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  • Title: Nice Girls Finish First
  • Author: Alesia Holliday
  • ISBN: 9780425204054
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback

  • From the author of the zany debut, American Idle, comes a hilarious novel about learning how to be yourself even if it kills you Kirby Green didn t get to be a Vice President of Marketing by being nice But when she fires her entire staff within a few weeks they all deserved it, really , her new boss is hardly impressed Wanting to prove his point, he issues a bet If KFrom the author of the zany debut, American Idle, comes a hilarious novel about learning how to be yourself even if it kills you Kirby Green didn t get to be a Vice President of Marketing by being nice But when she fires her entire staff within a few weeks they all deserved it, really , her new boss is hardly impressed Wanting to prove his point, he issues a bet If Kirby can get someone anyone to call her nice, she can take that long awaited dream vacation to Italy with her best friend, Jules If she can t, she can kiss the Coliseum goodbye Oh, and her job too Now Kirby has exactly thirty days to bully someone into saying she s nice and to show her boss who s boss If she doesn t fall hard for him first
    Alesia Holliday
    This is a pseudonym of Alyssa Day


    once again, a book that's not bad enough to put down and abandon, and actually has really great moments, but not necessarily a great read as yetrr. I'm due for a brilliant book already, normally I don't go this long and attempt so many books before I stumble into one I just can't put down. I'm still waiting, but until then, I'll keep going with the four that are average at best at this point.In the end, the book doesn't even measure up to average.Woman who is in upper management in some sex toy [...]

    Lindsay green
    Kirby Green and her best friend, Jules, plan to leave for a three-week Italian vacation in a month. Kirby needs a break from her cutthroat career as vice president in charge of marketing for a sex toy company. "Nice" is not an adjective anyone would use to describe her, especially since she just fired most of her department, including her secretary. "Who needs more friends?" Kirby thinks, and pushes her way toward the top in business.This attitude doesn't really fly with her boss, Banning Stuart [...]

    Pam Masters
    This is the second book that I've read by Alesia Holliday. I'm not sure if it's the fact that some time has passed since I've read the first one (American Idle) or if my life has just changed, but I don't think that I enjoyed this one as much as the first one. When I started reading the story, I found it to be a bit slow, and hard to get into. But as I read more, I found myself enjoying the story and almost carrying about the characters. The ending was a little predictable, but it's great to see [...]

    Overall, this book was good; easy to read and engaging enough for me to want to keep on reading it. There were some inconsistencies in the characters but that didn't really disturb the plot at all. Also her style was a bit predictive especially when she would finish a section off with a particular sentence and begin the next section with the exact one. The first time - it was a nice segway but after the third time, it became annoying. All in all though, a good light read.

    Enjoyable, plus hedlun sd I look a little like girl on the cover.good recommendation to change up tone of books we've been readingybe interested in others by the author, Always fun to read about beginning of new relationships and remember parts of your own historymantic or just funny, likable characters.

    Quick read with relatively likeable and quirky characters and a chick-lit story line.It wasn't BAD, I just didn't really like the author's style. She seemed to be trying too hard; trying too hard to be funny, too hard to be sassy, too hard to be cool.The writing was a bit cringeworthy and made me feel awkward.

    I gave this two stars because, though I belive I liked it while I was reading it (enjoyable, funny lines, etc) I can barely remember it even though I read it less than a month ago!Not-so-nice boss has to learn how to get along better with people, and does so with help from her too-nice secretary (who has to learn how to not be so nice).

    Alesia Holliday always makes me laugh. This is the third book I have read of hers and once again I found myself completely entertained. Apart from the standard chic lit premise, it has deeper insights about the balance between being "nice" and standing up for yourself and how everybody has their own problems no matter how idealic their life seems on the surface.

    Kim D
    Slightly evil VP Marketing lusts after boss who bets her that she can't find one person to call her "nice" within 30 days, all in a thinly veiled attempt to get her to see the good within herself. Slightly more realistic a heroine than most chicklit books - this one is bitchy, but has college loans, boyfriend problems, and severe daddy issues to overcome.

    When I picked this one, I had no idea it was a sequel. I've never read American Idle. Apparently it's not necessary, as this character was just an accessory in the first book, as best I can gather. This heroine knows tough girls come out first, but the dare is for someone to call her nice. Pretty good read.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found myself relating to both characters and it brought home the continuous struggle I have in finding the balance between between people-pleasing-pushover and strong, self-protecting bitch.

    I loved this funny, touching book, told from the point of view of two women, one an executive and the other her assistant, as they navigate the realm where niceness and sticking to one's guns meet. I read it in one satisfying gulp.

    Sara Kalt
    Cute book. Kirby and Bree were likeable not overly cliched characters. It was an engaging and quick read - I wouldn't mind going back and reading American Idle (Jules story) and it would be fun to read more about Bree and her adventures. Should be a fun discussion at book club!

    Nikki Smith
    This book was funny but interesting. I like the fact to two people with different personality became good friends towards the end. It justs amazing how someone total different from you can teach you new things.

    Julie Rybczynski
    This is a great piece of chick lit. It is the right length with truly sympathetic characters. There are two protagonists and the chapters alternate between them. The characters are boss/secretary so they do interact with each other, but not overbearingly so.

    I didn't realize that this book is part of a 2-book series with "American Idle", and I read the other first. Still, both are a ton of fun with interesting characters and plenty of laughable situations.

    This was a fun read. I enjoyed both Brianna's and Kirby's stories.She writes such wonderful characters, you feel like you really know them.I was bummed that it ended, I wanted to hear about Brianna's singing career, and Kirby and Banning!Sequel?????

    If you've ever felt like maybe you're a little meaner than people like you to be, or on the reverse TOO nice - this book is for you. It looks at both perspectives and ends in an adorable way.

    This is the 2nd book of Alesia Holliday I read. I enjoyed it, but a tiny less than American Idle.

    Very light and fluffy romantic comedy.

    Fun read! Enjoyed it!

    Jessica Chapman
    Chick lit; but at least it is strong women chick lit

    This is a wonderfully light-hearted tale of two women who think they either aren't nice or aren't tough enough, but have been all along.

    Ta Ta Ta Tia
    I'm surprised this book hasn't been more popular. It's absolutely adorable, sweet and laugh out loud funny without being over the top.

    Recommended by Barb.

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