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  • Title: Bad Ronald
  • Author: John Holbrook Vance
  • ISBN: 9780345234773
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback

  • Up to his seventeenth year no one regarded Ronald as anything but a rather large, overfed youth, probably best ignored Perhaps that was the trouble no one really took a good look at Ronald Except for his devoted mother, who saw only the son she wanted to see Who, then, is Ronald Ronald is that faceless unknown who waits to take, to grab what he needs, to become theUp to his seventeenth year no one regarded Ronald as anything but a rather large, overfed youth, probably best ignored Perhaps that was the trouble no one really took a good look at Ronald Except for his devoted mother, who saw only the son she wanted to see Who, then, is Ronald Ronald is that faceless unknown who waits to take, to grab what he needs, to become the ultimate invader.
    John Holbrook Vance
    John Holbrook Vance Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bad Ronald book, this is one of the most wanted John Holbrook Vance author readers around the world.


    mark monday
    poor Ronald! an introvert, a dreamer, a lonely soul who creates his own intricately detailed fantasy world of wizards and adventure. what's a boy to do when he is left to his own devices, with no mother to take care of him, just a big old house that no longer even belongs to him. well, maybe just keep within the walls of the house, in that secret room, right? surely no one will notice! certainly not the family of four who innocently move into the house, naively thinking themselves its sole resid [...]

    OK, if you weren't alive in the 1970s to read this book or see this TV movie (yep, this movie was MADE FOR TELEVISION), I just feel sorry for you. It's the story of a 17 year old boy who rapes and kills a little girl. Oops. Fearful of her sweet boy getting thrown in the slammer as he so rightfully deserves, Ronald's mother gets the bright idea of hiding him in a secret room of their home. This works out fine until she has to undergo surgery and dies in the process. Too bad nobody tells the famil [...]

    This 1973 suspense thriller is centered on a rather sheltered, socially awkward 17 year-old young man named Ronald, who accidentally kills a young girl. His stern but loving mother seals him off in a hidden room in their old house to shelter him from the law. Trouble is, mom eventually dies, leaving Ronald to fend for himself in his little hiding place. When a family with three nubile daughters moves in soon afterward things get even more complicated. Like many others, I first encountered Bad Ro [...]

    Jeff Flotta
    I searched high and low for this book. Apparently it has been out of print for a while. I used my university connections (I work for Pitt) and discovered that the University of Indiana's library had one copy. I placed my request and within a week or so the copy was sent to Pitt's library and I picked it up. It was so worth the hassle! Entertaining the whole way through. I've always wanted to have a secret room like Ronald, though never imagined it to be under the same circumstances. This is a ve [...]

    Maartje Bronkhorst
    Oh My God! This book took me by surprise completely! I love creepy books and read a lot of them. But this might well be the scariest one I've ever encountered. Never have I hated a fictional character as much as I hate Ronald. This horrible little shit made me even angrier than Guy Woodhouse (Rosemary's Baby), Bud Corliss (A Kiss Before Dying) and Frederick Clegg (The Collector), just to name a few utterly despicable characters.As a rule, I stay away from books that depict sexual violence, but I [...]

    The author was a thinker far outside the box, very creative, creepy, freaky, and don't read it alone at night. I read this in the 7th grade along with most of the 7th grade class in my school and I seriously suspect that many of us slept with the lights on for a long time. We had one copy of the book and it was passed around. By the time I got it the book was so dog eared it should have been retired but it kept on going, sort of like the energizer bunny. A rape & murder, a secret room, creep [...]

    It was a good story but also very disturbing.

    Thank you Mark Monday for the great review that got me interested in this book. It was a great read and I would not have found it if not for your awesome review!!!WOW!!! This has to be one of the most creepiest books I have ever came across. It's from the early 70's(1973) and its just a very scary read. I was iffy at first the book was kinda slow, but its about a young man who is weirdly attached to his mother. He is a Narcissist, misogynist. The whole time he plans and acts out the most terrify [...]

    Harlan Vaughn
    Just want to put it out there that this book is now available as an inexpensive download for Kindle on as are all of Vance's other works. It was the allure of the $75 print copy that made me download it. As others have said, the writing is very, very dry. Vance does a great job of handling the insider/outsider perspective right up to the very end - there was no mention of Ronald's point of view in the last ten or so pages, making what could have been excellent rising tension rather anticlimacti [...]

    I'm going to review the novel then give my opinion on the two films that were based on itE NOVEL: I really like the idea of a hidden room in someone's house. He could only hear through the walls then had the idea to drill peepholes so he could actually see the occupants. He knew everything that was going on, pretty much.People in their reviews describe Ronald as lonely and strange but we only met him a week before the first murder and I didn't see any of that. Nothing about him leading up to the [...]

    Bad Ronald is a 171 page mystery novel by Jack Vance first published in 1973. The draft title of the book was "Something Awful." It is a difficult book for me to review because, although it is well written, it is not only improbable but involves a main character who is a sociopathic seventeen year old boy who rapes and murders young girls when he is not eating or busy creating his fantasy world of Atranta.Ronald is completely selfish and has no sense of empathy toward others. At one point he won [...]

    Cover of the ebook is misleading. Nobody hid under a bed and nobody had a purple arm.I liked the story. Very creepy. How it all played out seemed possible. A horror story with nothing supernatural, all human sickness.I knocked a star off because (view spoiler)[ I hated when the author said one of the characters didn't mind being raped because at least it broke up the boredom. This wasn't the sick MC saying it, it was meant to be the thought of one of the victims. Also it was called lovemaking in [...]

    Dave Morris
    Not at all what you'd expect of Vance if you know him from Dying Earth and Lyonesse. And it's gruesome, not at all for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. One thing I liked was the confounding of expectations. Nowadays a story like this would have a moral rightness built into its structure, but Vance didn't have any truck with sentimental universes. In his world there is no guardian angel for nice characters (certainly not the author's job, that) and what happens, happens. And that's quite re [...]

    Creepy Ronald! Yikes

    Brenda Ramon
    Great!!!Very interesting read! Had me on the edge the whole time. Ronald was a very disturbed individual. Again great read!

    The idea of a TV movie on this crime novel amazes me. It's not typical TV movie fare.Indeed, it's a criminal procedural, with the author showing the "progress" of a serial rapist-murderer from boyhood to young adulthood. What makes the book interesting, and the tale tolerable, is the voyeurism of what amounts to a fantasy plot: The likely lad dreams of a fantasy land, as in Narnia or Middle Earth, and romantic adventures therein. As if to mirror this obsession, his mother secrets her son in a hi [...]

    This is a dark read, but in a very good way. Having seen and loved the 70s made-for-tv movie, some of plot was easy to get. That being said, the book goes a completely different way with some aspects of the characters in personality and actions. And it is much much darker than the movie, so it will keep both fans who think they know the story surprised and newcomers will be just as shocked. It's a pretty short and easy read too.

    Adam Elkhatib
    I am one of those people who enjoy disturbing books. This book is definitely disturbing. There are not many graphic descriptions, but the whole idea is eerie. This book sure creeped the hell out of me. If you enjoyed this book, you should check out The Wasp Factory

    I have always loved the TV-movie version with Robby Benson and Kim Hunter, but only recently found out it was a novel. Of course, it's out of print and something of a collector's item thanks to the notoriety of Vance. After searching for the book for several months I finally found it on eBay for $50! I hope it's worth it!

    My first non-sci fi or non-fantasy Vance. I enjoyed it immensely and found it creepy and borderline horror/thriller in a good way, but even for its time it is a bit lacking in originality which from Vance of all people is a bit of a surprise.

    I found this book on , after watching the DVD purchased for my husband's Fathers day gift. Bad Ronald the movie is creepy. Bad Ronald the book is super creepy. The characters--especially Ronald are fleshed out. The story line is a bit different, more developed.

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