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  • Title: The Secret Of The Druids
  • Author: Christopher C. Doyle
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  • 55 B.C 54 B.C Julius Caesar invades Britain twice only to leave empty handed 60 A.D The Romans single mindedly target the extermination of the Druids and the destruction of their sacred sites What fear drives them to do so PRESENT DAY Who were the Druids Were they priests or astronomers Scientists or sorcerers What is the ancient and terrifying secret from t55 B.C 54 B.C Julius Caesar invades Britain twice only to leave empty handed 60 A.D The Romans single mindedly target the extermination of the Druids and the destruction of their sacred sites What fear drives them to do so PRESENT DAY Who were the Druids Were they priests or astronomers Scientists or sorcerers What is the ancient and terrifying secret from the Mahabharata that links the megalithic sites of Britain to the Druids, Julius Caesar and a mysterious Queen who lived 4000 years ago These are the riddles that Vijay Singh and the task force must answer if they are to save the world from a fate worse than death But time is running out Explore the science behind the Mahabharata in this explosive thriller packed with action, puzzles and mysteries from the past.
    Christopher C. Doyle
    Christopher C Doyle pursued a career in the corporate world, graduating from St Stephens College, Delhi with a degree in Economics and studying business management at IIM Calcutta He now helps companies to grow profitably and sustainably.He is also a musician and lives his passion for music through his band called Mid Life Crisis which plays classic rock.

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    Leena Varghese
    ‘I realised that people weren’t going to easily give up beliefs instilled in them through long years of indoctrination in schools, even if those beliefs were not backed by data and evidence. And it is going to be a long time before people start realising, on a large scale, that absence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of absence.’ -The Secret of the Druids by CHRISTOPHER DOYLEYou know when a writer has done a good job with a book when you begin to wish that the events happening in the b [...]

    Aarushi Bhagat
    Ever since I read The Mahabharata Secret, I've been a fan of Christopher C. Doyle's work, eagerly looking forward to the next book or the next part of the puzzle. The Mahabharata Secret was an action filled debut, followed by The Mahabharata Quest- The Alexander Secret that really set the tone of mystery to the series. There were some questions that were left unanswered or just lingered in the back of your head, simply wondering about the fate of certain characters of this gripping series of boo [...]

    "Very Well Researched."The book, i must say, comes after some incredible research into the Babylonian, Indian, Celtic and Roman history. While the previous book, "The Alexander Secret" was based on a secret mentioned in the 'Mahabharata' which to many of us Indians itself is a myth this one was better off with some relatable history of the romans and the brits. It talks about a historical period of time and players (read:Druids;Celts and Romans) i'm not much aware of, hence the interest.However, [...]

    Read this one only because I really liked the first book in the series and wanted to see how the story moved forward. Really not a fan of 'forcibly' complicated mysteries and multiple plot lines. But the research and the creativity deserve a special mention.

    Ayan Dutta
    Not the best book by the author if you go by the reviews , you would be disappointedwondering if the existing reviewers really read this book !!

    Preethi Venugopala
    As interesting as the earlier books. I liked it that the author roamed along previously unexplored territories. I felt like a co-conspirator as I could deduce what they would unearth in the end. I was right about even the name and purpose it was used.

    Sonali Mukhopadhyay
    The series starting from the Alexander's secret is definitely a good thriller. The link between the mythology, history and the archeological excavations sites is portrayed well with imaginative hypotheses. The narrative is thrilling and at times seems to be scripts of Hollywood movies. Definitely an interesting concoction of past and present.

    Solomon Manoj
    Note: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.The Secret of the Druids is the Book 2 of the Mahabharata Quest Series. Though I haven’t read the first book, I had no difficulty in following the story line as the Author has briefed about the events of the first book which is highly appreciated.Christopher C Doyle weaves a wonderful story with the right proportion Mythology, technology and history. The author has taken efforts to research on the subjects and it shows. [...]

    Plot.My major takeaway from this book was the main theme of Druids, and a few other legends mentioned as well. Very similar to Dan Brown's style of referring to myths and legends and deriving a story out of the mystery and fascination behind these legends, I was quite hooked into the story only because I wanted to know more. My knowledge in history/myths/legends is limited, and this book did well to quench the thirst to know more. Also, being one of the greatest mysteries of all ages, how can on [...]

    After reading the first part of this series, my expectations from this book was too high. I'm sorry to say that this book didn't climb that high. Specially, the Western history is bit confusing.Anyway, the story gets interesting once you understand who is who and how they are related. I think, because of poor story, it will force the reader to read most content twice.

    Saptarshi Ghosh
    With full of historical reference and connections between ancient myths and legends from Stone Age and Vedic Period to The Roman Empire,The Secret of the Druids provides a brilliant plot as the 2nd book of the Mahabharata Quest Series.While i really enjoyed the way all the diverse historical events and myths,ranging from Vedic period Devas and Rakshashas to Mahabharata,Brahmins of India,Druids and Celtic cultures,Stone Henge,Assyrian Goddess and Julius Ceaser were connected together through a si [...]

    Lekshmy Ravi
    Appreciate the amount of research which has gone into the book but still found it a bit bland when compared to the mahabharata (quest and secret) and too stuffed with facts. The story of Radha runs into a dead end !, would really like to know what happens with her , Sometimes the book does seem in a hurry as it doesnt dwell upon some of the characters. Would have been nice to have a back story on Dee.Overall decent read

    Jennifer Wright
    Not as fulfillingDoyle doesn't secure the 4-5 star book rating on this one. His previous books in the series had the ability to draw you in and keep you enticed to read more. This one leaves the reader lacking that drive to continue to read on. While I appreciate all the research and valuable historical information Doyle pours into his books, this one was lackluster.Look forward to reading the next book

    Manish Singh
    This is one of the most disappointing books I have read in a long time. This book has been wrongly projected as a sequel to Alexander's Secret. But except the characters there's no link to the story. Infact the current story also ends abruptly. Left me aching over why I went on reading this absurd series. Although the theme was promising and had good mix of fact and fiction but never came to a proper conclusion. The current book was the most boring of the series. Hugely Disappointed.

    Enjoyed the series thoroughly. Understandably, a lot of research was done by the author. And the way he weaved his research and created a good fiction out of it appreciable. All the books of the series have been equally gripping and value for money. One should stop comparing the genre and set up with that of Dan Brown's and enjoy this for its sheer entertainment.

    Sagnik Sengupta
    Scottish Mythology meets with Roman mythology meets with Indian mythology. A big salute to the author.To be honest was a bit sceptical in the beginning as I thought the the book with suffer character overload due to it's multi myth background but the balance provided by the author is superb.Must read

    Sangita Sinha
    An enjoyable well paced read in dan brown style. Kings of the west and priests of the east hiding a centuries old secret mentioned in ancient old scriptures. Mahabharata and Danavas connection is a little weak but still a worthy read. Ending is a surprise and tackled much better than in his previous one. End notes are also very interesting.

    A Great combination of science, Historical fiction with a great gripping storyline! Thrilled!The scientific concept merged seamlessly with history and Depiction with great storyline is a great article of Christopher. Waiting for more!

    Nitin Somkuwar
    Engrossing book! Really a a well research and connectiond being established with the history and the mythological characters and their articles and weapons. The scientific evidence of the mythological arsenals. Great read.

    satyajit tillu
    Written with great knowledge the only thing i didn't liked that there is no flow in writing, same thing written by changing sentences just to increase the pages. But overall it is good book to read. Thanks Doyle for studying mythology and giving us new angle to see it.

    A nice workA nice work by the Author and his team in blending of fact and fiction. Indeed it is one of the masterpieces.

    pamela boseman
    The secret of the druidsI enjoyed this book. Hopefully I will be reading more from this author this was a interesting book .I loved the info on resonance and light and sound.

    Aditya Dwivedi
    Good story but totally fictional.

    Jayashree VJ
    facinatingConnecting stories of different time period. Facts and fiction combined in logical way. Very informative and lots of interesting facts

    Excellentquite a page-turner

    Sahil Pradhan
    perfect combination of science and myth with twists and turns of mystery and secrets.

    Sachin Kamboj

    Bose Anirban
    liked it.but it was a little boring towards the end

    Srinivasan Tatachari
    Disclaimer: I received a pre-release copy of this book as a winner from the Quest Club - this may have biased my views a bit :)This is the second book that I am reading of Christopher (not counting the novella - "the secret revealed" that I read online on the Quest Club website!). To summarize my thoughts on completion of the book: Hats off to Christopher for an intricate weaving of fact and fiction to provide a captivating adventure. I had started the Book 1 (prequel to ‘secret of druids’) [...]

    Fast-paced, Fascinating and Fantastic!!Needless to say, Christopher's books are full of thrill and excitement. These are the perfect products for history buffs and puzzle lovers. The story revolves around "The Secret of the druids" as the title says of the book. And as always, our partner in thrill Vijay and his team, search for one more ancient and terrifying secret hidden in the sites of Britain. As Vijay, Colin, Alice and Dr. Shukla begin to solve bizarre riddles in this brainy thriller, it p [...]

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