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  • Title: Missing Nimama
  • Author: Melanie Florence François Thisdale
  • ISBN: 9780993935145
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A young mother, one of the many missing indigenous women, watches over her small daughter as she grows up without her nimama, experiencing important milestones her first day of school, first dance, first date, wedding, first child from afar.A free verse story of love, loss, and acceptance told in alternating voices Missing Nimama shows the human side of a tragic set oA young mother, one of the many missing indigenous women, watches over her small daughter as she grows up without her nimama, experiencing important milestones her first day of school, first dance, first date, wedding, first child from afar.A free verse story of love, loss, and acceptance told in alternating voices Missing Nimama shows the human side of a tragic set of circumstances.An afterword by the author provides a simple, age appropriate context for young readers Includes a glossary of Cree terms.
    Melanie Florence François Thisdale
    Melanie Florence François Thisdale Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Missing Nimama book, this is one of the most wanted Melanie Florence François Thisdale author readers around the world.


    Sad story about a little indigenous girl whose mother is missing and presumed dead, possibly murdered. The girl is being raised by her grandmother while her dead mother watches and remarks on the stages of her daughter's life.Not a spooky ghost story, rather a comment on the people left behind and the pain and sadness. But also about how the families keep going.

    On the opening page, we see Kateri, a little girl in bed, asleep. She's dreaming of leaning against her mother while her grandmother tells them stories. We read that when she wakes, she'll lose her mother, all over again.The review at Quill and Quire said that the story is touching. That image--of the little girl waking and losing her mother all over again--is a good example of how the story might be called touching. That tug-on-the-heartstrings quality is present throughout the book.To me, howe [...]

    This is the story of a young, murdered Cree mother, watching over her daughter as the child grows up under the care of her grandmother. As an adult this is a poignant and heartrending point of view, beautifully told in free verse. If a young child could comprehend the content, they might simply find it frightening. The book begins with a glossary containing several words from the Cree language included in the story. It ends with a page of quotes and statistics regarding the many missing and mur [...]

    Cheriee Weichel
    This is not a picture book for children. Melanie Florence's ancestry is Cree. Her grandfather is a residential school survivor. Her family's history is another horrific story of how the country tried to destroy indigenous cultures. Florence has written numerous books about indigenous people as a response to this history. This one is a difficult book to read because it focuses on the issue of the murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada. It is told from the perspective of the child and her [...]

    This book explores the topic of missing and murdered indigenous women from the viewpoint of a little girl whose mother has gone missing. There is the voice of the little girl and the voice of the mother together on the page. It follows the young girl as she grows and becomes a mother. It is a very emotional book!

    A gorgeous, sad and beautiful picture book about Canada's missing and murdered indigenous women. Tells the story of one fictional daughter and woman, but it feels like a true story. Beautiful illustrations and some Cree words. Very moving.I teared up.

    An important topic to write about. I'm just not so sure about the execution.

    Wai, I teared up a lot with this one (unsurprisingly). The Cree words 'hidden' in the illustrations were a nice touch, although I wish they had given a glossary for all of them not just the few.

    This book brings to light an epidemic of violence against Canada's aboriginal women and girls - an epidemic that is ongoing and frightening.

    Very good picture book. I especially like the illustrations. I would let older children read this book. I received a free copy of this book from the First Reads program.

    Kelly Risinger
    difficult. although children's book suitable for much older

    Missing Nimâmâ is a work of fiction that refers to a sadly widespread reality; the violence towards, and murder of indigenous women. Through this finely crafted picture book, the creators hope to raise awareness, and inspire action by portraying the experience of one family. Kateri misses her nimâmâ, and as we learn right from the beginning, it's because her mother was murdered. The murder itself, and the socioeconomic and psychological reasons for it are never mentioned. Instead, this heart [...]

    There is much to admire about this picture book from Canada. The softly-colored illustrations have a dreamlike quality while the text itself is gripping and filled with emotion. Told from two points of view for each event, the picture book follows the growth of Kateri, a Cree girl whose mother has disappeared. As she goes to school, attends her first dance, falls in love, gets married, and looks forward to her first child, her mother's spirit lingers on, watching carefully. The use of italics fo [...]

    Alyssa Jimenez
    April 4, 2017Missing Nimama by Melanie Florence; Copyright: 2015; Genre: Picture Book; Multi-genre Research Book*SPOLIER ALERT*Today I read the book Missing Nimama by Melanie Florence and I thought it was a great and heartwarming story. This book is about a young girl named Kateri and how she went through the important parts of her life “without” her mother. Kateri had her grandmother, but there were times when she wanted her mother. Her grandmother never told her that her mother had died, s [...]

    Laura Bowman
    Missing Nimâmâ is absolutely heartbreaking. This is a story that needed to be told, and the sooner it is introduced to the youngest generations the better. I think the last time a picture book made me cry was I Love You Forever. Although Missing Nimâmâ is a hard and sad book to read, it is an important story. One I am very glad to hear is up for the TD Children's Literature Award.The free verse mixed with the back and forth between the voices of Kateri and Aiyana (nimâmâ) makes the writing [...]

    Viviane Elbee
    This book is about a little girl whose mother is "lost" (kidnapped and murdered). Although it is a fictional story, it is based on true stories about indigenous women in Canada who have been kidnapped and killed in large numbers. The story starts after the mother has disappeared and the little girl is missing her mother. You do not actually see the kidnapping and murder in the story, though the kidnapping is mentioned.I thought it was an interesting way to explore a parent's disappearance - on e [...]

    Missing Nimâmâ by Melanie Florence and illustrated by Francois Thisdale is a hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking story of a girl growing up without her nimâmâ (mother) because she is lost. One of the many missing and murdered indigenous women. Told in two voices, mother and daughter, this story follows little Kateri as she grows up while her nimâmâ watches over her from the spirit world. Florence's beautiful words and Thisdale's intense illustrations dominate this picture book. At the b [...]

    Michelle Barker
    A beautiful book about an aboriginal woman who has gone missing—which, yes, sounds like an oxymoron, how can such a book be beautiful? But the partnership of Melanie Florence and Francois Thisdale accomplishes this. The story is written as a poetic dialogue between a young girl who is being raised by her grandmother, and the spirit of her missing mother who watches her grow up. There is an interesting double entendre at work: not only is the mother missing, but she also misses the milestones t [...]

    Missing Nimâmâ is the story of young Kateri growing up in the care of her grandmother as her mother Aiyana is one of the many missing indigenous women. But her mother is still part of her life.I find the depth, warmth, and realism in the illustrations so engaging, and the creative inclusion of Cree words adds a further level of meaning and connection. Lovely.But the story text and parallel voices of Kateri and Aiyana are phenomenal. Poignant, sensory, and poetic. Gritty, heartbreaking, yet hop [...]

    Beautiful and heartbreaking, Missing Nimama is a story of the daughter of one of Canada's missing or murdered Indigenous women. Though the characters themselves are fictional, the story speaks to the pain of loss of the family members left behind. I think that this story effectively creates empathy in the reader, for a situation that has been in the headlines quite often in the last few years, and that people may have become desensitized to. It conveys a feeling of loss that echos through genera [...]

    Amanda Leclair
    This book is heartbreaking. I saw it in the library and went to read it to my daughter (four years old) with no idea of the content, but thought better of it once I realized that it addresses missing and murdered indigenous women. Every adult should read this book. I am not sure when my four year old will be old enough to discuss these topics, because the idea that a child's mother could be gone is terrifying for her, and it literally made me cry to think that this books describes the reality fo [...]

    I am an adult who reads picture books. I love them and indulge when I find one I am interested in. Lately, I have turned to examining what a book might say to childhood readers as well as to my adult self.In this case, I point you to the clear review of Debbie Reese, either here on or on her website. She indicates that this book would likely be a traumatic experience for a young FN reader. I take her point.

    I really like this book and appreciate that Melanie Florence wrote it. The illustrations are beautiful and the book won the TD Book award in 2016. The topic is dark and the picture book is best used with older children to introduce the theme of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women (MMIW). I especially like the two voices used throughout the book. Reading this book prompted me to explore Melanie Florence's YA novels.

    Isobel McIntosh
    A young Cree girl is raised by her loving grandmother, all the while missing her Mother who went missing. Meanwhile, her lost Mother watches over her, wishing she could be there to see her grow up. Told in dual narrative, using free-verse.A stirring and emotional tale that humanizes one of the many faceless and forgotten missing Indigenous women. Featuring beautiful illustrations in soft, muted colours, and a moving poetic format.

    This is a lovely story of a mother and daughter separated by tragedy. Told in free verse, this story covers the loss felt by both mother and daughter after the mother becomes one of the missing Aboriginal women in Canada. There is also a glossary of some Cree words and a short synopsis of the situation that is occurring in Canada about these missing women.For a more mature child (8 years perhaps) but one well worth reading. Beautiful pictures throughout and told with feeling. Very touching.

    Paula Hollohan
    This book traces the growing up of a young indigenous girl in the home of her grandmother. The ghost voice of her mother accompanies her growing up years. The story and characters create a narrative that the statistics and news do not. A powerful story of how one child is forever changed when her mother goes missing. Connections and further information at the back is useful for those studying these terrible events. High School, Middle School in this context.

    Heartfelt story about the aboriginal people of Canada and the 1,181 missing women from 1980 through 2012. Tells the story of a little girl being raised by her grandmother and hoping to hear that her mother is found and safe. Accepts the facts and grows up marrying and having her own child and feeling her mother's hopes and dreams. Sad story and interesting non-fiction back matter at the back of the book.

    This fictional picture book, told in free verse, is based on the true story of the hundreds of missing indigenous women of Canada. Told in alternating voices, the absent mother follows her daughter, as she becomes a woman and a mother herself. For mature readers ages eight and up, this book also contains a glossary of Cree words and additional information on the many voices that have been taken away.

    Carrie Gelson
    I am not sure how to respond to this book. I picked it up from a picture book display at my local public library. This is NOT a book for children. Publishing it in picture book format indicates that it could be shared in a classroom or at home with a younger child. I appreciate Debbie Reese's review and recommend that people follow the link to her blog post about this book.

    While not based on any one case the story in this stunning book could be from far too many Indigenous families. Nimama is a missing Mom to daughter Kateri. The book is the story of Kateri and her Mom in alternate voices. Grandma has taken over the parenting role of Kateri who grows up during the story.This is a hard read. But, do we turn our eyes from stories that are difficult?

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