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  • Title: Mick Sinatra 3: His Lady, His Children, and Sal
  • Author: Mallory Monroe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Businessman bad boy Mick Sinatra is running on empty Now that two of the three Dons are dead, and the third one has retired, he has to take charge and run every one of their organizations before their heirs run them into the ground His youngest son Joey wants a piece of the action too, but Mick forbids his involvement, only to discover that his other son is already involBusinessman bad boy Mick Sinatra is running on empty Now that two of the three Dons are dead, and the third one has retired, he has to take charge and run every one of their organizations before their heirs run them into the ground His youngest son Joey wants a piece of the action too, but Mick forbids his involvement, only to discover that his other son is already involved, with dangerous consequences His gorgeous African American wife, the newlywed Rosalind, is hiring clients in her agency, including a one time actor with acting designs on her And then there s Sal Sal Gabrini Mick s nephew and the man responsible for the death of Mick s sister Their paths will cross in a fiery encounter that will leave both of them reeling, and will leave no doubt as to who is the real Head Italian In Charge Mick Sinatra His Lady, His Children, and Sal is the third installment in the Mick Sinatra interracial romance series.
    Mallory Monroe
    Mallory Monroe Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mick Sinatra 3: His Lady, His Children, and Sal book, this is one of the most wanted Mallory Monroe author readers around the world.


    What can I say? This author keeps doing it for me with her Mafia series of the Sinatra & Gabrini families.I believe that Mick and Sal are very similar in character and personality. Mick and Sal's stories are always intense and to the point. Lots of twists and turns happen in the book the families meet and Mick and Sal find that they have a lot in common with each other. Fantastic read I loved every minute of it. I would highly recommend this book if you like Mafia stories.


    --karen Green-berry
    The Sinatras and The Gabrinis- BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBI know what to expect from a Mallory Monroe novel; and yet I manage to be surprised. Mick Sinatra was one of the toughest men ever, his only weakness being his beautiful wife, Rosalind.This is drama filled from beginning to end. Mick Sinatra showed his dominance when he got rid of the people who tried to use his wife. He dealt with the betrayal of his men and a most unlikely source.But what I loved most of all was when he reconciled with his Ga [...]

    The absolute belief of knowing a brilliant storyline will always materialize from author Mallory Monroe and that is her ability to set sh*t on fire!!!!!!!At first one I saw that title and then saw my beloved Sal's name up in there, my first reaction was "Oh Hell NO!!!!!!!!" I was ready to set it off against Mick Sinatra because my loyalty lies with the Gabrinis LOL!! As you can tell I am way invested in this series.When the story starts it begins with a prologue with Mick sitting in a warehouse [...]

    Musings of A Romance Junkie
    FINALLY!!! Monroe gets back to basics with why we love these Sinatras and Gabrinis: Hardcore, gangster shit! This was non-stop action with hella plot twists and oh hell nahs I'm still not a Mick Sinatra fan, but this one made me despise him a lil less. He's a horrible father and an even worse man, but when you come from shit, things can only go one of two ways, and he took the road low road Honestly, this would've been a five-star read for me, but the way he talked to his wife Roz was downright [...]

    Good follow up with hiccupsI was excited to see part three. Mick Sinatra is definitely one of my book boyfriends. But something about this book was a bit off. There story read a bit choppy, the plot was not fully-cohesive, the characters seemed flat, and to my surprise, there were blaring typos that I could even catch. That is a rare one for her books in my experience. What I will say is that the action is definitely there and Mick and Roz are as hot and in love as ever, and this book made me wa [...]

    Taz Will
    Great read, another page turner that kept me wanting to read more and faster. Mick was all over the place with his but I thought he would have a bit more control then he did. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the rest of the gang as well, just to see how they interact. Can't wait for the next one and find out just what's going down in Jericho.

    evette w
    Hold All Calls!!!!I am just speechless,I mean there are no words.This has got to be one of the best in the series.Ms. Monroe has done it again with an explosive addition to Mick's story.I love the fact that you have an alpha male who can admit that he needs more from his life and that the mistakes you sometimes make in your youth continue to follow you into adulthood.This power couple of Mick and Roz make it look easy.I love that Mick is getting closer to his family and learning things about bei [...]

    Birdia Chapman
    Suspense of Mick! Another Best Seller in this series! Mallory is a master in this series of the families of the Sinatra and Gabrinis! I love the way she brought them together! The good and the bad makes me cheer for both! Never a dull moment in her books the main characters fit together and gives you an unbelievably belief that they are all stars! The fathers, wives and children! The fathers, Alphas all, love that, married to women who are just as strong but strong enough to keep their men as Al [...]

    Loved it!I love that the relationship between Mick and Roz just gets stronger and stronger. She is the "anti-Grace"!!! It was also gratifying that Mick, with Roz's encouragement, is working hard to establish relationships with his children and to overcome the guilt that he feels from neglecting them (emotionally) for so many years. I was very, very excited to see the entire Gabrini clan connect with all of the Sinatras!! Their coming together as a family, having each other's backs, will I'M SURE [...]

    Really goodWow I really enjoy this book, so glad I o finally have the Gabrini/Sinatra in the same room that was beautiful. A-train had me in this book, I expected all that from Joey or Teddy even but not him(curve ball). I would say this though Mick and Roz need to keep a close eyes on those leach baby mamas, I smell trouble with them. So glad things worked out with Sal and Mick, those twos ain't that much different, Reno eat the damn crabs you'll love it lol can't wait for next book.

    sylvia corley
    Fantastic jobI really don't know,this might be the best of them all, and that's saying a lot,I've read them all. Mick a hard man but he fair. Roz she's all woman. Like Trina said she and Gemma has been though of lot, but She didn't think she could be with a man like Mick. I was so glad you got families back together. Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but you need to read this book. It's FANTASTIC!!!!!If I could give this book ten stars I would

    Shawanda McMillian
    Love the Sinatra family. Mick had to realize he ruined his children's concept of relationships by abandoning them emotionally and physically. He thought that by giving them money and things that he was still apart of their lives. He learned the hard way that he was wrong. He tried to fix what he had broken, but for some it was to late. One brother who was a nurturing to his children, the other who left them. Then throw in some Gabrini's and watch out.

    Mick is a Beast!!! LOLOmg! I don't know where to start. I fell in love with Mick and Roz in Mick 1, and kept falling in love with them in book 2, but fell in love with whole family in this one! Sal is a Beast too, I have to read the book on him. This was a good book and great read! Action packed til the end

    Brenda Holder
    A Very Exciting Interracial RomanceMick Sinatra 3: His Lady, His Children, and Sal is a very exciting and sensual interracial romance novel that earned a rating of four stars because editing needed to be improved. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading interracial romantic novels with a lot of action.

    I love these booksCould not put this one down, it was that good. A couple of editing issues, but they don't take away from story. The plot was really good, the suspense was great. I feel for Mick. He's true gangster all the way through. I knew when he had the talk with Sal, that he was going to do what he did.

    Carolyn King
    Just Keep Getting BetterThe Sinatra family just keep getting better. Mick is my favorite Sinatra. I am sorry about Adrien. I couldn't believe he hated his father that much. It was good seeing the Gabrinis and Sinatra family together. Happy for Roz and Mick have their own kids. Looking forward to reading the next book.

    Mary M. McClendon
    This is IT!!Everything you want in a good book is right here! It's dirty. It's brutal. It's hot. It's shocking. It's fantastic. It's brilliant. A few more grammatical errors than I'm used to seeing in Malloy's books, but who cares when it's this good. Each male hero that's she introduces is hotter than the one before. It can't get any hotter than Mick the tIck.No Sweat

    Monique Spicer
    Sinatra & GabriniWhere to begin? I really enjoyed this book, Mick was able to finally be happy. Reno came with the humor as usual right along with Sal. Roz leach of a friend needed her butt handed to her. Adrian just showed and proved what can happen when you don't have a relationship with your child.

    Sinatra Love!It took a while for me to use to this series eventually I gave it another try. I started all away from the beginning and I'm happy I did I love love love love love the series. Another FANTASTIC read from M. Monroe.

    Mary Hatchett
    Exciting and action packed, as usual! Felt much sorrow for Mick. Needed better proofreading. Too many typos and errors in grammar.Nevertheless, will be waiting impatiently for the next Sinatra/Gabrini installment.

    Glenda Coats
    Mick and RozThis story only gets better. Just like the other books these are characters I want to see win. I want them happy and healthy. Mallory keeps writing characters I have to read.

    Rosiland Gray
    Loved it! I enjoy reading these books. I can't get enough of them. The storyline keeps you going to where you don't want to stop. I also like that fact that her name is Rosalind because that's my name. :)

    Alesia Guest
    Mick is the man!!!Ms. Monroe has done it again. I don't want to give any spoiler alerts, but the whole family together from all five series was awesome. You will experience all kinds of emotions with the read. Ms. Monroe keep them coming and I will keep buying.

    NancyL Thompson
    Another Great Winner!!!!I'm a definite Gabrini/Sinatra fan. These stories make my day. There were a couple typo's. I love when there is nonstop action from start to finish. If only these books were a little longer

    OMG I first thought, I was going to be upset with this book, especially after reading Sal's last book. I wasn't, I actually was Surprised with a capital S and have no clue as to where the author will go next, but pleasantly waiting to find out.

    I love Ms. Monroe. I wait impatiently for each book and devour it in one sitting. This installment was pretty good. It was a good plot. Who can a mafia leader trust?I don't love Mick as much as Reno and Tommy but I still will buy the books.

    Mick 3This maybe the most satisfying book I've read from Mallory's Series with the Sinatras and possibly the Gabrinis. Issues were resolved for me, I fell in love with Reno again as he popped in this book and I must say now that I feel Mick is a badass of epic proportions!

    Debra Crosby
    Gangsta loveMick Sinatra is the real deal. You get sex, violence, family drama. The book contained a few grammatical errors but it was still great.

    Karen Jones
    YES!!!I can't get enough of this Sinatra Clan!!! As usual Mallory Monroe does not disappoint. Oh, I did not expect that ending. This is another must read by the amazing Monroe.

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