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  • Title: The Life of Elves
  • Author: Muriel Barbery Alison Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781910477212
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback

  • The highly anticipated new novel from the acclaimed author of The Elegance of the Hedgehog.The villagers had never seen anything like it dense white curtains of snow that instantly transformed the landscape Not in autumn, not here in Burgundy And on the same night a baby was discovered, dark eyed little Maria, who would transform all their lives.Hundreds of miles away iThe highly anticipated new novel from the acclaimed author of The Elegance of the Hedgehog.The villagers had never seen anything like it dense white curtains of snow that instantly transformed the landscape Not in autumn, not here in Burgundy And on the same night a baby was discovered, dark eyed little Maria, who would transform all their lives.Hundreds of miles away in the mountains of Abruzzo, another foundling, Clara, astonishes everyone with her extraordinary talent for piano playing But her gifts go far beyond simple musicianship.As a time of great danger looms, though the girls know nothing of each other, it is the bond that unites them and others like them, which will ultimately offer the only chance for good to prevail in the world.
    Muriel Barbery Alison Anderson
    Muriel Barbery is a French novelist and professor of philosophy Barbery entered the cole Normale Sup rieure de Fontenay Saint Cloud in 1990 and obtained her agr gation in philosophy in 1993 She then taught philosophy at the Universit de Bourgogne, in a lyc e, and at the Saint L IUFM La timide et tr s discr te Muriel Barbery ne s imaginait sans doute pas faire l objet de l engouement qu elle suscite aujourd hui, bien malgr elle.Ce succ s, elle le conna t gr ce ses deux livres Une Gourmandise et surtout L l gance du h risson N e au Maroc, Casablanca en 1969, Muriel Barbery regagne la France, le Calvados plus pr cis ment, pour se consacrer ses tudes Elle s inscrit l Ecole Normale Sup rieure de Fontenay Saint Cloud et y fait des tudes en philosophie Elle obtient alors un DEA, qui lui permet de devenir professeur.Habitant les environs de Bayeux, toujours en Basse Normandie, elle enseigne d abord dans un lyc e, Saint L.Muriel Barbery plonge dans bon nombre d ouvrages, mais confie volontiers que, plus que tous les autres, Guerre et Paix du romancier russe L on Tolsto , la fascine encore aujourd hui.Sa mani re d crire insolite, et qu elle qualifie elle m me de d sordonn e, ne lui fait pas penser qu elle se lancerait un jour dans la fabuleuse aventure qu est la sienne.Pourtant, en 2000, St phane, son poux qui a t pour beaucoup dans sa r ussite, l encourage crire et publier son premier roman, qu elle intitule Une Gourmandise ditions Gallimard Le succ s est norme, et la surprend elle m me Traduit en 12 langues et vendu 200 000 exemplaires, ce livre raconte l histoire du plus grand des critiques gastronomiques, qui, ayant appris qu il vivait ses derniers jours, part la recherche d une saveur bien particuli re mais insaisissable qui le replonge dans son enfance.Mais c est en 2006 que Muriel Barbery vit ses plus grands moments de gloire En effet, c est l ann e o Gallimard publie L l gance du H risson, qui la propulse litt ralement parmi les meilleurs auteurs populaires Elle se retrouve notamment class e dans les 10 romanciers les plus vendus en 2007 L l gance du H risson relate la vie de trois personnages Ren e, une concierge d immeuble, avec tous les attributs que l on pr te habituellement aux concierges, qui est secr tement passionn e de philosophie Paloma est une adolescente bourgeoise Et le troisi me est un riche amateur d art japonais Cette satire sociale sera vendue plus d un million d exemplaires.Suite la parution de ce roman, Muriel Barbery re oit deux belles distinctions le Prix des Librairies et le Prix des Biblioth ques pour tous Elle est aussi couronn e du Prix Georges Brassens et du Prix Rotary International.Ce succ s commercial lui permet de r aliser son r ve et d assouvir sa passion pour le Japon, puisqu elle d cide de mettre sa vie de professeur de philosophie entre parenth ses pour s installer Kyoto pendant quelques temps.elle Personnalites Muri


    Such a disappointment. "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" is one of my favorite books. It doesn't seem possible that the same author has written "The Life of Elves." It doesn't seem possible that I'm giving Muriel Barbery one star but I have to.First off, this book should come with a warning that it is part one of a two-part series. Having pre-ordered it I had no idea. As I write this I see it is not possible for you to read a sample of the book, which is unfortunate; a sample is essential for this [...]

    Arielle Walker
    This is a strange, strange little creation.I really don't know if I loved it or hated it. I don't know if the florid prose is beautiful and meditative, or eye-rollingly overwrought and ridiculous. I don't know what happened in the plot, but somehow I understand the emotion behind it, or something similar.Things make no sense for entire chapters and it doesn't matter, as they snap into focus for brief seconds later. I think that's a good thing. (I think.)Reading this is like trying to see through [...]

    I loved The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Anyone I've ever talked to about The Elegance of the Hedgehog loved it too. And yet, Muriel Barbery's third novel The Life of Elves is a literary calamity.I am two-thirds through this book but I realised this weekend that the avoidance techniques I've employed to not finish this book ('hmm I'll just read this real estate magazine again') have won out. The Life of Elves will go back to the bookshelf unfinished (Book I Forsook #2).I can't even critique the nar [...]

    Linda Robinson
    This book opened my heart to the bridges between the mundane world and the ethereal community of faith along the shared road that passes over the bridge. Can we move easily from one realm to the other? Not without war, whether fought under the overturned sky, or within. I think that's what Barbery is letting us have a peek at: the struggle to merge the misty awareness of joy in the riches of each day with personal and shared history, struggle, pain, loss of everyday life. The simplicity of a kit [...]

    “…she looked up at him with her eyes as blue as the torrents from the glacier, with a gaze in which the angels of mystery sang. And life flowed down the slopes of the Sasso with the slowness and intensity of those places where everything requires effort but also takes its time, in the current of a bygone dream where humankind knew languor interwoven with the bitterness of the world”The Life of Elves is the third novel by prize-winning French novelist and professor of philosophy, Muriel Bar [...]

    A 'beguiling fairytale', as quoted by the NYT, should be everything I dream of reading and more. Well frankly I wish I had read the full review before starting because the review goes on to pretty much say over written and confusing which is what I found this book to be also. The start is intriguing, then it all gets a bit too wordy and what starts off as magical magical realism turned into a bit of a nightmare for me as it went on. By then end I was furious with myself for not giving up half wa [...]

    Karen Mace
    I really wanted to love this!! And it looked and sounded like a book that I'd normally dive into and feel immediately swept up along in. but that didn't happen and that makes me feel sad!It focuses on 2 little girls - one brought up in Spain, the other in Italy. And they both have a great role to play in the battle between good and evil in very different ways. There are glimpses of what this book was trying to get across, and the way it was written was beautiful in parts but for a lot of the tim [...]

    Ana-Maria Negrilă
    Ce se întâmplă când un autor nu are chef de scris? Cine dorește să afle poate citi Viața elfilor. Sigur că nu va afla nimic despre elfi, deși sunt pomeniți des în roman, și nici nu va avea parte de personaje sau acțiune. Ce se petrece în acestă carte ar fi încăput lejer într-o "batistă narativă" de 30 de pagini.Povestea celor două fete este complet neinteresantă și redată în așa fel încât orice urmă de interes să fie omorâtă în fașă. Există câteva sclipiri, c [...]

    Mai Laakso
    Lämminhenkisen Siilin eleganssin kirjoittaja ranskalainen Muriel Barbery on aloittanut uuden kenties kokonaisen fantasiakirjasarjan kirjalla Haltiaelämää. Kirjan nimestä voi jo päätellä, että kirjassa tapahtuu yliluonnollisia asioita ja tapahtumia. Kirjan päähenkilöt ovat kaksi tyttöä, Maria ja Clara, jotka on viety syntymänsä jälkeen eri maihin, ja molemmat saivat rakastavat perheet luonnon keskeltä.Tässä fantasiakirjassa kohtaavat sekä hyvä että paha. Kirja on alkusoitto [...]

    ugh. I loathed this book. I read her "the elegance of the hedgehog" and do not remember one thing about it, which means it was better than this. granted, this has been translated from the french, but I don't think that can possibly account for the sloppy, overblown, synesthetic writing. I have examples:"dawn shooting its rosy fingers into skies more transparent than love" - first of all, leave the rosy-fingered dawn to virgil. not exactly original. and WTF does "more transparent than love" mean? [...]

    Warning: Your tolerance level for airy-fairy prose must be: . . . to enjoy The Life of Elves.*I loved this book. I never read the "Hedgehog" book, which makes me one of a small minority on . I chose this book because, well, I've always been an Elvish fan.I also loved John Crowley's Little Big and Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale. I was mesmerized by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince, another French to English translation. They all have that dreamy, sunny afternoon lazing in a hammock fee [...]

    Pauline von Dahl
    Halusin kovasti pitää kirjasta jo alusta alkaen, meitä ei kuitenkaan ollut tarkoitettu toisillemme. Kaunista kieltä ja maagista realismia, varmasti ihastuttava kirja Barberyn faneille. /Me and this book weren't meant for each other, sadly. I was pondering between 2 and 3 stars, decided finally to give 3 since it's so beautifully written.

    It seems unanimous that Muriel Barbery shocked us all with this new novel, which is already set as a first in a series of two books. A deviation from her first two beloved books; so much so that most of us can hardly believe it is from the same woman. I have not found anyone declaring this better than her first two novels; barely anyone that does not hint toward it being worse. The story is magical, whimsical, confusing, mysterious, otherworldly. Barbery's prose is lyrical, poetic. As was eviden [...]

    As posted on Zezee with Books.I've found a new writer to admire.My thoughts:“Indeed, I would not be surprised if, in the end, we find out that we are all the characters of some meticulous but mad novelist.”I’m in love with Barbery’s writing. The entire time I read, I was wrapped up in her prose: I admired how she structured her sentences, the words she used, and the descriptions she weaved throughout. It’s all beautiful.The story is about two girls who must strengthen their powers befo [...]

    I almost want to challenge anybody to remember much about this book after they've finished it. it has an ethereal, dreamlike quality that I suspect was precisely the author's intent to convey, but this really works against the book, in my view. I spent the entirety of the journey feeling like I was shuffling through some kind of sleep fog. Characters utter things that are clearly supposed to be of great significance, but which meant nothing to me at all. There's lots of talk about "bridges", 'th [...]

    Amy McLay Paterson
    This is a fantasy novel that feels like it has been written by someone who has never read a fantasy novel but all the same assumes that she and her readers all share the same general conception of what one should be. Everything is drawn in the broadest of strokes with very little effort into world-building, and there's magic and good and evil and some sort of battle but characterizations of either side are hazy at best. There are 2 little girls who I guess are elves, but it doesn't really matter [...]

    I sadly could not finish this book I SO wanted to having loved her earlier book The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I had high hopes for this book and truly some of the prose was simply stunning. The story lost me and found me and lost me again. I gave a concerted effort, returning to the ring again and again. But a book shouldn't be like a boxing match, right?

    Ines Prodan
    Ori am eu grave probleme de atenţie, ori trebuie să-mi mai crească un creier pentru a înţelege cartea asta

    Ana Paola
    Beautiful use of words. Story could be better itself. Very slow beginning. It was like reading a poem.

    La prosa de Barbery es maravillosa, da igual si escribe sobre un hecho horrible o sobre la belleza del paisaje, como lector quedas sumergido en ese mundo que ella inventa. Ya sea que escriba sobre plantas, música, libros, pintura o elfos, tú te lo crees y en el camino te recreas con un uso excepcional del lenguaje. No voy a comparar este libro con su éxito más conocido porque sería injusto, porque este por sí solo es capaz de gustar a quien lo lea a conciencia y se deje llevar de la mano d [...]

    Karen M
    Two girls are born at the same moment in time, both with mysterious links to the elven world. That world is in trouble, so the two girls are carefully placed into the human world, Maria in a poor little village in France, Clara in a little village in Italy, with good people who will raise them safely and well. As they grow they discover something of their own powers, eve though they have no idea who or what they are. Some of their human caretakers - the sensitive and creative ones, the ones with [...]

    I'm still not sure what to make of this book.I've read Muriel Barbery's "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" and "Gourmet Rhapsody" and absolutely loved them, but struggled to finish this book. Is it a fairy tale? A fantasy? An allegory? None of the above?Two little girls are born on the same day and hour. One is adopted in France the other one in Italy. We later find out that they were taken to this countries to protect them. One is half elf half human and the other is an elf, but with human characte [...]

    La vida de los elfos es una historia que me dejó totalmente indiferente. Llegué a la novela con muchas expectativas dado el renombre y las críticas positivas que tiene la autora. Si bien no había leído reseñas sobre esta novela, me atrajo la historia que proponía.Desde las primeras páginas supe que esta novela no iba a ser de mis preferidas por el estilo de escritura de la autora. Su prosa es demasiado detallista y poética, ya que de manera permanente ahonda en descripciones de lugares, [...]

    Much to say about this book. I adored The Elegance of the Hedgehog and I still find myself thinking about its characters many years after having read it. I had high expectations for Barbery's most recent novel - because of my love of her earlier works and because ELVES - and was dismayed to see such terrible reviews accumulating. I emerged from the other end of this book amazed and confused by the harshness of those reviews. I'm not sure how to judge the quality of Barbery's writing or the story [...]

    I so enjoyed this book! It is so poetic and whimsical, it spoke to me very deeply. I loved how important nature is to the story. It was simply a joy to dive into the language of the book and be swept away by magic and dreams. As for the plot, it was a little hazy and not quite concrete. The whimsy made for an illogical story telling that was hard to follow. It was pretty vague and took a long time to tell. But I didn't mind because everything was wonderful.The characters were very important and [...]

    Lisa Matthews
    I really wanted to like this book as I am very fond of magical fairy tales for adults. But it is very difficult to make them work and in this instance Muriel Barbery was not able to deliver. I enjoyed the sentiments of the story and Ms Babery's writing (whilst in translation) was quite lovely. However I was unable to engage with any of the characters and neither was I swept away by the narrative or its inherent magic.

    Lectora Entropica
    lo siento,pero quizás no sea para mi

    Although a book should not be judged by its cover, I believe that it can be judged by its title, at least prima facie, unless and until evidence to the contrary is provided. (I declined to read The Elegance of the Hedgehog because of my aversion to eye-catching, cutesy titles. It seems unlikely to me that a novel with such a title, more than 6 million sales and a plot concerning a wise concierge and a suicidal teen will be anything but "young adult" pulp?)The advance notices, however, about Muri [...]

    In „Das Leben der Elfen“ von Muriel Barbery geht es vordergründlich um die beiden Waisen Clara und Maria. Maria lebt in Frankreich in einem kleinen Dorf. Sie scheint auf außergewöhnliche Weise die Natur positiv zu beeinflussen, doch zugeben will es zunächst keiner der doch sehr gläubigen Anwohner. Doch vor allem die älteren Frauen aus dem Dorf kümmern sich um das besondere Mädchen.Clara hingegen wohnt in Italien, doch schon bald kommt ein Verwandter ihres Ziehvaters und bringt ein Kl [...]

    Stacey Kym
    ARC kindly provided by Text Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Review ‘The Life of Elves’ was everything I had – COULD have – hoped it could be! Unbelievably enchanting, I fell in love with it within the first sentence. This was one of my most wanted-to-read novels in my review-copy pile, and I must say, that it has probably surpassed them ALL!What I really loved about the novel was the standard of the writing. This is what I always look for whenever I open a book. And I was BEY [...]

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