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  • Title: Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
  • Author: Pamela Allegretto
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  • Nazi occupied Rome sets the stage for Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, where the lives of two women collide in an arena of deception, greed, and sacrifice.Following an allied attack, Angelina Rosini flees to Rome from her bombed out village and a ruthless Nazi officer bent on revenge In Rome, the spirited portrait artist channels her creativity into the art of survival for herNazi occupied Rome sets the stage for Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, where the lives of two women collide in an arena of deception, greed, and sacrifice.Following an allied attack, Angelina Rosini flees to Rome from her bombed out village and a ruthless Nazi officer bent on revenge In Rome, the spirited portrait artist channels her creativity into the art of survival for herself and her young daughter Unwilling to merely endure, and armed with ingenuity, wit, and unyielding optimism, she enters the shadow world of the Resistance where she zigzags through a labyrinth of compassionate allies and cunning spies.Meanwhile, Lidia Corsini, Angelina s sister in law, quenches her lust for power and wealth by turning in Jews to the ruthless Nazi Police attach with whom she has formed an alliance Her spiral into immorality accelerates as swiftly as the Jewish population dwindles, and soon neither her husband nor her son is immune to her madness.Once Angelina discovers the consequences of Lidia s greed, she conspires to put an end to the treacheries but in doing so, she becomes the target of Lidia s most sinister plot.Bridge of Sighs and Dreams is a story of betrayal, dignity, and purpose that highlights the brutality toward Italian citizens, under both Mussolini s Fascist regime and the Nazi occupation, and illustrates the tenacity of the human spirit.
    Pamela Allegretto
    Pamela Allegretto Franz attended Colorado University Extension in Denver, and later moved to Florence, Italy where she studied art and Italian at L Universit Per Gli Stranieri To finance her education her job r sum was as colorful as the Renaissance city itself She shivered as an artist s model and sang the blues in catacomb nightclubs She worked as an interpreter translator for a textile company and hawked leather goods to tourists.Back on US soil, the colors on her r sum remained vibrant In addition to Italian teacher at Berlitz School of Languages and a two year stint as a Playboy Bunny, she added hairdresser salon owner, to her palette Classes in writing, cartooning, and art filled whatever free hours remained.In 1996 Pamela sold the hair salon and moved with her husband to Hawaii, where, for the following ten years, she devoted herself full time to painting and writing Now, a resident of Connecticut, Pamela divides her time between painting, writing, and Italian poetry translations.Pamela s published writings include dual language poetry books and translations in Italian literary journals She paints primarily in acrylic and watercolor Her published art work includes book and CD covers, illustrations, and cartoons Comprised in her collaborative art efforts are patina and painted metal wall sculptures on display in Hawaiian galleries, and latex molded figure sculptures on exhibit in galleries and museums worldwide.Her recently released historical novel Bridge of Sighs and Dreams is available in paperback and eBook and can be purchased at BookLocker Barnesandnoble iTunes An excerpt is available at booklocker books 8228ml


    Bobby Underwood
    “He was a gentle boy whose sense of decency became too much for him to bear in this hellish war. I pray his compassionate soul is finally at peace.” — KarlThis wonderful read is not only a beautiful evocation of a time in history, but an exciting narrative that belies expectations for this genre. I had to think long and hard about how to adequately describe what a wonderful read Bridge of Sighs and Dreams is, and all I can say is this:If David Dodge, Martha Albrand, and Sidney Sheldon had [...]

    Patricia Sands
    Historical fiction is my favourite genre. I love to be swept away into the life of another place and time and get to meet characters who make every aspect of the story come alive. Bridge of Sighs and Dreams did not let me down in any way. I rode along with the highs and lows of the story, sometimes in shock at the raw details of how the war played out in small Italian villages. I was incredibly impressed with the obvious research that had been done and was most interested to read Pamela's articl [...]

    Jennifer S. Alderson
    Bridge of Sighs and Dreams tells the story of one family living in Italy in the 1930s and 1940s. It is a sometimes gritty, sometimes romantic, tale of betrayal, intrigue and – above all – survival. The author’s beautiful yet compact descriptions of the landscape, people and culture effortlessly transport the reader to this fascinating land and complex period in Italian and European history.Two strong female characters – one who chooses to resist and the other to work with the occupying f [...]

    Mary Feliciani
    I thoroughly enjoyed every page of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams. The end of each scene left me wanting more. The storyline has many layers: the atrocities of World War 2; human nature at its best and worst; the love between a mother and daughter; the love between husband and wife; loyalty among friends, manipulation and betrayal; and the power of hope. It has all the elements of a book that can captivate and engage.I was enamoured with some of the characters: Angelina the compassionate artist and [...]

    John Day
    I was touched by the human scale of this well written story against the backdrop of Italy during the 1930s-40s.I normally look for a fast-paced story, I would say this is a comfortable, even pace. It was well described, but not over done like many do and it struck me as a perfect balance.I thought the characterisation was both clear and interesting. It gave me the feeling of actually knowing them.This is a book I can confidently recommend as a memorable read.

    Tempeste Blake
    This novel captivated me from the intense opening set in a small Italian village to the surprise twist at the end. I particularly appreciated how the author seamlessly wove in Italian words and phrasing. If you're a fan of historical fiction, vivid characterization, and/or just darn good writing, be sure to pick this one up!

    Karen E Carroll
    A wonderfully fast moving historical novel , underscores the dangers of out of control political power on a to obedient population. And the strength of the average person to make a difference & have their voice heard in any form possible. I really enjoyed the tale with its unique & delishish characters, Pamela Allegretto paints a picture of one family's love and hope during occupied Italy of WW 2. A must read & powerful story

    Martha Perez
    This story tells of a family living in Italy in the 1930s a realistic feel about it from time to time with romance, betrayal, captivating tale of survival. Lovely descriptions of the scenery fluently transfer the people it takes the reader on a fascinating journey, characters were vivid very powerful women this story has drama and extreme plots. I recommend this fantastic story.

    J. Dolan
    this from J. Michael Dolan, GR author Of The Trumpets of Jericho : A Tale of the Holocaust:I glanced through this fine book, which was enough to inspire me when my time is once again my own to go back and really read it. Ms. Allegretto is first and foremost a graphic artist and illustrator, but this literary foray of hers makes one wonder, if she hadn't taken up the brush, what she might have accomplished with the pen. In Bridge she displays a true author's knack for painting a word-picture that [...]

    Mary Kay McCabe
    A spectacular historical novel!I am nor never have been a fan of history although I do enjoy historical novels. Bridge of Sighs and Dreams is no exception! I could not put it down, doing so only when I couldn't keep my eyes open and had to sleep! I hope that Pam continues to write more books - I look forward to reading anything she would write. She has a great way of expressing thoughts and painting pictures using words. I did use a dictionary for the occasional Italian phrases but soon I learne [...]

    Pamela Rogers
    I was packing for Italy while reading Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, a brilliant historical fictional that includes events leading up to and continuing with the WWII occupation of Italy through the eyes of a strong female protagonist. I finished it (with a sigh) a few minutes before our plane landed in Rome. The author's characters of all ages are so thoroughly believable that they accompanied me around the country - they still live in my head and heart - many cherished, some pitied, and several wh [...]

    Janice Richardson
    What a beautiful story. It is exquisitely and descriptively written, a tale of love and hate, betrayal and trust set in Italy during WWII. This book should be made into a movie. An absolute must-read for literary, historical fiction fans and those who have yet to pick up and read that genre. This story will leave you breathless from the first page to the last.

    John Bell
    Pamela Allegreto does a masterful job of leading her readers into the horrors of the German oppression of Italy from 1943-1945. She accomplishes this through the eyes of the victims and the vanquished in a fascinating tale of deep love and callous hate within one Italian family. From beginning to end we are reminded that this war brought out the best and the worst in people. A page turner extraordinaire.

    It has been some time since I've read a book that moved me in all the ways great writing should, but Pamela Alegretto nailed it. Complex in her method of story telling, blending historical facts and events with her well developed characters, even from page one I was hooked. If you love Italy and history, you will love this novel. All of your senses get involved: The sights, sounds, flavors and tactile narrative are beautiful and compelling, but it is the emotional connection with the characters [...]

    Rena Hereti Lyons
    The book starts just before the outbreak of WWII in a small village near Naples in Italy. It deals with fascism under Mussolini and then goes on to describe the hardships the Italians had to endure under German occupation and then under the bombing by the Allied army. The heroine is courageous and suffers trying to help the Jewish community, while trying to save herself and her daughter. In the meantime she has to cope with the hatred, greed and ambition of a very nasty sister in law.What keeps [...]

    Barbara Best
    Stunning novel. Beautifully written. “Bridge of Sighs and Dreams” takes you on an emotional and bittersweet journey through one of the darkest and most disquieting times in modern European history. With grace and style, Author Pamela Allegretto paints a complex panorama of World War II Italy. She skillfully weaves fact and fiction through a string of multifaceted characters that come to life. It is a deeply human story of good and evil, love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, triumph and traged [...]

    Bellissimo libro! I really enjoyed this book. It has all of the elements of a great, family, bravery, greed, jealousy, betrayal, intrigue. The characters are well-developed and the book is very descriptive without being overly wordy. I love that the protagonist and some of the other characters are artists. The descriptions of the art and artmaking are beautiful, even in the backdrop of war, although the atrocities of war and hunger are not downplayed in any way. The inclusion of Italia [...]

    Brava Pamela!Finalmente un libro "straniero" ambientato in Italia che, oltre ad una trama avvincente, offre rigore storico, conoscenza dei luoghi e nomi italiani scritti in modo corretto. Basta con le scempiaggini di Dan Brown o Marina Fiorato, due campioni di sciatteria e smania di vendere a dispetto del realismo.

    Greg Seeley
    Bridge of Sighs and Dreams – a Must ReadPamela Allegretto takes us on a heart-wrenching and emotional journey in her “have to read” novel. The story is set in a time when Italy, with its rich history and cultural heritage, has been taken over by modern-age barbarians, the Fascists and then the Nazis. Angelina, a young mother whose husband has been drafted into the Italian army and sent to fight alongside the Germans on the Russian front, has two primary goals – to survive the madness but [...]

    Joanna Kafarowski
    An engrossing and fast-paced read about war-torn ItalySpirited Angelina Rosini lead an idyllic life in Faicchio, southern Italy in the late 1930s. With an adoring husband, a beloved daughter and her extended family living around her, she thought her life was complete. Her world was ripped asunder by Fascists loyal to Benito Mussolini and Angelina is forced to flee to Rome. But, instead of a safe haven, she encounters the brutal machinations of her scheming sister in law and sinister Nazi officer [...]

    Daniella Bernett
    "Bridge of Sighs and Dreams" is a stirring and evocative portrait of Italy under the Fascists and the Nazi occupation. I've visited Italy several times and the elegant descriptions made me feel as if I had returned. This book left me breathless. It drew me in from the first page and didn't let go. It's a testament to the human spirit of survival.

    Pamela Allegretto

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