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  • Title: Call Me, Poppy
  • Author: Avery Aster
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  • Page: 474
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  • Don t tell my besties this juicy tidbit I don t know him at all It s like Yves Remy has no past He refuses to tell me where he s from My friends Taddy, Lex, Blake, and Vive think he s just been released from prison Determined to find out just who this orgasm inducing, hung, inked, muscled bad boy with the deep French accent that makes my insides melt into liquid butt Don t tell my besties this juicy tidbit I don t know him at all It s like Yves Remy has no past He refuses to tell me where he s from My friends Taddy, Lex, Blake, and Vive think he s just been released from prison Determined to find out just who this orgasm inducing, hung, inked, muscled bad boy with the deep French accent that makes my insides melt into liquid buttah is I m doing my own sleuthing.Remy makes all of my erotic fantasies come true First, it was in the way he kissed me intense Frenching Then, it was how he took ownership over my body and laid claim to every inch of my virginal flesh as he dominated me into the kinkiest submission scenarios imaginable Lately, he s been giving me Cartier jewelry and telling me how to dress in Chanel Yes, I love a man who takes control and knows what he wants Who doesn t But this is cray cray Where does his money come from I don t know him at all.The Manhattanites suspect Yves is the thief who broke into my dorm room a few months ago and stole my diaries Uh huh I bet he s been reading them, too How else would he know to do all the things that drive me wild I have to put an end to these sex games he s playing because I m afraid something bad might happen Should I call the police and tell them I know who the infamous college campus burglar is But, damn, his body is just too frickin good WTF am I gonna do Poppy White, college junior, talk show host, and Steeler s Fan.
    Avery Aster
    Get a FREE ebook when you join Avery Aster s newsletter eepurl CQ665 A graduate of New York University and a resident of the Big Apple for twenty years, New York Times bestselling author Avery Aster writes popular fiction in several genres Erotic Romance fans enjoy Avery s The Manhattanites books, while New Adult readers can t get enough of the Undergrad Years For those who like a good thrill that ll mess with their mind, check out Avery s Psychological Suspense series, Piper Adler and other books at AveryAsterConnect with Avery Aster AveryAsterFacebook Facebook AveryAsterInstagram Instagram AveryAsterTumblr AveryAster.tumblrPinterest Pinterest AveryAsterTwitter Twitter AveryAster


    Cheryl Graham Petit
    If you're a fan of Avery Aster's The Undergrad Years, you'll love reading Call Me, Poppy. Join Poppy and her friends in their quest to find out just who stole Poppy's diaries. Was it the orgasm-inducing, hung, inked, muscled bad boy with the deep French accent who makes all of Poppy's erotic fantasies come true? You have to read the book to find out.I volunteered to review an advanced readers copy of this book.

    "I was a girl on a mission to give up my v-card to someone special, different, and extraordinary."Another unique funny character from Avery Aster. Poppy definitely one of my favorite. I know from the previous book that Poppy is a firecracker, so reading her fun wild college year it's pretty exciting.This book is about Poppy's adventure for trying to pop her cherry.It's full of fun and laughter and the banter between the manhattanites gang always put a big smile on my face. I really enjoying read [...]

    Book Snob Sue
    Absolutely love this series, it's a bit addictive. Really glad Poppy got her own book for the college years. It was nice seeing everything from her perspective with the other Manhattanites and getting some of her story. These books are always highly entertaining with the way Avery Aster writes the characters and how the interact with each other. It really is an addictive series.

    Nadine Bookaholic
    Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway now posted on my blog:nadineisobsessedwithbooks

    Melanie Marnell
    I got this as an ARC This is a three book coming of age compilation about how Poppy, Lex and Taddy lose their virginityPoppy is obsessed with losing her V-card. She even writes extensively about it in her journals named Delores. A burglary of her dorm room puts her journals into the hands of a charismatic Frenchman, he sets out to make her fantasies come true.Lex discovers her boyfriend in bed with her mother, blows up the penthouse, is arrested for attempted muder and arson and meets a sexy NYP [...]

    I always enjoy reconnecting with the Manhattanites. Finally, we get more insight into Poppy while she was in college in this short novella. She comes from humble beginnings so working is a must to pay for college. When robberies start happening on campus, Poppy is shocked when her dorm room is hit. Her greatest worry, that someone took her personal journals and will use her deepest, darkest secrets against her. Yves finds himself in an unbelievable situation, his friend Colton is in trouble with [...]

    Tianna Croy
    The latest "episode " gives us insight into Poppys quest to lose her v card. Real life imitates fantasy and Poppys dream comes true. Love all things Manhattenites!

    Ester Sanchez Panchuelo
    As in the other books in the series, a super short read to entertainment you for a little while. It is a story with a fast rhythm and a mix of comedy and romance.

    DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:He deserved to be abducted. After all, he did lose a hundred thousand dollars of Jimmy’s money. Left the bag on money on the subway and got off at the next stop to talk to a girl. Total airhead. Maybe it was just nerves. Colton wasn’t cut out for a career in crime. Scientology scares the crap outta me. No, thank you. I like my Jesus just where he is, in Heaven. Not on some spaceship with L. Ron Hubbard.My Review:I adore Avery Aster’s clever wit and snarky humor, his naughty [...]

    Good read, good series. Avery Aster again makes you love this group of friends and Poppy is a great addition and her story is wonderful. To be able to keep up with everyone is great and Yves and Poppy are so fun to read about.

    i given two becuase i feel cheated, angry again.i got this book with the extra bonus that i read it before, "love, lex", if i read it "call me, poppy" in an hour, i think it is fine, however, it's not, i finished it around not more than 15 minutes. don't be her silly reader anymore, i say it loud, this is not the first, so many of hers did the same way. Now i get it, why illegal donwload has its market, we want to respect their talent on telling stories but e what we get in return, i may overrea [...]

    „Call Me, Poppy” is a fifth book in The Undergrad Years series by Avery Aster.This is a really short story, it took me less than an hour to read, but I really enjoyed it. It was light-hearted, full of snarky humor and funny/weird situations. Poppy’s obsessed with losing her V-card and she meets this guy who just happens to know all of her fantasies. Just after her diaries has been stolen… What a coincidence, right?All in all, it was a great, quick read.

    Lylian Aguiar
    Easy, hot, fast read! Loved Yves approach! Poppy is fun and sassy even with her v-card still on hold. Loved it!

    Jammie Bebout
    I swear, Avery Aster never goes wrong with her Undergrad Years series. Call Me, Poppy is definitely no exception. This story is a wild and crazy romp through the mind of Poppy as she endeavors to lose her virginity. The plot is intriguing, the story provocative, and the characters outrageous. You will never be bored with this book. I, personally, was hooked from page one and remained riveted to the very last word. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for compelling and sexy read. [...]

    Love Poppy!

    • [PDF] Download ↠ Call Me, Poppy | by ↠ Avery Aster
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