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  • Title: The Empress's Tomb
  • Author: Kirsten Miller
  • ISBN: 9781599902975
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

  • Kiki Strike and the Irregulars saved the world last night You might want to send them a thank you note Ananka Fishbein s mother considers her the resident underachiever of the Upper East Side Of course, she doesn t know Ananka s nights are all about hanging with a butt kicking superspy named Kiki Strike and their friends, the Irregulars If Ananka s mom knew her dauKiki Strike and the Irregulars saved the world last night.You might want to send them a thank you note Ananka Fishbein s mother considers her the resident underachiever of the Upper East Side Of course, she doesn t know Ananka s nights are all about hanging with a butt kicking superspy named Kiki Strike and their friends, the Irregulars If Ananka s mom knew her daughter was responsible for protecting a secret world under New York City, she wouldn t think about sending Ananka to boarding school on a farm But Ananka doesn t have time to clean up that misunderstanding Not when a runaway hottie may have stolen a secret map, a long lost father appears, a two thousand year old Chinese mummy needs saving and way too many secrets threaten the very existence of the Irregulars.
    Kirsten Miller
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    Ah, Kiki Strike. Another one of my guilty pleasures. Should a thirty-two year old dude be reading this? Probably not. But it's good. So good. I wish I were a fourteen year old female spy. I wish I were a member of the Irregulars. I wish I could break out of my room, go down the fire escape and roam the streets of New York with my six best friends in a concerted effort to outsmart the bad guys. But instead I live in the East Bay, California, with my wife and baby. I hardly ever stay up until midn [...]

    I had very ambiguous feelings about Kirsten Miller's first Kiki Strike book Inside the Shadow City. Although I loved the cover art and most of the characters, I felt like the book didn't live up to its full potential. Despite my misgivings (and the fact that no one shared them), I remained optimistic about Kiki Strike #2, feeling confident that it would be better than the first since Miller would have had more time with the characters she was writing about and to iron out her writing voice (whic [...]

    Rebecca McNutt
    Unfortunately this next installment in the Kiki Strike series is lacking what "Inside the Shadow City" had, but it still manages to be intriguing, well-written and detailed and filled with suspense. This one is very imaginative, to say the least - incredibly creative and original, with a whole new series of adventures for the Irregulars to face.

    Loved it, loved it, better than the 1st one, which is saying alot because I LOVED the 1st one!!!!!!!!! This had a more dramatic and revealing plot line than the 1st one. This one also had more twists. I loved it. The last sentance (and I don't mean to give away any spoilers, but)is so shocking. This is a great series and Kirsten Miller is an excellent adventure writer for teens.

    No, David! No!
    A fun quick read. If you don't take it too seriously, it is very entertaining. And there are lots of "fun facts" hidden through out the book. I like that the story point of view is not from the title character. I also like that there is very little romance, and is instead about the fun story and "detective work".

    Ian Wood
    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's novels reviewed on the blog will generally have some images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a novel is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate a nove [...]

    This was such a good book! It gave a completely different view of one of the Irregulars life, and I got a history lesson on New York!

    Erin Mendoza
    Cute edition to the series

    I really do want to join the Irregulars. These books make me want to read more spy novels.

    Kiki and the Irregulars are back again and Ananka is ready to tell you all about it. There are lots of secrets that the Irregulars tried to keep from each other, but all secrets are discovered eventually. Lester Liu is back and something is going on with Livia and Sidonia. Oona is all caught up in the Mister Liu mess and Kiki has some problems with Verushka and Ananka's mom is about to freak out if Ananka keeps sneaking out and falling asleep in school. The Irregulars need to pull it together if [...]

    As I was reading this book I told myself that I was rating it 3 stars but somehow when I went to rate it 4 stars appeared. I have ambiguous feelings about this book- in fact, about the Kiki Strike series in general. First of all, they are the weirdest group of young teenagers you could ever meet! Even their names are weird. Their adventures, personal home lives, and individual stories are above unbelievable for a series that is NOT sci-fi. That being said, I think the 4 stars appeared under my f [...]

    Bethany Ainsworth
    I can't finish the series.It was good, then I started noticing a bit of a pattern.The way guys are looked down upon. The guy mooning the cameras, the guys in the park, Lester, the doctor, the delinquents in the first book, the guys calling Kiki a elf and making bad puns about it.Page 165:"What are you giving her?" Kiki asked"You wouldn't understand," the doctor replied."I'm young, not stupid," Kiki replied"Look he said peering down imperiously at Kiki. "I have more than ten years of higher educa [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooGet ready for the next adventure The Irregulars have returned! On the agenda this time around are the following things: Finish mapping the Shadow City. Since Livia and Sidonia Galatzina, (supposed) Queen and Princess of Pokrovia, and Kiki's mortal enemies, managed to get an incomplete copy of their map, it's more important than ever that The Irregulars finish what they started. Stop Lester Liu. He got away last time, and they aren't about to let that h [...]

    Roxanne Hsu Feldman
    The second installment in the Kiki Strike and the Irregulars of Bank Street series is every bit as fun (actually, it seems MORE fun to me) as the first one and finally some of the ill-tempered banters between the girls (especially Oona and the rest) are being addressed by the girls themselves. This time, when loyalty and secrets are the focus of the story, how they treat each other becomes an integral part of the story. I did find the many supposed "facts" not quite accurate -- it reminds me of [...]

    (Originally posted on my blog, theawesomeadventuresoflulu)To make sure this review is helpful and spoiler free, I have divided my thoughts into categories:Plot: The Irregulars’ ghost-themed mystery had it all: Suspense! Kidnapping! Squirrels! Butt-kicking girl adventurers! My only problem with it is that it didn’t focus enough on a certain Eastern European royal family. That cliffhanger though – it killed me!Characters: The Irregulars are back! The original six were as awesome as ever, and [...]

    This book is the second in the Kiki Strike series by Kirsten Miller. I read the first book several years ago but what i remembered of it i liked so I eagerly got this book from the library. Kiki Strike and the irregulars are now fourteen years old and just as talented. The Irregulars consist of Luz, Deedee, Betty, Annika, Oona, and Kiki Strike (Iris comes in later) They have discovered the Shadow City a city under NYC which provide entrances to various buildings throughout the city. It is perfec [...]

    Ah. I just love Kiki Strike. So much. It definitely would be on my Top 20 list. This is the second book in the series. The third book is called Kiki Strike: The Darkness Dwellers, and is coming out in late January. So excited!!! The second book isn't as good as the first, but I still love it. The Empress's Tomb focuses more on Oona, and the secrets that she carries, such as who her father is. Plus, there are giant squirrels mugging people in public parks.I really love everything about this serie [...]

    Kiki Strike The Empress's Tomb was another mystery featuring Kiki Strike and the Irregulars. I loved the first book in this series, Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City, but I wasn't sure what to expect with the second, as it was much harder to get my hands upon.Everyone has secrets. The girls' bonds are stretched to the limits as they discover that they haven't been completely honest with one another, and some of the things that they've held back can have a profound effect on their success as a n [...]

    Braden Bell
    I liked this book more than I liked the first one. I felt the characters grew a bit in terms of not just being girl-power superhero stereotypes. I was also glad to see a secondary hero introduced who is a male. Miller definitely can tell a great story, and I felt like she started to hit her stride. There seemed to be less editorializing and commentary this time and more unbroken attention to the narrative. I'm not sure how I felt about the heroine's conflict with her parents. I have issues with [...]

    A tredici anni mi ero innamorata del primo libro, l'unico edito in Italia, vuoi per il gruppo di ragazzette che avrebbe fatto impallidire la ghenga di Ocean's Eleven, vuoi perché finalmente avevo trovato una protagonista come me: apparentemente priva di talenti speciali, un po' goffa e disagiata ma con un'enorme biblioteca a sua disposizione. Dieci anni e qualche centinaio di libri dopo, non posso fare a meno di notare in questo seguito alcune ingenuità e passaggi in cui, in effetti, chiunque [...]

    Katrina H
    Kiki strike the empress's tombThis book made me feel sad and very happy. I recommend this book to anyone who likes action, mystery, friendship, and . The empress's tomb continues the adventurers of the irregulars. This time Onna Wong meets her biological father for the first time. Onna's fathers name is Lester Liu and he is a criminal. Onna and her farther start to get very close but the irregulars don't want her to get to close to him because they think that Onna might turn on them and with the [...]

    Aiyanna Eileen
    Loved this one just a bit more than the first one. I feel like Kirsten Miller grew a bit more with her own writing skills as well as in terms of developing The Irregulars. Really glad to see a male figure enter the group it definitely makes the story a bit more rounded and not just all about girl power. Don't get me wrong girl power and feminism is always something to stand for but there really wasn't even one male lead in the first book, plus now there's a love interest for Betty! Anyway, I tho [...]

    The Irregulars have a new member as well as a new mystery to solve. Iris comes in handy because she's smart, quick on her feet, and looks innocent, not to mention she has a entrance to the Shadow City in her basement. Unless you're a member of the Fu-Tsang, because if you are, I have never heard of the Irregulars or Iris so there, um heh heh Anyways, we learn the head of the Fu-Tsang, Lester Liu, is Oona's dad who's out to get her. He tells her the ghost of her mother is in the house but it's ac [...]

    3.5 stars, more likely. Having now read two of these books aloud, this one dragged a bit more than the first one. Ananka is an interesting narrator, tho the characterization of this story seemed thinner than the first one. Realistically, NYC is the preoccupation of the author, and the story does occasionally stop to revel in how delightfully odd New York is, which is enjoyable. Oona was the most compelling character in this one, which tracks with the title and the prologue, but I wasn't entirely [...]

    The Irregulars are a group of six girls in New York City.This is the sequel to Kiki Strike and the Shadow City, where you're introduced to each of the six girls.Anaka is still the protagonist. They're still working on secret projects. They're now fourteen.Strange things are happening -- Giant squirrels are mugging citizens. There are mysterious graffiti squirrels showing up around town and the girls aren't behind them.Some secrets come into the light.The Empress' Tomb is just as good and intrig [...]

    Noemi claudine
    This is the second in the Kiki Strike series. This book is focused mostly on Oona Wong, one of the Irregulars. She finds out that her dad is a leader of the Fu-Tsang gang. Oona falls into his trap and goes to live with him. the other Irregualrs go spy and find out that he is going to kill Oona in front of everyone. they crash his plans and add one more member of the Irregulars. I can not really relate to this book. But it is very similliar to the first Kiki Strike. There is still the shadow city [...]

    I just realized I never reviewed this one. I thought I had bought it but I never registered it on BookCrossers so maybe it was a library copy I read? Anyway, I loved this series. Thank you, Kay, for introducing me to Kiki. ****After a bit of research I found this review from BookCrossing:I originally received the Reader's Advanced Copy of book 1 Kiki Strike. I have been amazed at how much fun these two books have been. Kirsten did a lot of research into the underground cities and gave the i girl [...]

    This book was very interesting and I loved reading it. Kiki Strike-The Empress's Tomb was full of adventure, excitement, and fun. It is about 6 girls who are all very unique and daring. In the first book they explore under Manhattan, New york in search of the Shadow City, underground tunnels filled with giant rat's and american history. They start a group called The Irregulars and there leader is Kiki strike. The Irregulars vow to protect this underground city. In the sequel one of the members i [...]

    The first of this series, Kiki Strike: Under the Shadow City, was one of my favorite books I read in 2006 after I picked up a prepub somewhere at a library conference. It featured 12-year-old adventurers set on a mission to uncover and map out a vast forgotten and abandoned city underneath Manhattan. So I was eager to get into the second of Miller's Kiki books. But I found this one falls short of the first outing. It doesn't quite have the same draw. It takes nearly a full half of its pages just [...]

    Okay look:You're in a special all girls group full of smart "irregulars" all of them are your friends and not only are you one of them, you go on special adventures and you all just really cant get enough. It can't get any better right? wrong. This book is even more action packed and kick butt than the last one!There's "Giant squirrels" romance, new perfumes and of course, the butt-kicking group of irregulars. With the amazing leader- Kiki Strike. I thought the first book was pretty good, but th [...]

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