge [...]

    Pop Bop
    Good Mystery/Adventure; Excellent Historical SettingThis book offers better than average characters and a decent, reasonably well plotted and well paced mystery/adventure, but where it truly excels is in its ancient Egyptian setting.I suspect that most middle graders have had enough of the Victorian era, or at least would be intrigued by something different. There are some interesting medieval-ish swordplay stories out there, and some interesting work set in a Native American context, or the Civ [...]

    Richard Abbott
    The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll, by Scott Peters, is a children’s book set in New Kingdom Egypt, in and around the southern city of Luxor. The pharaoh of the time is deliberately unspecified.The plot is lively and straightforward; two children who run a market stall selling pottery, witness a neighbour being accused of theft, and take it upon themselves to investigate. In the process they find out that the accusation is false, but that there is a much deeper and more sinister plot behind it [...]

    Laurie Cameron
    Eleven-year-old Zet and his younger sister Kat are left with the responsibility of minding the shop while their father is in a faraway land fighting for Egypt and their Pharaoh. But each week the children’s earnings dwindle until they fear they won’t have enough to feed themselves, their baby brother and their mother. So when a thief bounds through the market place, Zet steps up to the medjay, or police officer, to offer to help catch the thief in exchange for the reward. This brave, but foo [...]

    Sue Perry
    If my children were still pre-teens we would have devoured this series during our nightly bedtime reading sessions. They would have enjoyed the colorful, interesting setting and they would have worked alongside the kid characters to solve the mystery. The plot has enough hooks and turns to keep readers of all ages engaged.I appreciate the author's inobtrusive but deft writing style, which has just the right amount of detail and explanation to keep young readers on track, without boring older rea [...]

    M.B. Munroe
    As an adult reader, I enjoyed this adventure story of a young boy and sister playing junior detective on the trail of a conspiracy that threatens an innocent man – and promises a handsome reward for the man(or boy) who delivers justice.The prose is easy on the eye and like tales of a certain wizard, is sophisticated enough and characters well drawn to pull in all ages. The world of ancient Egypt is well drawn and fans of Steven Saylor or PC Doherty ancient detective series will lap this one up [...]

    Lori satterly
    Cute mystery.I didn't know how I would like this mystery. It had me laughing and scared at parts of it. I do love archeological stories and especially mysteries, so this combined two of my favorite types of reading material.

    Joel Crofoot
    One day as Zet and Kat are selling their wares in the marketplace, their daily routine is interupted as man is chased through the market with the accusations of being a thief. Zet sees his chance to improve their financial standings and uses the powers of observation that only a child would posses to solve the mystery that unfolds.This book is great for children because it offers the mental flexibilty required to imagine a new environment, and encourages self-efficacy as it features children sol [...]

    An exciting ancient Egyptian adventure I picked this book up from a number of months ago and it finally made it to the top of my TBR pile.Set in ancient Egypt this one had my interest from the start. Zet and Kat are a brother and sister combo who have a hard life, supporting their family while their father is away at war. Then, on a normal day just like any other, everything changes when Zet gets wind of a reward on offer to catch the thief of a mysterious scroll. That’s when their lives go f [...]

    Zichao Deng
    I admit, I don't usually go a bundle on kids' books, but I loved this one, and read it all through in one go. It's atmospheric, carries you along and perfectly captures the excitement/powerlessless of being ten years old And the historical setting is absolutely spot on. I'll definitely read the others in the series.

    I'm truly surprised how many people liked this book with four stars or more. I was disappointed. Although there are plenty of Egyptian references thrown about, something about it felt way too modern for me. I think it was the way the kids talked with one another, practically tossing around coloquialisms. I felt like the story was written and then the author said, "How can I make this sound Egyptian?"Perhaps I was unfairly influenced by the sub-par narration, as I also purchased the audiobook for [...]

    Marc Kohlman
    Wonderfully crafted piece of Historical Fiction Mystery! Readers who love Ancient Egypt will be enthralled and captivated by Peters well-researched, exciting drama. Everything from religion, fashion and lifestyle were described accurately and literally gave me the feeling that I was in Egypt during the New Kingdom era. I look forward to follow Zet and Kat on their next adventure! The series would make an interesting TV mini-series in my opinion.

    Sharon Mullins
    Mystery of the egyptian scrollThis was a charming story which held my attention! The children were well thought out brother and sister! I am going to acquire the set!!!

    By FAR my favorite book I have read for Social Studies. Good plot, witty characters, a good book indeed!

    Mark Len
    Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll is a fast paced mystery that youngsters will find entertaining and educational.12-year-old Zet presides over of his father's pottery stall while his father is off fighting wars. A thief runs through the marketplace pursued by local law enforcement. There is a reward for anyone who can find the thief, and Zet sets out to pursue the man and the mystical scroll that was stolen.Zet's investigation leads him down many different avenues and he finds many adventures along [...]

    Terry Sprouse
    A treat for middle school readers,Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll is a fast paced mystery set in an ancient Egypt. Students will not only be entertained by the story but they will also learn interesting tidbits about a fascinating foreign culture.As a former Peace Corps Volunteer myself, I’m convinced that developing an appreciation of foreign cultures is always a good thing!The story unfolds with 12-year-old Zet in charge of his father's pottery stall, since his father is a soldier fighting in [...]

    Now that was a fun read. I have always loved a great adventure story - and this being based on a period of time in Egypt? How could I possibly pass that up! Brilliant book cover art, BTW. It helped to quickly grab my attention towards the book. I'll have to have my son read this when he gets older (when he learns how to read). I'll probably end up reading it to him before then. Superb story.

    Isaac Milioti
    The book is awesome with a smoothly flowing plot. Scott uses a peek-ahead overshadowing making you not wanting to set the book down until you are certain of what you are expecting next! It is one of the books with a wonderful ending! Bravo Scott!!!!!

    A kids' mystery that takes place in Ancient Egypt. I like the main characters enough to have read two of these so far. The mystery is fairly well developed and the historical context is reasonably well done.

    Joyce Lacerda
    History!!!!I loved this book. My fave subject in school is history and my fave era is ancient Rome and Egypt so this book was right up my street. I recommend it to any tweens like me who like history and mystery. Hey that rhymes!!

    Lori Henrich
    This would be a nice series for young people. Wanted to check it out since it was for free.

    Amanda May
    I enjoyed reading this book along with my students in our literature circle group. A nice mix of culture of ancient Egypt and adventure.

    william read it in a couple of days, just had to read the 1st few chapters outloud to get him started.

    Fun mystery for upper elementary/early middle schoolers.

    Natrina Felan

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