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  • Title: Silver on the Road
  • Author: Laura Anne Gilman
  • ISBN: 9781481429696
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback

  • Hailed by RT Book Reviews as fresh and original stark and lovely, a heroic fantasy by an award winning author about a young woman who is trained in the art of the sinister hand of magic A Locus Magazine Bestseller, and Endeavour Award nominee.Isobel, upon her sixteenth birthday, makes the choice to work for the Boss called the Devil by some, in his territory west of theHailed by RT Book Reviews as fresh and original stark and lovely, a heroic fantasy by an award winning author about a young woman who is trained in the art of the sinister hand of magic A Locus Magazine Bestseller, and Endeavour Award nominee.Isobel, upon her sixteenth birthday, makes the choice to work for the Boss called the Devil by some, in his territory west of the Mississippi But this is not the devil you know This is a being who deals fairly with immense but not unlimited power, who offers opportunities to people who want to make a deal, and they always get what they deserve But his land is a wild west that needs a human touch, and that s where Izzy comes in Inadvertently trained by him to see the clues in and manipulations of human desire, Izzy is raised to be his left hand and travel circuit through the territory helping those in need As we all know, where there is magic there is chaos and death.
    Laura Anne Gilman
    By the time she was fourteen, Laura Anne Gilman knew she would be an editor, a teacher, or a writer.By thirty, she was all three She s a little focused that way when not being distracted by oooh shiny.After fifteen years working in NY publishing, Laura Anne became a full time writer, with than twenty novels under her various bylines, including THE COLD EYE and SILVER ON THE ROAD, the Nebula Award nominated Vineart War trilogy, and the 10 book, 4 novella Cosa Nostradamus series She is also a serial short fiction writer, but her friends seem to like her anywayShe s also the mystery writer L.A Kornetsky.


    Wonderful world-building with an interesting heroine growing into the position that she's been given.In this world, an alternate American west, the Devil has claimed a Territory encompassing the midwest of North America, and all within it must hold to his Agreement or their own Bargains. It's not clear that this is the biblical Devil, but the analogy fits and he doesn't seem to mind the name. Isobel was brought up in the Devil's house and after her sixteenth birthday she makes a Bargain with him [...]

    abbicus rex
    I absolutely loved this book. It was just what I was looking for, weirdly enough: a western dark fantasy. Not often do you find something that just perfectly suits your reading tastes, but this was it for me! (And just to note, I'm only giving it 4 stars because I think books should improve over the course of a series, so I'm giving it room to grow.)The world Gilman created is huge and complex, but feels very worn-in and very real. This is our world, but with a different overlay of mythology tha [...]

    "The right hand gathers and gives, visible to all. But the left hand, Isobel, the manu sinistra? It moves in shadows, unseen, unhearduntil I deem it time for it to be seen and heard. And when it moves, its work cannot be undone. It is the strength of the Territory, the quick knife in the darkness, the cold eye and the final word."Sixteen year old Isobel has lived her entire life in the town of Flood, at the centre of the Territory, the area claimed and protected by the devil. It is bounded by th [...]

    3.5 stars. Spare, lovely writing, and an intriguing setting, but an extremely slow story without much resolution.

    I follow Ms. Gilman on both Facebook and Twitter and had been seeing snippets of this story as she was working on it. When she offered review copies, I jumped at the opportunity as she's one of my favorite fantasy authors. She did not disappoint. "Silver on the Road" was a fresh take on the hero's journey, a teen's growing up, and having your wish granted. Despite having been raised by the devil, and seeing him in action close up, the bargain Izzy makes ends up costing her in ways she didn't ant [...]

    If I could, I'd give this 3.5 stars. The world-building is wonderful. The writing is lovely. The major characters are interesting. Unfortunately, the book falls apart in the plot. Terrible things are happening in the Territory, but Isobel -- the Devil's Hand -- is always too late to see them occur. Often, she isn't even allowed to see the aftermath. When she does, the encounters never appear in the text.Throughout the story, things happen to other people, but not to Isobel. At the very end, when [...]

    This is a slow-paced but lovely fantasy novel, set in an alternate version of the 19th-century American west, in which the Devil staked his own territory centuries earlier and the rest of the territorial borders have shifted around that. The heroine, Izzy, is a sixteen-year-old coming of age and coming into her own as the Devil's Left Hand, traveling the roads of her boss's territory with a mentor who has magical issues of his own. I picked up Silver on the Road after reading Rachel Neumeier's r [...]

    Beth Cato
    I have seen this labeled as a Weird Western, and I understand why: it's definitely not a historical old west tale. It's alternate history that endows the middle of America with a sort of mystical sentience. The feel is folkloric. There is action, but it's not a thriller. It steadily moves in a way that is fascinating and soothing.Silver on the Road is a coming of age story of sorts for Isobel. She's a good heroine; a good person, period, who asked for a job and had no idea what she was granted. [...]

    The story was one long, very slow ride, both literally and figuratively. The premise of the book was intriguing and the characters both interesting and likeable. But it was a frustrating read in that it sprinkled tiny droplets of action and revelation at about the rate one sees rain in the desert during its dry season. I felt at times I could die of thirst before getting a drink. (view spoiler)[In addition, little is resolved by the end of the book. It felt like merely one of innumerable pauses [...]

    Rachel Blackman
    This book didn't read to me like Gilman's usual work; it felt less like a novel, and more a folk-tale told in an almost lyrical manner. You can easily imagine it being told around a campfire, somewhere on a trail through the Devil's West. Like an oral history related by a storyteller.I won't spoil anything in the way of the plot, but it's clear there's a well-thought-out mythology behind the Devil's West. Despite this, you don't get any sort of exposition or "info dump" about it; even by the end [...]

    Rachel Neumeier
    Overall rating: Five out of five, obviously, and heading for a pretty good run at a ten out of ten. I’m very much looking forward to the second book, which I presume is coming out this year.So, let me tell you about SILVER ON THE ROAD.First, the primary protagonist: Izzy. Izzy – Isabel – is definitely a perfect YA protagonist. She just turned sixteen and this story is all about her journey to figure out who she is and what her place in the world might be. This is a story about a girl takin [...]

    Silver in the West didn't really grab me, but I liked the main character. It felt like much of the plot was empty, just like the expanse of land the characters are traveling. Based on the reviews, seems like I read a different book than most readers, as I didn't like this one so much.Izzy lives in a town called Flood, out in the land that we know as the Louisiana Purchase. The exact timepoint is not clear, but it's in the 1800s for sure, based on the map in the book and the setting.Izzy has been [...]

    Kimberly [Come Hither Books]
    Silver on the Road delivers an original fantasy in the endless plains and arid foothills of the Old West. If you like a western setting, you’ll love. Landscapes are perfectly rendered and beautifully described. The grammar and prose is just rural enough to feel natural, without ever leaving you to decipher chicken scratch dialogue. You’ll get a feel for life on the road, from the sway in the saddle to the daily rituals of camp and campfire.But it’s not just the stunning setting that makes [...]

    Kathy (Kindle-aholic)
    Fantastic book! 5 stars because I started this book and was not swayed to start any of the other books in my massive to read piles. These days, a book that keeps my interest away from all of the other shiny pretty things on my kindle gets highest marks.Western fantasy set in the Devil's West, a strange, mystical place claimed by the Old Man, the boss, the maker of deals, gambler. The world is really interesting, a mystical place set between the northern fur trappers, the fledgling United States, [...]

    Maria Kramer
    Never has a book so accurately captured the tedium of travel in a pre-automobile age - so much so that the reader herself will feel said boredom. Want to wander through huge swathes of nothing much, while nothing really happens, and characters have repetitive conversations and mull over the same questions without any development? This book is for you! I feel personally betrayed by this book. It had such a great, interesting setting, and the first chapter was so intriguing! A young girl agrees to [...]

    I was disappointed in this book - it seemed to have everything I like - magical realism, the wild west, strong girl character - but the action was boring and the plot super repetitive. They use the same lines for description over and over. I really wanted to like this one but it took me like 3 renewals to get through and ended with a disjointed and unsatisfying encounter. I'm curious now to go read why it has so many starsEdit: 10/30/17I've been reading a YA trilogy that has a similar premise (w [...]

    Brittain *The Baddest Female*
    This book has so much going for it! I am usually not a big fan of westerns but this one worked really well for me.This is the story of a young girl who works for the Devil in the wild west. I shit you not. This girl lives in an alternate universe where the chaos in the wild west of America is controlled by the Boss who makes bargains with people for their service and, probably, their lives. Ok, I know what you are thinking. Is it going to be like that episode of Big Bang Theory with the Flaming [...]

    I am waffling a bit between 3 and 4 stars for this one. Ultimately I have decided to round up. Before I say why I am rounding up, the main reason I was considering 3 stars is that the pacing is very slow. Meandering might be a good word for it. I typically binge books. It usually takes me 2-3 days at the very most to read a book but this book took me about 2.5 weeks. I couldn't read it book when I was too tired or there were too many distractions. The description tells us that the main character [...]

    Heather Codename: ♕Dutchess♕
    DNF @ 154 pagesThis story just isn't for me. I started it over a year ago and picked it back up recently and I'm still just as bored. I was hoping since I hadn't read much this year and wasn't burned out, I'd enjoy it, but no. First things first, this is an ARC. I have no idea what changed were made in the published book but one of the things that annoyed the crap out of me was the lack of time breaks. This book is set up in sections and there's no chapters in those sections. Instead, there's a [...]

    Jaime Moyer
    There are books I have a hard time reviewing because I don't want to spoil them. Silver On The Road is one of those books. I will try to do more than gush "I loved this book!" even though I did love this book.Isobel has spent her whole life in the devil's house. The town of Flood is the only home she knows, and all of the world (the Territory) she's ever seen. On her sixteenth birthday,Izzy becomes an adult, able to make her own decisions. She can stay and work for the devil--make a deal with hi [...]

    Nostalgia Reader
    This book made me want to saddle up and ride out into the plains, see what adventures and creatures I could find--even though I have very little experience riding horses.While the pacing is extremely slow, the style is sometimes repetitive and more telling than showing, and the ending was quite anticlimactic, I overlooked all these things for the amazing aura that was the Devil's West. I loved the alternate history of it and of course the weird western-ness of it (this genre is just perfect). Is [...]

    Annie Talbot
    Fabulous book. Well plotted, with wonderful, nuanced characters, an entirely believable (and yet fantastic) world, and masterful pacing.I cannot wait to read the next book in the series! Write, Laura Anne, write!

    Sidsel Pedersen
    oh, oh, oh this is wonderful. I love the mood of this book. the start is slow bit gripping. The world strange but familiar. the characters fascinating

    This is one of those books that make me wish I hadn't established a habit of giving star ratings to things. Because, okay . . . the writing is smooth, the atmosphere incredibly evocative, the characters pleasant spend time with. I enjoyed the process of reading it. But the pacing is so slow that for most of the book it's hard to remember the characters are traveling; it feels like they're standing still. And the final confrontation neither grew organically out of what came before nor provided an [...]

    The wind warns of something coming. Something with power. Power and ill intent. We can taste it.I try not to read too many reviews about a book before I dive in, obviously I want to get a sense of the story but I don't want to know too much. This is one of those occasions when my limited knowledge of a book hindered my initial enjoyment. I came in expecting a rollicking, action packed weird western but ended up with something a little more in depth and thought provoking than I expected.With my e [...]

    This was a great start to a new fantasy series. Isobel is a good main character and I felt like she was written more realistically then a lot of sixteen year old protagonists that I tend to see in fantasy. Izzy is in the process of trying to figure out what she wants out of life. She is struggling with the fact that although her age declares her officially an adult, she doesn't always feel like one. She doesn't know much about the world outside of her home town, and she doesn't have the confiden [...]

    I actually think this book would have worked wonderfully as a prequel novella introducing the world/characters before a meatier novel came out. It just should have been 100 pages shorter. So much wandering and nothing much happening. Even the big parts of the plot really seem to happen without the main character there. She hears or stumbles upon them after the fact which I think really steal the weight from them. Bad things are happening and we should be worried! But I just wasn't. The ending fi [...]

    Not your ordinary coming-of-age story by a long shot! Isobel is a fascinating character, and I enjoyed the world-building as well. The story is set physically in North America, but in an alternate history where the United States only controls the land east of the Mississippi River, the Spanish control the land west of the Rocky Mountains, and the center of the country is known as "The Territory" and is conrolled by "The Boss", who we are given to understand is the devil. Isobel's indenture ends [...]

    A beautiful and compelling story of the Old West. Izzy turns 16, and her indenture to the Devil ends, leaving her free to choose her future. The book presents alternate religious interpretations, a supernatural Old West, and the question of whether the world presented is ours or a different one, and what that means for what will come next. It's mildly reminiscent of Bujold's Sharing Knife series, in that a peaceful exploration of philosophy and humanity is interrupted occasionally with the battl [...]

    I enjoyed the world building and magic (medicine) in this book. The rules of the alternate West run by the Old Man (aka the Devil) were interesting and I may come back to the series later to find out more.The pacing of the book was very slow and unsteady. The moments of action came on extremely fast after long drolls, I often had to look back a couple of pages to see if I missed something in the sudden change.

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