Å Out of the Saltshaker: Evangelism as a Way of Life Journal || Å PDF Download by ☆ Rebecca Manley Pippert Sandy Larsen Dale Larsen

  • Title: Out of the Saltshaker: Evangelism as a Way of Life Journal
  • Author: Rebecca Manley Pippert Sandy Larsen Dale Larsen
  • ISBN: 9780830822348
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover

  • This thoroughly revised and expanded edition of Rebecca Manley Pippert s evangelism classic now contains new chapters on the stages of evangelism, new stories of God s work in people s lives and added material on meeting the challenges of new competitors to the Christian faith.
    Rebecca Manley Pippert Sandy Larsen Dale Larsen
    Rebecca Manley Pippert regularly speaks on spiritual renewal, evangelism and character formation for church conferences, at schools and colleges and in pastoral training seminars Becky has written several books on evangelism and Christian living, including the best selling Out of the Saltshaker and the LiveGrowKnow DVD curriculum She and her husband Dick divide their time between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Michigan, USA.


    I would rate this book among the most inspiring I have read in the past ten years, or more. Becky Pippert is so down to earth honest about herself, and natural about speaking about her faith with others. Her book is shot through with a genuine love for people, rather than considering them as evangelism fodder. If you want to get over your hang ups about evangelism, or help your church get over them, or if you want to understand what the Christian faith is about, then read this book. And if you j [...]

    This book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to be able to talk to others about their faith, but don't know how. Pippert is amazing in her ability to communicate, and encourage. I recommend this to anyone who is encouraged by a good story and also is served by seeing the overarching concepts. It is not a "how-to" book, though you will come away with a better idea of how to talk about being a Christian in ways that aren't weird. And I appreciate that.

    A classic that helped me immensely as a college student in trying to communicate about my faith. I read it through at least twice, and still use a lot of these principles today.

    The book has been very inspiring to look around and see what God is already doing around us. We are also going through the Experiencing God study on Wed. nights at church and it also deals some of the same issues. Look around you and see where God is workingat is your invitation to join Him in His work. Out of the Salt Shaker really brings out the importance of showing people they are NOT a project. You should truely care about them and try to see what God is doing in their lives so you can be a [...]

    Great book on evangelism from a women who walks the walk. My thoughts on witnessing to others changed dramatically after reading this book.She talks about how to be genuine, to live a life set apart, to impart grace to others through prayer and friendship. To not give up or feel defeated because your hard work doesn't pay off before your very eyes. One thing that stands out is the serious nature of being a Christian evangelist, the truth is the truth, no neutrality, know the Bible and well, unde [...]

    I read the first edition years ago, 1979, Rebecca Pippert revised it and updated it in 1999. The material wand suggestions for being salt, and living Evangelism as a way of life were excellent. our group of almost twenty mostly professional young women read it as a summer read, with different leaders on the 12 studies of the 19 chapters. It was perfect for summer because chapters and examples were short enough to provide discussion and plenty of room for growth spiritually. We did notice that ag [...]

    Pippert is authentic, engaging and at times very funny. This is a terrific book for any Christian who is "uptight about evangelism." Though I don't agree with it on every point (for example, Pippert's near-total rejection of evangelism techniques is somewhat uninformed and unnecessary) and it is not an exhaustive guide to evangelism, the book fulfills the purpose it was intended for and provides an accessible introduction to an intimidating topic.

    Michael Powell
    Pippert write with great energy and humor and gives us the feeling as readers that witnessing should be fun and nature, and that we should do it with confident energy. This book also is extremely practical besides being motivating without negatively convicting us. Pippert causes us to want to witness.Great and easy read.

    Karla Goforth Abreu
    An exciting read on evangelism, everyone as a person who shares the Good News. This is practically a classic on the topic. Pippert shares personal experiences and practical suggestions. This is what I would consider necessary reading for any serious Christian!

    This book which I read a very long time ago is stil an exceptional work, and the bulk of it is as applicable today as when it came out. She nails what it means to be salt and light, not as a program to expount but as a lifestyle that flows from our relationship with Christ.

    Crossroads Ecc
    Christianity Today editors' review: "Christians and non-Christians have something in common," author Rebecca Pippert noted. "We're both uptight about evangelism." Out of the Saltshaker helped generations of fearful students (and other would-be evangelists) to loosen up.

    I really enjoyed the chapter 'Jesus the evangelist' and liked the following chapters descriptions of Jesus' priorities, holiness and obedience in Evangelism compared to the Pharisees' priorities, holiness and obedience. Challenging but encouraging and motivating :)

    Very informative! It was also really well written and encouraging! This lady has a natural gift of writing and also of evangelizing. Her stories are so touching! Now if I can only put this into practiceA must read!

    Fantastic book on evangelism, especially contact and relational evagelism. I have wanted to read it again but for some reason avoided it, perhaps because I'm afraid that if I get it in my head again I'll have to start practising what it says.

    Brad Kittle
    Thought this was a very good and complete book on how to share our faith.

    Clear and concise. Why we believe.

    Stephen Weaver
    went to bible college was like a textbook

    Bought this at the Haystack Convention/conference in Arkansas. one of the main influences in my decision to try a short term mission trip. Glad I did.

    Don Kauffman
    Practical. Equipping. Exciting! I was grateful for her graceful, natural, & experienced perspective on this subject & calling. Truly blessed

    Excellent, inspiring book on evangelism. Great illustrations of evangelism from the authors own life

    I read this in Seminary a few years ago, but I dusted it off tonight and read a few pages. This book is a good reminder that being authentic is the key!

    • Å Out of the Saltshaker: Evangelism as a Way of Life Journal || Å PDF Download by ☆ Rebecca Manley Pippert Sandy Larsen Dale Larsen
      357 Rebecca Manley Pippert Sandy Larsen Dale Larsen
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