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  • Title: The Amish Heiress
  • Author: Patrick E. Craig
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  • Rachel Hershberger s life in Paradise, Pennsylvania is far from happy Her papa struggles with a terrible event from the past, and his emotional instability has created an irreparable breach between them Rachel s one desire is to leave the Amish way of life and Paradise forever Then her prayers are answered Rachel discovers that the strange, key shaped birthmark above hRachel Hershberger s life in Paradise, Pennsylvania is far from happy Her papa struggles with a terrible event from the past, and his emotional instability has created an irreparable breach between them Rachel s one desire is to leave the Amish way of life and Paradise forever Then her prayers are answered Rachel discovers that the strange, key shaped birthmark above her heart identifies her as the heir to a vast fortune left by her Englischer grandfather, Robert St Clair If Rachel will marry a suitable descendant of the St Clair family, she will inherit an enormous sum of money But Rachel does not know that behind the scenes is her long dead grandfather s sister in law, Augusta St Clair, a vicious woman who will do anything to keep the fortune in her own hands As the deceptions and intrigues of the St Clair family bind her in their web, Rachel realizes that she has made a terrible mistake But has her change of heart come too late
    Patrick E. Craig
    Best selling Author Patrick E Craig is a lifelong writer and musician who left a successful career in the music industry after two albums on Warner Brothers Records and years of live performances in one of San Francisco s most popular music groups to follow Christ in 1984 He spent the next twenty six years as a worship leader, seminar speaker and pastor in churches, retreats, seminars and conferences in the Western United States In 2013 Harvest House published the first of his Apple Creak Dreams series, A Quilt For Jenna, followed by The Road Home and Jenny s Choice A Quilt For Jenna recently moved into the 1 bestseller in Amish Fiction on His new book, The Amish Heiress is the first in his new series, The Paradise Chronicles.Patrick is represented by the Steve Laube Agency


    This book is hands down the most unusual Amish fiction book I have read this year. I was completely drawn into this story of an Amish girl who discovers she is the heir to the St. Clair fortune. I won't go into any more details of the book as I don't want to spoil anything but I can guarantee this book is one that once you pick it up you won't want to put it down. The characters in this book (and there is quite the range of them) are well developed. They range from the simple Amish people of Par [...]

    This book grabs you from page one and holds on! Patrick E. Craig has done a wonderful job writing this story that is like no other Amish Fiction book I’ve ever read! An Amish heiress? Really? While the Amish pass down their farms/businesses and their houses, I’ve never read of any with a monetary fortune to pass down.Rachel Hershberger is an eighteen year old Amish girl who is unhappy at home and dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Unbeknownst to her, she is the rightful heir to her English g [...]

    Author Patrick E. Craig has done it again. He has written another awesome book which is the beginning of a new series called The Paradise Chronicles. The Amish Heiress is the first book in this series. It picks up from his first three books of the Apple Creek Dreams series which I do recommend that you all read first to keep up with the characters and the stories before reading The Amish Heiress. It is not your average Amish fiction books like most of them are, It is full of action and suspense. [...]

    The Amish Heiress is an outstanding novel of deception, mystery, intrigue, poor choices, faith and a touch of romance. This isn't mainstream Amish fiction. It's so much more! The author's command of descriptive elements is brilliant! A detailed plot is unpredictable and steeped in intrigue and mystery. The author reveals his love of Zane Grey books, and likens his style to his experiences and reactions having read those popular stories.Continuing with the descendants in Jerusha Springer's family [...]

    The Amish Heiress by Patrick E. Craig is a good Amish fiction novel. It is the first book in The Paradise Chronicles. Rachel Hershberger is eighteen and has big dreams. She wants to go to Cornell University and become a veterinarian. She knows her father, Jonathan, will never agree to let her go. Ever since he returned four years ago, he has been very strict (he also has emotional issues and still has not regained his complete memories). Daniel King is Rachel’s friend, but he would like more f [...]

    "The Amish Heiress" by Patrick E. Craig is the first book in a new series(The Paradise Chronicles) but it picks up where the three novels in the (Apple Creek Dreams Series ) leave off. You don't have to read the (Apple Creek Dreams Series ) to enjoy"The Amish Heiress" but your reading experience will be enhanced if you do!I am not going to give you a view of the book as you can read the book description, if you want that! I will just tell you what I experienced while reading "The Amish Heiress". [...]

    Even though I felt that Patrick E. Craig's first series was a 5* series~I felt that he knocked The Amish Heiress out of the ball park with the emotions that it evoked and the powerful way that he led us on the wayward journey of a young amish girl who defiantly leaves the home and community that has always offered her protection. Inherent dangers that she could not see, danger coming from many sources. Could Rachel protect herself from the plans designed to harm her? What about her relationship [...]

    Janet Nush
    I just finished reading, The Amish Heiress by Patrick E. Craig. It is his first book in a new series called The Paradise Chronicles. I give The Amish Heiress 5 out of 5 stars! I found the book to be SO GOOD that once I started reading it, I just couldn't put it down.I would love to share a little about the book without revealing too much. The story begins in Paradise, Pennsylvania where the main character, Rachel Hershberger lives. Rachel is an eighteen year old Amish girl who wants to leave the [...]

    Patrick Craig writes a very intriguing book. Nope, it’s not like many of the Amish fiction novels I have read, although I’ve discovered that many authors write Amish fiction differently than expected – and Patrick is no exception.I guess you could say his novels are exceptional.I was quickly drawn into the story… Rachel Hershberger’s life hasn’t been easy – even for a Amish family – but I guess I’m not giving away too much when I say that she expects her life to get much better [...]

    Lori Parrish
    The Amish Heiress is awesome! It has both history of both families and mystery as well. I give this book 5 stars because the book is a page turner right from the start!It's a continuous story from the Apple Creek series. I was so happy to learn that the author decided to continue Jenny,Jonathan and Rachel's story. when the Apple Creek series ended, I have always wondered what happened to the Herbergers. Now we know. There are two sayings that stick in my mind. Throughout the story when the Herbe [...]

    Cheryl Baranski
    Riveting to the Very End! The Amish Heiress by: Patrick E. CraigThe Amish Heiress is book one in The Paradise Chronicles series. This book captured me from the start! It is a wonderful combination of Amish romance and suspense rolled into one mesmerizing story. There are so many twists and turns and ups and downs that will keep you guessing as to what will happen next in the story. There is never a dull moment in this breathtaking story. This book is a home run in my book. I so loved the charact [...]

    Jennifer Robb
    Some of the themes within the book are common to much Amish fiction--a child who strains against the rules of the community and the strictness of Amish parents, education that only goes to 8th grade, etc. This book is a bit different in that the main character (Rachel) has a way out via an English inheritance--though the Englischers plan to take advantage of what they perceive to be Rachel's backward upbringing to control her money. Rachel, however, plans to use the money to study veterinary med [...]

    If I could give this book 10 stars, I would!

    Patrick Craig
    When I first started writing Amish fiction, I had a short storyin mind about a master quilter from Apple Creek, Ohio whofound God, a little lost child, and a new life in the heart of asnowstorm. When I showed the story to my agent, he encouraged me to turn it into a full-length series of three books. Now, three years later, the last of those books, Jenny’s Choice, has been released and I am still telling the story of the Hershbergers and the Springers. The setting has moved from Apple Creek to [...]

    BACK OF THE BOOK BLURBRachel Hershberger's life in Paradise, Pennsylvania is far from happy. Her papa struggles with a terrible event from the past, and his emotional instability has created an irreparable breach between them. Rachel's one desire is to leave the Amish way of life and Paradise forever. Then her prayers are answered. Rachel discovers that the strange, key-shaped birthmark above her heart identifies her as the heir to a vast fortune left by her Englischer grandfather, Robert St. Cl [...]

    This book is definitely not your typical Amish book, but I did like it. It's jam packed with LOTS of action! The more I read, the better I liked it, and had to keep reading to find out what happened. I couldn't predict the ending, as I tried to several times, and the action would shift in another direction. I really liked the note from the author at the beginning. It set the tone and the background for the story. From that, I know I would like to read the Apple Dream series, which I've bought, b [...]

    Patrick Craig knows how to grab a reader with the opening page. The Amish Heiress is not your typical Amish romance. This book is filled with suspense, desire, heartache, rejection, romance and ultimately faith in God. Rachel Hershberger's life is being torn apart with her wanting to further her education that is outside of the Amish Ordnung. When Rachel discovers she is the heiress to the St. Clair's fortune what will she do? Craig has written so many twists and turns in this book along with fl [...]

    Kathy Walton
    One of the best Amish books that I have read.

    Loved, loved this book. Patrick kept the reader on my toes.

    Roxy Flanders
    Very good read . Full of twistBook was a very good read.Full of twist and turns. Think you have it all figured out and another sub plot comes along. Very good read

    Oh My Gosh! Since this was my first read from Patrick E. Craig and I was not familiar with his writing style at first I doubted I would get up to speed with reading this WONDERFUL book. Patrick develops each character and each story line and brings them all together Beautifully!!! The story of Rachael, Jenny, Daniel, Gerald, Jonathon and all of the St. Clair's is a wonderful Amish adventure not to be missed. Even the Connecticut policemen were real to me as I read this book. I do not want to giv [...]

    Rebecca Lyles
    Amish fiction fans who enjoy suspense and intrigue will appreciate Patrick Craig’s latest novel in his Amish romance series. A young naïve heroine seeking freedom and a future abandons her family, her community, her culture—and the boy who loves her. By the time she realizes she’s been duped by greedy, manipulative individuals, she’s too deeply ensnared to escape. Not only is her life in danger, other lives are also threatened. I learned a lot about the Amish lifestyle in Amish Heiress, [...]

    Stella Potts
    This book is not at all what I expected. I will say right up front that I am not a fan of Amish fiction. In my opinion it is all the same but this one is definitely different and I really, really liked it. Most of the reviews posted here have a synopsis of the story so I will not go into that but just say it certainly made me want to read the next book in the series. I recommend it to you if you are a fan of suspense because this one has some unexpected twists that you will enjoy.

    • ✓ The Amish Heiress || ↠ PDF Download by ↠ Patrick E. Craig
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