Æ The Sky Over Lima || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Juan Gómez Bárcena Andrea Rosenberg

  • Title: The Sky Over Lima
  • Author: Juan Gómez Bárcena Andrea Rosenberg
  • ISBN: 9780544630055
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Intoxicating I ll be thinking of these characters, what they longed to create and what they managed to despoil, for a long time Helen OyeyemiA retelling of a fantastical true story two young men seduce Nobel laureate Juan Ram n Jim nez with the words of an imaginary woman and inspire one of his greatest love poems Jos G lvez and Carlos Rodr guez are poets Or, at le Intoxicating I ll be thinking of these characters, what they longed to create and what they managed to despoil, for a long time Helen OyeyemiA retelling of a fantastical true story two young men seduce Nobel laureate Juan Ram n Jim nez with the words of an imaginary woman and inspire one of his greatest love poems Jos G lvez and Carlos Rodr guez are poets Or, at least, they d like to be Sons of Lima s elite in the early twentieth century, they scribble bad verses and read the greats Rilke, Rimbaud, and, above all others, Juan Ram n J menez, the Spanish Maestro Desperate for J menez s latest work, unavailable in Lima, they decide to ask him for a copy They re sure J menez won t send two dilettantes his book, but he might favor a beautiful woman They write to him as the lovely, imaginary Georgina H bner J menez responds with a letter and a book Elated, Jos and Carlos write back Their correspondence continues, as the Maestro falls in love with Georgina, and the boys abandon poetry for the pages of J menez s life.
    Juan Gómez Bárcena Andrea Rosenberg
    Nace en Santander en 1984, aunque posteriormente reside en C rdoba, Budapest, M xico DF y Madrid Licenciado en Teor a de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada UCM , en la actualidad concluye sus estudios en Filosof a UNED e Historia UCM Es autor de las novelas El h roe de Duranza Ed Ir Indo, 2002 y Farmer Stop Ed Complutense, 2010 y con sus obras ha obtenido, entre otros, los premios Jos Hierro de Relato y Poes a del Ayuntamiento de Santander, el Premio Internacional CRAPE de cuento o el Premio de Narrativa Ram n J Sender, y ha sido finalista del XII Premio Mario Vargas Llosa NH de libro de relatos Como reconocimiento a su labor literaria fue becado por la Fundaci n Antonio Gala y por la Fundaci n Caixa Galicia, y disfrut de una residencia en M xico DF patrocinada por el FONCA Actualmente reside en Madrid.


    If you know me even a little from some of my reviews, you'll have noticed how passionately connected I feel to Russian and other Eastern European work and literature. Still, as much as Bulgakov and Petrushevskaya capture my mood and existential stance towards the world, there's a spirit, born of my native tongue (Romanian) that no Slavic language can touch completely. There is just something so sonorous, so poetic, so voluble and ecstatic about Romance languages that, even in the midst of melan [...]

    Makis Dionis
    Όσο λυρικό χρειάζεται, με όση πρόζα του πρέπει

    Una novela dentro de una novela que no me ha convencido, como sí lo hizo HHhH, la metanovela del francés Laurent Binet. El fallo que le encuentro a El cielo de Lima es la voz, y yo doy mucha importancia a la voz de un escritor. Juan Gómez Bárcena toma prestada una anécdota que le sucedió a Juan Ramón Jiménez de joven y sitúa a los protagonistas en Lima. Esto hace que Carlos y José —dos escritores mediocres que, con el pretexto de conseguir un poema inédito de su maestro, se inventan [...]

    a fictionalized account of literary catfishing at the turn of the 20th century, juan gómez bárcena's the sky over lima (cielo de lima) is a tragicomic coming-of-age romance infused with whisperings of political unrest. beginning in 1904, two young, aspiring peruvian poets, irked by their inability to secure for themselves a copy of juan ramón jiménez's newest collection in their home country, composed a letter to the spanish poet requesting that he send one overseas (himself only a twentysom [...]

    Bob H
    In this haunting novel, two young men in Lima in 1904, of rich families, spoiled, with the leisure to be aspiring poets, try to elicit a book of poetry from the famous Spanish poet of their day. They impersonate a young, lovely woman, Georgina, and begin an exchange of letters. The novel touches on the society of their day, all the fault lines of gender, class, work, and the young men's separation from much of the squalor as they pursue this elegant deception. (Jose's family is old entitled weal [...]

    Roger Brunyate
    Metafiction for BeginnersThis prizewinning debut novel by Spanish writer Juan Gómez Bárcena presents as a charming whimsy. Two rich young men in Lima in 1904 rent a garret in which to lead a fantasy life as bohemian poets. Unable to obtain the latest collection by their idol, the real Spanish poet and later Nobelist Juan Ramón Jiménez, they pretend to be a young female fan, whom they christen Georgina Huebner, and write to the master in Madrid begging a copy of his book. The volume duly arri [...]

    Kasa Cotugno
    In 1904 Lima Peru, two would be poets, sons of privilege and delusion, develop a long distance relationship with an actual Spanish poet, Juan Ramon Jimenez. Jimenez, who later in life wins the nobel prize, believes he has an admirer in the form of a lovely young woman, not two dilettantes, across the ocean. Struggling over their letters, Jose and Carlos consult a professor known for creating love letters as they believe Jimenez wouldn't waste time if he knew his correspondents were two young men [...]

    The Sky Over Lima was a delightful book! This beautifully written and well-researched historical novel has memorable and well developed characters that will stay with me. I enjoyed returning to the 1904 Lima, Peru that formed the story's backdrop. Moreover, Barcena intellectually engages issues of authorship and character development without being pretentiously self-reflexive in the way many post-modern works of fiction can be because The Sky Over Lima was so much more than an intellectual exerc [...]

    I'm abandoning this book. It is indeed, lyrical, poetic, and intriguing. But, the deeper I got into the text, the more annoyed I got with the misogynistic climate of the setting, Lima in the early 1900s.

    Two rich teenagers from different backgrounds fancy themselves poets. Their obsession with Spanish poet leads them to create a woman to correspond with him which ends up with unintended consequences for them both as well as their friendship in early 20th century Lima.

    A metaphysical novel about a poem and a novel and a poem and a novel and a poem and a novel and awith some gender-bending and class struggle and political history thrown in. It's hard to explain, but I did appreciate it.

    Sue Chaplin
    I thought this was a wonderful book, a very literary book. The story is about two students that live in Lima who want to get a book of poems from the Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez (who goes on to win the Nobel prize for literature in 1956). In 1904 they write to Juan in Spain pretending to be a woman in an attempt to get the book of poems from him. Their motivation for the first letter is not clear as they are both rich. Juan not only sends the book but answers their letter so they respond aga [...]

    K Are N
    What a good read! It hooked me right from the get go and didn't let go until the end. The poets in the book (no spoilers, don't worry) talk about how a novel has to have a dip somewhere towards the middle, where the plot languishes a bit just in time for something dramatic to happen. In this case, for me the languishing was perceptible (and even then only just) because they drew attention to it, and accentuated by the dramatic incident which followed. It didn't get more stars from me, only becau [...]

    Bethan Chaplin Dewey
    I enjoyed reading the story behind the Juan Ramón Jiménez poem. It is a story I would not have known otherwise as it is quite hard to find anything about it in the English language despite the numerous Spanish websites retelling the story. I found the author to have a very unique style that was fitting to the subject matter. It was poetic and lyrical but also meta-observational in the way it explores what makes a good novel. Overall I found this an interesting read and would recommend.

    Perhaps this book flows better in Spanish but I felt that the story was a bit jumbled at times. Carlos was more likeable than Jose but I think it's because Carlos is the main protagonist of the story. The author does not really dive into Jose's background like he does for Carlos. There were parts that were funny but I found the story to be mostly tragic. I felt sympathy for Carlos until the ending.

    4'5*Ingeniosísima como recreación, maravillosa como novela.

    María Isabel
    A beauty of a book. One laced with history, passion, and inimitable lyricism. I found this book at my local library after reading a synopsis online. As soon as I finished it, I purchased a copy of my own. One of my favorite books of 2016. Highly recommend it!

    Very well written novel and charming story.Jose and Carlos are two young college men in Lima, Peru in 1904 who like the works of a Spanish poet. The most recent book of poems is published but not yet available in Peru. How can they get their hands on a copy? They thought about writing a letter to the poet asking for a copy but would the poet respond to a request from two young ment? No, that won´t work, so they invented Georgina. She wrote the letter to the poet and they received the book and a [...]

    Bárcena has delivers wonderous a wonderous world through voice, and The Sky Over Lima evinces the attention to detail that reminds me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The writer paints the past, present, and future on the same canvas, adding to the novel’s big idea that reality is created and that “everyone’s lives are literature.”As the story unfolds, the narrator explains how the story is being told, how the characters or the scene is being constructed by offering a running commentary of wh [...]

    Scott R. Larson
    The premise of this novel is intriguing for anyone who writes or who aspires to write. It is based on an actual incident in which the real-life Nobel Prize-winning Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez, when he was a young man in the early 20th century, became the victim of a hoax perpetrated by two young Peruvians who, in letters to him, pretended to be a female admirer. Author Juan Gómez Bárcena imagines what these two chancers in Lima were like, what motivated their hoax and how it changed them [...]

    Alejandro Fernández
    Siempre me han costado las novelas sudamericanas. Leo por ejemplo a García Márquez y el fondo se me confunde con el estilo y aborrezco enseguida el hermetismo social, que se me antoja también enfermedad del narrador. Juan Gómez Bárcena, no obstante, tiene una voz potente. Lo suficiente como para superar cualquier corsé o protocolo - está ambientada en 1905, son muchos- y profundizar sin límite en el protagonista Carlos. Supongo que es porque la prosa es actual, una historia de ayer conta [...]

    I have to say that this book exceeded my expectations from the synopsis and even the first few pages that I read before I pulled it from the library shelf. The author does a good job of delving into the flaws of all the characters as well as into their development as they change. The plot seems ripe for a comedy, but there is much more drama and indeed is really more of a tragedy as both the main characters discover who they really are. It highlights some of the experiences young people have on [...]

    Two heads bent low over fresh white paper two ink stained hands lovingly creating all of the pieces that will make her, her Sealed up tight they send her soul off sailing into the arms of a waiting poet He reads her words, Their pen dips, and so do her eyelashes, though he'll never know ittoo far and to far gone to have a clue And so it will go around and around till they acquire what they desireThe boys sign their name to a poet's crown and the poet loves, his heart set afire Buried neath the s [...]

    Jose and Carlos are poet friends in Lima, Peru during the 1900s. Their favorite poet is in Spain. They basically catfish him. It seems simple enough, but what starts out simple turns obsessive. I really liked this book, albeit a slow read. I think it could have been a shorter book, but the characters were really well rounded. This book explores sexuality, class structure and gender issues in 1900s Peru. Translation was on point too. "After all, people are members of the bourgeoisie not so much b [...]

    Kristi Duarte
    Perhaps I like this book because I lived in Lima a couple of years ago, and could visualize the actual (real world) places the main characters visited. But I couldn't quite connect with the characters, and found the descriptions thin. I'm not much for descriptions in fiction, but if you can't even imagine the place where they meet every day to write the book, you have no hint of the setting, then something is missing. I did find the premise fascinating, though, and the fact that it's loosely bas [...]

    Sidney Weber
    Cynical look at societyThis book tells the story of two immature aristocrats who decide to play a practical joke to establish themselves in their own opinions. The narrator relates their progress from a completely cynical point of view with respect to themselves and their society. The action plays out pretty much as expected without much action, suspense, or character development, but the book is still intresting.

    This book looked more promising than it actually turned out to be. I liked the way the author described Lima and I liked the historical research he's clearly done to describe the conditions of life for the different social classes in Peruvian society. In the end, though, I think the story dragged in places and the characters weren't compelling enough.

    Layla Batchellier
    This book is not the usual genre I would go for however it sounded interesting from the blub.It took a long time for me to get into and once I was reading it I was left slightly disappointed. There was a lack of detail describing the Lima of the day. It was a typical story of friendship, mischief and fights however, the ending was surprising.

    this book was totally predictable and turned out the way I expected it to but somehow it still totally floored me. it's stunning. I'd give it five stars but it's somehow great but also very irritating and a little smug. I dunno. worth reading.

    Robert Foreman
    So far this is good. It reminds me of the book HHhH, which similarly blends fiction with an apparently quite deliberate and faithful account of true events. There was a snake in my house last night, and the children were very afraid.

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