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  • Title: Forget Me Not: A Memoir
  • Author: Jennifer Lowe-Anker
  • ISBN: 9781594850820
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A personal account of one of the greatest losses in the climbing world An elegant and gripping story of tragedy, as well as unexpected joy An entree into the emotional world of climbers and their families Benefits the Nepal based Khumbu Climbing School In 1999 Jennifer Lowe s husband Alex Lowe died tragically in an avalanche on the Himalayan mountain Shishapangma A personal account of one of the greatest losses in the climbing world An elegant and gripping story of tragedy, as well as unexpected joy An entree into the emotional world of climbers and their families Benefits the Nepal based Khumbu Climbing School In 1999 Jennifer Lowe s husband Alex Lowe died tragically in an avalanche on the Himalayan mountain Shishapangma, leaving her alone to raise three sons Alex was widely considered one of the greatest modern climbers and the world mourned his loss Tom Brokaw did a one hour special for Dateline, and Sting narrated and composed music for a tribute film While Jenni and her sons faced the absence of the most important man in their lives, Alex s best friend and longtime climbing partner, Conrad Anker, was dealing with the terrible loss as well as feelings of survivor s guilt Jenni and Conrad gradually, and unexpectedly, found solace in one another and married in 2001 Conrad is now the adoptive father of the three Lowe children Through letters and expedition notes from Alex, Forget Me Not spans continents and tells the story of three people whose lives intertwine to a degree they could never have imagined Jenni s account takes readers inside a woman s heart and mind as she navigates her shattered life and survives, ultimately finding transformative love through her great loss From the valleys of Montana to the peaks of the Himalayas, this never before told story exposes the controversial yet ultimately redemptive power of love.
    Jennifer Lowe-Anker
    Jennifer Lowe-Anker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forget Me Not: A Memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Lowe-Anker author readers around the world.


    Suzanne Stroh
    From the title page on, you know you’re in the hands of a Romantic. But don’t be fooled or lulled to sleep. Jennifer Lowe-Anker has also inherited the pioneer strain, and there is a clarity, a lucidity, sometimes even a toughness to her writing that gives this book the balance it needs. These are the bittersweet memoirs of a Bozeman, Montana based artist coming to grips with the loss of an extraordinary husband, a professional athlete who died in the mountains, leaving the love of his life a [...]

    Cliff Cash
    It’s been a long time since I’ve done a book review, generally I find the process unsatisfying, like writing a term paper in college. So I guess this is more of a contemplation on Forget Me Not, a book I enjoyed immensely, and one that truly moved me. The book begins like a small campfire, inviting but not overwhelming. Then eventually it grows into something blazing, which fixated me, and I was unable to step away from it. It is her story of love with the late, great climber Alex Lowe, thei [...]

    Kristy McCaffrey
    This memoir by Jennifer Lowe-Anker is a tribute to her late husband, Alex Lowe, considered by many to be one of the best climbers in the world at the time of his death. This is a love story and Jennifer shares their blossoming relationship, marriage, and family life with three sons in great detail. I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful gift this book is to her children. A climber herself, she understands her husband's deep need to push himself in the outdoors, but while motherhood calmed tho [...]

    I devoured this book. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone. It was a nice read, and it surprisingly did not make me cry as much as I was afraid it would. Very interesting, touching story.

    Gary Butler
    7th book read in 2013. Number 210 out of 299 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:youtube/watch?v=Cljnl_

    The book is organized well and since I enjoy memoirs, I appreciated the book. I also like books about mountain climbing, not that I'd ever do what these people do. I've read a lot of books about climbing. One observation was just how many people die in climbing accidents. Her first husband seems to be a very strong athlete and how random that he ran one way in the avalanche and the two that ran the other way survived. In all these books, there is a real admiration or obsession or something about [...]

    Darla Ebert
    Riveting and heart breaking. I felt myself identifying with the author due to her style of writing and because of her husband's letters. The title is particularly apt due to the author's love of that flower, and her husband's often gifting her with them, even to giving her a ring that resembled a forget me not. My heart went out to her and her sons as the inevitable death (in the book) was approaching. At the same time I sensed what it would be like to be married to a person so absorbed in a dan [...]

    A wonderful story of love, life and death. Alex lived life fully and loved fully as well. Written by his wife after his death in the mountains, similar to Into Thin Air. This book is for anyone who loves and appreciates the great outdoors.

    Jennifer Lowe-Anker achieves what she sets out to do - painting a portrait of her late first husband, Alex Lowe, in a way that ensures who he was is captured and never forgotten. This was a fascinating and heartbreaking read that I couldn't tear myself away from.

    Marcia Miller
    Alex Lowe (1958-1999) was one of the finest, strongest mountaineers of his time. Tragically, he lost his life in an avalanche on Shishpangma (in Tibet), leaving behind his wife Jennifer, and three young sons. This memoir, published almost a decade after Alex's death examines their 18-year relationship with clear eyes and deep love. As Jon Krakauer wrote in the book's introduction, "Forget Me Not is more than a biography of one of the world's most talented climbers. It is also a deeply felt medit [...]

    $1.99You don't have to be a climber or even an outdoors person to like this book, but considering the other reviews I've read, I am seemingly in the minority about the effect this book has on me. The author does a good job, especially considering she is not a writer but an artist, but Alex (in my opinion) seems selfish and never really grew up. He loved climbing. He needed it, and I don't have a problem with that. It is just that he left so much for his wife to do, not to mention all of the thin [...]

    A love-letter to alpinist Alex Lowe

    I didn't always like the personalities involved but I found that I wanted to keep on reading the book so it must have been well done. I have to admit, after reading "Three Cups of Tea" and later "Three Cups of Deceit," I was a bit skeptical about some of the people involved.I did have a really hard time with some of the decisions that the younger Alex made. There was a definite disconnect between saying things like "a deep appreciation for the wild," "nature's pageant" and "we were lovers of nat [...]

    forget me not is very well written memoir by Jennifer Lowe-Anker, the widow of the famous climber Alex Lowe and now the wife of Alex's dear friend and climbing partner, Conrad Anker. While it has been praised as a story of three people, it is really more about Jennifer and her relationship with Alex. After all, in relative terms, the story of her relationship with Conrad is yet to unfold, and in the aftermath of what she and Conrad have been through, some semblance of privacy is appropriate.One [...]

    Debbie Boucher
    I was intrigued to find this book in the Grand Teton National Park bookstore. I was familiar with the story: Alex Lowe, famous climber, is tragically killed by an avalanche. His friend, world-class climber Conrad Anker, survives, only to marry Alex's widow, Jennifer, shortly thereafter and provide for Jennifer and Alex's three little boys. Yowsa! This proves that real life is often stranger than fiction. That said, this memoir is disappointing in that it doesn't ring true. I'm not even sure why [...]

    I sort of feel bad giving this book so few stars, because it's a sweet story and super sad. How can you be mean to someone whose husband, then mom, then sister die? But the writing is mediocre at best and I often found myself skimming over the paragraphs to get to something interesting. Or more specifically, the stuff in the book is interesting, but Lowe-Anker often presents such a glut of unrelated details that I couldn't stay engaged. The best parts were the parts where she slowed down and act [...]

    I really enjoyed this book. Lowe-Anker is a phenomenal artist with words and a paintbrush and her story inspired me. Here are some reasons why1. The title--yes, I judge books by their cover (author's painting of the Tetons) and title and was not disappointed in this case2. She lived a life of adventure but always had her family as first priority.3. She supported the man she loved in what inspired him to greatness.4. She wasn't afraid to deeply discuss her enveloping grief when her husband's drea [...]

    Colin Birge
    Alex Lowe was a renowned, ferociously strong and technical climber throughout the 90s. He gained wider recognition after being mentioned in Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" and portrayed on multiple magazine covers. Sadly, he died in an avalanche in 1999.Lowe is, at least at first glance, the subject of "Forget Me Not," written by Lowe's wife Jennifer. She is an artist, free spirit and onetime amateur climber. Jennifer Lowe-Anker's book introduces us to Alex, and their relationship, and her strugg [...]

    My interest in reading this came from the fact that I live in Bozeman and even without being involved specifically in the climbing community, I have met or been in the presence of several of the people mentioned in this book. That, combined with the descriptions of familiar locations around Bozeman, and growing up with a mother who had a passion for hiking, brought this story home for me. Although I do not have a personal passion for climbing, I have certainly watched my mother pursue such a pas [...]

    Ok, first can I just say that the cover of this book and the contents of the book DO NOT FIT ONE ANOTHER. The cover makes the story sound like a harlequin romance novel, but the book is actually a well written account of what it was like being married to the famous climber Alex Lowe. The book gives the most amazing accounts of their climbs in their early 20's, about the nomadic lifestyle they built together, exposes the struggles that come from being married to a professional climber who always [...]

    The book is titled a memoir, but Jon Krakauer's forward calls it a biography. And therein lies the problem. It's not reflective enough to be a memoir and not unbiased(?)/well-researched (it's weird to write this particularly because the author is Alex Lowe's widow) enough to be a bio. I found the book jumped around too much temporally, especially at the beginning (maybe intended to be the style - start with the present, jump back to where everything began, but there were other stories that just [...]

    I admittedly got sucked right into this book even though I know nothing of climbing or that kind of lifestyle. A few times I wanted to scream at the author because she seems to put up with way more than she should. I understand Alex has a passion but he leaves her high and dry multiple times to fend for herself and while pregnant to go on his expeditions. This certainly wouldn't be my cup of tea. I did appreciate the way the book was written to make even a layperson like me grasp the concept and [...]

    I liked this a lot. The author writes of her life with her husband, Alex Lowe, an amazing world-class ice and mountain climber. She herself was a skilled amateur climber, although she climbed much less as their three sons came along. This is a fascinating look at the life of someone who continually challenges himself, and the choices that must be made to support this lifestyle. Much of the story is told through Alex's letters to his wife and children, whom he clearly loved. Unfortunately, Alex w [...]

    Marvin Soroos
    I was drawn to this memoir as the author is a Montana artist whose work I have seen in local galleries. There is relatively little about her art career as this is a memoir that describes her marriage to the famous mountaineer Alex Lowe, who died in an avalanche in Nepal in 1999. It is hard for me to understand how driven this man was to taking on numerous very challenging, and dangerous climbs around the world. It is also the story of the intense and loving relationship between Alex and the auth [...]

    I downloaded this book on my Kindle so I either got it free or as a daily deal. It was a great book to read to see what it is like for the family of famous adventurers, although I had a hard time understanding the relationships of all involved. I think it is a sad story to have the love of your life spend most of his time away from you pursuing his passion but sending you beautiful letters of love. He dies while climbing and leaves the author with three small children, but never fear! His best f [...]

    Chris Jacobsen
    Having been captured by the movie "Meru," I was interested in learning more of the story of Jennifer Lowe-Anker, Alex Lowe, and then Conrad Anker. This book is soul-felt, and contains beautiful descriptions of her life in the west with parents and grandparents, and then a very honest discussion of her life with Alex Lowe, his death, and then her new life with Conrad Anker. She is not afraid to recount things that are perhaps not self-flattering, and that makes the book more powerful. She writes [...]

    Alex Lowe, one of the world's greatest mountain climbers, was killed in an avalanche in 1999 in Tibet. Here, his amazing story is told by the loving wife he left behind with three kids. Although I loved the descriptions of the wild places they visited, and I appreciate the intense passion with which Alex lived his life, I can't get past the sense of irresponsibility and selfishness that would allow a man with three young children to spend his life climbing mountains that bring a high risk of dea [...]

    Craig McConnell
    I have mixed feelings about this book -- I went into it, I have to admit, morbidly curious about what impact the death of a push-it-to-the-limit mountaineer has on the family he leaves behind. Lowe-Anker certainly delivers that, without pulling many punches (she reveals the damage left in the wake of a climber's narcissim, while defending her late husband's choice of lifestyle). So now I know, and it's not very different from what I suspected all along. The writing itself is serviceable -- seldo [...]

    Not sure why I wanted to read this originally but I am glad I did. It brought some clarity to some of my own desires to climb though never at the same level. Jennifer and Alex shared a pretty amazing relationship and I am stunned at her patience with it all. I found it to be a good description of how it is to try to understand and live with somebody who has a passion of some form that takes them away to engross themselves in it.Lot's of different dynamics that played out through the lives of Ale [...]

    Judy Stasiak
    I have no understanding of Mountain climbing, but I found this book really good--probably more of a 3.5. Some parts were a little slow. While some of the technical info was over my head, the descriptions of the scenery and surrounding the climbs were awesome (especially the letters from Alex). I found the relationship of husband and wife interesting because she was so accepting of the distance it put between them. As time went on, you began to feel for her and wonder-will he make it home this ti [...]

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