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  • Title: Tripping Back Blue
  • Author: Kara Storti
  • ISBN: 9781512403084
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Finn is a 17 year old full of paradoxes He s a drug dealer, but he s scoring money to send his twin sister to Harvard He s desperate to shoot up even though he s the most popular kid in Dammertown He s a philosopher and orator who s failing all his classes The only time he finds peace is when he s bird watching Finn s life begins to spiral out of control, until he disFinn is a 17 year old full of paradoxes He s a drug dealer, but he s scoring money to send his twin sister to Harvard He s desperate to shoot up even though he s the most popular kid in Dammertown He s a philosopher and orator who s failing all his classes The only time he finds peace is when he s bird watching Finn s life begins to spiral out of control, until he discovers a miracle drug called indigo Finn is convinced that the drug is the way out of everything broken in his life But is it really as magical as it seems
    Kara Storti
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    Finn wants his twin sister to succeed. He doesn’t care what happens to his future, as she is the bright one in the family, the one who has the potential to be successful. Finn has taken it upon himself to be the one to help her even though she has not asked anyone for help. There are countless issues with Finn assisting his sister. It was a nice gesture but he is going about it, all the wrong way. Finn is going to finance his sister’s college education selling illegal drugs. Finn has found a [...]

    Tripping Back Blue is a story that will make its way into your heart! This is the story of 17 year old Phineas Walt and his struggles with drug addiction. As a person and mentally, Finn has sweet and true intentions, we see him battle within himself throughout the book; he wants to be the rock, big brother, guardian, the protector but he keeps using and pulling himself deeper and deeper into the circle of addiction. He's selling and using a range of drugs but his ultimate goal is to sell enough [...]

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    17 year old Phineas called Finn is growing up in Dammertown in New York. Its one of these small depressing cities which exists mostly through car dealerships, fast food places and there is not much around. He lives in a trailer park with his twin sister Faith. The father is an alcoholic who lets his unpredictable rage out at his son and the mother spends all her money on useless things from the shopping channel. With Finn the author created an anti-hero or you can see him as one of those "good" [...]

    I got this book as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book, so my rating is more of a 3.5. There were a few things that could have made it a bit better. Having never done drugs, I had trouble envisioning the joy/euphoria of a heroin high and the need that seems to rule Finn. I loved the relationship with Orah and thought that her character could have been developed even more. I know there' is a limited amount of space but there were several mentions of h [...]

    Storti's Tripping Back Blue is a welcome addition to Young Adult literature-- a contemporary novel with fantasy elements featuring a flawed teen boy trying to find his way in a dead-end small town. Finn loves his twin sister fiercly and is too smart for his drug habit and dealing business, but has created his own independent identity from his terrible parents. It can be hard to watch the hero make poor decision after poor decision, but the narrative voice is strong and unexpected. This is no Cho [...]

    Tripping Back Blue was a surprisingly dark coming of age book. I really enjoyed this book as I feel the hero is like many teens, making poor decisions. At times I felt like grabbing Finn and reprimanding him. This is a great book that illustrates the power of the choices you make and the long term impact on your life. This is a solid read, with well developed characters and plot. I highly recommend this book to teens.

    ConneR GodiN
    Best book

    Cynthia (Bingeing On Books)
    I received this ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.I am still trying to wrap my head around this book. Honestly, it was like one big, long trip just like the title suggests. Finn is a drug dealer who is trying to raise enough money to pay for his twin sister's way to Harvard. He's also an addict. I think the scenes where Finn was shooting up or trying to score were some of the best written of the book. The imagery and the descriptions of his cravings were just so vivid. Even tho [...]

    Bruce Gargoyle
    I received a print copy of this title from Walker Books Australia for review.Ten Second Synopsis:Finn stumbles upon a new drug that allows the user to relive their happiest memory. Keen to make money to finance his sister's dream of attending Harvard, he decides to track down the source of this new drug, despite the fact that its discovery could put everyone he loves in danger.Initially, before reading some reviews of this one, I expected a typical “teenager-struggling-with-drugs-story” that [...]

    Sophia Hedstrom-Fuchs
    This book was really good, I really liked that it had so many twists and turns. Phineas throughout the book it's hard to remember that he is only 18. When I got to the part when Orah was introduced I didn't think she would become such a major character. I think that Phineas caused more problems for his twin sister faith then he realized by trying to get into indigo to make more money for her college education. When Phineas tries to get into contact with early through the pizza delivery guy I kne [...]

    I received a copy of Tripping Back Blue from Walker Books Australia to review.I don’t normally read about drug dealers or people doing drugs because I hate them. The drugs not the characters. Drugs don’t just get people addicted but they also have the potential to ruin families and take so many lives. But this review is not meant to be me going on about the evil of drug use. Moving on.I had a hard time connecting with the protagonist/main character, Finn, and not just because of the drugs. I [...]

    This book was hard to read but amazing at the same time. It was hard because I've had loved ones get mixed up with hard drugs like Finn did and I know very well that it's the hardest thing for them to get off those drugs. Finn was constantly beating himself up when he did the drugs, but at the same time it was just really hard for him to completely stop using. That is a real life portrayal of what addicts go through. Then you have his sister Faith who lost one of her eyes when she was younger. I [...]

    Jenn | Shelf-Righteous
    I got this book as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.First of all, I hope this book is not in its final stages of editing, because there are quite a few mistakes. Style wise, the book is all told from the point of view of a 17 year old dealer and addict. I've read a few YA books about drug abuse, and this does give a somewhat different perspective. I enjoyed it more than I expected at the beginning, but it still made me feel like I was watching the TV show Weeds the storytel [...]

    Rating: 3.5/5 This story is told from the point of view of a drug addict teenager well. Finn's character was well developed however the rest of the characters back story were a bit vague. I enjoyed reading it but I do feel like certain areas could be better. Debating between rating is a 3 or a 3.5 was hard but I choose 3.5 because the book has good concepts like consequences and how it affects people. As I got about halfway through the book, I kept expecting a huge climax or change but it was a [...]

    Read InAGarden
    Deep down Finn is a good kid but he just can't find a way out of his drug fueled life. His first get rich quick scheme is selling heroin but when he his profits are stolen he searches for a new and better drug to deal. At a local graveyard, he happens upon an older lady with a indigo blue powder. When he snorts the powder he experiences a high like no other. Finn embarks on a plan to sell this new drug and markets it as Indigo. After awhile he realizes he is encroaching on the territory of a big [...]

    Finn, a teenage drug addict, is counting on his charm and street smarts to sell enough drugs to put his twin sister through Harvard. When he meets an older lady who has a powerful new drug called indigo, he makes big plans - but nothing comes easily. This solid story combines elements of crime, coming-of-age, and teen romance.

    Sue Holmes
    Advance copy provided by publisher for honest review.Reading more like a contemporary novel, this dark, menacing fantasy readable. However finding the the story slow and predictable and I struggled to connect to the superficial characters.

    I wished it had a more solid ending but other than that enjoyable.

    This is a did not finish. It just didn't grab me the way I thought it would. Too many other books to read

    Mariah L
    this book was amazing it showed a story of danger


    An interesting portrayal of family involvement in the drug industry.

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