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  • Title: Captain America: Sam Wilson, Volume 2: Standoff
  • Author: Nick Spencer Daniel Acuña
  • ISBN: 9780785196419
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback

  • For years, across two eras, Steve Rogers wielded his red, white and blue shield against unspeakable odds For a time when he fell, his brother in arms Bucky Barnes picked it up And when it was time to rest for good, Steve handed it to his friend Sam Wilson Now all three men who were and are Captain America must unite for a heroic Standoff with the evil that lurks in PleaFor years, across two eras, Steve Rogers wielded his red, white and blue shield against unspeakable odds For a time when he fell, his brother in arms Bucky Barnes picked it up And when it was time to rest for good, Steve handed it to his friend Sam Wilson Now all three men who were and are Captain America must unite for a heroic Standoff with the evil that lurks in Pleasant Hill It s a tale of Caps past and present, 75 years in the making And if Sam gets out of it alive, shield still in hand, he ll face the Americops, who have their own definition of law and order Whatcha gonna do when they come for you Plus stories celebrating the legacy and legend of Captain America throughout history Collecting Captain America Sam Wilson 7 8, Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha, Omega
    Nick Spencer Daniel Acuña
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Nick Spencer is a comic book writer known for his creator owned titles at Image Comics Existence 2.0 3.0, Forgetless, Shuddertown, Morning Glories , his work at DC Comics Action Comics, T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents , and for his current work at Marvel Comics Iron Man 2.0, Ultimate Comics X Men.


    Sam Quixote
    The second volume of Sam Wilson: The Worst Captain America is entirely filled with the even crummier Avengers Standoff event. Pleasant Hill is a seemingly-idyllic 1950s-style American small town – but something’s not right. Beneath its sunny exterior lies a dark secret – and Sam Wilson’s gonna find out what it is!I won’t spoil what Pleasant Hill really is but it’s pretty underwhelming stuff and a really weak set-up for any story longer than three issues. It doesn’t have the most nu [...]

    James DeSantis
    Well I can say I enjoyed this more than the last volumeever, I didn't like the last one very much. I thought it was just WAY too silly. This volume decides to mix it up with Standoff. What's that? The big event of the summer! That's what it says. Basically there's a little girl who is the cosmic cube and she is a bitunhinged. So when villains try to hunt for her, and heroes go after her, shit goes down! DUH! This volume focuses mostly on Sam and his place as Captain America. On the side we have [...]

    Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]If you want to read the Avengers: Standoff storyline, then I'd recommend buying this collection rather than the oversized hardcover. That hardcover gives you all the tie-ins, but they're so superfluous for the most part that you'd be better off just reading this, which has all the essential issues in it.These issues constitute the majority of the storyline, with the bulk of the actual story beats taking place here. The idea of Pleasant Hill is pretty solid - using a sentie [...]

    Gianfranco Mancini
    Almost all the stories here included were already released in Avengers: Standoff crossover, but was nice to re-read the story with young cap (scheduled) return (Acuna's artworks are great). The 3 Cap tribute stories were good but maybe this Captain: America Sam Wilson volume was just not their right placeIt was like a forced fill-in.

    Shannon Appelcline
    If you're looking for the spine of the Avengers: Standoff event, you don't need the Avengers: Standoff hardcover. Happily, this shorter collection has not only the beginning, the middle, and the end of the crossover, but also feels entirely coherent.I've been surprised that the event was received with such disregard. While Standoff isn't standout, this is s still a good story (though it's more a Captain America story than anything else).Yeah, the premise is kind of wonky. Maria Hill gets an all- [...]

    95% of this book is in Avengers: Standoff. I suggest getting that book instead. The only new content is 3 stand alone stories featuring Steve Rogers as Cap. They probably should have been in his new book instead.

    All of these issues are collected in AVENGERS: STANDOFF. And they are the best parts of that book. I gave AVENGERS: STANDOFF only 3 stars. But I'm loving this series. It's only of Marvel's best current titles. If you're not reading it. You ought to give it a chance.

    Why do I even bother with event comics? Ugh.

    On the 3 side of 3.5. Fun (ish) but not overly important except the aging thing and launching two new books.

    Ooh, Maria Hill is a fantastic good/bad guy. Like Amanda Waller. Makes all the hard choices "for the greater good". We all love to hate her.She's also hilarious, and every thing she says makes me laugh out loud.I really enjoyed this volume, but only gave it 4 stars since I missed Sam in this one. Yes he was there, but it wasn't really about him. I totally get it, this was a tie-in issue (apparently, "Avengers: Standoff", which I didn't know) + the 75th Anniversary of Captain America (the issue o [...]

    Better stories than the first Captain America: Sam Wilson volume, although the title seems a little misleading. Much of this volume also features Steve Rogers, plus there's the other man who carried Cap's shield: Bucky Barnes. I like Sam, Steve and Bucky a lot, so I'm not really complaining about their involvement. It's just that it might have been nice to have a little more focus on Sam, as he continues to struggle with his role.The "Pleasant Hill" (ha, ha--punny) scenario was thought-provoking [...]

    I just love a comic book that contains an entire story! Especially one with three wonderful main characters – old man Steve Rogers, Bucky, and Sam Wilson. I know that others have bemoaned Steve Rogers’ return to youthfulness as a deus ex machina, but for something as inevitable as Steve’s return, I felt like it was handled in a fairly logical and natural way.Sentient cube Kobik is a really stand-out character, and I look forward to learning more about her – I’m excited to hear that she [...]

    Zack! Empire
    I mostly enjoyed this because of the relationship between the three Captain Americas. I actually found it rather enjoyable to see Steve Bucky and Sam all acknowledging that they've been Captain America at one time or another. But the rest of the book is kind of forgettable. Did Baron Zemo always act like this? I thought he was more of a serious egotistical megalomaniac kind of a guy? He just comes off as sort of a smart-ass spoiled brat kind of guy. The characterization just seemed way off. But [...]

    Whyyyyy did a Sam Wilson as Captain America book spend so much time on Steve Rogers? I was annoyed. I could tell just from the entire tone of the book that we're heading into Steve Roger and his "hail hydra" headassness and whatever stupid war Marvel is on now.cially the last 4-5 pages of the book.Favorite part: Bucky Barnes and his corny jokes.Least favorite part: Maria Hill being trash and expecting not to be reprimanded for her wrongdoings. Needs more of: Misty Knight and her black girl magic [...]

    What a mess!! This is an example of why so am any Marvel comics are failing. This had rushed and incomplete storytelling, a plodding pace, poor characterization, too much humor at inappropriate times that tried too hard to be funny, and worst of all non existent editing. The last point is illustrated is one panel showing the outcome of events yet Steve Rogers, you know him as the star of the show since this story is the impetus for his coming back as a Hydra agent and all around bad guy who is r [...]

    This was consumed by the "Standoff" crossover event, and I really don't like crossover events. *But* I think the reason I don't like crossover events is that they can pull a comic book out of its rhythm in order to deal with the crossover event. In this case, the story of the Captains America was really the central part of the event, so I'm fine with it. The only weird part was that this story seemed less about Captain America: Sam Wilson, and more about Captain America: Steve Rogers.

    Still the modern issues-oriented and humorous storytelling, but it takes itself a little more seriously and does a good job of developing the conflict of SHIELD's over-reaching Cosmic Cube program. Kraven the Hunter using a birthday party to catch Korvic is hilarious (and still somewhat believable?).

    Daniel Butcher
    I honestly was like ughhhh, it's just the Standoff issues plus the Standoff titles. It's not going to make sense since the whole story is not here.But honestly, this as a collection does work. The material from the other tied-in titles are not needed for one to really understand what occurred and the Captain Americas roles in this incident. So very surprised.

    Mason A
    "Thomas please. I can hack anything"- side character (P. 1) The main character is Sam Wilson/Caption America what happends is a government secret project goes wrong so the advengers have to go fix the problem. the story takes place during the day in a secret town. I would reccomend this book to a friend who likes comic books. I think the major theme of this books is never stop fighting.

    Nicole Brown
    This comic is even better than the one that came before it. Beautifully drawn with an unbelievable plot this is one incredible comiccolewbrown/2017

    Derek Newman-Stille
    There are a couple of frustrating things about this volume. I really enjoyed the first Sam Wilson Captain America comic because it was focussed on Sam and was about his experiences with his identity as Captain America , but volume 2 seemed to be all about Steve Rogers. It felt a little too much like a white man usurping a black man's narrative. Sam featured only as a minor character in this collection, which was supposed to be about him. It felt like he was relegated to the side-kick role that h [...]

    Collects Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill Alpha issue #1, Captain America: Sam Wilson issues #7-8, and Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill Omega issue #1I read almost all of this content in the "Standoff" collection that includes all of the tie-ins to the story. Because all of these issues exist in that collection, and because alone these issues don't tell a full story, I'm wondering why this collection exists at all. To be fair, there was a few pages of original content with [...]

    Het tweede volume van Captain America: Sam Wilson is in principe de vertelling van Avengers: Standoff, geen hoogvlieger maar wel erg plezierig door de vele onbekende slechteriken die opduiken. Zowel Sam Wilson zelf als tekenaar Daniel Acuña komen helaas veel te weinig aan bod. Langs de andere kant is mijn appreciatie voor de originele kapitein wel aangewakkerd.

    Great seeing all three Captains America do the job in their own ways.

    Morgan (The Bookish Beagle)
    I thought Vol 1 was ok but I really enjoyed this! Sam Wilson is an awesome Captain America but there's something just plain fun about seeing him work with the other Caps. And I had heard so much about the Pleasant Hill storylines that I liked finally getting to read them. It was exciting and twisty and I want to see where Sam (and Steve's!) story goes. I'm finding that overall I just don't think I'm a comic reader as much as I want to be, but there are a few series I want to keep up with, like t [...]

    Fahim Ahmed
    Great story! Steve's return was done as well as could be expected. Overall though, I thought the Pleasant Hill story was done quite well. I've never liked Baron Zemo as a villain over the years, and even it seem out-of-characters, I appreciate the fact that Nick Spencer injects some personality in to him. Also the return of Cap's "Greatest Villain" was also done quite well, and I'm really looking forward to reading the new Steve comic. It may not be Brubaker's Cap, and to me that's my favorite C [...]

    Oh no. this isn't as Good as Remender's first trade with Sam as Captain America. It is still a fun read, and it is great to see Steve Brought back to his prime. I really don't like the way Nick Spencer handles Zemo, in this book. he seems more like a villain from The Venture Brothers, than a potentially capable leader of Hydra. I think this whole Pleasant Hills event is going to be overlooked in comics history, but I really love the stuff they are doing here with the cosmic cube and shield. I ju [...]

    Mixed bag of stories mostly settled around Pleasant Hill and the use of the cosmic cube to control a bunch of supervillains. But it also contains a great 4 page story of Steve and Natasha going to the ballet which ends with - "You dance the way you fight. No, I fight the way I dance.". The art and writing was spot on.Actually the main part of the book had a lot of moments with especially good writing. And the art was at least slightly better than typical.And Steve stopped being old.

    Loved having all the "Caps" together. I loved each on their own (and together) in the comics, but now with the MU ensemble in my head, the interactions are even better.Truthfully, this was the Bucky story I wanted. So much better than "The Man on the Wall." Can't wait to see where these story lines take us!

    This entire trade was published in Avengers: Standoff I read this back in Feb 2017.

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