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  • Title: Revolver
  • Author: Duane Swierczynski
  • ISBN: 9780316403238
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A BOOKLIST BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR FINALIST FOR THE HAMMETT PRIZEThree generations torn apart by bullets fired fifty years ago.Philadelphia, 1965 Two street cops one black, one white are gunned down in a corner bar One of the fallen officers, Stan Walczak, leaves behind a 12 year old boy, Jimmy.Philadelphia, 1995 Homicide detective Jim Walczak learns that his father A BOOKLIST BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR FINALIST FOR THE HAMMETT PRIZEThree generations torn apart by bullets fired fifty years ago.Philadelphia, 1965 Two street cops one black, one white are gunned down in a corner bar One of the fallen officers, Stan Walczak, leaves behind a 12 year old boy, Jimmy.Philadelphia, 1995 Homicide detective Jim Walczak learns that his father s alleged killer, Terrill Lee Stanton, has been sprung from prison Jim stalks the ex con, hoping to finally learn the truth.Philadelphia, 2015 Jim s daughter Audrey, a forensic science student, re opens her grandfather s murder for a research paper But as Audrey digs deeper, she comes to realize that Stanton probably didn t pull the trigger and her father may have made a horrible mistake
    Duane Swierczynski
    Duane Swierczynski is an American crime writer who has written a number of non fiction books, novels and also writes for comic books.


    Diane S ☔
    In 1965, I was being raised in the city of Chicago, a neighborhood much like the one depicted in this novel. A neighborhood of Polish, Irish and Italian decent, a neighborhood where cops in one generation were followed by those of the next. So much of the feeling, the atmosphere, the tone were so familiar to me that I couldn't help but be drawn into this story, a story of three generations of cops.In this story and starting in 1965 a policeman named Stan and his partner Wiley, one white of Polis [...]

    One crime. Three generations. And a whole lot of Bloody Marys.In 1965, Philadelphia police officer Stan Walczak and his partner are shot to death in a bar. 30 years later Stan’s son Jim is a homicide detective who is torn between working the case of a high profile killing of a young woman vs. tracking down the man he believes killed his father who was recently released from prison on another charge. Cut to 2015 where Jim’s daughter Audrey is a forensic science student who wants to investigat [...]

    James Thane
    Set in Philadelphia, this is a gripping tale of crime, family and race that stretches over three generations. It begins with the murder of two cops, one white and one black, who are sitting in a bar in civilian clothes one afternoon in 1965. Dead are Stan Walczak and his partner, George Wildey. Walczak leaves a young son, Jimmy, who grows up to be a cop like his father. Thirty years later, he's a homicide detective who's still obsessed by his father's murder. No one was ever charged and convicte [...]

    Linda Strong
    The Walczak family has been in law enforcement for at least 50 years. In this book, the author starts with Stan Walczak. He and his partner, George Wildey, are shot to death in a corner bar while waiting for someone who has information for them. The killer has never been caught.30 years later, Homicide Detective Jim Walczak receives news that Terrill Lee Stanton, the man he has always been sure killed his father, has been in prison for unrelated crimes. He is now free and back home in Philadelph [...]

    Kelly Hager
    This is the 150th book I've read this year, and it is by far the best I've read this year. I've read a lot of fantastic books, but if you're only going to read one, it should be this one.As further backstory, I've loved Duane Swierczynski's books for years and every time I get a chance to read a new one, I am very excited. He's one of the authors where I know that a five star read is guaranteed. This is his best book yet.This story covers three generations of the same family, and spans from the [...]

    Trev Twinem
    Revolver is a story about a family stretching over three separate time periods. It's 1965 and Officer Stan Walczak together with his partner George Wildey is patrolling an area of Philadelphia known locally as the Jungle. This is not a good chapter in American History and events attributable to racism are an everyday occurrence. The police officers have arranged to meet local snitch ,Terrill Lee Stanton, at a nearby taproom where in unexpected incident has devastating and far reaching consequenc [...]

    Scott Bell
    I've enjoyed a big chunk of Duane Switzerland's writing for some time now, but man, I'm telling you, Swizzlestick brings it hard in this one. Every-damn-thing works, from the hot, smoking prose to the say-what! plot. Swearalotski weaves story of three main point of view characters into a steel-mesh story where every. Single. Detail. Works together to become important later in the story.No heroes here, really. Truly normal Joes and Janes with a tragic past that taints their present. A mystery tha [...]

    It's surreal to be touching him. The skin of Jim's right hand, touching the skin of Stanton's right hand, the hand he used to hold the gun and squeeze the trigger thirty years ago. Though cells grow and die, don't they? Every seven years, as Jim read once? So this collection of cells wasn't there when his father and Officer Wildey were killed. They're the great-great-grandsons of those cells, even if the man who wore them is the same.Revolver is a lean and cleverly-structured novel that, at its [...]

    Duane Swierczynski’s Revolver (2016) is a hard-hitting cop story that starts in 1965 in the Jungle of North Philadelphia, where protests have risen about black exclusion from a 100-year old school established for “poor, white, male orphans.” Brown vs. Board of Education is now the law of the land and officers Stan Walczak and George Wildey (“Will-dee”), his black partner, are sworn to uphold it. They are in a bar waiting for a snitch when the door blows open and a man with a revolver s [...]

    Book Riot Community
    If you’re looking for a good crime novel for your summer, this is a perfect choice: Swierczynski’s novels are always a ton of fun. Revolver revolves (teehee) around three generations of a family whose lives are torn apart by murder. Young Jimmy was devastated when his police officer father died, and he vowed to get revenge. He grows up to be a cop and does just that, but then Jimmy’s daughter discovers something that makes her think her father was mistaken about the killers identity. Gritt [...]

    4.5 stars. What a great way to start off a new reading year! This book was smart, cleverly plotted, informative and all-around entertaining as heck! The alternating character perspectives and the shifts in time could have turned into a muddled mess but Swierczynski handles both with aplomb. Can't recommend this one highly enough- most fun I've had reading a book in a long time!

    Gritty Philadelphia setting and characters. Great read.

    REVOLVER is fine storytelling - seamlessly switching gears through alternating timelines to deliver a multifaceted crime tale, steadily increasing in complexity as the narrative unfolds. Spanning three generations each enveloped in heady blood red mist of murder and mystery surrounding the deaths of Philadelphia cops Stan Walczak and George Wildey in 1965, Swierczynski ensures his fictitious bullet fired some 50years past is still dangerous in the present.Audrey is a CSI in training, studying he [...]

    For those that like the books of George Pelecanos and Richard Price, you will probably like this novel as well. This novel deals with three generations of the same families where their stories are tied together through a singular revolver handgun. Duane Swierczynski flip flops back and forth between the three generations to effectively tell the story, that is brought full circle by the end of the book. From the opening of the book, at first I thought this would be a somewhat, typical police proc [...]

    Linda Boa
    Oh wow! Definitely going to be in my Top Ten of the year, this multi- generational Philadelphia-set cop story is about the shooting of two off-duty cops in a bar in 1965, and the reverberations this creates over three generations and 50 years. After the fantastic DARKTOWN I thought I'd be waiting a while for another "epic" crime fiction novel but Duane Swierczynski delivers - I'm delighted I also have his CANARY to read. If you're a fan of Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos, Michael Connelly, or Ja [...]

    Son 3.5El libro es casi excelente, está muy bien pensado, las perspectivas desde tres generaciones están muy buenas, especialmente porque todo se funde al final de una manera que te da piel de gallina.Pero van menos estrellas porque por momentos es lento y sentí que, en la búsqueda de desconcertar, tal vez, se desarrolla demasiado un tema que no es el verdadero desencadenante de la historia, y se deja de lado la verdad, haciendo que cuando por fin se revela sea muy, muy interensante, pero se [...]

    Adam Howe
    Duane Swierczynski’s CANARY was one of my top reads for 2015, and he’s repeated the trick with REVOLVER. A Philly-set murder-mystery spanning three generations of Polack cops, I tore through this one in a couple of days. If you’ve yet to read any Swerzy, give Revolver a shot, and witness one of today’s best crime writers at the top of his game.

    This book presents a complicated story involving characters that were largely distasteful ( at least to me ). Yet, the story is well written and structured in such a way as to elevate it from a run of the mill murder mystery to a cross generational, psychological exposé that includes murder, self-loathing, family secrets & skeletons in so many closets that I needed a spreadsheet to keep track! In fact, aside from having difficulty liking any of the main characters, I found the constant shif [...]

    Andy Downe
    I don't think Duane is capable of writing a bad book. As far as crime stories go this is one of the better books out there. You would think with the 3 time periods in play that the sections set in present would give away events of the past sections. Not the case at all. It's done perfectly and you only know what Swierczynski wants you to know.I personally miss Duane's over the top action novels. Severance Package and The Blonde are two of my favourite books. However if he never makes a return to [...]

    Charles Fischer
    Completely enthralling and easy to follow - despite its ingenious structure - though things certainly wrapped up too quickly. I'll definitely try this author again.

    Lou Harper
    A mystery with three narrators, two men, one woman. Three generations of the same family. It starts slow-ish but promising. The first two narrators and their stories will pull you in. The men are flawed but human, relatable. Unfortunately, it all falls apart with the female narrator. Audrey all sorts of obnoxious--needy, whiny, self-centered. Seriously authors, if you can't write a decent female character, just don't bother.

    What is this about?: This is a family saga, of the story of three different generations told in one book. The story revolves around the Walczak family: the death of a patriarch cop and his partner in 1965; his son's search for his killer in 1995 and the final chapter in 2015 is his grand-daughter's story as she closes the case.What else is this about?: Family -- complicated, messy family relationships where no one is perfect and everyone is frustrating.Should you read: God yes.To say flashbacks [...]

    Ross Cumming
    I've read a couple of Duane Swierczynski's crime novels in the recent past and enjoyed them as they've been fast paced, fun and exciting. In this, his latest novel, he's taken a more ambitious step by writing a 'historical' type crime novel involving three generations of the same family. Stan Walczak and George Wildey are both Police Officers and partners when in 1965 they are gunned down and killed in a Philadelphia bar. What's unusual at that time in history is that Stan is white and of Polish [...]

    Simon McDonald
    Duane Swierczynski examines the reverberations of the slaying of two policemen in mid-1960s Philadelphia in his latest white-knuckle thriller, Revolver. Written with his trademark ruthless efficiency, and coupled with an ambitious structure that sees three linked storylines being played out over three different years – 1965, 1995 and 2015 – at its core, Revolver is about a city laden with racial tension, and the resultant (and incendiary) consequences. But with Swierczynski focusing on his p [...]

    Very good mystery. Two police murdered in a bar. Who murdered them and why? The story covers three generations of this same family in Philadelphia. Chapters rotate from the viewpoint of the two policemen prior to their murder in the 1960's, the oldest son of one of the murdered policeman in the 1980's and his youngest daughter in the present day. From the police narrative we slowly begin to understand what might have lead to their murders, from the oldest son--who becomes a homicide detective, i [...]

    Mike Mckeon
    This book is for anyone wnho likes strong characters and story. Although the 3 main characters are police or CSI, the story is more about family and personal morals than a procedural. I think of cop or crime stories like this as lyrical. If you like Dennis Lehane or Homicide Life on the Streets, you'll love this. Swierczynski has his own unique voice, the only book I've liked as much this year was his novel Canary. A great novel with broad appeal

    A generational tale of a family of Philadelphia police officers, chock full of period detail with only a few hollow notes interspersed throughout - most of which can probably be chalked up to personal preference and not any fault of the author.

    Fred Fanning
    This was an exciting story that was face paced. The characters were strong and the plot had plenty of twists and turns.

    Nicole Shaw
    Love the book. Love the author. Can't wait for his next piece of work.

    Abby Slater- Fairbrother
    I am a huge fan of this publisher, they seem to have a brilliant eye for spotting great talent. This is my first by this author, but will definitely not, be my last. I love the real American cop/noir feel to this novel and think the interwoven individual stories works incredibly well. This novel is the unsolved crime from the past that links three generations of the same family. The beginning is the murder of Philadelphia beat cops, Stanislaw ‘Stan’ Walczak and George W Wildey, killed in the [...]

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