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  • Title: Holy War: The Crusades and Their Impact on Today's World
  • Author: Karen Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9780385721400
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

  • Karen Armstrong, bestselling author of A History of God, skillfully narrates this history of the Crusades with a view toward their profound and continuing influence In 1095 Pope Urban II summoned Christian warriors to take up the cross and reconquer the Holy Land Thus began the holy wars that would focus the power of Europe against a common enemy and become the stuff ofKaren Armstrong, bestselling author of A History of God, skillfully narrates this history of the Crusades with a view toward their profound and continuing influence In 1095 Pope Urban II summoned Christian warriors to take up the cross and reconquer the Holy Land Thus began the holy wars that would focus the power of Europe against a common enemy and become the stuff of romantic legend In reality the Crusades were a series of rabidly savage conflicts in the name of piety And, as Armstrong demonstrates in this fascinating book, their legacy of religious violence continues today in the Middle East, where the age old conflict of Christians, Jews, and Muslims persists.
    Karen Armstrong
    British author of numerous works on comparative religion.Elsewhere enpedia wiki Karen_Ar.mfortoday karenarmardian profile karLibrarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.


    Armstrong displays little knowledge or concern about the intricacies of a complex series of medieval wars - if the Crusades can even be considered wars in today's sense. Instead, she crafted a book that confirms the modern view of crazy religious warriors driven by fear, hate and ignorance. Maybe I am simplifying Armstong too much, so I will cite specific problems with this book. First, the role of the Byzantines are their recent losses to the Turks are barely explained and the Battle of Manzike [...]

    I cannot help but agree with much of what Armstrong theorizes and would recommend this book to anyone who wants a better understanding of the historical roots of some of the modern conflicts in this area. In the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries, European Christendom was stumbling and Muslim power was at its impressive height: Christian insecurity and fear of the East (exemplified by the slaughter of European Jews and distrust of Byzantine Christians), more than anything, prompted the Crusades. The [...]

    From Library JournalRecent historians have convincingly demonstrated that 13th-century European governments institutionalized three forms of irrational bigotry that have tragically affected the modern world: anti-Semitism, anti-homosexuality, and anti-Islam. This important book, which brings the perspective of a student of theology and literature who also knows traditional political history, sees the medieval Crusades as the root of current Middle East conflicts. Such a view substantiates the hi [...]

    If it’s true that there’s never objectivity in the telling of history, then perhaps the primary goal in the reading of it is to gain an insight into different viewpoints in the pursuit of empathy. If it’s also true that we all participate in history in the sense that it shapes our present then this pursuit of empathy becomes even more important when deep-rooted religious narratives are involved that all insist on their mutually exclusive interpretations of divine intervention. Further, whe [...]

    Lindsey Reyes
    While Armstrong openly admits that she is not to be studied as she is a mere armchair historian who actually studied religion and literature, she makes a point of making multiple judgments and predictions without bringing up sufficient supporting evidence. Reading what little I did was pure torture and I doubt I could ever finish this book!

    Fantastic look at the Crusades and all the major players. Though it's a substantial read and can be confusing, particularly for those unfamiliar with the structure and meaning of Arabic names, this book is well worth the effort. Though Armstrong rarely explicitly says it, there are many parallels between the Christian European reaction of the Crusades (religious extremism by anyone's definition!) to the "occupation" of Jerusalem, and the current conflict going on around the world. This book will [...]

    I came to this book with an idea of the crusades that pivoted on good king Arthur as told by a Disney fox version of Robin Hood. I found the book hugely enlightening and it has helped me along my journey to better understanding just how complex our history is and how little I should trust what I was told as a child (or adult really).Without any second references, I finished the book suspicious that the author is promoting a sense of western guilt in the undercurrent of good history story telling [...]

    Elizabeth Sulzby
    Begun in May 2010 and still reading. Former nun and believer, Armstrong brings very new information in the history of Xity, Xian theology, Roman Catholicism and its history, Islam and its history, Judiasm and its history. She writes respectfully and critically about each religion. She shows how each of these developments have been "read back into" Old Testament and New Testaments canons; and, in an oversimplification, how each of these feeds into the current post 9-ll period. I think I am taking [...]

    I knew very little about the Islamic beliefs or beginnings before reading this book - I'm impressed. Although Karen can get a bit tedious (repetitious at best) she provides a wealth of I believe unbiased information. I'll have to admit though that I forced myself to finish the last 150 pages, but I'm not a quitter and always afraid I might miss something important. I think she could have said all she needed to say in probably 400 words or less and it would have been more interesting.

    Peter Fogtdal
    If all scholars wrote as well as Karen Armstrong, the world of letters would be a better place. Karen Armstrong is non-dogmatic and tolerant. She doesn't suffer from the "My Religion Is Better Than Yours So I'm Afraid I Have To Kill You" syndrome. A MUST for any one who wants to understand why no one gets along in the Middle East!

    William D.
    Of little historical merit - Ms Armstrong is a religious relativist whose opinions cloud her feeble powers of objectivity

    I loved the first part of this book. It is, like all of her books, very well written. I knew very little about the Middle Ages and the Crusades, and the early chapters on those topics are excellent. This is a very ambitious book, though, and it fails to achieve some of its goals. That said, it is still very much worth reading. However, the author tries to find the roots of today's Middle Eastern conflict in the Crusades. To some extent, it is surprising how true this is, but even given that, she [...]

    H Wesselius
    Although I'm a big fan of her The History of God, this earlier work was not as impressive. Armstrong correctly identifies the tendency to holy war in certain strands of Judaism and Christianity but doesn't see this point in Islam until the post WWII era in which case she blames the West and the establishment of Israel. She denies Islam the ability to take responsibility and in that way she is patronizing. Her more lenient take on Islam stems from her taking Mohammad's words at face value. Howeve [...]

    Rod Van Meter
    This book deserves a longer, more thoughtful review than I have time for this morning, but this will have to do for now.I love her attempt to create "triple vision", an understanding of the point of view of the Jews, Christians and Muslims concerning the Middle East. That was more than I had bargained for when I picked up the book. I much of the text, Islam seems to get the benefit of the doubt more than the other two.The book was written in about 1989, and much has happened since then, but it g [...]

    Abdullah Alqasir
    من أفضل الكتب التي قرأتها عن الحروب الصليبية. كارين ارمسترونغ كاتبة مبدعة ومن الطراز الرفيع. الكتاب كما يُبين عنوانه، فهو يحكي علاقة الحروب الصليبية بواقعنا الان بفلسطين المحتلة. المؤلفة تحكي هذه القصة من مصادر عربية وغربية ويهودية. فصول الكتاب تنقسم إلى قسمين الأول يحكي تا [...]

    Awfully good book to read. We know so VERY little about history of Arab and Muslim countries. So almost everything Armstrong tells here is new new new [to me]. I feel I really need to skim through the book again and write down for myself the main points. She does repeat several main points many times, but it is all so new to me that I have not retained them.From Library Journal 13th-century European governments institutionalized three forms of irrational bigotry that have tragically affected th [...]

    A point not mentioned in the other positive reviews of this book is the light it sheds on the links between the crusades and the European renaissance. The second point that she highlights is the tragic destruction and plunder of Constantinople. A vivid example is the marvelous Greek four horse bronze that graces st Mark in Venice and that had been looted from Constantinople as part of this tragic campaign. The main point she makes there is that the Byzantine empire success in keeping the peace w [...]

    If you're a history lover like me, this book is fantastic. Karen Armstrong does a fabulous job delving deep into detail about how the Christian Franks of the west, having emerged from the dark ages adamant on fostering a new Christian identity, became inextricably involved with the flourishing Muslim and Byzantine empires of the east and its Jewish inhabitants centered around the holy city of Jerusalem.An interesting case is made about the misunderstandings many of us in the contemporary age, no [...]

    Stacey Lynne
    I really just wanted an overview on the subject, and feel like maybe I went in a bit over my head with this one. It's well written, and I learned quite a bit about the three major monotheistic religions (and why we've been fighting with each other for so long). I think anyone who claims to be 'religious' (Christian or otherwise) would do well to research and learn about the other religions, not just their beliefs, but their history as well, and specifically in how it relates to your own beliefs [...]

    A fantastic book! I have read and loved Karen Armstrong for decades and have read nearly all of her books. As the title indicates, Armstrong's book is not merely about the crusades, but fleshes out all three of the major monotheistic religions from infancy to contemporary times. The crusades fall in the middle of this time frame and truly have much to say about what ails the world in the present day. Written originally in 1988, I would absolutely LOVE to read what Armstrong may have to add about [...]

    Riski Riyadi
    Pembahasan secara gamlang oleh pengarang, dilihat dari 3 sisi keyakinan, Yahudi, Nasrani dan Islam, serta dampak-dampak yang timbul akibat perang sampai sekarang mengenai The Promised Land dan Palestina.Kronologis perang salib itu sendiri menyeluruh secara lengkap dan peristiwa-peristiwa penting yang memicu terjadinya slogan "perang salib" dan pihak mana saja yang terlibat salam perang salib itu.Juga menceritakan mental-mental yang berkecamuk dalam fikiran 3 keyakinan agama samawi ini, serta okt [...]

    I recently undertook my own long, difficult Crusade: Reading this book. I finally finished this thing, and while parts of it were definitely dry, overall it's a pretty impressive achievement. For hard-liners of history, there's plenty to object to: her reliance on secondary sources, her brief treatment of knights and their importance to the idea of Crusading, and her almost complete lack of geographical explanation. That said, the book is hugely ambitious and it shows Armstrong to be a fine scho [...]

    Incredibly informative, and incredibly horrifying. Helluva slow read, though, so only 3 stars. Her opinions seemed biased toward the muslim side of things, which was fine - seemed to stick to the basic facts, regardless. Gives good insight into the past and current christian, jewish and muslim struggles for religious supremacy, and the fighting over israel. Then it makes you want to run screaming from anything having to do with religion.

    One of the more difficult, dense and informative of ARmstrong's books and I chose to read it at the wrong point so it languished and dragged and I h ad still more difficulty givein the gaps in time I spent with the book thus losing the thread and foundering along. Still, I learned SO much and have so much to think over having encountered this book. As always, a learning experience presented well and easily accessible if one is willing to invest the time.

    Adam Walker
    This book seemed like an opportunity for Ms. Armstrong to vent her spleen against her former Catholic faith. The Christian Crusaders get a significantly fairer presentation in Maalouf's _The Crusades through Arab Eyes_ than they do here.

    This book inspired me to learn more about comparative religion, and learn more about Islam, Judaism, and Christianity and what inspired conflict in todays world. I want to learn about the early roots of the Three Great Religions, and this was as good a book as ever to start.

    Umair Khalid
    It might not be accurate, but it is an honest effort to understand the history of violence. The books does help the reader understand the path forward to a peaceful coexistence.

    Michael Walker
    Armstrong writes a history of the so-called "Holy War" between European Christianity and Middle Eastern Islam. The author provides a run-up to the Middle Ages, covering the initial millennium of Christianity and the half-millennium of Islam, after which she delves into the era of the Crusades, 1096-1194; she later picks up the story and covers up to the present. She looks at the 1967 "Six Day War" between Israel and a Middle Eastern consortium of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestine Liberation [...]

    So far I haven't read a single book by Karen Armstrong that wasn't absolutely fascinating and well-written. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. This book was no exception. Armstrong attempts to view the Crusades through three sets of eyes - the Christian West, the Muslim Middle East and the Jewish diaspora. Not only does she tell an interesting history of the Crusades, but she analyzes how those historical events continue to affect the Middle East today. Part of her thesis is tha [...]

    mengubah kaca mata rhebukan bermaksud menjatuhkan ato apapun, tapi memang begitu nuansa naal na mengangkat katolik kemudian menjatuhkan na. menekan islam kemudian mengangkat na.timbal balik dyang pasti bagi mereka yang kurang saling mengenal maka dengan membaca ini akan lebih mengenal satu sama lain, bahkan lebih mengenal diri sendiri.justru dari buku inilah rhe semakin atu tentang beberapa hal yang ga rhe ketahui. ato mungkin mang ga terlalu banyak or justru ga diekspos ma pihak gereja. mereka [...]

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