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  • Title: Black Cross
  • Author: J.P. Ashman
  • ISBN: 9781517510114
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback

  • Arcane magic can be a ruinous power, despite admirable intentions A mysterious scroll finds its way into Lord Severun s hands, enabling him to release a dangerous experiment upon Wesson With Sergeant Falchion unable to forgive himself for aiding the wizard, and desperate factions taking advantage of the devastating aftermath, Falchion embarks on an arduous quest alongsidArcane magic can be a ruinous power, despite admirable intentions A mysterious scroll finds its way into Lord Severun s hands, enabling him to release a dangerous experiment upon Wesson With Sergeant Falchion unable to forgive himself for aiding the wizard, and desperate factions taking advantage of the devastating aftermath, Falchion embarks on an arduous quest alongside friends and strangers alike However, even if their attempt to seek aid is successful and the city is saved, they risk revealing a secret that threatens much than Wesson alone From a fantasy world not too dissimilar to our own dark and bloody histories, the beginning of an epic tale is told Incredible magic is unleashed, allies become enemies unlikely friendships are forged, and a foul plot is discovered that will shatter the long lasting peace of Altoln and her allies, plunging them into a gritty, brutal conflict that falls far from the fluffy fairytales of old.
    J.P. Ashman
    Born Lancashire, England, J P Ashman is a Northern lad through and through His parents love wildlife, history, fantasy and science fiction, and passed their passion on to him They read to him from an early age and encouraged his imagination at every turn His career may be in optics, as a manager technician, but he loves to make time for writing and reading every day Now living rurally in the Cotswolds with Wifey and their little Norse Goddess Freya, he s inspired daily by the views they have and the things they see, from the deer in the fields to the buzzards circling overhead.Writing is a huge part of his life and the medieval re enactment background and tabletop gaming lend to it when he s not writing the genre, he s either reading or playing it He plans to keep writing, both within his current series, and those to come, whether short stories or epic tomes.


    Petros Triantafyllou
    Picking up and reading Black Cross, you will witness, more or less, a great author in the making. In the Kingdom of Altoln, a powerful wizard assisted by an ingenious cleric releases what he believes to be a magical potion of purification; a spell that will purge the streets of the kingdom from all the criminals inhabiting it. But when the citizens of Altoln start dying in the thousands, the wizard understands that what he freed was nothing more than a pandemic; the Black Death. From mere circum [...]

    Mark Lawrence
    J.P. Ashman handed me this book himself at BristolconI don't know why I'm smiling like someone has a knife to my balls. And J.P isn't as tall as he looks: I'm actually leaning over on a bar stool.Anyway, a fine chap.The hardback is deceptive as it looks to be a book of medium size when in reality it is filled with tiny font and is in fact a *long* novel. 234,000 words long in fact. Prince of Thorns was 82,000!Black Cross is a novel where the author's enthusiasm shines out on every page. Ashman h [...]

    J.P. Ashman
    Black Cross' sequel: Black Guild is now available on Kindle BLACK GUILD link For News about new releases - such as Black Guild - and future promotions, as well as receiving a FREE short story (Dragonship) e-book initially and more free content in future, join other readers by signing up to my Newsletter below. Sign me up, JP!

    Dyrk Ashton
    How can I possibly describe Black Cross? How about, a hearty-epic-buddy-flintlock-pirate-fantasy-adventure with humans and wizards, goblins and gnomes, an inquisition, a plague, sexy elf maidens, assassins, Dukes, Ladies and Lords, magic wands, deadly potions, docks and ships and wooded wilderness, unique shapeshifters (a seal-man, to be specific), abounding action, dockside gangs, succubi, and high intrigue galore. And I mustn't forget, a giant caterpillar. Whew. And I don't think that even cov [...]

    Great debut, very well written, more on the classic side of fantasy with very good grimdark elements. Recommended!

    Wow! Black Cross was all kinds of everything. One of the most unique and powerful Fantasy novels I've read this year. This is a huge sprawling epic with an enormous cast of engaging characters, some of whom have become my favorite in the genre. There are multiple plot points going on throughout the novel and many different POV chapters, but Ashman has managed to perfectly juggle his characters and provide them with just the right amount of time to shine, while ensuring they come together for the [...]

    (This review is also here, on my blog!)Well, this was fun! And by fun, I obviously mean holy fuck this book is dark AF. Goddamn.It started out a bit slow for me. It was a little hard to stay immersed in the story right at the start. I have no idea if there was a discernible cause to it that was out of my control, or if it's that I'm ADD as fuck. Probably the latt-OMG SHINY THINGS.Not to be daunted by books that I have trouble getting into (this is one of many, and a lot of them ended up favorite [...]

    Kitvaria Sarene
    I have waited quite a long time to finally read this awesome debut, as I didn't want to buy the kindle version.So, when I finally got the book, I delved right in and had a really hard time putting it down again!I absolutely loved this story. The interesting plot and the pacing held me caught up in the story all the way through. The different POVs provide variety and let us see more of the world. I clicked quickly with the main characters and was quite afraid for them in dangerous situations. Ash [...]

    Simon Howard
    Really good read. considering this was an impulse buyI enjoyed it from start to finish!

    G.R. Matthews
    You know how it is, you set out to do the right thing, to make a difference, to improve the lives of people and it all goes mammary glands upwards. In the world that J P Ashman has created, that is exactly what happens. The consequences of this selfless, helpful act serves drag in all the races of the world into a crisis.Black Cross is a “medieval Europe society” based Fantasy novel where the human race is beginning to experiment with black powder. Against this backdrop, the author brings in [...]

    U osnovi priča je interesantna, likovi su razrađeni i ima ih dosta, tempo je dobar i generalno nema dosadnih momenataI, ali, ali, dijalozi, naročito na početku, jako umeju da razbiju bilo kakvo uživanje pošto se ima osećaj da ih je pisao neki školarac kolko neozbiljno zvuče i često imaju previše ekspozicije. Sa druge strane oseća se kako knjiga napredujesam stil pisanja postaje sve bolji i bolji tako da je šteta gosn Ašman nije još jednom ili dva puta prepravio celu knjigu.U svako [...]

    Richard Knaak
    As reviewed on my page Knaak's Knoll! Please go to the page and like it in order to see future reviews and recommendations!facebook/KnaaksKnoll/BLACK CROSSBLACK CROSS is the first novel in the BLACK POWDER WARS saga by Brit writer J.P. Ashman and a rousing, gritty adventure in itself. Ashman introduces us to a realm very influenced by old England around the plague years yet filled with both magic and progress on highly significant scales. A complex tale with a large and varied cast set in a squa [...]

    I'm surprised this book doesn't have higher ratings and isn't more popular than it is. It's a really great book. CHARACTERS The author has managed to created really memorable characters here. They're all well fleshed out. The reading of the book is mad even more thrilling by the discovery of each of the individual characters. Each has a different role to play. Each is unique, making the resulting blend truly exquisite. I also noticed an element of mystery in every POV character. It makes the who [...]

    Justin Kelly
    His wisdom and story telling abilities are way beyond his years. I rue the day that the Black Powder Wars saga comes to an end.

    So I have just finished this beast. A great debut by an obvious fan of fantasy and shiny armour! As I saw it, this was really two books in one. There was the Grimdark element of the city Altoln, and the more epic fantasy setting of a journey to those wise old elves. I have to say that I much preferred the grittier elements of the story, but that is just down to personal preference. You can definitely see the author's craft develop as the story progresses, his talent for battle scenes is evident [...]

    Shawn Wickersheim
    The author creates an epic, richly-detailed and powerfully written fantasy novel. As others have pointed out, the novel has a more gently-paced start, but once the multiple storylines are up and running, the novel quickly kicks into high gear and does not disappoint. At times gritty and dark, especially during the intense fight scenes, the book isn't all gloom and doom with the darkness often offset by the humorous banter between two of the books most interesting characters. I think fans of Mark [...]

    Marielle Ooms-Voges
    I very much enjoyed reading this book. The story started off slowly but got up to speed quite quickly. I liked the diversity and number of characters, and the mixture good/bad in them. I got really envolved with them which resulted in being really unhappy and a certain point and really happy at another. I would recommend this book tot anyone!

    Tom Owens
    Well it doesn’t take long for Black Cross to get going at all. We are straight into it with the intriguing Lord Severun, who appears to be conducting some sort of magical experiment. Within a very short space of time it becomes apparent that it has gone horribly wrong, and the world of Brisance will never be the same again. It is a great scene-setter and drags you instantly into the narrative. Already questions are bouncing around in the mind and before you know it you are four or five chapter [...]

    Anindita,at A Bohemian Mind at Work
    Review also appears in bohomind/book-review-blackYesss! I did it. I finished it. A fantastic debut in the series and from the author, this book is a mixture of World of Warcraft franchise and The Elder Scrolls. Guilds of morally questionable assassins and experimentative mages spread fear in our mind while bubonic plague makes our heart twist with sufferings and loss of the people. Torture racks (whoever played Skyrim, remember the torturer in Helgen?), dungeons, kobolds, goblins, gnome clerics [...]

    Kevin Gardner
    took a little longer than normal to read this one but what a enjoyable read. this one is truly epic with assassins, manges,wizards,dwarves,elves and talking dogs. i read books to be entertained and i award the stars accordigly and this is a five star read. i am waiting for the next in the series, this is a book not to be missed. buy it you wont be sorry.

    I was a bit dismayed when starting Black Cross. The opening pages gave a lengthy list of characters and their descriptions. Ok, epic fantasy I get it but I tend to have GRRM cold sweat moments of needing index cards and a cork board until I can get everything under my belt and into my memory. So off I went into the wonderful world that Mr. Ashman has constructed. By page 50 or so I started to notice an itch at the back of my neck that something needed to happen. I thought about my motivation beh [...]

    Laura Hughes
    That was quite a ride! ‘Black Cross’ – the first instalment of J.P. Ashman’s ‘Black Powder Wars’ – is a fun-filled romp through filthy streets, war-torn cities, monster-infested caves and gorgeous ancient forests. Though it contains many a nod to classic elements of old-school fantasy, its primary focus is the plague-ridden city of Wesson, which is favourably reminiscent of Richard Ford’s ‘Steelhaven’ trilogy.As others have pointed out, ‘Black Cross’ has a large and varie [...]

    Greg Thomas
    Excellent bookSo fun to find a novel that is epic and grim dark at the same time! Already pre ordered Black Guild for a great price!

    This book was fantastic!! I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait for the next book to come out. Great world building, still mysterious, and things have been explained but yet still need to be. I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I also like the elves too. Absolutely amazing. Very well done

    Marc Morris
    As debuts go this ticks all the right boxes for me that alone gives out 3 solid stars , the next star comes from J.P himself through his creation of the characters and world to his creative writing skills . The only reason I have not given a fifth star even when in some parts it's richly deserved is I want J.P to push himself to meet the standard here and then hack it to fuck and bask in the blood filled glory of the success a second book will deliver ( for me the second book counts more ) . The [...]

    Man, I hate to do this, but I'm calling it - did not finish, about 40% through - this one is just too grim for me.Now, I will say - if you love grim dark and HUGE casts, you'll like this book.Unfortunately, I like neither. I miss the golden days of fantasy - the days of Eddings and Tolkien. I don't mind a touch more darkness, but too much just kills me.Initially, this book was okay, until about 1/3 of the way in - cast was a bit big for my taste, but I was still intrigued enough to keep reading [...]

    Len Evans Jr
    This book was like a snowball rolling down a hill and getting larger and moving faster as it goes downhill. Each chapter got better and more exciting as I read. The world-building by this author is masterful. So multi-layered and complex, like our world in the past in some aspects; yet alien to it at the very same time. The characters populating this world are many and varied; some like elves, dwarves, goblins, etc. are familiar yet even they have things making them different from the run-of-the [...]

    Great read, very old school fantasy that admittedly starts off slow, but builds up to a really good story line with some awesome characters and plot lines. Also full of laughs throughout :)

    This book has a little bit of everything I like. Action, sorcery, strange creatures, love, greed, loyalty and betrayal. The characters are well defined and the plot has enough depth to keep you guessing where it might be going.There is plenty of violence in this book, so not for the faint-hearted. I like the way it gets going with action pretty much from the start. There are plenty of things going on in Black Cross, as you will no doubt have gathered from the aforementioned. I like the way, J.P. [...]

    LJ Waguespack
    An excellent job at world building, with all encompassing realms seamlessly flowing from one into another. The dialogue is crisp, the relationships intense, the action scenes emotional and trauma filled. Consequences are final. A great job at creating an epic story with cringe worthy characters and heartwarming heroes, a story I cannot wait to continue and do not want to finish. A truly spectacular debut. Well written, concisely planned and flawlessly executed, a credit to this genre of writing [...]

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