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  • Title: Falling for Colton
  • Author: Jasinda Wilder
  • ISBN: 9781941098448
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback

  • I wasn t always in love with Nell Hawthorne I was in love with a girl named India before I ever met Nell India She was my first love, the girl who made me want to be better than my past, better than the blood and violence Live by the sword, die by the sword, that s what they say, right It should have been me, that day But it was t It was her And that changed me SeI wasn t always in love with Nell Hawthorne I was in love with a girl named India before I ever met Nell India She was my first love, the girl who made me want to be better than my past, better than the blood and violence Live by the sword, die by the sword, that s what they say, right It should have been me, that day But it was t It was her And that changed me Sent me down an even darker path than I d been on before Until I met her Nell Hawthorne The girl who changed everything You know that story But what you don t know is everything that led up to that rainy day under a tree, at a funeral.
    Jasinda Wilder
    NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALL STREET JOURNAL and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women Her bestselling titles include ALPHA, STRIPPED, WOUNDED, and the 1 and international bestseller FALLING INTO YOU You can find her on her farm in Northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children and menagerie of animals.Sign up for Jasinda s newsletter at eepurl qW87TVisit Jasinda s website jasindawilder Follow Jasinda on twitter at twitter jasindawilderJoin Jasinda on Faceboook at facebook AuthorJasind


    Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    Cheatingwhat all does that encompass? Is it cheating when you're reading about the hero having a relationship before he even meets the heroin? Well, that's what this story felt like to me especially because I just love Colton and Nell. I was hesitant to read it at first because of that but I just couldn't stay away. I felt the same way with reading about Kyle in Falling Into You. The first half of the story is all about why Colton left his home, what led up to it and what happened after that. We [...]

    Jacqueline's Reads
    4 Loving Colton StarsFalling for Colton is like the prequel to Falling into You. I suggest you read Falling into You first so you get the feels right, but afterwards, read Falling for Colton. Colton is the Hero in Falling into You, where he meets Nell.Falling for Colton is a book for all COLTON fans. Those that love, crave and hunger for him. It tells his story prior to meeting Nell and oh what a story you will get. Colton is a tortured soul, a teenager with no direction, alone and just trying t [...]

    Brandi Money
    Jasinda Wilder at her very best! Incredibly addicting and fiercely explosive. There's never a dull moment, not a single one—captivating the reader at every turn. Absolute perfection from cover to cover! You think you know, BUT. YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA!

    Mitch Castro
    So this is the prelude.The problem is I can’t recall most of the story in book 1.Sooo…

    Angie McLain-Fan Girl Book Blog
    6 STARS - This book was everything I could never have expected. Action packed, intense and incredibly emotional, I thought I knew Colton's story, I was very wrong! This book is going to give fans of The Falling series everything they could have ever wished and hoped for, Jasinda Wilder shines!“How did I get here? What am I doing? How is this my life?”Colton Calloway is a young man that is frustrated, he’s unhappy 90% of the time but what does bring him happiness is working on cars. Restori [...]

    ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    too many ARCs on my kindle - but I'll read Colton as soon as I find a few hours somewhere ☺And PS - if you haven't read Falling into You yet - IT'S FREE ON !!!!

    Melissa | Slow Readers Blog
    I'm torn between 3 and 3.5 stars but come on. 3.25 stars is just damn ridiculous. I don't even really like halfsies, but let's just go with it. 3.5 stars. I should say that Falling Into You is one of my favorite books, ever. Being one of my first indie reads it, and Colton and Nell, has always stayed with me. I fell in love with it my first read and fall even more in love after rereading or listening to the audio or just a quick skim through my paperback. It's near the only book I've ever reread [...]

    Victoria Colotta
    With honesty, grit, and pure emotion, Jasinda Wilder brings us into the life of Colt once again. The author’s ability to weave a story with the reality of violence, some humor, romance, and heartbreak, allows the reader fall in love with her characters as flawed as they are. Make no mistake, this origin story is one that fans of The Falling Series will devour.This is the story of Colton. It is the story before the story that we all have known, loved, quoted, and stayed up all night reading. It [...]

    Having read Falling Into You almost 3 years ago, I clearly had moved on, filing that book as one of the best from Jasinda Wilder. And now with Falling for Colton, I'm putting this one in the file named: books you didn't know you wanted but are clearly thrilled that they were.This is the absolutely stunning prequel to the entire Falling Series. What we didn't know about Colton before he left his less than idyllic life in Michigan. There is heartbreak on every page it seems, yet you can't help but [...]

    4.5 stars. Colt Calloway is back, my favorite character of this series, in this grand finale. His story goes back in time, before Nell and Kyle were teenagers, leading up to when Colt is living in NYC and making a life for himself. He's already shared parts of his story in Falling Into You so this is the extended version of experiencing it right alongside with him. Colt is a straight shooter, he knows what his strengths and weaknesses are and he's a natural fighter. As the black sheep of the fam [...]

    I had almost forgotten what violent beginnings Colton had in New York. It was almost too much to read. I thought it was sad he couldn't have been a better brother to Kyle. And it was especially heartbreaking that India's dreams couldn't come true.I thought Wilder did a great job staying true to Falling Into You. I usually don't care to read about a Hero's time before the heroine, especially if it involves a relationship with another woman but I had to read about Colton and I'm glad I did. Well d [...]

    I literally can not get enough of this series and these characters. I was so excited to see another one come out. I just want more and more. I want more kids out of them just to continue down the rabbit hole that is Colt, Nell, Jason, Becca, Kylie, Oz, Ben and even Echo (even though I hated her). I mean, Colt is one of the two reasons I named my son Colt. The other is Colt from Charade by Nyrene Dawn ( #notembarrassedtoadmitthis ) I do hope we keep getting stories from this series. Jasinda hit t [...]

    Now, this is the way to tell the other side of the story. I loved that we got to see what drove Colt away from home, how he survived when he got to NYC, how he healed and other hurts that came his way. The couple of chapters at the end that were the 1st book brought things around full circle. I was so glad that he found his HEA!

    NC Reader
    Colton Calloway. I still have mad love for that man!! FIY is still my number one favorite book (and series). I'm soooo glad Ms Wilder wrote this one. Being able to go back and hear Colton's POV and life story makes me love him even more. Thank you soooo much, Jasinda Wilder for this one! Even though this is the grand finale of the series, I refuse to let Colt & Nell go!!!

    Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy this emotional and explosive ride. But don't worry, your heart is in the very capable hands of Jasinda Wilder.

    Susan Gold

    Perfect end to the series!!

    Michelle Tikal
    It is hard to do something that could really be considered a prequel when your characters are not only known and loved, but also the characters that started it all, the characters that brought even more wonderful characters into your reader's lives, and the creators of offspring that lovers of the series fell just as hard for as the parents. Let's be honest, nobody really wants to see Colton Calloway with anyone but Nell Hawthorne. Yet, the way in which Jasinda Wilder tells Falling For Colton, t [...]

    All Romance
    MICHELLE'S REVIEWJASINDA!!! Why do you like making me cry so much!!So I spent the majority of this book in tears. This book will probably won't do much for you if you have not read FALLING INTO YOU. Also, if you have not read the FALLING series- you might have to reconsider all of your life choices because it is one of my favorite series of all time.This book is all about Colton (Colt) before we meet him in FALLING INTO YOU. When Colt leaves Michigan and runs off to New York, no one really knows [...]

    Novel Grounds
    6 GIANT Stars|| Each time Jasinda releases a novel in this series I prepare my heart for the beating I know it inevitably going to receive. This series is heavy on the emotional toll and I love every excruciating second of it.This si Colton's story. The story that led him to NYC. That made him the man that he is. You live through each and every one of his struggles and it tears your heart out page after page.I kept waiting for things to look up for him, or for someone to come in and save this po [...]

    Michel Reinhard (Smut Book Junkie Reviews)
    The Falling Series by Jasinda Wilder is one of my all time favorite book series. I devoured each and every book in this series. I was completely surprised when she released Falling For Colton because I thought this series was finished. And it was in a sense, all the characters had found their destiny. Falling For Colton visits the past, before Colt met Nell.It is Colt Calloway’s journey into manhood. The reader only got an abbreviated glimpse of who Colt was before he met Nell. We were told ab [...]

    Oh Colt. My love. My heart. My #1 Book Boyfriend!I loved this book because I got to know Colt better.This series has done some serious damage to me over the years but none of the has been able to grip me the way that Falling Into You has until this book.Even though we knew most of what he went through when he first arrived in New York, we were able to see how he was able to deal with it all. Reading from Colt's POV it man is always hits me. Hard. Being able to see how Colton became the Colt we a [...]

    Texas Reader Stacy
    Poor beautiful Colton. To read his story is heartbreakingly beautiful. To have survived his life of independence is incredible. But dreams really do come true sometimes.This series as a whole has been an incredible journey. Beautiful, and yet heartbreaking also. It's been one of my top favorite series since book one. Where I actually bawled my eyes out. Jasinda Wilder has a way of pulling out the emotions from you with every word. The conversations held solely by music. The simple way a look con [...]

    Ohhh bueno la verdad me encanta esta serie no es nada nuevo, pero me falto en este libro más Si ya se que conocemos muy bien la historia de Colton y Nell pero quería MÁS!!! saber de ellos "carita triste" y solo por eso no le doy 5 estrellas.La verdad me pone un poco nostálgica que termine esta serie ya que cuando comencé a leer Falling Into You fue de pura casualidad y Dios!! lo ame y así fue con los demás libros de esta serie. Creo que mi Colton siempre va a ser uno mis protas preferidos [...]

    I can honestly say I was some what disappointed with this. I knew that I was going to be reading this from Colton's pov but I thought I was going to get more. i wanted to know what he was thinking and how he was feeling through his relationship with Nell also. I loved the parts we did get but once the book starts with Nell it's about over. I've read every single book in this series so I know the rough time they had but I still wanted to know how Colton was feeling. I'm very thankful the author g [...]

    I had misgivings at first when I learned this book would be about Colt's other love, but I had nothing to worry about because the book was not expressly about her. Falling for Colton is really about Colton's life after being kicked out of his parents' house. And what a life it was. The things he had to do just to survive were heartbreaking. But somewhere along the way he fell in love with a girl named India, who dies a very tragic death and almost sends Colt off the deep end. I'm glad we got Col [...]

    Michelle Kemp
    First I want to say Jasinda you are a great writer and i love everyone of your books but this series is the best. I love Colt and always will. What he went through at home how can father call his son the way his father did that is not right no matter what your kids do or what their grades are you help them try to understand what is wrong when their grades are low but never call your children stupid was nice to read about everything he went through from the first day he left home. its a 5 stars b [...]

    When I saw this book was coming, I could not wait for it. I have always wondered everything Colton went through before his & Nell's paths crossed.It's hard to believe how strong he is, might not seem like it at times, with everything he has gone through. I've always wanted more of his back story when reading "Falling into You" and now after reading this (for me anyway) seems to bring the pieces even closer together.

    Stacy Hahn
    Made me love Colton even more!Falling for Colton was absolutely perfect. I fell for Colt the first time we met him in fFalling Into You. I'm so happy to get to find out what made Colton the man that he is. His story broke my heart, but showed how much strength encourage he had. If you haven't read the series then you're truly missing out on one of the most amazing series ever. This book is a five-star read for me!

    The Falling Series is one of my top favorites! This book is just so special because it gives us a glimpse into Colton's past. This book brings back all the feels and emotions that the series is known forwhile your heart hurts for Colton's past you can rest easy knowing his future. I loved this revisit to the series and I just might have to retread the other books! Thank you Jasinda Wilder for this beautiful story.

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