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Lovers challenge destiny and risk their lives in the new Carpathian novel by the 1 New York Times bestselling queen of paranormal romance J.R Ward Gabrielle has had enough of battles, of wars, of seeing Gary Jansen, the man she loves nearly lose his life when it isn t even his fight Once he was a gentle and very human researcher Now he s a fearless and lethal CarLovers challenge destiny and risk their lives in the new Carpathian novel by the 1 New York Times bestselling queen of paranormal romance J.R Ward Gabrielle has had enough of battles, of wars, of seeing Gary Jansen, the man she loves nearly lose his life when it isn t even his fight Once he was a gentle and very human researcher Now he s a fearless and lethal Carpathian warrior with the blood of an ancient lineage coursing through his veins a man Gabrielle still needs and desires and dreams of with every breath she takes All she wants is a life far away from the Carpathian mountains, far from vampires and the shadows cast by the crumbling monastery that hides so many terrible secrets But Gabrielle soon learns that promises made in the dark can pierce the heart like a dagger.And she isn t the only one in search of answers in the corners of the unknown Trixie Joanes has come to the Carpathian mountains in search of her wayward granddaughter, fearing that she has been lured there by something unspeakable Instead, Trixie has stumbled into the path of a desperate man and a woman in love and on the run And they re all fated for the lair of a mysterious ancient with revenge in his soul and the undying power to make bad dreams come true After Bram Stoker, Anne Rice and Joss Whedon, Christine Feehan is the person most credited with popularizing the neck gripper Time Feehan has a knack for bringing vampiric Carpathians to vivid, virile life in her Dark Carpathian novels Publishers Weekly
Christine Feehan
Christine Feehan is a 1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 50 published novels, including five series Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of the Heart Series All five series hit the 1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature PEARL in 1999 Since then she has been published by various publishing houses including Leisure Books, Pocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley Jove She also has earned 7 PEARL awards since Dark Prince HER WORDS I ve been a writer all of my life it is who I am I write for myself and always have The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me I read everything I mean everything All kinds of books, even encyclopedias I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers It is a great privilege to be counted one myself christinefeehan

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5 Two couple Stars* There will be Spoilers!! Do not read if you don't want to know*I'm for real gonna spill my guts don't read any of this if you don't like spoilers!!!"No, Gary," Gabrielle said. "Finish it. Say it in the ancient language, maybe the ritual needs to be recited in the ancient language. They aren't going to take you away from me. Not that. You're all I have left. I can't make it without you. Say the words to tie us together."-GabrielleSo when I started this book I was worried. When [...]

Gabrielle has had enough of battles, of wars, of seeing Gary Jansen, the man she loves nearly lose his life when it isn’t even his fight. Once he was a gentle and very human researcher. Now he’s a fearless and lethal Carpathian warrior with the blood of an ancient lineage coursing through his veins—a man Gabrielle still needs and desires and dreams of with every breath she takes. All she wants is a life far away from the Carpathian mountains, far from vampires and the shadows cast by the c [...]

Kristin & Sue Ellen ~ GirlyGirlBookReviews
****** This review does have some SLIGHT SPOILERS but if you read the book blurb,you can read between the lines of what is going on in the book. It is just elaborating on that. ******Wow! That is the best word to describe Dark Promises! This is truly Christine Feehan at her finest! I was an emotional wreck while reading this one! I'm not kidding! Big wet tears! I never seen it coming! My mind was screaming and crying, "Why!! How can this be"!! 
It's completely not where I thought their journey [...]

Elfina Renee
I'm not upset this story wasn't about Gary and Gabrielle. What I am upset with is how Trixie and Gabrielle came across as being weak, empty headed and pathetic. Lets first look at Gabrielle. The night of her wedding she's rejected because she's not the lifemate of Gary. Fine, no problem I can deal. She foolishly follows him up to the monastery and discovers her real lifemate. He jealous, pissed and feels she's betrayed him and treats her in abusive manner. Like the good cow she is, she cries, th [...]

Cat Wright
I liked Trixie, I liked how the 3 women were able to help the ancients in the monastery. Other than that, the book once again was all sex. No real plot, nothing of import on the master vampire front.Gabby was the usual whiny heroine and Aleksei was the typical caveman Feehan seems to be fond of writing lately. So disappointing. Where is the author who wrote Dark Slayer? Sex is fine in a book as long as it isn't the entire flipping story! Add to it the abusive way this started? Seriously, WTF???! [...]

Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb"
Dark Promises bk 29 in The Dark Series by Christine Feehan is a great disappointment. Leaving me in utter despair. I felt the author has been misleading into what this story was actually about. I thought for over a year now that this would be Gary Jensons story with Gabrielle Sanders as his lifemate or her as a featured character in the story along with Trixie. I never once believed that instead I would be reading a story with a great grandmother Trixie finding her lifemate Fane who we just brie [...]

A grandmother? Really? That's the best Christine Feehan could do for sweet, amazing Gary Jensen? And who wrote that book blurb description - a 15-year-old?I'm feeling very apprehensive about the direction this series is going----------------------------------------------------------Finally read this one. I still wasn't sold on a grandmother, however young, being a lifemate (thank God not Gary's, at least.) And I was still bummed that Gary and Gabrielle weren't meant for each other in the end. Bu [...]

3.5 rounded up. I liked it. I wasn't married to the idea of Gary/Gabrielle and I think that's probably what caused some readers disappointment (as well as initial misleading book description).The main hero is super scary at first, but he settles down. There's definitely a dom/sub thing going on, which may turn some readers off. I LOL'd when the hero said he'd bite the heroine's lip if she kept doing it. I guess Feehan was channeling Christian Grey. *shakes head* Will it never end?Was it repetiti [...]

Alex is The Romance Fox
1,5 starsI have been a reader of Christine Feehan's Dark Series since I read the first book, Dark Prince and have read all the books in the series.DARK PROMISES is Book 29 in Christine Feehan's Dark series. This was, for me, the biggest "misses" in this series.I was so looking forward to Gary Jansen and Gabrielle Sanders, the humans turned Carpathians, story. And what happened when I turned a couple of pages???? This book is not their story together!!! That's right!!What is suppose to be their w [...]

Lover of Romance
This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Gabrielle has been in love with Gary Jensen for a long time. But Gabrielle has had enough, especially seeing the changes that her sweet Gary has gone through after his conversion. Gabrielle is a scientist, she doesn't believe that she can live in the Carpathian world, its way too violent for her. But on the eve of their wedding night, Gary and Gabrielle realize the truth and soon after Gary loses all colors and emotions. Which shoul [...]

Dark Promises written by Christine Feehan, is the 29th installment of the Dark series. As I sit here, attempting to gather my many thoughts, and place them into some semblance of order, I wonder where to even begin. It is difficult to recall a single book, out of the countless I have read, that has dragged such a spectrum of emotions from me. It is difficult to call to mind, a single author that can manage to surprise me so totally, 29 books into a series. Why has Ms. Feehan been able to keep re [...]

Barb Lie
Dark Promises by Christine Feehan is the 29th book in her Dark series. As this story started, it was about two people we have been following for a long long time: Gabrielle and Gary. Though when they first met and fell in love, they were human, and now both have been converted to Carpathian. Early on, we can see Gabby’s unhappiness in all things Carpathian, and her plans on making Gary walk away with her when they are married. She can see a change in him since he was converted, but she is dete [...]

♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
I keep hoping this latest book is the one which will bring this series back. I'm wrong. This story was completely lackluster. It is the same thing over again. Female is modern. Male is "ancient" and chauvinistic. Miscommunications abound. Female is weak, annoying and stupid. Male is pig headed and just short of raping his "soul mate". The melodrama is disappointing. Ms. Feehan writes such great stories. This series, it's time to call it an end. They are poorly recycled characters with each itera [...]

What an amazing read! Christine Feehan threw such an amazing if not interesting curve ball, that had me shocked. I couldn't put this book down, I read it in one sitting, finished early in the morning. Needless to say I feel like a zombie today but let me tell you, it was well worth it. I love the direction these books are going.This new Gary is mesmerizing. I would definitely would like to read about his HEA in the near future. The introduction of the Carpathians from the monastery is really a t [...]

Reading In Pajamas
REVIEW: Dark Promises: A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan wp/p3d0RZ-4t7 Genre: Paranormal RomancePublication Date: March 15, 2016 Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ DonnaRated: 4.5 Stars I enjoyed this book and the hopeful lead in to the ancients but also the unexpected. That's hard to find in such an extensive series. I hate to say that I wasn’t too fond of Gabrielle and just didn’t warm up to her but she sure got lucky with that mate of hers. He is super-hot and domineeringly sexy. Then [...]

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An unexpected turn…Unexpected? How is that possible when it is the twenty-ninth book in this series? Twenty-ninth! I don’t know how but the author manages to include enough of the familiar to keep the story true to the series while, at the same time, throwing a wrench or two in the works to also make it unique. And this time out there are two couples who are faced with their battle for love…Gabrielle and Gary are characters that I’ve loved from the beginning. I was so excited to find the [...]


Greeneyes Belle28
I really enjoyed this book

Sandy S
3.75 stars---ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 15, 2016Gabrielle has had enough of battles, of wars, of seeing Gary Jansen, the man she loves nearly lose his life when it isn’t even his fight. Once he was a gentle and very human researcher. Now he’s a fearless and lethal Carpathian warrior with the blood of an ancient lineage coursing through his veins—a man Gabrielle still needs and desires and dreams of with every breath she takes. All she wants is a life far away from the Carpathian mo [...]

Disappointed. There's not a whole lot of story in this book. It's pretty much sex, sex, and more sex. So if that's what you're looking for then this book would get a 5 star rating. As for me, I prefer a good story line mixed in with the romance. It's all about balance. Too bad Feehan ran out of creative ideas for her characters and relied on her fans to enjoy the sex scenes so much that they forgot to notice that there's so little story line. It had a lot of potential. Maybe she ran out of time. [...]

Another book that glorify and romanticize the abuse of women. This book has not story, is sex, sex and more sex, to the point that if you read the final 2 chapters is enough to get the only important thing that happened in the book. Gabrielle is in an abused relationship from the beginning and that doesn't change in any point, and is justify as love and dominan man behavior. " The definition of Domestic violence includes:Physical abuse like hitting, shoving, kicking, biting, or throwing thingsEm [...]

It is the story of two couples in one book. Gabriella is Josie's sister who was transformed by prince Mikhael many years ago after she got fatally stabbed by a vampire but no one cared to take responsibility for her and therefore she never learned anything about the Carpathian way of life. She was in love with Gary Jenson ever since before her transformation and believed she was his lifemate. They were wrong about that and it seemed everyone knew but no one cared to inform Gabbie the importance [...]

Oh boyIt took me for-ev-er to finish this this *thing* Oh wow just wow so uh I don't know what exactly happened here I mean yeah sure in the early dark books we had this me tarazan you jane thing going on and I didn't mind that I actually enjoyed it sometimes but this book just completely wipes the floor with the heroine. The only thing missing was for her to kneel at his feet to uh wait she kinda of did that.Aleksei was downright abusive he actually considered killing Gabrielle at the beg [...]

Incy Black
I really wanted to like Dark Promises butThe portrayal of brute violence against woman as acceptable so long as the offender is a 'lifemate' is mindless and--I want to say reprehensible, but that smacks of censorship so I'll stick with mindless, because it is a bit more polite than using ignorant.It is terribly afflicted by '50 Shades' syndrome: throw in as much sex as you can, in this case about 80% of the book, which left no room for a story. Worse, it left no room for a convincing connection [...]

Seriously?Gabrielle was so unlikeable. I really hated her whiny, immature ass. Never ever liked her I thought I would feel so sorry for Aleksei. But he managed to be such a total asshole, I think they deserved each other! It is really hard to enjoy a book when you dislike the MCs. The other couple was only slightly better. Trixie was such a ridiculous compilation of stereotypes that she annoyed me too. But not nearly as bad as her granddaughter, Teagan, from the last book. I did like Fane. He wa [...]

SMALL SPOILERDark Promise was a wonderful read! I think many were disappointed that Gary and Gabrielle weren't lifemates. Christine never said they were. Many like myself had high hopes for this couple. But, it wasn't meant to be. Christine being the outstanding writer that she is, is so far ahead of her fans on choosing the right lifemate for our long suffering Carpathian males. But, I love playing, "guess the lifemate" and will continue to do so.Aleskei gave Gabrielle what she needed to thrive [...]

I feel like so much of this series has been building up to this bookGabrielle and Gary. Will they be a couple, is it even possible they are lifemates now that both are fully Carpathian?I have to say that I didn't care for how this one started out. Gabrielle came off as a petulant child, one who knowing how important true lifemates are to the Carpathian people, wanted to do what she wanted, not what was right. I did think it was a bit odd that all of a sudden that she met her true lifemate right [...]

2.5 stars.Another disappointing installment. After the last one, Dark Ghost where it was just one lovemaking scene after another, I was hoping this one would be better. Instead, it was more of the same. Worst of all, Gabrielle and Aleksei was a horrible pairing. She's a whiny twit, despite her supposedly brilliant mind and he's just a brutish abusive throwback. After the first few chapters, I was ready to throw in the towel, but luckily Trixie and Fane came on the scene and they were funny and c [...]

I received this book early in order to write the book trailer script for it. There's a lot of twists in this one and I feel it will quickly become a fan favorite for those who love the Carpathian world.

Aleksei and Fane find their lifemates, Gabrielle and Trixie. Aleksei and Gabrielle are learning to trust and love each other. Gabrielle thought she was in love with Gary Jansen. Aleksei and Gabrielle are finding their way back to each other.Fane and Trixie are lifemates. Trixie believes she is too old for Fane. She no longer dreams for herself. She dreams for her family. Fane is determine to show Trixie she is still desirable, sexy and beautiful. He also wants to help her dream for herself.This [...]

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