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  • Title: The Swarm
  • Author: Frank Schätzing
  • ISBN: 9780340920756
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback

  • For than two years, one book has taken over Germany s hardcover and paperback bestseller lists, reaching number one in Der Spiegel and setting off a frenzy in bookstores The Swarm.Whales begin sinking ships Toxic, eyeless crabs poison Long Island s water supply The North Sea shelf collapses, killing thousands in Europe Around the world, countries are beginning toFor than two years, one book has taken over Germany s hardcover and paperback bestseller lists, reaching number one in Der Spiegel and setting off a frenzy in bookstores The Swarm.Whales begin sinking ships Toxic, eyeless crabs poison Long Island s water supply The North Sea shelf collapses, killing thousands in Europe Around the world, countries are beginning to feel the effects of the ocean s revenge as the seas and their inhabi tants begin a violent revolution against mankind In this riveting novel, full of twists, turns, and cliffhangers, a team of scientists discovers a strange, intelligent life force called the Yrr that takes form in marine animals, using them to wreak havoc on humanity for our ecological abuses Soon a struggle between good and evil is in full swing, with both human and suboceanic forces battling for control of the waters At stake is the survival of the Earth s fragile ecology and ultimately, the survival of the human race itself.The apocalyptic catastrophes of The Day After Tomorrow meet the watery menace of The Abyss in this gripping, scientifically realistic, and utterly imaginative thriller With 1.5 million copies sold in Germany where it has been on the bestseller list without fail since its debut and the author s skillfully executed blend of compelling story, vivid characters, and eerie locales, Frank Schatzing s The Swarm will keep you in tense anticipation until the last suspenseful page is turned.
    Frank Schätzing
    Sch tzing was born in Cologne and studied communication studies he later ran his own company, an advertising agency named INTEVI, in Cologne Sch tzing became a writer in 1990, and penned several novellas and satires His first published novel was the historical Tod und Teufel in 1995, and in 2000 his thriller Lautlos.Sch tzing achieved his greatest success in 2004 with the science fiction thriller The Swarm.


    This is probably the only non-political book where I wanted to punch the author in the face after reading it. Possibly the most irritating book I have read since The Dark Tower. the book is fine for about 600 pages, then Frank loses it completely. First off, if after 600 pages you don't care whether a single character lives or dies, you know your in trouble. Secondly, if you are going to make the argument that everyone is just a mass of DNA and everything we do is the sole outcome of that DNA, w [...]

    Eirini Proikaki
    Tσουνάμι καταστρέφει τη μισή βόρεια Ευρώπη,φάλαινες βυθιζουν πλοία,μεταλλαγμένα καβούρια μεταδίδουν θανατηφόρους ιούς,σκουλήκια καταστρέφουν το βυθό της θάλασσας,η φύση δείχνει να έχει στραφεί ενάντια στους ανθρώπους και προσπαθεί να τους καταστρέψει.Τι συμβαίνει?Αυτή [...]

    Τεράστιο! Αλλά καθόλου κουραστικό. Σε βάζει σα σκέψεις για τον τρόπο με τον οποίο ο άνθρωπος χρησιμοποιεί τη φύση και τι θα γινόταν αν η φύση πάρει "το αιμα της πίσω" και αρχίσει να επιτίθεται στον άνθρωπο.

    K.D. Absolutely
    Nature strikes back. This is the most important message of this book: we have to take care of our environment and that definitely includes the sea, the ocean. In this wonderful sci-fi book, a group of scientists have to fight against the Yrr, an alien kind of one-celled microorganisms found in the bottom of the sea that have the ability to eat away the continental drift and when these pesky creatures destroy the drift, it causes tsunami and flooding. These Yrr can even pollute small crabs and lo [...]

    From the first time I laid eyes on the plot of The Swarm, I knew I had to read it. Nature taking revenge through marine animals for all the shit man has caused. Whales killing people, worms coordinating their efforts to cause tsunamis, mutant crabs spreading a deadly virus and so on I was imagining Tool's Ænema in literary form. Now, I'm left wondering how such a good idea can end up so fucked upWell, the answer is rather simple. The greek edition is 1018 pages long. Every 20-30 pages of plot d [...]

    Morad Bagoury
    This is by far one of the most amazing books I have ever read in my life. First off, the plot is beyond epic. For as long as we can remember, we have always thought about the existence of aliens in outer space, but we rarely thought about them being underwater. This is where Schatzing does his magic and really gets you going. Many of you know the famous line:We know more about space than we know about our own oceansWell, this statement is out into action after (view spoiler)[the discovery of the [...]

    Μετα απο 1021 σελιδες και 1066γρ(το εβαλα στη ζυγαρια) το τελειωσα.Αν εξαιρεσουμε τις τελευταιες 300 σελιδες που κατι ψιλολεγανε, οι πρωτες 700 ηταν : Βιολογια. μοριακη βιολογια, βιοχημεια, βιοφυσικη,βιοτεχνολογια, μηχανικη βιολογια,γεωλογια, γεωχημεια,γεωφυσικη,ωκεανολογια, ωκεα [...]

    Pretty good yarn if not taken too seriously. The strengths are that the story is obviously well researched and the biological and scientific explanations given look quite convincing (although my knowledge of the field is admittedly limited). The "enemy" is interesting and adequately mind-boggling for a sci-fi yarn. The cons: The characterization is pretty weak, and some of the characters are far too cartoonish to be convincing (Judith Li, Greywolf); the technique of the all knowing narrator is u [...]

    1) Fact1: Biyoloji dersi gibi kitaptı (iyi anlamda). Bu nasıl bir yazardır neresinden araştırmış bu kadar şeyi. 2) Fact2: Kötü editör iyi kitabı rezil eder. Gereksiz bölümler gereksiz diyaloglar gereksiz yan olaylar.3) Öğrenilen ders: Film senaryosu yazmakla kitap yazmayı birbirine karıştırmamalıyız. 4) Uyarı: 6 punto kör eder.5) Temenni: Gene de keşke her kitap bu derinlikte olsa.

    Sigur Johanson is a wormologist (He's actually a biologist at the university Trontheim and an expert for worms). Accidentally, there's a strange species of deep sea worms that eat a lot of stuff with complicated names. Things threaten to collapse on a continental level. Basically, the world as we know it will crumble under the impact of worms (so far so awesome).Leon Anawak is a whalist (he's a maritime scientist and studies whale behaviour) and is taken aback when he watches whales attack boats [...]

    Es fängt leise und kaum bemerkt an: Vor Peru verschwindet ein Fischer. Einige Zeit darauf beginnen verschiedene Tierarten, sich merkwürdig zu verhalten. Wale scheinen plötzlich aggressiv und attackieren Boote. Vor Norwegen finden Exploratoren eines Ölkonzerns Massen von Würmern, die nicht nur nicht dorthin gehören, sondern auch seltsame Mutationen aufweisen. Doch das alles ist erst der Anfang…Mit “Der Schwarm” hat Frank Schätzing wohl das Werk seines Lebens geschrieben. Ich kann gar [...]

    I'm wavering between 2 and 3 stars for this Crichton-esque brick of a sea-thriller.On one hand you have whales, crabs, dolphins, sea worms, shoals, and sharks galore. All awesome. Oh and the top fru-fru Parisian restaurant infested with gooey lobsters. Right on. Also, there's some interesting thoughts on life-forms, consciousness, collectives and intelligence. I'll be thinking about those ideas for a while, even if they aren't anything new. The thriller and horror part of the story was plenty in [...]

    Christine Goudroupi
    Δεν είναι τόσο τα μικρά πράγματα (χαρακτήρες, δομή πλοκής κλπ) που κάνουν αυτό το βιβλίο φανταστικό. Αν θες να του προσάψεις ελαττώματα, σίγουρα θα βρεις πολλά. Η ιδιοφυΐα του Schätzing, που φέρνει τον προβληματισμό για την ανθρωπότητα δίπλα δίπλα με τη φαντασία και την επιστημο [...]

    A Girl Has No Name
    3.5 stars rounded up to 4! The Swarm by Frank Schätzing has been on my TBR for quite a while and I am very happy that I have finally given this book a try. I liked the blurb and the premise of nature rebelling against how it is misstreated by humanity. Wales, worms and other animals are apparently working together in order to put a stop to the human infraction of nature. I definitley liked the whole concept of the story and the fact that dangerous things are happening at different places all ar [...]

    A well written thriller with a very interesting plot. Despite its strengths it is held back by an unlikely premise and the author's inability to stop pontificating about international politics through his characters. It reads like a bit like a multi-writer Mary Sue story. I don't mean the fact that pretty much every important character is a certifiable genius, that's fine since the story revolves around the top experts in multiple fields working together. Okay, that's wrong, it's not fine. It's [...]

    Valeer Damen
    Schätzing has done a great amount of research for this, inquiring at actual marine biology institutes and other knowledge centres. If you look around a bit, you will note that his information is still up to date.He manages to tread the fine line between too much information and superficiality very well. He makes accessible scientific information to a lay audience, which might be the most praiseworthy author's activity there is. I'd be grateful if he could write a book like this on every other s [...]

    A great plot idea by a terrible author. Not recommended. Characters are flat, one-dimensional, and predictable, at times the book is downright sexist and, yes, racist. Language (I read the German original) is puerile and often vulgar in a dumb, embarrassing way. While some of the science in the book appears plausible to me, other aspects are strangely under-researched: Who ever heard of the rank of "general commander" in the US Navy? The absolute low is when Schätzing descends into the depths o [...]

    What an incredible book this is! Recommending it to anyone who's ever had scientific interest, wondered about alien intelligence, chaos, the environment, animals, people, humanity, politics anything really! What an incredible bookReading it again, it's so awesome!!! 😋

    Ein Buch mit absolut tollen Passagen und dann auf der anderen Seite unheimliche Längen. Die Idee -> top! Umsetzung = toll aber einfach 200-300 Seiten zu viel

    Woah. Ich habe diese Monstrum endlich fertig gehört. bin so glücklich gerade darüber :D

    Reseña, tomada de:nopuedoparardeleer"Probablemente muchos pensarán que no serán capaces de leer un libro de 969 páginas. Es cierto que es difícil mantener el interés durante una obra tan extensa, pero estoy seguro de que El quinto día, de Frank Schätzing, no os defraudará. Con un ritmo trepidante, casi desde la primera página y hasta la última, cabalgando entre la ciencia ficción y la divulgación científica, este autor alemán os mantendrá enganchados y os sorprenderá con una tra [...]

    Free Fall
    After I read this book for the first time, it remained my favorite for half a year. I still enjoy going back and reading my favorite parts occasionally. On the other hand, it's really heavy. Difficult to curl up in bed with.The plot starts with several scientists scattered around the world who start to notice odd things about the ocean. The odd and disturbing occurrences build up until - bam - apocalypse. Actually, it's a small version of the apocalypse, but close enough.And the scientists gathe [...]

    1032 intense pagine gustate a pieno, fino alla nota dell’autore e i ringraziamenti finali!È vero che una risposta è sempre la fine di una ricerca ma è altrettanto vero che più la ricerca si spinge nel microcosmo più esso si rivela immenso e nessun luogo è più sconosciuto delle profondità abissali. Ed è l’abisso che si solleva contro gli uomini per lo schifo che si ritrova dentro a partire da centinaia di migliaia di km di cavi a fibre ottiche che formano in tutto il mondo la spina d [...]

    wow, wow. wow wow wow wow wowis book stole my nights last december. i almost missed christmas for the sake of finishing it as soon as i could. i dare say it is one of the best books i ever ever read. of the books of its kind, i mean. too many days in december i felt drowsy because i was unable to put the book back on the night stand the previous night.i read this book in its german original and enjoyed reading in my own language so much. schätzing did an impressive job, researching all the fact [...]

    Cooler Umweltkrimi - ala die Natur schlägt zurück - zwar Fiktion aber schlüssig und gar nicht so weit hergeholt. Die Killer in diesem Buch sind sehr variationsreich - alles was die Natur so zu bieten hat: Wale, Krabben, Hummer, Würmer.Hier steht die Story im Vordergrund, die menschlichen Charaktäre sind nicht so liebevoll entwickelt, aber das macht nicht viel, man sollte sie eh nicht so sehr ins Herz schließen, denn sie sterben wie die Fliegen. Kurz vor dem Ende spekuliert man schon, ob ü [...]

    Mille pagine di capolavoro intrise di profonde conoscenze su tutto ciò che può interessare: psicologia, biologia, genetica, sociologia, e chi più ne ha più ne metta, e che si lasciano leggere in maniera sorprendentemente veloce e a ritmo serrato.Semplicemente, a questo romanzo, un difetto è quasi impossibile trovarlo, o quantomeno a me non riesce di vederne uno. I personaggi sono ben caratterizzati, si muovono con estremo realismo e interagiscono a diversi levelli di profondità emotiva. La [...]

    La mer Au ciel d'été confond Ses blancs moutons Avec les anges si purs non ci sono angeli nel mare di questo bio-eco-fantathriller: solo un profluvio di catastrofi e di massacri tenuti insieme da una trama dal sapore panteista ed ecologista. Il tutto avrebbe giovato di un bel taglio editoriale, in particolare per i predicozzi new-age, per le vicende sentimentali dei personaggi e per le riflessioni simil-filosofiche stile Focus. Ma se l'unico personaggio che mi è piaciuto è stato il cattiviss [...]

    Normalde bir kitabı 4-5 gün gibi bir sürede bitirmeme rağmen Sürü kitabını bitirmemin yaklaşık 25 gün sürdüğünü belirtmek isterim öncelikle. Ama bu kitabın sıkıcı olduğundan değil, yazı puntosunun gerçekten çok küçük olmasıyla alakalıydı, bunun dışında kitap için söyleyebilecek tek kelime kötü söz bulamıyorum. Kesinlikle son zamanlarda okuduğum en iyi Bilimkurgu/Macera türündeki romandı. Bilim kurgu türünde bi kitap olmasına rağmen, kurgu kısmın [...]

    I read this because it was recommended by a colleague and the environmentalist stand was close to my heart.Made it through around 200 pages before I gave up, having realised I had just wasted 2 weeks of my reading life. (The fact that it took me 2 weeks to read 200 pages says it all.) It's just one long bla bla bla bla bla of "scientificky" jargon. The only mildy interesting part was the chef being attacked by a lobster, but since it takes about 5 lines in the telling, don't hold your breath.Big [...]

    As much a hate to make the comparison, it begs to be drawn: The Swarm is to nature and science what The Da Vinci Code was to religion and history and art.I enjoyed this book from the start, and felt that the scientific rationale and research was well explained and clear without being condescending or watered down for the uninitiated - I never felt lost in jargon or bored by technicalities.While there most certainly is a message in the work I didn't feel like I was being hamer with (all 880 pages [...]

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