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  • Title: The Ruby Prince
  • Author: Beth Brower
  • ISBN: 9780842529914
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

  • THE CITY OF ZARBADAST WAS A DRAGON SLEEPING IN ITS OWN EMBERS.Queen Eleanor s gambit worked Aemogen, for now, has been spared from the ruthless Imirillian army But Eleanor is still a captive, and Prince Basal is taking her into the North As Eleanor is swept through the deserts of Imirillia to the magnificent city of Zarbadast, she begins to understand the contradictionsTHE CITY OF ZARBADAST WAS A DRAGON SLEEPING IN ITS OWN EMBERS.Queen Eleanor s gambit worked Aemogen, for now, has been spared from the ruthless Imirillian army But Eleanor is still a captive, and Prince Basal is taking her into the North As Eleanor is swept through the deserts of Imirillia to the magnificent city of Zarbadast, she begins to understand the contradictions Basal must negotiate beneath the reign of the sadistic Emperor Shaamil.Having returned home, Prince Basal again finds himself at war with his own conscience Under the scrutiny of his father, the pressure of his brothers, and a fierce loyalty to his own people, Basal doubts his ability to fulfill his impossible promise to Aedon to help Eleanor escape In a rich telling of culture, ritual, and choice, The Ruby Prince draws on the complexity of what honor means to both Eleanor and Basal, who find themselves together, yet set against one another, in the enigmatic court of Zarbadast.
    Beth Brower
    Like many of my siblings, I would sneak out of bed, slip into the hallway, and pull my favorite books from the book closet I read my way through the bottom shelf, then the next shelf up, and the shelf above that, until I could climb to the very top shelf, stacked two layers deep and two layers high, and read the titles of the classics My desire to create stories grew as I was learning to read them Subsequently, I spent my time scribbling in notebooks rather than listening to math lectures at school.I graduated with a degree in literary studies, and have spent several years working on the novels that keep pounding on the doors of my mind, as none of my characters are very patient to wait their turn I currently live in Orem, Utah, with my wonderful chemist husband, and books in every room of the house.

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    "The Ruby Prince" picks up right where "The Queen's Gambit" left us, with our beloved hero and heroine facing insurmountable dangers from the adversarial empire (and it's maniacal emperor) of Imirillia. They are both truly in a "damned if they do and damned if they don't " situation. Putting them both at the most risk, however, is their growing affection, respect, and love for each other. This book broke my heart into SO many pieces, and yet it is such a lovely story of two people with really bi [...]

    I loved it. Amazeballs.

    Enjoyable second book! Looking forward to last in trilogy!

    Loved!!! Even better than the first in the series!

    If I was to do an alternative book report on this book it would be to divide the book into sections and choose music to represent each part. I would start with the first part of the book, the journey from Marion to Zarbadast. The song I would choose for this journey would be: Tempus Vernum by Enya. Next would be the arrival at Zarbadast and the events thereafter: Jami's Song by Aaron Murdock. They next section would be Eleanor's engagement to Basaal: Written in the Stars from the musical Aida. F [...]

    Following Beth Brower’s first book, The Queen’s Gambit, this second book of the series, The Ruby Prince, transports readers into the heart of the Imirillion Empire, the capital city of Zarbadast. This is another vividly evoked setting with its own unique culture, customs, and architecture. I especially enjoyed Brower’s attention to detail in scenes where readers join Eleanor in the experience of drinking in the vivid, ornate details of her beautiful surroundings.I love how Brower’s writi [...]

    Rob K
    The 2nd book in a trilogy is a tricky position for the reader and the author alike. It is very easy to use it as just a bridge to get from the 1st book to the 3rd. Often the author will spend too much time on characterization and not enough on moving the plot forward. Beth Brower did not fall into this category at all! I was just as enchanted with this installment as I was with the last. Her characters are developing while they are moving the plot forward at a steady pace. I find myself falling [...]

    I love Zarbadast! I love the characters in this book. I love how the ruby prince loves his home and his people. I love seeing his relationship with his brothers and father. I love seeing Eleanor and Basaal's love transform and grow. I loved this book!

    Julie Bird
    This was so well done! I was completely immersed in this story and felt like I was there. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes clever, always beautifully written!

    2nd book in series. This one I couldn't put down. It's been a while since I read anything that I really wanted to sneak away and do nothing but read, and found myself thinking about when I wasn't reading. Still love the characters, exciting story, and great presentation of difficult situations and choices. I could find a few details to criticize, but no need. Loved it. Making myself wait a day before I start book 3.

    Oh what a prince he is, for his price is far more than rubies. I loved seeing Basaal in his own lands and they were described so well I could almost smell the cinnamon. These two stubborn royals are so in love but they can't bring themselves to be together.

    I liked The Ruby Prince.  I learned more about Imrillia, but I’m not sure I truly learned more about Eleanor and Basaal.  Both characters seemed static.  I am curious, though, to see what happens next.

    What I Liked:-Side characters-in the first book we were introduced to Eleanor's council. In this book, we're introduced to Basaal's brothers and father. I really liked how Brower humanized his father. I like antagonists that aren't just one-sided.-Zarbadast. What a great city! You're introduced to it after a sandstorm scene, and it really gives you the sense of it being a desert city. Totally different from Aemogen.What I Didn't Like:-The escape plot. I wish we could have seen more thought into [...]

    This story felt more comfortable in Zarbadast and I was certainly more charmed by it than Aemogen. I really liked that we were able to see some of Basaal's history/side here, but felt Eleanor's plans near the end needed more substance (view spoiler)[ I get that she wants to help her country to her last breath, but her actual presence shouldn't be the tipping point.ough I can't wait to see how the next book will prove me wrong! I would have liked to see her work through some further strategic ang [...]

    Fake Marriage but False HopesTwo worlds of different customs and values clash as their leaders give up love for country. I love the heroine's wit and ingenuity, her grit and fortitude. I see both hero and heroine struggle to fulfill duty to country over personal feelings, but hope somehow they can live happily ever after in the next book.

    Brian Kramp
    Interesting, intellectual book on Kindle Unlimited. Part 2 of a series that has surprisingly captured my interest, despite having almost no action. It doesn't feel particularly believable, but I'm enjoying the interaction between the 2 main characters. Resembles Lord of the Rings, down to the way the 2nd book ends with no ending

    Again, the second book is as good as the firstjust a different nation and trials. What is remarkable is that the characters go through so much and still show compassion and kindness to others. Always a good thing.

    4.5 Stars Beautifully written!As book two begins, we are taken into Basaal's world where manipulation and deception must be carefully managed. Eleanor is a prisoner and a pawn in the game Basaal must play to appease those who suspect betrayal.Eleanor's relationship with the Prince is tenuous as they begin their long journey to Zarbadast. Mistrust and anger is softened as they are forced to play out the farce of deception in order to keep Eleanor safe. As they finally reach the outskirts of Basaa [...]

    • Best Download [Beth Brower] ô The Ruby Prince || [Ebooks Book] PDF ê
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