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  • Title: A Touch of Truth
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Truths will unfoldWhat is FOEBA Who saved Grace How will Brucella s plan unravel Find out in A Touch of Truth .
    Bella Forrest
    Bella Forrest is a lover of fantasy, romance, action, and mystery infused stories with twists you don t see coming She has sold over seven million books since her first novel was published in 2012 LATEST RELEASES A Shade of Vampire 57 A Charge of Allies Renegades Hotbloods 3 The Girl Who Dared to Lead The Girl Who Dared to Think, Book 5 Sign up to Bella s New Release email list and you ll automatically be notified as soon as her next book is released MoreBellaForrestFind her on Bella Forrest e B00AR2Check out her website bellaforrestList of Bella s books HOTBLOODSHotbloods Book 1 Hotbloods Book 2 ColdbloodsHotbloods Book 3 Renegades Hotbloods Book 4 Venturers March 11, 2018 THE SECRET OF SPELLSHADOW MANORThe Secret of Spellshadow ManorThe Breaker Book 2 The Chain Book 3 The Keep Book 4 The Test Book 5 The Spell Book 6 THE GENDER GAMEThe Gender Game Book 1 The Gender Secret Book 2 The Gender Lie Book 3 The Gender War Book 4 The Gender Fall Book 5 The Gender Plan Book 6 The Gender End Book 7 THE GIRL WHO DARED TO THINKThe Girl Who Dared to Think Book 1 The Girl Who Dared to Stand Book 2 The Girl Who Dared to Descend Book 3 The Girl Who Dared to Rise Book 4 The Girl Who Dared to Lead Book 5 The Girl Who Dared to Endure Book 6 March 22, 2018A SHADE OF VAMPIRE Season 1 Derek Sofia s storyA Shade of Vampire Book 1 A Shade of Blood Book 2 A Castle of Sand Book 3 A Shadow of Light Book 4 A Blaze of Sun Book 5 A Gate of Night Book 6 A Break of Day Book 7 Season 2 Rose Caleb s storyA Shade of Novak Book 8 A Bond of Blood Book 9 A Spell of Time Book 10 A Chase of Prey Book 11 A Shade of Doubt Book 12 A Turn of Tides Book 13 A Dawn of Strength Book 14 A Fall of Secrets Book 15 An End of Night Book 16 Season 3 The Shade continues with a new hero A Wind of Change Book 17 A Trail of Echoes Book 18 A Soldier of Shadows Book 19 A Hero of Realms Book 20 A Vial of Life Book 21 A Fork of Paths Book 22 A Flight of Souls Book 23 A Bridge of Stars Book 24 Season 4 A Clan of NovaksA Clan of Novaks Book 25 A World of New Book 26 A Web of Lies Book 27 A Touch of Truth Book 28 An Hour of Need Book 29 A Game of Risk Book 30 A Twist of Fates Book 31 A Day of Glory Book 32 Season 5 A Dawn of GuardiansA Dawn of Guardians Book 33 A Sword of Chance Book 34 A Race of Trials Book 35 A King of Shadow Book 36 An Empire of Stones Book 37 A Power of Old Book 38 A Rip of Realms Book 39 A Throne of Fire Book 40 A Tide of War Book 41 Season 6 A Gift of ThreeA Gift of Three Book 42 A House of Mysteries Book 43 A Tangle of Hearts Book 44 A Meet of Tribes Book 45 A Ride of Peril Book 46 A Passage of Threats Book 47 A Tip of Balance Book 48 A Shield of Glass Book 49 A Clash of Storms Book 50 Season 7 A Call of VampiresA Call of Vampires Book 51 A Valley of Darkness Book 52 A Hunt of Fiends Book 53 A Den of Tricks Book 54 A City of Lies Book 55 A League of Exiles Book 56 A Charge of Allies Book 57 A Snare of Vengeance Book 58 April 2, 2018A SHADE OF DRAGON TRILOGYA Shade of DragonA Shade of Dragon 2A Shade of Dragon 3 A SHADE OF KIEV TRILOGYA Shade of Kiev A Shade of Kiev 2A Shade of Kiev 3 BEAUTIFUL MONSTER DUOLOGYBeautiful Monster Beautiful Monster 2DETECTIVE ERIN BOND SERIESLights, Camera, GoneWrite, Edit, KillAnd don t forget to come say hello on Facebook facebook AShadeOfVampire Instagram ashadeofvampireTwitter ashadeofvampirebellaforrest


    Michelle Madow
    This series is amazing, but it NEVER ENDS!

    Judy Lewis
    CAPTIVATING, RIVETING AND DIVINELY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: A Touch of TruthSeries: A Shade of VampireDesignation: Book Twenty-Eight of a Multi-Novel Serial, NOT a Standalone Read, Contains CliffhangerAuthor: Bella ForrestGenre: Young Adult Paranormal RomanceReading Platform: Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating: FIVE CAPTIVATING STARS *****A Touch of Truth by Bella Forrest is the twenty-eighth release in the spellbinding A Shade of Vampire Series and has totally left me breathless - again! Like thousands of [...]

    Angela Sanders
    My heart's still pounding!What a wild turn of events! This book is action packed throughout and will leave you're heart thumping. As more secrets are revealed about ISBI Hunters, they become even more sinister. Grace finds herself fighting for her life, while gaining new allies to help her along the way. Without revealing spoilers, I must say this book kept me on my toes. I was scared to death as if I were a character within the book itself. A true testament to Bella's writing. Another 5 stars!

    Melissa Carvell
    Wow I was on the edge of my seat with this one to the point where I couldn’t sleep until knowing grace was safe. When it’s Ben (her father) that calls out to her unexpectedly my heart soared! It was so nice to have chapters from Ben and River this time round.The addition and details put into the fenced off part of Chicago was brilliant and the pace and adrenaline I felt finding out more about the worlds mysteries was insane. I’m still in shock that Grace got bitten and still unable to acce [...]

    A Touch of TruthBella keeps bring her reader's one novel at a time with the Shade series. As I continue to rate each novel with high praise. This series started off with Rose and Derek and have multiplied into several long years and generation of off-spring's. I keep telling myself to stop after each grouping of novel but find that with the cliffhanger at the end . . .just pulls me in. Fast reads you could complete it in a lazy Sunday and want more.

    Keeps you intrigued and males you want to know what happens nextI've been reading the series a while, and have enjoyed each novel. The length of each is great and keeps you ready for more, to know more. All the characters blend together and the story is written in such a way that you can picture it all.

    Tina Layner
    very good book

    Another great book I’m so addicted to this series and it’s characters! I usually finish her books In one sitting. Im off to read the next one now!

    as always bella forrest is an amazing author book 28 amazingi like that i can read her books within a day time frame as they are that interesting this books continues from 27 and yes grace is rescued but she still had a problem in the end which i can not reveal to those who have not read this book yet.ians real mother visits him i am sure we will read more about heris book dealt alot with grace and her trying to get out of hunters territory and the friends she made and how they are keeping secre [...]

    Jane Stopes
    Again Bella has written another Brilliant book in this series,I am shell shocked about the bloodless antidote this would mean hundreds of thousands of people cured.but it's going to come at a hefty price I think. Brucella is just as bad as the bloodless if not worse lol I hate that Bastien and Victoria will still be hounded by this woman. What now for Grace being half human half Fae and bitten by the bloodless :(. What if Maura been right in assuming the fall for Grace would be slower? Would she [...]

    Jane Stopes
    Again Bella has written another Brilliant book in this series,I am shell shocked about the bloodless antidote this would mean hundreds of thousands of people cured.but it's going to come at a hefty price I think. Brucella is just as bad as the bloodless if not worse lol I hate that Bastien and Victoria will still be hounded by this woman. What now for Grace being half human half Fae and bitten by the bloodless :(. What if Maura been right in assuming the fall for Grace would be slower? Would she [...]

    Suey Johnson
    For all of you unfortunate readers that haven't yet had the opportunity to get your teeth into this epic addition, I would like to say one thing I know what FOEBA means! Ner ner! Haha!With short sentence structure and vivid details keeping the story flowing flawlessly, I was thrown into the epicentre of Grace's nightmarish Chicago experience, right along side her! And Wow! Wasn't I relieved to escape those evil bloodless and hunters! Pretty sure I'd been holding my breath in suspense right throu [...]

    Lisa Szekely
    Refreshing and edge of your seat suspense!! I was totally shocked and filled with anticipation during the entirety of the book. And it ended very much the same with questions and theories of what was to come of the characters you enjoy reading about so much. I just have to say Bella Forrest did an awesome job with the book and gave the Shade series a second wind per se. You will understand what I mean after reading it. Two thumbs up Bella Forrest!!!! Keep up the great work and putting my imagina [...]

    Emma Jefferson
    What comes to light and what is happening is unbelievable. It just keeps getting better and better. Not only do you never get bored of the series but you find new characters and events that keep you hooked. Some even leave you gobsmacked at what happens. With more information and past secretes coming to light it keeps it intersing

    Finally out of my readers funk!It has been a while. And there was no better book then this one to get me out of my reading funk! I quite literally have missed the shade and am glad to get back into the story! I love to read what life is like outside the shade, what with it being so many years later. Another fantastic read.

    Sheena D. Steiner
    Bella Forrest never disappointsI have read every single book Bella Forrest has written, and every single book I say "this is my favorite" then the next book is released and that one is my favorite. The truth is, everything she writes is incredible. I recommend this series to all of my friends. Can't wait for number 29! Keep them coming, I love them all!

    28 books and I am still in awe of this amazing writer!! I actually stalled reading this one only because I knew 29 is being released tomorrow. Every book has not failed to deliver on action and suspense. And as usual the characters come to life and totally feel as tho you can see the event unfolding. Once again, a definite must read and I hope one day a TV series!

    Judy Robertson
    another fantastic book in the A Shade of Vampire series. This book is so great and will keep you turning the pages until the end . There is suspense and action and we get to see our favorites from the shade. Get your copy today.

    I love Bella ForrestI have been reading Bella's books since the beginning. She never disappoints. Although i wish there was some family tree. With so many new characters it can get confusing getting used to everyone. A good read, I can't wait for more.

    Deborah Bouchey
    Suspense with every turnI'm so excited to be able to get the chance to see who will be a hero/heroine that once I get started I can't believe that I have finished the complete book in a matter of hours!!

    Gemma Shepherd
    Brilliant!!!Another fantastic book from Bella!! I love the shade books and this one is brilliant! I don't know how Bella thinks of the next twists for each book! Can't wait for the next one!! Xxx

    Cheri Tipler
    Adventure and TrubleMore adventure and more trouble for the new generation of Novacs. I did however have to just skip much of the book due to to much over detail for me, I know that others enjoy it so just because it's lost on me does not mean others will not like it.

    Jade Marie
    Bella has delivered yet again!! My mind is a mess thinking of what will come next!! On a not so good note, I never thought I could hate a Character as much as I do Brucella!! I hope Bella gives her a long drawn out death!! Ugh!

    Ashley Collins
    Completely captivatingAs Graces story continues on an epic journey it is non stop action packed. Rose and Bastian love battle continues to face epic problems when they are finally united only too be possibly broken again

    Margaret Williams
    I love these books but the stories are too short, I read them to fast there for costly!!!I really enjoy these stories but they are too short ! A after ready 28 books I still would rate each book 5 stars!

    S Jackson
    Bella Forrest does it again!I can't stop reading this series. I began reading the first book at the end of December 2015 and I'm caught up with all the books. I hope the series never ends!

    Sandra Shroll
    Love every book!I love all of Bella Forrest's books. She does an amazing job with this series. Each book is fresh and exciting. Their original! You would think that eventually she would run out of different conflicts/villains but there's always something new and unexpected

    Que Sera
    Great readAwww, Bella is back in true form, nail bitting action packed narrating. Book 27 was a tad slow for me but still good. I am chuckling as 40 books later I decided to get Kindle unlimited, hope Bella has another 40 in her

    The Talented Miss Ripley
    Great BookI so enjoyed this book. I feel like these kids of Sofia and Derek's decent are always in trouble as great as that is I would be getting to a whole lot of whippings on these kids, lol! I recommend this series 100x's over!

    Mandie Curtin
    Still enjoying the storiesLooking forward to the next instalment of the Shade saga, still reading and enjoying the novellas. Thankfully not long to wait.

    • ✓ A Touch of Truth || Ï PDF Download by ☆ Bella Forrest
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