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  • Title: Teddy Bear Christmas
  • Author: C.C. Bridges
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  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Two lonely men, a lost teddy bear, and a sprinkle of holiday magic On a snowy night before Christmas Eve, Tyler Martin finds himself stuck in a Chicago airport, unable to get home to his family on the East Coast After missing last year due to his jerk of an ex boyfriend, the idea of not making it this time hurts When he finds a lost teddy bear in the waiting area, hisTwo lonely men, a lost teddy bear, and a sprinkle of holiday magic On a snowy night before Christmas Eve, Tyler Martin finds himself stuck in a Chicago airport, unable to get home to his family on the East Coast After missing last year due to his jerk of an ex boyfriend, the idea of not making it this time hurts When he finds a lost teddy bear in the waiting area, his night changes for the better Aaron Klein is a bored airport worker, taking the Christmas shift because he s Jewish He doesn t expect to hit it off with the hot guy who brings a lost teddy bear to his desk, but it might end up being everything he didn t know he was looking for A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package Sleigh Ride.
    C.C. Bridges
    I love creating new worlds slightly off center from our own I m a writer of scifi, fantasy and the paranormal Check out my webpage for excerpts and find out what I m currently working on


    I liked this way better than the advent story I read before. The overall mood was much nicer, although here as well a sex scene came like out-of-nowhere. First meeting, let's move to getting-to-know-us-REALLY-good. But in this story it worked for me a lot better.The ending was a bit too rushed. Overall it was a nice, feel-good little Christmas story.

    Lovely Christmas story, HFN ending.

    I think this is my last book of 2015. Or not.It's sweet, and adorable and cute with a lost Teddy bear in the airport.Love has a way to match people, isn't it?Recommended read ! Holiday isn't over yet my friends!

    3.5 starsI really liked it. I thought it was cute. Especially every thing related to Oliver the bear *lol*. I didn't mind the instant connection. Forced close proximity at the airport setting due to bad weather helped. Plus the ending was HFN so it wasn't "twu wuv" just yet and it fit the story.

    Short cute Christmas read. 2.5Lacking in any real chemistry for me but the whole teddy bear part was fun.

    Serena Yates
    Cancelled flights, especially around holidays like Christmas, are responsible for a lot of upset and pain. But in this story a cancelled flight and an abandoned teddy bear lead to a hopeful new beginning. As coincidental as it may all be for Tyler and Aron to meet, both men immediately feel a connection and neither is willing to ignore the potential for more.Tyler, like anyone whose flight to the East Coast is first delayed then cancelled, is not happy about the prospect of not seeing his big, n [...]

    Cathy Brockman
    When a big snow strands Tyler alone in an airport possibly missing seeing his family again for Christmas, he finds himself a companion. A cute teddy bear that also got stranded. He takes a photo for fun posting as his travel companion then takes it to the concierge desk. Aaron thinks Tyler is cute and funny and he finds himself agreeing to a silly but fun adventure of taking photos of Oliver the bear for the little girl that lost him.This is a sweet, heartwarming and charming story. I adored Tyl [...]

    If you look up the definition of meet-cute in the dictionary, you'll probably get a link to this story. It was adorable. It wasn't so sweet that it made my teeth itch, it was more of a "d'awwwwwww, how cuuuuuuuute" kind of thing. The MC's were very likable and I liked reading their interactions. The flirting read with just enough charm and awkwardness to keep it realistic. It ends with an HFN which made sense for the length of the story, but it was very optimistic so I was a happy reader.

    Loved this! It was exactly the right length, with plenty of cute/Christmas-y moments and lots of charming and sizzling interplay between Tyler and Aaron. Loved the scene where they took pictures of Oliver all 'round the airport! The story works as a Christmas hookup, but reaches much deeper, leaving you with the feeling these guys might have a future together.

    The cute is strong in this one.

    Kendra T
    So super cute! Tyler is stuck at the airport during a snowstorm right before Christmas, and finds a teddy bear that was left behind. When he takes it to the desk to turn it in, he meets airport employee Aaron. There is attraction between them, but after a bit of time, they start talking and helping the teddy bear have amazing airport adventures. It was really cute, and I loved watching these two meet and want to get to know each other. Loved it.

    Love Bytes Reviews
    4 Heart Review by TammyTyler Martin is determined to make it home for Christmas this year if only the weather would cooperate! It just happened that there was a severe blizzard happening in Jersey so the Airport there is closed while he’s in Chicago ready to go. It’s while Tyler is sitting on the most uncomfortable plastic chair in the waiting room that he spies the teddy bear. The poor teddy looks so lost sitting in a chair on his that Tyler can’t resist taking a photo of him to post on F [...]

    Lena Grey
    "There's just something about a Teddy Bear that's impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort and security. It's almost supernatural." ~James OwnbyTyler's flight is cancelled and he's despondent, realizing that he won't be with his family for Christmas. When he finds a lost teddy bear, Tyler immediately thinks how upset the child who lost the bear must feel and makes it his mission to find teddy's owner.Tyler soon begins to treat the teddy bear as if [...]

    Melissa Mendoza
    “Aaron found himself slammed up against his wall, the force of it enough to set all his action figures rattling. He opened his mouth, meeting Tyler for every inch of the kiss, tasting salt and something else, Tyler’s unique taste.”4 teddy photos!! This was such a cute and fun book!! I loved the whole idea of the book, it was refreshing and fun!Tyler is stranded in an airport during a snowstorm and finds a teddy bear who is also stranded. So he decides to take a picture of himeslf with the [...]

    Lynnette Hartwig
    I find it absolutely fitting that my last review of the Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar series is a 5 stars rating. This whole series has been absolutely amazing. This was another amazing holiday story that the characters’ were well thought out and very lovable. It was also charming and very inventive. The authors writing made it a very easy read and I would love to hear more about Tyler and Aaron. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves sweet and tender holiday stories.I r [...]

    a lonely Jewish guy working the holiday, a man missing his family, and the teddy that unites themAn interesting premise, this holiday short incorporates holiday airline travel, nice guys doing the right thing, stressful weather delays, and even a fun use of social media.I'm not a social media person, but a plot device revolving around photos of a lost little one were a nice touch for me. If only all stranded/snowing/airport travel were so rewarding, and that every frazzled, overworked, overwroug [...]

    Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance I wasn't supposed to review Teddy Bear Christmas. However, when I accidentally (don't ask) read this story, I was enchanted and asked the original reviewer if I could have it for review. I loved Tyler and Aaron. They are sweet together. They are fun. They are a perfect fit for each other. For full review see Prism Book Alliance prismbookalliance/?pos

    Tyler is stuck at the airport when he finds a teddy bear left behind. He returns it to the help desk where Aaron is working and the two take the bear on an adventure.They have so much fun they decide to hang out more and after the holidays they decide to explore the relationship further.**This was a sweet “getting to know you” story that was written well but didn’t move any mountains for me. It was nice but not very remarkable.

    This was wonderfully sweet. A desperate, stranded traveler and a Jewish boy who volunteered for the Christmas Eve help-desk shift at the airport bond over a little girl's lost teddy bear. Favorite Quote: "Don't worry about how you'll seem. Be you."

    Quick, cute Christmassy story, perfect for an advent treat.Whilst stranded at an airport, Tyler befriends Aaron who works on the information desk. They bond while getting crafty with a lost teddy - and that's about it! Perfect 20 minute pick-me-up

    Cute little story.

    Cute, short and fluffy.

    Cute story, I loved how finding a lost teddy bear started something between these two that neither could ignore. I only wish there was more.

    2.5 stars - Cute story.

    3.5 two feel good stories in one.

    Theodora IK
    I want to see Oliver's photos!! I bet they're cute af

    Katy Beth Mckee
    A romantic comedy that leads to posing a lost bear in a photo adventure. The shared fun leads to learning more about each other and a relationship starter.

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