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  • Title: Second-Hand Murder: Book 1 in The Bandit Hills Series
  • Author: Blair Merrin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Summer Prescott Books is thrilled to announce the first book in this incredible Paranormal Cozy series When second hand shopkeeper, Cassie Cleary, receives a strange donation that is somehow linked to a recently deceased young woman, things in the eccentric town of Bandit Hills get even stranger Will Cassie, and her P.I pal Dash, find out the meaning behind the unusuaSummer Prescott Books is thrilled to announce the first book in this incredible Paranormal Cozy series When second hand shopkeeper, Cassie Cleary, receives a strange donation that is somehow linked to a recently deceased young woman, things in the eccentric town of Bandit Hills get even stranger Will Cassie, and her P.I pal Dash, find out the meaning behind the unusual artifact before it s too late This Paranormal Cozy Mystery is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, and make you laugh out loud too
    Blair Merrin
    Blair Merrin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Second-Hand Murder: Book 1 in The Bandit Hills Series book, this is one of the most wanted Blair Merrin author readers around the world.


    I LOVED this!! I have never read anything even a little paranormal and I was so surprised how much I enjoyed it!!I was introduced to some lovely characters that are all perfectly wacky for a story like this. Dash is going to be my favorite and I already love him for Curious Cassie!!I hope to see more of Marla and April in the future How awesome is their business "plan"?!?!?I've never said this about a book before but I could truly imagine this as a movie! There was a different kind of mystery, a [...]

    Doward Wilson
    Kicks off fast and keeps you turning the pages. Meet Cassie or should we say, Miss Miscellanea, the name of her secondhand shop. When the daily donations give up a young woman's photo and a voodoo doll, things get interesting. The woman in the photo recently died from no known causes. Cassie starts looking into the death and with the help of her best friend Dash, who is the local PI, she sets out to find out what is going on. Living in Bandit Hills, Tennessee makes you aware that ghosts and othe [...]

    Sharon Benham
    I really enjoyed this book. I like a cozy mystery and this ticked all the boxes. It had laughs, intrigue and murder. I liked the characters too. The story is about Cassie, who owns a junk shop and lives in the spooky town of Bandit Hills. After receiving a donation to her shop a spirit contacts her wanted her to solve her unexplained death. As soon as I finished this book I bought the second in the series. I look forward to reading more by Blair.

    Carolyn Injoy
    Second-Hand Murder: Book 1 in the Bandit Hills Series by Blair Merin Second-Hand Murder: Book 1 in the Bandit Hills Series by Blair Merin is a captivating short mystery. It kept me entertained from start to finish. I gave it five stars. The protagonist, Cassie has a mantra: "One person's trash is another person's treasure." It's what keeps her going as she sorts through donation box. This is something I learned from my parents. Nothing goes to waste. Only her mother calls her Cassandra. It use [...]

    Penny Marks
    I am a huge fan of paranormal books and when I was given the opportunity to read Second Hand Murder I jumped at it. This is the first book in a new series and I love love loved it! This series is going to be flying off the shelves. It has everything you could ever want in a paranormal series, a cat, a town known for things that go bump in the night and of course a witch. All of this is just in book one.Cassie and her mom Julia run a second hand store in Bandit Hills, Tennessee where strange is n [...]

    This was a fun book. About voo doo mostly. i enjoyed when they went to New Orleans. Reminded me of when I went there - loved it. I also had a card reading done one time. One thing was right none of the other things tho my cousins was right on. Do you believe if witchcraft and voo doo dolls? Yes I did buy one in New Orleans - never used it tho. LOL I also love 2nd had stores so that also made me interested in the book. What happens when someone donates a voo doo doll to a 2nd hand store ????? Fin [...]

    Sandy Bartles
    I have to say this book scared me somewhat. The cover of the book shows a voodoo doll and that kind of thing keeps me up at night. Fortunately, this is a cozy and I managed to live through it. This is Book One in the Bandit Hills Series. Bandit Hills is a different type of town where everyone seems to take certain things for granted. I loved it!

    Pleasantly surprised!!!I enjoyed this book very much. I found it a quick read and flowed. I read other paranormals books and they DRAGGED! I am looking forward to the next book in series!!! Well Done Blair Merrin

    Bonnie Drummond
    Second Hand Murder will have you looking at cross your yard or up and down the street were you live or work because of a second hand shop were a box with one picture and a voodoo doll are in side, what would you do? And if that not all try Voodoo doll that won't stay in one place, a ghost that wants her murder solved and a trip to The French Quarters of New Orleans to find a Hunky Mystery Man and a Murder that has her sights on you.

    Carolyn Hunter
    I recently had the opportunity to pick up and read a copy of Second-Hand Murder by fellow Summer Prescott Books author Blair Merrin. Second-Hand Murder is the first book in The Bandit Hills Series and is also the very first paranormal cozy mystery to come out from Summer Prescott Books. As a fan of paranormal mysteries, and a writer of paranormal mysteries myself, I can say I was not disappointed at all with this book. The story follows Cassie, the owner of a quaint little second-hand shop in th [...]

    Definitely a Five-Star Creepfest (wonderfully spooky and fun) from a truly Five-Star AuthorI just finished re-reading this wonderful book now that I know how to post reviews. This is intended to be an extremely well-deserved and well-earned Five-Star rating and review because I am thoroughly enjoying this series, right from this very first book in it. Telling the story of what happens when second-hand shop owner Cassandra (Cassie) Cleary receives, among merchandise for her shop, a mysterious ugl [...]

    Sheryl Booth of Booth Talks Books
    If you like paranormal stories like I do, then you’ve often thought if would be pretty cool if there was a place you could visit that was almost like a para-vacation location. You know, where you could go and actually see real stuff going on, hear actual voices and interact with the spirits and it’s completely normal. No judgment from anyone and people actually believe you without that weird look after you tell them that you just hear voices in your attic. Well, Blair Merrin has created that [...]

    Karen Wright
    I love this new series!!! Summer Prescott is a talented author herself that has recently started her own publishing company. As a publisher, she is proving to be just as talented as she is at writing. Blair Merrin is the second writer and series to be introduced by Ms. Prescott and follows in her own style of writing. Another talented writer that is good at a story, has great characters and conversations, solves the problem finishing the book, yet still leaves you wanting more and looking forwar [...]

    Lauren Dottin-Radel
    I am not a HUGE fan of the paranormal genre but this was a very well written and somewhat funny book. Cassi and her best friend Dash live in a town called Bandit Hill and you can say the town is very strange. There is some paranormal activity in this town which draws a ton of tourist a year and brings business to the town. Someone dropped a box off at Cassi's shop and strange things start to happen when she finds out that the young girl in the photo in the box was found dead, Cassi hires her fri [...]

    Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)
    This is the first book in the new Bandit Hills mystery series by Blair Herrin. I loved this book! It was a fresh idea for a paranormal series that I think will lend itself to many great stories. The town of Bandit Hills is known for it's paranormal activity so it's no surprise when Cassie, the owner of a second-hand store, has a ghostly visitor. This ghostly visitor wants Cassie to help solve the mystery surrounding her death. With the help of Dash, her p.i friend, Cassie sets out to solve the m [...]

    This cozy mystery is a spookfest! It's scary and laugh out loud funny. Cassie, the main character, is a thrift store owner and likable gal. She lives in Bandit Hills, TN, where strange phenomena is happening all the time. One day she receives a creepy doll donation with a picture of a deceased young woman also in the box. The doll appears to move around the store on its own. So, Cassie teams up with her P.I. friend, Dash, to investigate. Dash is a fun character and possible love interest for Cas [...]

    Second-Hand MurderI really enjoyed this book. This was one of those books that sucks you in right from page one. I couldn't put it down. I love how well it flowed, the characters all worked well with each other and the story flowed really well. It certainly makes you want to go and visit the town of Bandit Hills, if not to visit the quirky town, but to see if there really are ghosts that exist there.I don't want to give away anything that happens in this book, but do want to say that I thoroughl [...]

    Cassie owns a second-hand store in the tiny town of Bandit Hills. Each day she and her one employee, her mother, sort through the donations that come in overnight. An unusual donation is quickly linked to a recently deceased woman. Along with her best friend Dash, a private investigator, Cassie sets out to discover what killed Stephanie. This search leads them on a path they never imagined.I'm not a huge fan of Paranormal Mystery, but this was an entertaining read. The main characters are nicely [...]

    Geneva Stokes
    Loved it! First book by Blair Merrin, is a hit. I am not usually a fan of ghostly, paranormal books, but could not put this one down. Cute interaction with the characters, make this a very fun book to read. Dash and Cassie, as well as the others, have a lot to give this series, can see it continuing for some time. Good Job, Blair. NOTE!!!! There may be something here, I can not remove this book from my Kindle!! LOL

    **I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**My first thought when I finished this was "When does the next book come out?". It had a great balance of paranormal eeriness and humor. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer. Not because it didn't feel like a complete story, but because I wish I could've spent more time with the quirky cast of characters.

    I will admit the cover kind of pushed this one to the back burner for me but I finally read it and LOVED IT! I love Cass and Dash and the rest of the characters and boy what characters they are. Cass kind of gets caught up in the middle of the murder because she is just Curious Cassie but then with a little help and a push in the right direction she finally figures it out.

    Ginette Vestner
    I had no idea what to expect when i opened this book. I have to say it was a delight to read. I kept wanting to read more and more. The characters are interesting and have left me wanting more of them. It was a quick read but so worth it. Definitely reading more of this seriesVery happy i found this Gem.Bravo Blair Merrin!!

    Sharon Thrasher
    Not bad at all.I am not someone who knows about Voodoo but this book was very interesting. I read it through in one night and liked it. The characters are good. The story peeked my interest so I think I will go on to the next book.

    Ĺoved it!Great, creative new-to-me series that made me laugh often. I'm ready to read the second book very soon and look forward to reading each new book as it comes out. Thank you Ms Merrin!

    Shannon Binegar-Foster
    Great storyThis is the first book I have read by Blair. I could out it down until I had read every word. I like the characters and I hope to see many more books in this series.

    Cute little paranormal cozy. I enjoyed the character interaction in this book. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    good cozy mystery, short story

    Linda Cole
    Pretty goodThis was a little different than most cozy mysteries. It had quirky characters who live in a quirky town. The ending was summed up quickly but still was strange

    Goodthe story about how a small town in Texas was supposed to have ghosts and strange things happen which were not explain able

    **SPOILER FREE**It started out decent. Pick up a little and then just fell off. I was hoping for a little more!*Received for honest review*

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