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  • Title: Beauty Queen
  • Author: Linda Glovach
  • ISBN: 9780062051615
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover

  • I felt the prick of the needle, but only for a second, because this great rush of warmth quickly followed, encompassing my whole body from my toes right up to the top hair on my head I couldn t move for a minute as she guided the needle in and out of my vein When she was done, I felt like I had entered heaven I looked in the mirror and felt beautiful and confident I feI felt the prick of the needle, but only for a second, because this great rush of warmth quickly followed, encompassing my whole body from my toes right up to the top hair on my head I couldn t move for a minute as she guided the needle in and out of my vein When she was done, I felt like I had entered heaven I looked in the mirror and felt beautiful and confident I felt this great peace, at last, a warmth, and I knew that everything was going to be okay and really always had been Like time had stopped and I was floating on a cloud Writing the book, I saw my old dope dealer and bought 1,500 worth of pure heroin Brown Gold and started shooting up 10 times a day to get the feel of the book Well, I did, all right I ended up in Glen Cove General, almost dead In truth, you make a deal with the Devil He takes away your pain, but he owns you You live for the next fix After a while, it s totally physical your body has to have it But I m off it for good Linda Glovach
    Linda Glovach
    Linda Glovach lives in Sea Cliff, NY.


    This is a very hard book to rate because I am on the fence about it. I liked the story, but I absolutlet hated every single character except for the 2 cats, Dinah & Sylvester. I know that is very strange, but every character in this book pissed me off with their crap excuses. The main character was dumber than a box of rocks, her best friend was in denial, her mother was a drunk who had taken up with a perv, her boss ignored the bad stuff going on, her boyfriend was a POS, and the one person [...]

    A teenage stripper happens to come across another stripper shooting up heroin and decides pretty much right there on the spot to try it. Instantly, she’s hooked, can’t live without it. This “magical potion” changed her life! This teenage girl grew up with an alcoholic mom and she makes it sound as if she does not want to go down that road, so instead alcohol she chooses an even lower way of life and shoots up heroin. Nobody around her seems to mind her habit, maybe with the exception of [...]

    For a decade, students in my Junior English classes have come upon this slim volume and really enjoyed it. Make that LOVED it. Like A Child Called "It", this is a book that reluctant-reading teens can get through and feel the same rhapsody that adult readers find in literature. Because of this, I appreciate what the book can do; it can kick-start a reader.The story is simple enough, which is its appeal for its audience. It seems to be Sam's diary. She is a nineteen year old girl who is transpare [...]

    Eva Leger
    This is just plain terrible. I'm not sure how old this author was when this was written but I have no doubt that the average 12-year-old could have written a better book. Not only does Glovach give a step-by-step how-to on how to cook and inject heroin, the diary entries are horrible. Childish when the character is supposed to be 19-years-old, written poorly overall, etc. The back states the following, " Writing the book, I saw my old dope dealer and bought $1,500 worth of pure heroin-Brown Gold [...]

    Beauty Queen, Beauty Queen, Beauty Queen, my goodness was this an amazing book. I couldn't put it down the second I started reading the first page! I liked how the book was written in a diary format, it was edgy, realistic, and heart warming. I felt that Sam was my dear friend and reading her tragic herion abuse my heart went out to her. She had such a kind, gentle soul and alls she wanted in life was a nice home her and her beloved cat could share. One thing leads to another and next thing you [...]

    It's hard to fully grasp--and write, for that matter-- books written in diary form. Beauty Queen, however, surpasses the norm. The reader is overwhelmed with the rawness of the storyline like it was written like a normal novel. When Sam's heroin addiction gets worse and worse, the reader sees it even when Sam doesn't. Sam is stubborn yet optimistic, lovelorn, and absolutely obsessed with heroin. After she is introduced to it, she needs it to do everything. Dates, work, dinner, everything. It's l [...]

    Ashlyn Rae (TeenageReader)
    Reading Beauty Queen was scary and deep. It was painful to read but I finished it in a sitting. I was still thinking about it over the next few days. Some say that this book should be banned or shouldn't have been published, but I think Linda Glovach put her own experience with drugs into a story so she can show people what drugs can do to you. Even though Beauty Queen was short (and disturbing), Glovach's powerful story will make sure that you will never consider doing drugs. Give this story a [...]

    Spoiler Alert!!!!Wow. I feel so bad about what happened to poor Sam. She had all the support she needed but once she was introduced to heroin, that was all she thought about. Mostly, I feel bad for her cats- they don't even know she's dead. All Sam ever talked about was making a good life for her and Dinah - her poor cat who had diabetes. Now Sam is gone. I really connected with this book because someone in my family went through something very similar to this. They think the drugs can save them [...]

    This is probably the best book I've ever read.

    I read this book when I was in like 7th grade. I shouldn't have, since this book was so in depth when it came to drugs and exotic dancing but it made me really afraid to ever do drugs, and I think I kept that mentality since I still haven't. The good thing about this book is that it may be dated, but it feels real, it gives the feeling of someone who is hurting, someone who is truly going through this when they are writing it. This book may be tragic and kind of scary if you are young, but it is [...]

    This book is terrible. I've been trying to find more drug-related books for the students who like Tweak and Crank, and gave this one a try. What a mess! First of all, it's extremely dated - almost every "diary entry" contains a reference to a late 80s/early 90s song/actress/movie/etc. Most of which would go right over the heads of YA readers today since it's not anything that has stood the test of time. The writing is terrible, and the plot is just really hard to buy in to. I won't be putting th [...]

    I really enjoyed the book Beauty Queen but I would like to state in my opinion no book about how drugs ruin young peoples lives have ever matched Ellen Hopkins' at least non that I have read so far. The story was touching and I felt myself feeling Sam's pain andsorrows right along with her. In conclusion i'd like to say I recommend this book to whomever. The reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 at certain points I didn't uite understand what was going on.

    I really enjoyed this book. I really felt like i was her. She "loved" a guy people had told she shouldn't have been with but she didn't listen. she died because of love and heroin


    This is another book I read in high school that even furthered my disgust and over the top resistance to heroin. I think books like this should be available for teens, it's a little smack in the face reality of the "hey kids don't do drugs" slogan.Written like a diary by a 19 year old girl, Samantha, she learns very quickly that things don't come easy in the real world. She wanted to be loved and she found it in heroin. It's a sad story but it's reality.

    This is one of the first books I ever read for pleasure, while in High School. I absolutly fell in love with it. I bonded with the character and therefor, found a new passion for reading, that i hadn't had before. This book is the reason I read, in my spare time, to this very day. The book is about a girl, who starts stripping to pay the rent, after moving out on her own from her mother's house. It is written in diary format, which really helped me get into the very feel of emotions she went thr [...]

    Fuji, Red Rum, Dead End; these are the names of a few of Sam’s closest friends. Her favorite brands of Heroine. The only ones that know the true relationship of Sam and her friends are her journal and those she left behind to read it. Sam is told by her therapist to write in her journal what she is feeling and thinking because it is for her to express herself vocally. The reader travels with Sam as her desperate attempt to get out on her own lead her to a path she never imagined taking. Angelo [...]

    Karla Chavarria
    This book is written for people who like to read about the complicated life styles of a human beings who struggle throughout their life times.I gave this book one star. It was awful.Through out this book, I thought Angelo was going to turn out to be the bad guy. I had my suspicions, but he turned out to be the father figure that Sam never had. And now that she had one, she didn't appreciate him and his wise words enough unless they were about drugs. I also thought it was pointless for Sam's moth [...]

    I first read this book when I was in high school. I have remembered it since then for the last 5-6 years. At the time I never thought I would be able to relate to the characters drug use but somehow in the last few years I was also doing heroin 24/7. So now that I am recovering from that I wanted to read this book again and see how it felt. Both times I have read it, once being very anti drug and then years later having lived with heroin addiction it still had a very powerful affect on me. I wou [...]

    So I really don't feel like it's necessary to review this book. Beauty Queen is nothing new if you have already read anything by Ellen Hopkins, Go Ask Alice, or Tweak, etc. I really didn't want to waste my time with finishing it, but Beauty Queen does only have 168, not bad, I read almost the entire book this morning. The one interesting thing I did find was the Linda Glovach (the author) actually took heroin while writing the book. I guess thats a good way to get the story to be acurate, but it [...]

    Amateurish writing, extremely loose "plot", shallow and unbelievably stupid characters. This book was a massive disappointment. I never felt like there was ever any real danger for Sam, and her addiction is depicted in an almost nonexistent way? I don't want to downplay the horrors of heroin/addiction, but her struggles seem very shallow as well, ever though she does drugs on nearly every page. I never felt like her life truly deteriorated past her dependence on heroin. Maybe this isn't coming a [...]

    Tanya (Girl Plus Books)
    This YA cautionary tale of drug use/abuse misses the mark. The tale, told in diary format, focuses on Sam - a 19 year old from a troubled home (absent father, alcoholic mother). What kept the story from feeling in any manner genuine was the fact that Sam's voice was in no way authentic. What 19 year old girl uses terms like: "floundering", baby-faced ex-con", or "long, shapely legs?" I've yet to encounter a teenager who expresses herslf this way. This was so distracting that it was impossible to [...]

    Jane Chemi
    I read this book years ago in middle school. at the time I loved it and thought it was one of the best books I had ever read. It has a good message and a lot of potential but it just doesn't feel complete. It seems a little flat at some parts, the characters are not balanced and truthfully it's hard to feel bad for the main character towards the end because she becomes absolutely obnoxious. I also found it a little strange that the author admitted to shooting up so much heroin to write this book [...]

    Beauty Queen reminded me of my old friend's drug use. The most suprising thing about the book was when Sam was going to marry Blaine. The cover of the book tells it all. While reading this book i felt sad, but hopefull. If you've ever read Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff you'll like this book.

    Katrina Knittle
    These are books I hate to rate or review. When they deal with something that anyone can go through. When I first read the summary on the back at the library I could not wait to read the book. It had me hooked. This is a book you can read and get through in one sitting. It grabs your attention and makes you feel for the characters. I will admit at times some of the characters can grate your nerves. The book is written in a sort of dairy format. Decent read if you have spare time. May not be the b [...]

    Read this when it came out. I did not like the main character much, just another spoiled little girl without much dirrection. I would have to read the book again, to refresh my memory as to why I thought it was just an okay book.The fact that the author got herself all geeked up on that shit again "to get a feel of the book" annoyed me all the more. Of course she wound up in the hospital "almost dead" ! What did she think would happen? People are morons sometimes.

    I didn't care for this book. The idea and description of it are what intrigued me, but as I read farther I realized it was all very childish. The main character is struggling through very serious matters, but she writes about them as though they are nothing. Almost like a child would do. She was too immature and unrealistic. I can not imagine anyone dealing with things the way she did. It failed to keep me interested. In the end I just didn't care what happened.

    think of it as a "go ask alice" for the heroin generation. the main character is a bit two-dimensional and the plot is fairly predictable. moves at a very quick pace. recommended for reluctant readers (or those who just like experiencing this sort of thing vicariously, which is obviously safer than the real thing). evidently the author began shooting up 10 times a day to "get the feel of the book". yikes.

    This book written in diary-format, was a actually the most gripping book I've read in a while. I really felt bad for Sam's struggle with heroin and her need to be beautiful and I felt way worse when Blaine didn't actually cared for her after all. Beauty Queen is a must-read. If you like books like Go Ask Alice, you will enjoy Beauty Queen. It would have you breathless once you get to its tragic conclusion.

    i finished this book couple weeks ago.This book is short but really catches your eye. It leaves you breathless, leaving you with her pain and thoughts. Sam has a rough life and she moves out on her own. She ends up to be a topless dancer, but won;;t get through it if she doesnt take her magic potion.(heroine) Sam turns out to be addict. she wakes up to it and sleeps to it. She suffers life when shes not high, but when she is everything seems to be perfect.

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