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  • Title: Sex & Secrets
  • Author: Jani Kay
  • ISBN: 9781524206260
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook

  • FORBIDDEN NEVER TASTED SO SWEET Montana I m a lucky girl.Levi Sinclair Barrington the third and I have an exclusive agreement Three nights a week No , no less.It s uncomplicated with no strings attached Exactly what I need because my career comes first I ve worked my ass off to get to the top, and my five year plan is well on track.I ve vowed never to get emotionaFORBIDDEN NEVER TASTED SO SWEET Montana I m a lucky girl.Levi Sinclair Barrington the third and I have an exclusive agreement Three nights a week No , no less.It s uncomplicated with no strings attached Exactly what I need because my career comes first I ve worked my ass off to get to the top, and my five year plan is well on track.I ve vowed never to get emotionally attached to a man It just can t happen or else the secrets of my past will come back to haunt me.There is one twist though Levi and I work for competing companies and it s a recipe for disaster if we get discovered.Our friends with benefits agreement has to stay a secret Nobody can ever find out.Levi I work hard and I play harder It comes with the territory of being the heir to a billion dollar empire I m used to getting what I want and nobody denies me.Except Montana Marx, the sassy executive who works for our biggest rival.I have her in my bed three nights a week We have a good thing going All the benefits of being in a relationship minus the bullshit.Until it isn t enough.I want Much than she wants to give STANDALONE.Adult content suitable for 18 Language and sexual situations.
    Jani Kay
    Jani KayJani is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else s eyes.Besides reading, her favorite thing is traveling she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things Her hobby Scrapbooking keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are her family and her travels.Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to write stories about people, about their lives and loves Relationships and Happiness arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet exactly what everyone ultimately desires in her humble opinion.She would love to hear from you, please email her at janikaybooks gmail

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    Laura- BookBistroBlog
    What a good standalone that flows at a quick pace. Montana and Levi are two career driven individuals, they both value their careers. When the opportunity arises for them to become F*ck Buddies, nothing more, nothing less How can either say no. Focus on becoming even more successful and spend 3 evenings satisfying your sexual needs. Although Montana comes from a little town and had nothing growing up, she also has a secret she is hiding from everyone Levi, born and raised in wealth, ready to tak [...]

    Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥
    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Title: Sex & SecretsAuthor: Jani KayCategory: Contemporary RomancePOV: Dual POVCharacters: 4Plot: 4Scorching Level: 4HEA: Not tellingI love Jani Kay's writing! This book was sexy and very entertaining, full of secrets and interesting characters.Montana is a woman with a secret past and she is having a secret affair with Levi who works in a competing company. Their affair is based on sex and their no strings attached relationship is perfec [...]

    Holy Shit does Jani Kay amp up the dirty talk and filthy moves in Sex & Secrets, and believe me, Montana and Levi's story lives up to its name and then some. SexWho wouldn't want an exclusive three nights a week fuck buddy to satisfy one's inner whore and one's Monster? On paper and even from their own mouths, Montana and Levi seem like the perfect match - both are career driven and don't have time or a need for a messy relationship. They satisfy each other's sex drive and fulfill their need [...]

    3.25***This story started off strong. The characters Montana and Levi were in agreement to be f**k buddies and nothing more. They had 3 nights a week planned for their time together. Both at the beginning agreed no emotions, no sleepovers etc etc the books starts a year into their hookups where Levi is starting to blur the lines in wanting more.Both worked for rival companies that would on occasion do board meetings so their time together behind closed doors had to be kept a secret.Written in du [...]

    Royal Lioness
    It starts with sex, and there is lots of it. Montana and Levi are business people first, f**k buddies second. Nothing and no one comes before their careers. However, they are on the down low. This is the first secret. Then someone threatens to expose her secret. I liked how the suspense was upped. The secrets kept give the story depth. Montana has a bigger secret that she has kept so long that it is interfering with her relationship with Levi. Montana is independent and determined to make it on [...]

    Sexy! Breathtaking! Beautifully Written! WOW! I am a huge Jani Kay fan and I love every one of her books. Jani's writing has a way of pulling you into her story and this exactly what this book will do the moment you starting reading it.Sex & Secrets is a book that will leave you breathless. You will fall in love all over again with Jani and her amazing writing.The title for this book is perfect just like the story-line. The sex scenes are beautifully written and HOT!! The characters are flaw [...]

    BETA READThis new standalone from Jani Kay is a very well written read that flows, contains a brilliant story line that has enough twists and turns to keep you gripped throughout. Have I mention the sexual chemistry is off the charts then again I would be happy with a 12" monster to keep me warm at night!.Montana and Levi are the two main characters, both are strong leads, work alcoholic's with a healthy sexual appetite but have no time for relationships outside the bedroom.They work for rival c [...]

    Kodie Mackay
    I'm not sure how I'm feeling with this one Great story line and great chemistry between the characters, funny as hell side characters but hella angsty and shit loads of push and pull. I'm going to come back to this when iv gathered my thoughts.

    Karen - Kazza's Books Blog and Reviews
    This is a fast paced, Insta love read. Montana and Levi are two workaholics and team up as ****buddies. They have no time for relationships, marriage, kids the whole nine yards. Everything is fine until it isn't any more. Jani Kay has pulled out all the stops with this book. The sex is HOT and the two main characters can't seem to get enough of each other. So if you like it hot and steamy then this is for you

    In Sex & Secrets by Jani Kay we meet Montana Marx and Levi Sinclair Barrington. Both busy professionals on track to meeting all their professional goals. Too busy to invest in relationships and everything that goes with it, they decide an exclusive friends with benefits agreement is just what they needed. And for almost a year, it worked great. Three nights a week, no commitment and no strings. Just enjoying each other and then walking away. The only problem? They work for competing companie [...]

    SeraphimBook Reviews
    I hadnt realised how much I had missed Jani Kay until I was reading Sex & Secrets. I love that she never fails to deliver hot, passionate couples who thrive on drama and this offering is no different.Montana & Levi are two high powered business professionals, working for rivals companies by day and sharing a bed at night. They're legitimate "Fuck Buddies" and they're hot together. However Montana isnt up for commitment and when their relationship is found out, professional misconduct is [...]

    Levi and Montana were refreshing! I enjoyed how their journey instantly began with their friends with benefits arrangement. Montana (Monty) is one strong, independent and beautiful heroine with strong convictions as well as deeply hidden insecurities that she's learned to mask from everyone. Levi is a handsome, strong, wealthy, sexy, hot, compassionate man. Both entered into their arrangement wanting nothing else but 3 days out of the week of strictly sex, no sleepovers and no talk of anything p [...]

    Now I Read Book Blog
    I am a hug fan of Jani Kay . So as soon as I see this book I knew I had to read it. This book was even more amazing than I even thought it was going to be.This book had me hooked by the end of the second page . I could not put this book down for the life of me. This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the every start and all the way until the end. As I read this book I lost track of time.If this book got any hotter this book would combust . This book is full of so much sexual chemistry that [...]

    Melissa Jones
    This new standalone novel by Jani Kay is perfectly titled, Sex & Secretsere is lots of both sex and secrets that will have you fanning yourself while hoping that your kindle doesn't melt from the extreme hotness and have your jaw on the floor when all the secrets are revealed! Montana Marx and Levi Barrington are at the top of their careers at competing companies where there are strict rules against fraternizing with the competition but these two are magnetic forces that are not to be denied [...]

    Please check out my 5 star review right heretrinastantilisingtidbitssI was asked by Jani to read/review this book for her, and it is absolutely awesome, so awesome in fact that I cannot wait to read more from Jani.If you like a book, with the T's crossed and the I's dotted this book is not for you, it is definitely an R18, it contains all the things we women look for in a book, explicit nature, delicious guys, fancy things, glamorous lifestyles, expensive cars, board room encounters, secrets gal [...]

    Brandy Castenada
    Sex & Secrets by Jani Kay was a first time read for me. Jani Kay did a great job writing this story; it captivated my attention right away from start to finish. Every chapter drew me in more than the previous. The characters in this story were easy to like. Sex & Secrets is a Contemporary Romance book, and can be read as a standalone read. In Sex & Secrets you will meet Montana Marx and Levi Sinclair Barrington. Both busy professionals on track to meeting all their professional goals [...]

    Belinda Donaldson
    *was gifted this book for a honest review*What can I say about this bookESOME, HOT, HEARTBREAKING, HOT, SWEET, HOT, AMAZING AND DID I MENTION HOT.Jani Kay has written such a beautiful story involving Montana and Levi.Lately I have been getting really annoyed with female drama in books (you know does he love? why doesnt he love me? I mad that he slept with someone 5 years before he even met me blah blah blah)Well there is none of that is Sex & Secrets. Montana is a head strong woman who is de [...]

    Caroline F
    “It hit me in the gut. Finally, it all made sense – all these strange feelings I’d been having lately. Montana was meant to be mine…my partner for life.”Oh, this novel was hawt!!! Montana has fought hard to get to where she is now. She left behind her troubled past and remade herself into someone desirable and successful. She has no time for serious relationships. So her sex-only arrangement with Levi is perfect.Levi has no time for serious commitments and he’s more than pleased to f [...]

    Jennifer Guffey
    S*x and Secrets: Alpha BillionaireBy: Jani Kay4/5 starsMontana & Levi are fierce competitors in the business world working for companies that have been competitors for years. They have their employees sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements because they have to be concerned about corporate spies. They have explosive chemistry in the board room when they are going head to head which transfers directly to their friends with benefits arrangement in the bedroom.Montana & Levi have had [...]

    OMG i have just finished this book and i'm still trying to catch my breath!!! It was everything a reader needs in a book Two amazing main characters, a brilliant story with an amazing flow, and wow sex that will blow your mind, oh a we can't forget His 12" monster c***!!!Montana lives for her work, nothing will interupt her determination, including relationships! So her 'f*** buddy' relationship she has with Levi is perfect! 3 nights a week spent with him and his monster is all she needs Or is i [...]

    Linda Wager
    There is nothing like a Jani Kay book.Montana's past is like a closet full of monsters in the middle of the night. She's had to protect herself by erecting huge walls around herself to keep the bad stuff out and her heart protected. Years of school and hard work put her high up on the corporat ladder, and she likes where she is. Everything is precise, structured and exactly where it should be in her life.The one allowance she gives herself is Levi. He's the cream in her coffee, the one person al [...]

    Love this storyMontana and Levi have an arrangement and it works great for them bothThey both have everything they need and this arrangement makes it possible for them to be free together and relive stress so to speak.Montana and Levi work in the same field but in different companies and if their arrangement get discovered they could both lose their job and reputationbut it's so worth it!Montana has a secret and a past that affect her stillbut as it goes the past won't leave her aloneI love Mont [...]

    This is a New standalone novel by Jani Kay and is perfectly titled, Sex & Secrets.Because Hot Holy Hotness is there lots of both sex and secrets that will have you fanning yourself while hoping that your kindle and knickers don't melt from the extreme hotness!! and add to that having your jaw hit the floor when all the secrets are revealed!!! Levi is all Alpha Male but Montana is head strong knows what she wants and won't be a push over. Levi has to fight for her, which is why I loved the tw [...]

    Wednesday Stanley
    This is a new stand alone for author Jani Kay. And I have to say that the description of this story is really what caught my attention and made me want to read it. I will say this book was full of hotness and secrets. Montana was an interesting character to me. She definitely had her own secrets. She had been working on making her own way for the past three years. She's kind of set in her ways. She knows what she wants and she's not going to let anyone deter her from it.I liked Levi. He had plan [...]

    Sandi Neace
    This book has a little bit of everything. Sex, secrets, scandal, intrigue, love and an amazingly unexpected twist thrown in. The NSA relationship definetely sounds good in the beginning to Montana and Levi but karma has her own agenda. The sins of the past can and does makes us prisoners of our own internal prison. Surviving presents its own struggles. Then an "unusual" and unwanted admirer becomes known and really turns things upside down. But Levi knows what he wants and will stop at nothing t [...]

    Warning: Please don't subject yourself to this book if you can't handle lots of hot, explicit sex. After all, it is in the title, and I always deliver on my promises. *wink*OH MY!!! I knew I was in for it when I read that warning!!!! A brand new stand alone book by Jani Kay that will knock your socks off? Nothing can make my day better!!!! I absolutely love her books. And this one, WOW!!! There are so many twists and turns in this book one could be forgiven for feeling like they had just stepped [...]

    Rady Reads
    The blurb is wicked! Can't wait to read it ❤update from April 27thOMG this book was amazing! Montana is very respected in board rooms. She always felt self confident in this business world full of men. Because of her promise and her past she doesn't date. She loves the arrangement she'd got with him.Levi is wealthy and just as successful as Montana. He also loves their pact until one day it's not enough. The very problem is they are employed by rival companies and when their secret would come [...]

    Raylene Green
    ****Received a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review.****I was slow to get into this book. At first, it seemed like a whole lot of sex (look at that name!!), and some of the nicknames (er, monster perhaps?) threw me off of my reading game. After I gave it a chance though, man oh man, was I surprised!! Lord have mercy I was threw for a curve ball when I got so far into it!! You got to have respect for Montanae gets where she is by hard work and it was earned and the same goes for Le [...]

    Michele Mckenzie
    I have yet to read anything by Jani that I can't give five stars too and yet again she doesn't disappointRyder is holding on to his top spot in my little corner of Jani Kay's alpha males in my heart but Levi may very well just knock him off his top spot!Montana and Levi. Business rivals and each of them a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom but in the bedroom they rock each other's worlds. In secret. An arrangement that they are not but f*ck buddies, no sleepovers, no sharing of their per [...]

    Friends with benefits(can't swear in reviews) are great until you start to fall for your partner. I love the take on this book because usually it's the female that starts to fall but Levi is a man who knows what he wants. Montana's past is the reason for her keeping things simple. Secrets have a way of hurting your future if you let it consume your every waking moment. Sometimes you need to take a chance, follow your heart and leave your head out of your choices. If you like hot sex, drama, and [...]

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