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  • Title: The Summer Bride
  • Author: Anne Gracie
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  • From the award winning author of The Spring Bride comes the conclusion to the quartet about four sisters, four weddings, and a bride for every seasonFiercely independent Daisy Chance has a dream and it doesn t involve marriage or babies or being under any man s thumb Raised in poverty, she has a passion and a talent for making beautiful clothes Daisy aims to becomeFrom the award winning author of The Spring Bride comes the conclusion to the quartet about four sisters, four weddings, and a bride for every seasonFiercely independent Daisy Chance has a dream and it doesn t involve marriage or babies or being under any man s thumb Raised in poverty, she has a passion and a talent for making beautiful clothes Daisy aims to become the finest dressmaker in London Dashing Irishman Patrick Flynn is wealthy and ambitious, and has entered society to find an aristocratic bride Instead, he finds himself growing increasingly attracted to the headstrong, clever and outspoken Daisy She s wrong in every way except the way she sets his heart racing However, when Flynn proposes marriage, Daisy refuses She won t give up her hard won independence Besides, she doesn t want to join the fine ladies of society she wants to dress them She might, however, consider becoming Flynn s secret mistress But Flynn wants a wife, not a mistress, and when Flynn sets his heart on something, nothing can stand in his way.
    Anne Gracie
    I ve always loved stories Family legend has it that I used to spend hours playing in the sand pit, with a dog on either side of me and Rocka the horse leaning over me, his head just touching my shoulder, while I told them stories I have to say, dogs and horses are great audiences, apart from their tendency to drool occasionally But people are even nicer.In case you imagine we were a filthy rich horse owning family, let me assure you we weren t The horse period was a time when my parents entered a let s be self sufficient phase, so we had a horse, but no electricity and all our water came from the rain tank.As well as the horse and dogs, we had 2 cows Buttercup and Daisy and one of them always had a calf , a sheep Woolly, goats Billy and Nanny dozens of ducks, chooks, and a couple of geese, a pet bluetongue lizard and a huge vegie patch I don t know how my mother managed, really, because both she and Dad taught full time, but she came home and cooked on a wood stove and did all the laundry by hand, boiling the clothes and sheets in a big copper kettle Somehow, we were always warm, clean, well fed and happy She s pretty amazing, my mum.Once I learned to read, I spent my days outside playing with the animals I include my brother and 2 sisters here and when inside I read For most of my childhood we didn t have TV, so books have always been a big part of my life Luckily our house was always full of them Travel was also a big part of my childhood My parents had itchy feet We spent a lot of time driving from one part of Australia to another, visiting relatives or friends or simply to see what was there I ve lived in Scotland, Malaysia and Greece We travelled through Europe in a caravan and I d swum most of the famous rivers in Europe by the time I was eight This is me and my classmates in Scotland I am in the second front row, in the middle, to the right of the girl in the dark tunic Sounds like I was raised by gypsies, doesn t it I was even almost born in a tent Mum, Dad and 3 children were camping and one day mum left the tent and went to hospital to have me But in fact we are a family of chalkies Australian slang for teachers and Dad was a school principal during most of my life And I am an expert in being the new girl having been to 6 different schools in 12 years.The last 4 years, however, were in the same high school and I still have my 2 best friends from that time No matter where I lived, I read I devoured whatever I could get my hands on old Enid Blyton and Mary Grant Bruce books, old schoolboys annuals I learned history by reading Rosemary Sutcliffe, Henry Treece and Georgette Heyer I loved animal books Elyne Mitchell s Silver Brumby books and Mary Patchett and Finn the Wolf Hound And then I read Jane Austen and Dickens and Mary Stewart and Richard Llewellyn and Virginia Woolf and EF Benson and Dick Francis and David Malouf and Patrick White and Doris Lessing and PD James ande list is never ending.This is me posing shamelessly on a glacier in New Zealand This is me in Greece with my good friend Fay in our village outfits The film went a funny colour, but you get the idea I m the one in the pink apron I escaped from my parents, settled down and went to university.To my amazement I became a chalkie myself and found a lot of pleasure in working with teenagers and later, adults I taught English and worked as a counsellor and helped put on plays and concerts and supervised camps and encouraged other people to write but never did much myself It took a year of backpacking around the world to find that my early desire to write hadn t left me, it had just got buried under a busy and demanding job I wrote my first novel on notebooks bought in Quebec, Spain, Greece and Indonesia That story never made it out of the notebooks, but I d been bitten by the writing bug My friends and I formed a band called Platform Souls a


    Sissy's Romance Book Review
    4.5'The Summer Bride' by Anne Gracie is book four in the "Chance Sisters" series. This is the story of Daisy Chance and Patrick Flynn. Daisy and Flynn have been friends for a little while and each know what they want. Fylnn wants a aristocratic wife to go along with the money he has made in trade and Daisy wants to own a dress shop to be a independent women. But Flynn starts to know that a aristocratic wife won't bring him the love his parents had and wants instead to have a friend and lover in [...]

    Daisy, daisy give me your answer doSeries: Yes - one more and I will have finished it! I forgot #2. Oops. Sexy times: Tame for the romance genre these days, but a little steamier than the rest of the series. Surprise, surprise.Plan on reading more by the author: Yes!Synopsis: If you're familiar with the series, you're familiar with the Chance sisters not sisters. This is Daisy's story, the least "lady-like of them all" from a tonnish perspective. And Flynn's story. Must not forget the hero!Flynn [...]

    I’ve been waiting for Daisy’s book for so long and I’m happy to say that it was worth it! :)I loved Daisy since the beginning of this series. She’s just plain great: honest, hardworking, plain-speaking, courageous, loving and at the same time full of sass and thornes! She has a desire: she want to be the best dressmaker in London and she’s working herself blind working from dawn to dusk She’s secretly attracted to Flynn, but they’re friends, so she doesn’t act on that attraction. [...]

    This was the final book in the Chance Sisters series, and it was the one I had been very eager to start! This installment featured Patrick Flynn; the "pirate", Irish man who loved to dress in flamboyant colors!! By the time he gets to London where his business partner and friend live, he is shown how he must dress and act to be accepted by the famous "Ton." Flynn is quite the rebel though, and shedding that layer of himself isn't something he wants to do; but he is willing to as he figures he ne [...]

    I've given this a B- at AAR, so that's 3.5 stars rounded up.The Summer Bride is the final book in Anne Gracie’s Chance Sisters quartet which began with The Autumn Bride and then progressed through Winter and Spring as the “sisters” (who aren’t actual sisters, but who regard themselves as being “sisters of the heart”) found love. This instalment is a decent enough read, but it doesn’t have anything new to offer and the romantic tension isn’t very, well, tense.It’s the turn of Da [...]

    Joy (Cheery♡Reads)
    Been waiting for Daisy's story since the beginning of the series. FINALLY! Can't waitI know that this would be the best one and I was right! I had lots of tears and snots while reading this story. It was so good and heart-wrenching. I'm so sad that the series has come to an end.

    4.5 stars. I've really enjoyed the Chance Sisters and #4 book all about Daisy rounded it off very nicely. Daisy had a lot of spirit and loved seeing her enveloped in love by so many.I really liked the quotes from Jane Austen at the beginning of each chapter. Makes me want to go read her books!

    Yeahhhh, I didn't like this. It's partly the cliches, partly the annoying callbacks to previous books, and partly (view spoiler)[someone who repeatedly says she doesn't want to get married or have kids being forced into a situation where both have to happen. This is where the parameters of the genre conflict with actual character development and provide an insultingly neat ending: an unlikely and historically dubious happily-ever after. (hide spoiler)]

    Heroine, adamant about not wanting marriage / babies, is PROVEN WRONG by boners, genre standards. Breaking news at 10. 1. Ugh. 2. This was better than I was expecting but still ultimately a shit show. 3. I was given a heroine who is against children and marriage! Albeit in an extremely superficial way, setup to be perfectly collapsible when the story needs its HEA, but still! A heroine who has ambitions and dreams and does not shy away from pursuing them! until her lover's boner leads her astray [...]

    I thought I'd be like my friends and upset that a woman who didn't want marriage or babies got them anyway, but instead I'm upset that it wasn't even a good portrayal of a woman who didn't want babies or marriage! She didn't seem to have really thought about kids and I am not sure she would've objected to marrying a ~low class~ man. It just wasn't set up well.And super upset that (view spoiler)[Flynn was her silent partner all along. Ugh, respect her wishes!! Upset she "gave up" the shop, too. N [...]

    Anna's Herding Cats
    Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.Oh I just loved it! The Summer Bride was the perfect end to a stunning series from Gracie. The characters, the romance, the humor and passion all came together for an absolutely charming experience as the last Chance "sister" meets her match in a cocky Irishman who has a naughty gleam in his eye.The quick of it is that Flynn is searching for the perfect wife--elegant, classy, and a true Lady. And he's found himself incredibly bored with the polite, re [...]

    Olga Godim
    3.5 starsUnlike most regency romances, this one’s protagonists do not belong to the ton. The hero Flynn is a self-made businessman. He owns a fleet of trade ship. Now that he has amassed his fortune, he wants to get married into society, to get himself a London lady of the first water. Despite his humble origins and a childhood as a dockside rat, the aristocracy are ready to oblige him. Although most of them despise him as a vulgar ‘man in trade,’ a number of impoverished lords are willing [...]

    So the whole point of this book was that if a woman doesn't want children, she will change her mind and realize that really she wanted children all along. Riiiight. I'm so tired of babies being mandatory for a happy ending, I want a story where the heroine's decision not to have children is respected for a change, both by the man in her life and by the author. This story wasn't it.I was so looking forward to Daisy and Flynn's story and the part about Daisy opening her own shop was great, but aft [...]

    Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    Aw, really loved this! Full review to come

    Daisy's story was worth the wait what a story this one is Daisy as always is the most stubborn gel she is more determined than ever to be the best modiste to the toffs and have her own shop while her sisters Abby, Damaris and Jane have found the heroes so well suited to them but Daisy is determined to stay single, because of the life that she has led up until meeting her sisters and Lady Bea Daisy has a hard time trusting but she is working her fingers to the bone at the moment with her beautifu [...]

    Mary - Buried Under Romance
    I absolutely adore Anne Gracie's books, and have really, really enjoyed this seriesever, is it terribly bad of me to say that I could not get into this book because reading Daisy's cockney detracted from the smoothness of my reading experience? :(

    Sonya Heaney
    Originally posted HERE.When we met Daisy in the first book in this series, I never had any idea she would be a heroine later on. She was such a great character, but such an unlikely heroine. However, at the same time, she made a massive impression on me with her bravado and determination to make it on her own.In fact, her introduction in book one is sending me back there to reread, to meet Daisy all over again and see her evolution across the series.There are SO MANY historical romances that go [...]

    Susan Ross
    There are already many good summaries of the book, so I'm just going to make my comments.I have been eagerly anticipating this book since The Autumn Bride (the first and incomparable best of the series in my opinion). I loved Daisy's gumption and bravery. She was my favourite character. And although I enjoyed The Summer Bride, it did not measure up to my expectations. I think it was because Daisy kept "cutting off her nose to spite her face" so to speak. I found this incredibly annoying. Her ado [...]

    Halfway through the book I was ready to give this five stars. Because it had (gasp) an ambitious heroine who (double-gasp) doesn't want to have kids! What sorcery is this?! You mean there's a heroine who thinks baaabies and getting married aren't the only ways to be happy? Get out of here! But sadly, (view spoiler)[ that wasn't the case. You see, Daisy didn't have children or marriage in mind. She wasn't ready for it the least bit, and it stayed true to her character, as someone who'd seen the w [...]

    I've given this a B+ for narration and a C+ for content at AudioGals, so I'm rounding up to 4 stars.This is the fourth book in Anne Gracie’s quartet about the Chance sisters, four young women who banded together through adversity and regard themselves as “sisters of the heart” even though only two of them are actually related by blood. In the first book in the series, The Autumn Bride, the ladies were taken in by Lady Beatrice Davenham, an elderly lady who had been neglected by her staff a [...]

    Oops. Grabbed the fourth book instead of the third. Ah well.2.75 stars.I'm conflicted on how to rate this one. On the one hand, the things that bothered many other reviewers didn't bother me as much. And as much as I don't like a MC pursuing another person, that didn't bother me much either. It made sense, and the MCs hadn't realized the depth of their feelings for each other yet so there weren't really any hurt feelings happening. On the other hand, the utter lack of real communication annoyed [...]

    Joanna Loves Reading
    Great way to end a series that had no real low points in it. I liked the fact that both MCs are low born and have worked hard to better themselves. This is a book for the working mom, and it worked because they weren't of the peerage. Lovely book, lovely read. Fun characters throughout the series and all lose ends are tied up in a touching way here. May add more later, but wanted to get my initial thoughts here.

    Anne Gracie closes out her Chance Sisters quartet with perhaps the most entertaining book of the series. The Summer Bride is a simple and engaging love story between a man, a woman… and her dress shop? Don’t worry, it will all make sense in the end.Though her adoptive aunt Lady Beatrice is constantly trying to teach her the proper manners and deportment of a young lady of the ton, Daisy Chance is not a Lady. It was only fortunate happenstance that brought her to Lady Bea’s doorstep eightee [...]

    3.5 starsI don't know. I'm torn on this one. It started off really slowly. Then, it was irritating. First, the hero was blind and dumb. Then, the heroine was overly stubborn and ridiculous.However, the last portion was really satisfying; and I enjoyed all the love scenes.I have not read any of the previous three books, nor any others by this author. The family relationships were loving, and I think reading the first three would have built that even stronger. I would read more by this author but [...]

    Juliana Philippa
    3.5 starsAnne Gracie's novels are pleasurably devoid of ridiculous over-the-top drama, subplots, raving mad second cousins, murderous assassins, etc. They rely basically solely on the characters, and I do have to say I did enjoy these characters but I don't know, for some reason, Daisy and Flynn kind of got on my nerves a bit. I think when everything is going SO perfectly, and the only real hold up is that one of characters can't admit to their fear of being loved and blah di blah di blah it g [...]

    The heroine is Daisy, the last of the Chance sisters, the one who wants her own business, and doesn't want to marry. The hero is Patrick Flynn, who aims to marry well, to marry a perfect lady, because that will show that he's arrived. He's succeeded. But the girl he's picked out doesn't seem to be interested in marrying him, and the one he likes to kiss isn't interested in marriage at all, mostly because she has expectations of what a man's expectations would be. Which is to take over her dress [...]

    3.5 starsOut of all the Chance sisters, I was interested in Daisy's story the most. She's a bit crass, has a cockney accent, and doesn't take any crap from anyone. She's not interested in marriage or kids, just her career. Of course, given this book is under the "romance" category, I wanted to see how she would find love. Unfortunately, the story wasn't as captivating as the other books in this series but I still consider it a good read.

    Gerry Bartlett
    This was the fourth and last Chance sister book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Daisy was a foundling and she has no desire to be turned into a lady. She certainly doesn't want to be married. All she wants is a dress shop of her own. It seems her dreams are coming true. Except she falls for a man, and what a hero. How can she resist? But she tries. She is sure she doesn't deserve him and he deserves more than a Cockney who comes from the gutter. Anne Gracie has a way of bringing a fresh plot to Reg [...]

    openbooksociety/article/thThe Summer BrideChance Sisters, Book #4By Anne GracieISBN#9780425283806Author’s website: annegracieBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis:Fiercely independent Daisy Chance has a dream—and it doesn’t involve marriage or babies (or being under any man’s thumb). Raised in poverty, she has a passion—and a talent—for making beautiful clothes. Daisy aims to become the finest dressmaker in London.Dashing Irishman Patrick Flynn is wealthy and ambitious, and [...]

    Fiercely independent Daisy Chance has a dream—and it doesn’t involve marriage or babies (or being under any man’s thumb). Raised in poverty, she has a passion—and a talent—for making beautiful clothes. Daisy aims to become the finest dressmaker in London.Dashing Irishman Patrick Flynn is wealthy and ambitious, and has entered society to find an aristocratic bride. Instead, he finds himself growing increasingly attracted to the headstrong, clever and outspoken Daisy. She’s wrong in ev [...]

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