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  • Title: The Book of Sam
  • Author: Ann Christy
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  • Summer school is supposed to be a pain, but it isn t supposed to be the end of the world Sam s first year of teaching is finally over and he loved every minute of it With summer school well underway, he s starting to feel like he s getting the hang of this teaching gig, particularly since he s pretty sure his students are the most awesome kids ever When a suspiciously hSummer school is supposed to be a pain, but it isn t supposed to be the end of the world Sam s first year of teaching is finally over and he loved every minute of it With summer school well underway, he s starting to feel like he s getting the hang of this teaching gig, particularly since he s pretty sure his students are the most awesome kids ever When a suspiciously high number of students and teachers don t show up one day, Sam is thrown into a situation he can t believe Nanites have saved many lives, but now it s all gone wrong and people are going crazy Trapped inside the school, Sam has to ride out the wave of insanity sweeping across the land There s one thing he s very sure of no one is going to hurt his kids He ll get them to safety, no matter what comes between them and the road home The Book of Sam is a prequel to the Between Life and Death series Go back and experience the nanite apocalypse from the beginning with Sam, a character favorite of readers in the first book, The In Betweener.
    Ann Christy
    Born in L.A County quite by accident, I m an Eastern Carolinian by nature and nurture That would by North Carolina Though I m a scientist by profession, the writing bug somehow got inside me and I m trying to marry a lifetime of equations with a desire for putting out a readable work.I love to hear what I did well and what I could do better And if you like my stories, well, then you ll absolutely make my day by saying so.Happy Reading


    I read this wonderful book in very short order. I usually read a couple of books at a time, until I find one that captivates me and requires all of my attention. The Book of Sam did that from the first chapter. Sam is a true hero, a person who does something only because it’s the right thing to do. Disaster brings out the best in some people, and that is certainly true of Sam. There’s no doubt that he could have survived better on his own, but the thought never crosses his mind. None of the [...]

    I really enjoyed this peek into the life of Sam, who was such a tragic figure in the first book.The author takes us on an emotional journey with Sam and his fellow survivors.The book covers the time frame of the beginning of the zombie outbreak up to the start of The In-Betweener. Reading this story was bittersweet,yet so rewarding to be able to see what kind of person he was before the tragic events in his future.Ann Christy writes so beautifully and always keeps me engaged with her characters [...]

    Steph Nope
    I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I read the original books first, and that was a requirement for the advance copy, and I can say that this absolutely adds to that story. Do yourself a favor and read The In-Betweener and then follow up with the rest. But this review is about Book of Sam so here goes. The first chapter or two was honestly a little tough. I felt it was a little choppy and hard to engage with. Whether that was the writing style or just that [...]

    Synopsis:Review:“The Book of Sam” is sort of a prequel to the first book in the “Between Life and Death Series” (The In-Betweener). It was awesome to see how Ann Christy’s version of the Zombie Apocalypse begins ( although the main character, Sam, refuses to call them zombies). The "In-Betweener” really connects the reader to Sam and the kids he has taken in after there isn’t anyone else to do so. They are a new family together in this new horrible world. Sam is sweet. I feel like [...]

    I'd already read The In-Betweener (first book) and purchased the sequel Forever Between when I got a chance to read the prequel The Book of Sam for an honest review. Without spoiling anythingI am glad I read them in that order (which means you know the gist of the end) although it would have been equally cool to read Sam's story first. They are both so good, you can't go wrong either way you choose to approach the series if you haven't started. Neither first will ruin the other, I promise! Some [...]

    I really liked this book! It kind of surprised me really because it's written for younger readers and I'm well past that age group. But the characters were so well developed and so believable that I quickly fell into the storyline. Zombies are not a genre I usually enjoy, but this went so far beyond that. It was believable , something that could conceivably happen. Or at least not so far out that it couldn't happen. You come to care about Sam and "his" kids and want them to survive. The lengths [...]

    Cheree Castellanos Edits
    The Book of Sam, a prequel for Between Life and Death series by Ann Christy is just…eaking epic!! We meet Sam in The In-Betweener, book 1 in the series, and you can tell how big a heart he has in the little bits of him we get to see there. But in this book, you grow to love and cherish this man and the size of his heart. He is a selfless, kind, giving, piece of wonderful! I found that the more I read into this book, the more I could feel my heart constricting, knowing what was coming. Little t [...]

    In The Book of Sam, author Ann Christy takes you straightaway into the blood, muck, horror, and lunacy of a zombie-esque cataclysm. If ever a character deserved their own book, it’s the Sam of this story’s title. We first witnessed this young man’s selflessness in The In-Betweener, the opening volume in Christy’s Between Life and Death Series. That book lead to the events in Forever Between and, finally, Between Life and Death. But everything that came to pass was made possible by the un [...]

    Bill Matthews
    First - I am an ARC reader, provided by the author in exchange for an unbiased review. Second, I like being an ARC reader for Ann Christy since I have yet to find a story that I did not enjoy. This one, fellow readers, is no exception. Early in the story I realized that Sam was an extraordinary individual and teacher of children with special needs. We get to know a young man who cares very much for his students. If I had a child or grandchild with special needs - or one without - this is the tea [...]

    Initially I received an ARC of The Book of Sam, but it was so good that I went ahead and bought it when it was released yesterday. I'd already read the first book in the Between Life and Death series, The In-Betweener. I'm glad that I read The Book of Sam after The In-Betweener because it seemed more powerful to learn about the aftermath of the nanites going berserk first and then go back to the day things began to fall apart.Many other reviewers have written summaries, so I don't see the point [...]

    Ann Christy is a major talent. Her stories are engaging and plausible. The Book of Sam is a prequel to her Between Life and Death series and gives us the origins of the plague that ravaged the world. Sam is a wonderful guy, going way above and beyond to save lives. This book pulls no punches and in places is pretty strong stuff; tears may very well be involved. I loved this book as I have loved all of Ann Christy's work. I would give this book 10 stars if it were possible. Read this boook!

    Ingo Dean
    Since this was a prequel, I already knew how it had to end. Usually I don't like to know the ending before I get there, but in this case I really wanted to know HOW we got to where we wereAZING book. LOVED it. THIS is how a prequel should be done!(And yes, if you haven't read Ann's Between Life and Death series, I think it's safe to start here. It really is a companion/prequel that adds quite a bit to the story.)

    Bex Knightley
    I've probably said this before, but it doesn't make it any less true; this series just gets better and better. Even having a vague idea of how this book would end, from having read The In-Betweener before, I was still on the edge of my seat as this story developed. I was completely enthralled. I think that everyone should read these books, even if they don't usually read anything in the zombie apocalypse genre. If you don't, you'll definitely be missing out!

    Paul Heusser
    Already given this 5 stars on , what a rollercoaster! Even though I knew what happens to to Sam, I found myself still wishing it would go a different way! As a spin-off book from the In between trilogy, I think this is an amazing stand alone book. But I advise you to read the trilogy to get the best out of this one. Loved it from beginning to end! Thank you Ann! X

    The Book of Sam is a prequel to book 1 in the “Between Life and Death Series” (The In-Betweener). It's a touching, exciting, cleverly written and unbelievably sad addition to Ann's outside the box 'Zombie Apocalypse. Highly recommended reading!!!

    A wonderful origin storyAfter reading the In- between story's it is so nice to read about how everything came about. I love Sam's story. Some Very sad moments.

    Sam's StoryAlthough I knew Sam's fate from the beginning because of reading the series previously I kept hoping for things to work out differently. Worth reading to learn more about the characters.

    BrilliantRead the other books to this series and I absolutely love them all laughs and tears. Hope there will be another

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