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  • Title: Just Love
  • Author: Casey Ashwood
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  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Milo was losing the fight to keep Dusty out of his head.No matter what Milo Anderson tries, he can t seem to rekindle his burnt out relationship His boyfriend Vincent is cold, and Milo suspects he s unfaithful, too Acting on his suspicions at last, Milo hires the best detective in town to give him closure so that he can move on with his life He doesn t expect the privatMilo was losing the fight to keep Dusty out of his head.No matter what Milo Anderson tries, he can t seem to rekindle his burnt out relationship His boyfriend Vincent is cold, and Milo suspects he s unfaithful, too Acting on his suspicions at last, Milo hires the best detective in town to give him closure so that he can move on with his life He doesn t expect the private eye to catch his eye.I can t make that mistake again.Back in his hometown after running into trouble in New York City, private investigator Dusty Evans is glad that Portland, Maine, is smaller and down to earth Better yet, he can be closer to his family He enjoys the domestic cases of small towns and cities but has become cynical toward relationships because of his work He wants something meaningful, but when it stares him in the face and asks for his help, can he put aside his fears to pursue this man Get out before it s too late.Milo hires Dusty to catch Vincent cheating so he can break free from his control Milo can t remember the last time someone made him feel so safe so good so hot He has to control himself until the evidence is in front of him Dusty knows that letting Milo in during the case would be a very bad idea, but all bets are off once it s all over With Vincent s vengeful streak, is it really over And will Milo and Dusty be able to put aside their insecurities to find love in each other s arms Just Love is a gay romance novel It s the first novel in the Coastal Charm series but can stand alone It has a happily ever after ending with no cliffhanger.
    Casey Ashwood
    Casey Ashwood is a gay romance author who was born and raised in Canada before moving to the UK to chase romantic rainy days He has always had a passion for writing, although it took years before he made it his career His romance stories center around dramatic tension, steamy encounters, and happy endings.When he s not writing about tantalizing trysts, he s busy traveling Europe or cuddling his two cats He is also passionate about art, aquariums, and gaming.Email Newsletter eepurl bMA8irFacebook facebook Casey Ashwood


    Katrina Passick Lumsden
    Have you ever heard of an ellipsis? Here's the definition from :"Ellipsis (plural ellipses; from the Ancient Greek: ἔλλειψις, élleipsis, "omission" or "falling short") is a series of dots (typically three, such as "…") that usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning."Usually ellipses are used sparingly, as they should be. Do you know how many ellipses are used in this book? I highlighted every one [...]

    The plot sounds interesting…. but the characters and their aptitudes ruin everything for me.Milo feels his boyfriend Vincent is cheating him because is so cold these last months… So, Does he decides to confront him seriously and ask about the problems in their relationship??NO.He decides to hire a private detective!!! Very reasonable, and more knowing that Milo is NOT in love with Vincent at all! (He´s saying it again and again) I DON'T UNDERSTAND, WHY not broke with Vincent and try to star [...]

    In all honesty, I couldn't finish this book. I thought the writing was almost elementary in nature. All of the "he said", "he responded", "he asked". A prime example of this is when Milo meets Wes at the cafe.Wes greeted.Milo greeted.Wes frowned.Milo laughed.Wes snorted.Following every line of dialogueI find this type of writing amateurish. And then there are phrases and descriptions of things that made no sense in the context of the paragraph. For example to Milo and Wes in the cafe"Hey!" Wes g [...]

    A really good book weaves a spell painting layers, textures and emotions with each word as it flows easily and descriptively along. The reader's imagination kicks in and the book suddenly comes to life and plays out in your head as you read it.Just Love was just too simplistic.

    What do you read when you're hungover and feel like crap? This. Writing was juvenile, to say the least. The cover?! Do PI's carry badges? I don't think they do here in the states, unless it's a fake one. Also, in the book Milo constantly referred to Dusty as a detective. Do people really call PI's that or just PI's? Maybe I've heard Private Detective, but never just a detective. The sex talk was almost porn worthy. So damn cheesy. I skimmed every scene. I can't recommend.

    seems everyone else is raving about this book but it really didn't float my boat. The whole thing felt corny and contrived. The romantic elements could have been stripped from a m/f romance with a few extra cheesy lines thrown in, any effort into researching a private investigator's work was sloppy and half hearted. In particular the sex scenes, instead of being 'hot" left me feeling cold and made me cringe. Overall, I would have guessed that this was written by a very inexperienced author, cert [...]

    This was the worst book I've read in a long time Milo was an idiot who said cheesy lines like "I want you to come on me, big boy" ugh I'm glad this was FREE

    2.5 starsCute guys in the cover, the story Not as good.

    A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.3.5 starsMilo Anderson's relationship with his boyfriend, Vincent isn't what it use to be. The sizzle seems to have fizzled out. When a friend suggests that maybe Vincent might be cheating and urges Milo to seek a P.I. Milo does so in hopes it'll help him move on.Dusty Evans is the P.I. that Milo hires. Dusty has his own issues with his ex. so is more than willing to help Milo and it's not just because something in Milo draws his pr [...]

    Sassy Beta Reading & Review
    Nice concept to what could be a really good series. However, one thing this lacked was a really good beta read before publishing. Not sure how someone can receive a call on a cell phone that got left at his brothers house, and things of that sort. As a beta reader/content editor, things like this jumped out at me and caused it to be hard to read. It stopped the flow of the story and took time to get back into the story.I did love the characters. I loved their interactions for the most part. Thin [...]

    Kendra T
    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewMilo, Milo, Milo. I really felt for Milo as the story began. His boyfriend has been acting weird and Milo thinks he might be cheating on him. He decides to hire a private investigator to find out. Dusty is the sexy PI, and Milo can't stop thinking about him. Dusty doesn't want to get involved with a client, and has past baggage that causes him to be distant. Once the case is over, however, Dusty and Milo become closer [...]

    Let’s keep this short and concise.I liked the book but I think it was just a bit too over-the-top perfect and great and awesome.The characters were quite likeable and the plot was interesting but not very exciting. In general, the whole Vincent thingy was really blown upI guess I wasn’t so in tune with the whole writing style cause the conversations kinda seemed forced and unnatural. Still, I liked the way Dusty was with Milo and the other way round. They completed each other and the chemist [...]

    Rachel Emily
    2.5 stars for me, but not enough to round the solid star rating up to a 3. Honestly, I think that somewhere in the first third I got a bit.d, and I never got back into the story. I feel like this was a case of "telling" instead of "showing" the reader what's going on. And I felt like the passion and chemistry between Milo and Dusty was lacking. This was an OK read, and I know it's the author's first, so I look forward to hopefully reading improvement and development to their work. I received a f [...]

    After a run of heavy and dark books, I needed to read something lighter, and this book was exactly what I was looking for. It was fairly light and fluffy, quick to find love, and nicely sappy. Don't expect much more than that, and you'll be right on track.The only thing that gave me pause howevr, was that sometimes the descriptions of Milo made him sound like an eager, energetic puppy! (which I could totally picture!)

    I received this book for an honest review.Milo is coming to terms that his boyfriend is cheating on him. So he hires hotty PI Dusty to find out if Vincent is doing so.Dusty finds Milo so sweet and cute, but has a job to do. It is easy enough to find that Vincent is cheating and soon Milo and Dusty are getting close.But Dusty doesn't want to be burned as he was before. And Milo has his worries as well.These two are wonderful together. Love the drama in the story.

    Solve the Case and Win the GuyThis was a fast paced story with two guys who click from the beginning. The case is solved and family members meet.There were some statements throughout the story that we're conflicting to the plot so it was a little confusing at times. Something that careful editing should have caught.

    Beckie Rousseau Sloan
    2.5 starsI understand that this may be the author's first book, and I will probably read the next to see if there was improvement. I felt like the story was being recited to me in past tense and not currently happening. Also, the actual dialogue was terrible. I really don't know many people who say stuff like I want you to stick it in me. It felt awkward and silly.

    Meledy Blumberg
    Awesome bookThis is the first book I have read of Casey it was awesome. I read it in one day loved how Dusty was so protecting of Milo even before they started dating. For me this was a page Turner loved everything about it. Maybe there might be a novella about them love to see more of these two.

    An interesting book. My first from this author. It had all the elements of a good book but it all happened a bit too quick. The characters could have been developed more and areas as well. Things were glossed over and not explained developed enough.I did enjoy this as a quick sweet read.

    David Durkit
    MarvelousA wonderfully romantic novel. Well written with superb characters. The protagonists thought things moved too quickly but the heart knows what it needs. If you love sweet romance you'll love this author.

    I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well written and the story line was easy to follow. I enjoyed the way we were able to get the back stories that lead them to this point. I would highly recommend this book.

    Jenn C
    2.5 - nothing special. It wasn't exactly a who done it but I think there was meant to be some suspense through Dusty's work yet it was very predictable. Characters did have some chemistry but in a while sort of fell flat. Won't stop me from giving the next book a look though.

    Denise Koopman
    Milo and Dusty are great together. Some may not like quick reads but this was so great and sweet. I can not wait to get to the other 2 books in this series. I really liked these books and will recommend these books to others.

    Not very good unfortunately. It is far too simply written and the conflict feels totally manufactured. It's a fair premise, but very badly executed and the dialogue is shocking at times.

    Not my cup of tea

    2.5/5 Alright plot, the writing needed more work though.

    Lisa ~ Books Are My Drugs ~
    Very simple story, predictable. Insta-love. I won't hunt the next down in the series but if I find it marked down, I'll probably read it.

    Rachel Richardson
    Awesome start to the series! Milo and Dusty are a yin yang couple. They start off at different points in life and find the best way to get together. Can't wait for the next one.

    I couldn't even finish this. Bad writing, unlikeable characters (Dusty wasn't bad, but I wanted to slap Milo)tal waste of time.

    I read this last night. I had to reread the blurb to even remember what it was about. That pretty much sums up this story.

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