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  • Title: Tales from Outer Suburbia
  • Author: Shaun Tan
  • ISBN: 9780771084027
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Breathtakingly illustrated and hauntingly written, Tales from Outer Suburbia is by turns hilarious and poignant, perceptive and goofy Through a series of captivating and sophisticated illustrated stories, Tan explores the precious strangeness of our existence He gives us a portrait of modern suburban existence filtered through a wickedly Monty Pythonesque lens Whether iBreathtakingly illustrated and hauntingly written, Tales from Outer Suburbia is by turns hilarious and poignant, perceptive and goofy Through a series of captivating and sophisticated illustrated stories, Tan explores the precious strangeness of our existence He gives us a portrait of modern suburban existence filtered through a wickedly Monty Pythonesque lens Whether it s discovering that the world really does stop at the end of the city s map book, or a family s lesson in tolerance through an alien cultural exchange student, Tan s deft, sweet social satire brings us face to face with the humor and absurdity of modern life.
    Shaun Tan
    Shaun Tan born 1974 is the illustrator and author of award winning children s books After freelancing for some years from a studio at Mt Lawley, Tan relocated to Melbourne, Victoria in 2007 Tan was the Illustrator in Residence at the University of Melbourne s Department of Language Literacy and Arts Education for two weeks through an annual Fellowship offered by the May Gibbs Children s Literature Trust 2009 World Fantasy Award for Best Artist.2011 he won his first Oscar in the Category Best Short Animated Film for his work The Lost Thing


    is this really for children?? are children really this sad and dark and complicated emotionally?? i dont know, but i know that this book is outstanding. i think in a way it is harder to tell a story without words, like the arrival, but this shows that he is also an exceptional word-story-teller. and i am an exceptional word-hyphen-stringer.

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    ‭Tales from outer suburbia, Shaun Tanتاریخ نگرش: سی ام ماه سپتامبر سال 2016 میلادیا. شربیانی

    Nabila Tabassum Chowdhury
    এই-বইটা-সুন্দর! ❤ছোট ছোট ১৫টা গল্প। লেখার মাধ্যমে গল্প বলা, ছবির মাধ্যমে গল্প বলা। ছবি এখানে অক্সিলারী নয় বরং সমান গুরুত্বপূর্ণ। কোনো কোনো ক্ষেত্রে অধিক গুরুত্বপূর্ণ। কোথাও এক জায়গায় পড়েছি [...]

    This is truly spectaculara collection of wildly imaginative very short stories accompanied by artwork that clearly demonstrates Shaun Tan's remarkable artistic range. He employs many different techniques and seems to use every available space inside the covers to spread his magic in a way that is fresh and fun. From the table of contents to the acknowledgements to the oodles of doodles on the inside covers, this is something tomarvel. Shelved as YA Graphic, this is better than that. It requires [...]

    Teresa Proença
    Uma das vantagens que os adultos têm em relação às crianças é gostarem de ler livros infantis (só porque elas não gostam dos livros para adultos); a outra é não serem obrigados a comer sopa. Não me lembro de mais nenhumaContos dos Subúrbios é um encanto de livrinho; são quinze histórias mágicas, contadas através de texto e ilustrações, que nos enternecem e surpreendem. Muito lindo.

    On the face of it, I’m an inadequate reviewer for Shaun Tan. When you review a book for kids, what do you do? You take that little book, you pick apart its layers (if you’re lucky enough to find any), then you box up each and every one of those layers, a paragraph apiece, and voila! Instant review. Having a format to follow makes everything so simple. It’s as if you’re simply filling in the blanks on a Mad Libs sheet. "Pronoun has written an adjective book that will adverb verb you each [...]

    Shaun Tan’s books are surreal, they are magic. Maybe his imagination starts where ours end! I fell for his books after reading 'The Arrival.' That had only pictures telling you stories. But this one has pictures and some little stories, too. There is a part in this book where he said that people often write down their untold feelings on paper and keep them hidden. Those can be in forms of poem or can be just some simple words. That part is so beautiful and true that almost made me cry! Well, f [...]

    Emm ❤
    You are now checking out of the libraryStunning, poetic, beautiful tell me a synonym that hasn't already been used to describe Outer Suburbia, with its kindly monsters, strangers in diving suits, and bewildered people searching for their purpose. It's only absurd on the outside. ;)Shaun Tan is an artistic genius. I have no idea how he does it, it's a secret known only to the little dream creatures, but somehow he takes a simple, strange idea. One idea. And turns it into something that is relatab [...]

    Extremely beautiful. Leaves you with a pretty clear feeling of why and how love, poetry and understanding are basically the same thing. (Although "to leave" cannot be less appropriate for a book that so much stays with you.)Read it 10 times and 10 times fell in love.

    وقتی این کتاب رو باز میکنید، اتفاقی که میفته درست مثل قصه هاس با باز شدن کتاب یه نور قشنگ ازش بیرون می زنه، و شما رو همراه خودش وارد دنیای فانتزیش می کنه. انگار که دیگه کتاب توی دست هاتون نباشه؛ بلکه شما میون کتاب باشید. انگار که همه چیز رو فراموش کنید و حتی متوجه گذر زمان توی دنی [...]

    Petya Kokudeva
    В една любима книга - The Gift - авторът Lewis Hyde казва така: “Прекосяването на мистерия винаги освежава. Ако, докато работите, можете поне веднъж на ден да се натъкнете на лицето на някоя мистерия, работенето ще си е заслужавало.” Шон Тан е именно енигматик. Преди години, когато за [...]

    Johara Almogbel
    There's something about Shaun Tan's books that are so ethereal and otherworldly it's like sitting at the edge of a very high cliff and quietly watching the clouds as they move past your feet. Tales from Outer Suburbia is no different, and it's like I want to absorb the book into my skin. That sounds weird. I can't explain it. I just want to. So very obviously definitely recommended.

    হাঁটুপানির জলদস্যু
    চমৎকার সব গল্প। খুব ভালো লেগেছে "এরিক", "ব্রোকেন টয়জ", "ডিসট‍্যান্ট রেইন", "গ্র‍্যান্ডপা'জ স্টোরি", "স্টিক ফিগারস"।ছবিকে গল্পের অংশ করে তোলার ব‍্যাপারটা খুব পছন্দ হয়েছে, নইলে চার তারা দিতাম।সহ [...]

    Четвъртата звезда е заради арта и безкрайно красивото оформление на изданието. От самите приказки честно казано очаквах повече. Личи си, че са писани допълнително към самите илюстрации и някои от тях ми стояха като мънички кръпки, развяващи се след рисунките. Най-много ми х [...]

    Weird and wonderful. Loved every story, a few stand outs were Eric, No Other Country, and Make Your Own Pet, they were so strange and imaginative.

    Maggie Stiefvater
    In the spirit of honesty, I have to admit that I was already biased to like this book because of my intense love for Shaun Tan's The Arrival. I was hoping this book, which unlike the wordless THE ARRIVAL pairs words and art, would live up to his previous work. The answer is an unabashed yes. Inside TALES FROM OUTER SUBURBIA is a collection of related short stories that explore the absurdity, sadness, and joy of suburban life (in this case, Australian suburban life). As always, Tan's art is fille [...]

    Asya Pavlova
    като приказка за лека нощ

    Gergana Dimitrova
    Поезия от крайните кварталиЧетенето задоволява всички сетива. Поне на някои книги. Слушаш шума от разгръщането на страниците, усещаш миризмата на хартията и мастилото, докосваш корицата и пръстите ти проследяват лекото изпъкване на лака, разположен върху заглавието и няк [...]

    Markku Kesti
    Ehkä neljä tähteä. Vaikea sanoa. Välillä viiden tähden helmiä ja hienoja kuvituksia ja näppäriä taittoratkaisuja. Välillä vain outoja juttuja. Tai sitten jotain ihan muuta. Sopii yhtä huonosti viiden vanhalle kuin happiteltassa makaavalle ikivanhukselle. Aikuisille kirjoitettu lastenkirja tai lapsille kirjoitettu aikuisten kirja. Typerä, mutta ihastuttava. Pönttö, mutta näppärä. Omituinen, mutta liikuttava. Kummallinen, mutta epäpersumainen. Ei mitään tolkkua kenelle täm [...]

    این هم مثل سایر کتاب های شان تن عالی بود. این کتاب مجموعه داستان بود. بعضی از داستان هاش فوق العاده بودن. بعضی هاشون معمولی تر بودن. ولی همه شون، اون حس و حال عجیب و غریب مخصوص شان تن رو داشتن.نکته ی مهم راجع به این کتاب اینه که این، به خلاف دو کتاب دیگه ای که ازش خوندم (The Rabbits و Arrival [...]

    Тези 15 кратки разказа не подлежат на еднозначно дешифриране. Те се разпадат и следват собствена логика, собствена стълбица на смисъла.Това, същото това съзнание, което доскоро е било отстоянието от света, собствената мяра за нещата, рухва и се възражда като фрагмент от нещо [...]

    Фантастично илюстрирана и невероятно разказана.

    S. Wilson
    To say that Shaun Tan has switched gears with his newest book is an understatement. Tales from Outer Suburbia differs from The Arrival as greatly as Maus differs from Mars Needs Moms. Tan has shifted from a silent and captivating depiction of the displacement and wonder felt by a family of immigrants, to a collection of endearing short stories about the bizarre happenings in a quaint little town. The good news is that neither the art nor storytelling has suffered from the transition. The art is [...]

    Aneliya Petrunova
    Шон Тан е за деца.Шон Тан е за възрастни.Шон Тан е магия.Шон Тан е красота.Шон Тан е поезия.Шон Тан те изстрелва в детството и не ти се излиза оттам. Гледаш и четеш, четеш и гледаш, смееш се, затваряш очи, спомняш си, става ти мило."Приказки от крайните квартали" е шедьовър, който [...]

    This will be a book I will fondly come back to again and again. This will be a book I will gladly re-read with my children. This is a beautiful collection of little stories and illustrations, they compliment each other. I instantly recognised the world of Outer Suburbia. This book reminded me of long quiet afternoons. When our parents were away at work and we got back from school. This was the kind of world my brother and I inhabited in those hours. Thanks to the author and the people who helped [...]

    Jigar Brahmbhatt
    Out of all these surreal, sleepy tales "Stick Figures" was the most affecting to me. It appeals to the humane sensitivity of the reader, where in a single stroke of imaginative manipulation another layer of meaning is overlay-ed on what has surpassed. Good stories don't just pay off, they deepen the mystery.

    Шарен свят, хубави думи и необхватни илюстрации! Гледаш рисунките и откриваш толкова много детайли! Уж четеш съвсем реални истории, а неусетно се пренасяш в приказни сюжети. Чудесна е и със сигурност е за повече от едно четене :)

    Aslı Can
    Çizimleri de hikâyeleri de çok güzel çok tatlı. Pembe-mavi bulutlarda uçuyorum :)Kitapçıda okudum ama bu kitabın kitaplığımda da olmasını istiyorum, payam oyunca ayıcam.

    Jackie "the Librarian"
    I really liked this one, but not everyone will. The tales are the epitome of quirky, with secret poetry gathering like a snowball into an enormous ball in the sky, leaf-like exchange students, and instructions on making your own pet. I liked visiting this strange, enchanting world, where water buffalos point you in the right direction. In one story (chosen at random), a dugong just APPEARS on the lawn of number 17, where before all anyone noticed was all the shouting and crashing going on inside [...]

    this was just okay for me. i never fully "get" these types of books. i mean, i understood the stories but i didn't really feel moved or wowed by any of them. the artwork was nice. i really liked the story called "eric" about the foreign exchange student who was some sort of leaf or something, not really sure. but he was adorable and lived in the pantry because he was so small and he was fascinated by bottle caps and buttons. ♥ he was precious and i loved the illustration of his gift that he le [...]

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