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  • Title: Brat Pack America: Visiting Cult Movies of the '80s
  • Author: Kevin Smokler
  • ISBN: 9781942600671
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

  • From the fictional towns of Hill Valley, CA, and Shermer, IL, to the beautiful landscapes of the Goondocks in Astoria and the time of your life dirty dancing resort still alive and well in Lake Lure, NC, 80s teen movies left their mark not just on movie screen and in the hearts of fans, but on the landscape of America itself Like few other eras in movie history, theFrom the fictional towns of Hill Valley, CA, and Shermer, IL, to the beautiful landscapes of the Goondocks in Astoria and the time of your life dirty dancing resort still alive and well in Lake Lure, NC, 80s teen movies left their mark not just on movie screen and in the hearts of fans, but on the landscape of America itself Like few other eras in movie history, the 80s teen movies has endured and gotten better with time In Brat Pack America, Kevin Smokler gives virtual tours of your favorite movies while also picking apart why these locations are so important to these movies.Including interviews with actors, writers, and directors of the era, and chock full of interesting facts about your favorite 80s movies, Brat Pack America is a must for any fan Smokler went to Goonies Day in Astoria, OR, took a Lost Boys tour of Santa Cruz, CA, and deeply explored every nook and cranny of the movies we all know and love, and it shows.
    Kevin Smokler
    Kevin Smokler is the author of Brat Pack America A Love Letter to 80s Teen Movies 2016 the essay collection Practical Classics 50 Reasons to Reread 50 Books you Haven t Touched Since High School Prometheus Books, Feb 2013 and the editor of Bookmark Now Writing in Unreaderly Times, A San Francisco Chronicle Notable Book of 2005 His essays on pop culture have appeared in the LA Times, Buzzfeed, Salon, Vulture and on National Public Radio Kevin Smokler speaks on the future of media and culture at companies AOL , conferences SXSW, The Idea Festival and universities M.I.T, Stanford, University of Michigan throughout North America He is represented by Amy Rennert of Amy Rennert Literary Agency and lives in San Francisco.


    Bree Hill
    Okay first and foremost I've got to step my 80s movie game up! Smokler was dropping titles I have yet to watch and need to rectify that.If you're a fan of 80s movies, this book is for you. It really is a love letter to films made between 1978-1989.The writing in this book is fun. It is seriously written as though you and Smokler are sitting side by side and he's talking to you. He focuses on the significance of the location where all of these well known and loved films took place and what that s [...]

    Jenni Buchanan
    This book is like a master's thesis on 80s teen moviesbut interesting! I am a fan of many of the movies Smokler writes about, but I don't think loving (or even having seen) all of the movies is a requirement for enjoying the book. I was unfamiliar with about half of the movies he includes, and was still able to learn something from those chapters and appreciate his descriptions of the movies and their place in history. Smokler's book made me question what it meant to be a fan, how the movies we [...]

    If you love 80s movies this book is a must read.If you grew up in the 80s chances are you watched many of these movies on a new VCR; Back to the Future was the first movie I watched on one. It changed how we watched entertainment forever and influenced culture in a variety of ways-lots of them listed in this book.Besides the movie summaries and how they were platforms for many actors careers, this book also covers the real and sometimes fictional geography of where the stories took place and/or [...]

    Someone else said this book is like a masters thesis on 80s teen movies. Yeah -- I'll agree with that. Sometimes I felt like I was reading a textbook. I was hoping for more. Perhaps written with a bit more personality. It also felt really repetitive in spots. Obvs he knows his stuff! I learned a lot and there was some really good content. I just wasn't in love with the text booky writing style.

    A thoughtful, comprehensive examination of the rise of the 80s teen movie in all of its incarnations. Smokler focuses on movies that can be tied to geographic locations (real and imagined) and how those locations informed the movie or vice versa (or perhaps provided weird anachronisms). He also situates the movies within their larger social contexts - America's shift from an industrial economy to a service one, the expansion of teenagers as a population with buying power, the rise of hip-hop, th [...]

    To be honest, I mostly skimmed this one. The central conceit of the operation of place in 80s movies-either didn't interest me as much as I thought it would or the author didn't execute it particularly well. I found myself mostly looking for fun facts about the movies that I hadn't read elsewhere. There weren't many. It felt as though the author thought, "I want to write a book about 80s movies, but one just came out-how can I make mine look different?" If you've read other books about 80s movie [...]

    Jason Diamond
    A brilliant love letter to films from the 1980s.

    Michelle Karbon
    I'm glad I found this book after seeing it recommended from a website. It is filled with great facts and information about your favorite 80s teen movies. I have a long list of movies to watch! However, the book was riddled with actual spelling and grammatical errors that sometimes it was off putting. As a proofreader, it's something that I notice and take into account when reading a book.

    Enjoyed remembering and re-watching some of these great movies.

    Fantastic book, thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I thought I'd seen a lot of 80s movies but now I've got a long list of ones I've missed that I am officially dying to see!

    I thought I'd seen almost all the '80s movies, but ended up writing a list of almost 25 that I want to watch and even more that I want to rewatch.

    Pat Lampe
    I liked parts of this book very much. It was interesting to learn about the people involved in the films, how locations were chosen, what has survived. I didn’t care for the philosophical opinions of racism, classism. Wish we could just have a book that omits this. The country evolves, people evolve. . Let everyone think for themselves. Otherwise, well researched book.

    If you are an 80s kid or just love the 80s then this book is for you!! The author takes you through all the 80s movies you loved, come to love, or just plain forgot about and gives insight and background into the movies, locations, actors, and directors. You can definitely feel the authors love of 80s movies through his writing and the research he has put into the book. While I was reading the book I was taken back into my teen years and began a list of movies to watch again and the ones that I [...]

    Jeff Rider
    I just finished Brat Pack America, and it was great! It consumed my thoughts and I devoured the entire thing in just two days, made for a GREAT beach read. Loved the way it made me reconsider movies I loved, root hard for some that weren't on "the map", and sparked conversations with friends who loved the '80s. Brat Pack America had a lot of life even after the last page was turned, and it was engaging, fun, educational and thoroughly enjoyable.

    Ted Barnett
    A well-researched and insightful journey through some of my favorite old movies. Smokler is an excellent guide -- he follows-through and finds details and connections that were not obvious on first viewing. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

    Peter Andrus
    I loved this book. It was so much fun. The author REALLY knows his stuff. He basically takes a long look at the 80s teenage movies as a genre. He delineates the rules and tropes of the movies in this genres. he defines sub-genres and sections of the genre and defines how each of them differ slightly from one another. I love some of the connections he made. I never thought of how much, for instance, Fast Times or Breaking Away depend on their location to define the movie. However, teenage movies [...]

    For a movie geek like me, overall this was very enjoyable. Smokler's enthusiasm and knowledge about the movies discussed was a highlight. It also contained some interesting trivia, such as the origin of the name Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder's character in Heathers) being a mashup of the name Betty Finn and Tom Sawyer, among others. I also liked the conversations he had with some of the directors, like Amy Heckerling (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless).On the down side, I thought some of th [...]

    Myra Breckinridge
    This is, as the cover attests, "A love letter to '80s teen movies." But it is NOT a solo, one-dimensional, self-serving exploration of movie locations in '80s teen movies. Instead, Kevin Smokler's love letter is the beginning of a great and thought-provoking correspondence. He offers no shortage of facts and insights into the cinematic world, but he never dares to suggest these 326 pages are the be-all and end-all of the topic. The "what about ___," problem -- which many nonfiction writers face [...]

    Movies centering on teenagers blossomed in the 1980s. Smokler (Practical Classics) takes us on a tour of these films emphasizing the importance of their locations to show how vital the settings were to the stories. John Hughes's fictional Shermer, IL, is a safe suburb from which Ferris Bueller can take a day trip into Chicago. We see the birth of hip-hop on the streets of Manhattan. Dying factory towns provide the backdrop for sports movies. Smokler's road trip includes stops at Astoria, OR, for [...]

    Tom Schulte
    This is a fun and educational, even at time insightful, look at 80s movies. The "America" and "Visiting" in the title comes from the ostensible theme of actual film locations. Except for lengthy discourses on Mystic, Connecticut; Astoria, Oregon (The Goonies); and Santa Cruz (The Lost Boys), actual sites are often unrelated to the film for uninteresting reasons divulged here. What makes the book worth reading is Smokler's joy and a fan of the period genre and his synopses and reviews of each fil [...]

    If you love 80's movies and would like to reminisce about what made them great this is a fantastic collection of essays and interviews. It brought me back to my childhood and makes me long for a 80's movie marathon this weekend. I read this in preparation for an upcoming author visit at my college and I can't wait to hear what he has to say.

    Imagine a one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the landscape of all your favorite 80s films. Now don't imagine any longer: go out and pick up (or order) a copy of BRAT PACK AMERICA by Kevin Smokler, which acts as your personal tour guide through the movies that shaped your teenaged years. My only criticism is that it wasn't twice as long. Can't recommend it highly enough!

    Kenya Starflight
    I'm a sucker for the movies of the '80s. In my mind there's an honesty to them that's refreshing, a wit and humor that comes from keen insight and character interaction instead of an endless succession of sex and toilet jokes. Call me overly nostalgic, but I'll happily sit through "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" or "WarGames" or "The Breakfast Club" over most modern-day films. So when I happened upon "Brat Pack America," a book about the teen movies of the '80s, I knew I had to give it a shot. I love [...]

    Zach Wyner
    It turns out ice cream is good for you. And not just in moderation. I’m talking like gallons and gallons (approximately 325 pages worth) of ice cream. In Brat Pack America, Kevin Smokler takes a delicious indulgence, packed with nostalgia but no apparent nutritional value, and turns it into essential brain food. Brat Pack America gives fans of late 70s through late 80s teen-movie a deep dive into the movies themselves, the lasting contributions they’ve made to the culture, as well as an astu [...]

    Chuck Zeitvogel
    80' s fans should readA good read for anyone who spent the bulk or all of their teen years on the 80's. I'd give it 4 stars, but I didn't like the political talk.

    Margaret Miller
    Couldn't quite get into this. Only made it about 1/3 of the way through before moving on.


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